Since 2002, the citizens of Twin Peaks have been embroiled in an on-going saga of love, romance, betrayal, revenge and, of course, drama. What will happen next? Only time will tell. Sit back and let the drama unfold...


Episode 590 "You're Such a Dream"; February 25, 2020

"It was very brief," Kim wipes her damp eyes. "I was with him after Simona and Dominick announced that they had a warrant for his arrest."

"I still can't believe that they got that issued," Robbie spits. "My Dad had nothing to do with that fire. And you, you know that, don't you Kim?"

"Actually," Kim replies to them as Natasha and Robbie look at one another. "He confessed to me when he was awake."

"He did no such thing!" Natasha attacks her. "You are lying, the way you always do."




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