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  The drama unfolds...
Episode 363 "Your Little Masquerade"; October 16, 2016
"Come right behind me, okay?" he asks her as she nods and he jumps out of the vent. The fall isn't too bad as they are only on the third floor. Cory hits the ground and coughs a little as some of the wind gets knocked out of him. He looks up and sees Robin peak her head out of the vent opening.

"Are you okay?" she asks him as he slowly stands up.

"I'm fine, come on, I'll catch you," he tells her as Robin takes a deep breath and jumps down. Cory does his best to catch her. Robin looks up at her husband and smiles as she realizes they are actually outside. She had been inside for so long she had forgotten what fresh air in her lungs felt like.

"We did it!" she smiles as they hug. "We are free!"
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