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Episode 465 "Fire that Surrounds You"; March 11, 2018

"How long will this take?" Daisy asks everyone who is in her office, as she is about to go on the local television station to make an announcement to the citizens of Twin Peaks. She has to announce that there is a state of emergency because everyone's worst fears have come true: the ice storm has officially hit Twin Peaks. Outside, rain is coming down quickly and immediately freezing into ice. By the end of the night, the entire town will be covered in a thick layer of ice. Still, Daisy knows that she is supposed to be at that Pampa Grill because Trenyce is throwing a Chris a party on the fact that all the charges against him have been dropped. She knows that going out isn't the best idea, but at least everyone can be safe at the restaurant together.

"Not too long," one of her advisors replies to her. "All you have to do is tell people that the ice storm is here and to be safe. Suggest that they don't drive and they stay in large groups until the storm passes."


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