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Previously on One Day at a Time
-Max and Abby's scheme to split up Andrew and Paige was revealed on New Year's Eve
-Lukas & Craig were rescued from the mountain side. Craig, however, couldn't remember having sex with Lukas
-Victoria and Shane made love on New Year's Eve
-Tyler & Trenyce were devastated by Daisy's "death"
-Helen told Robin that she "cured" Adam of his impotence
-Albertinah told Chris she had to leave town

The Sugarbowl

Paige stirs her coffee as she sits in the back booth of the coffee house. She slowly brings the cup to her mouth and takes a sip as she thinks about the fact that Max and Abby worked together to break up her and Andrew all those months ago. She can't believe that Max purposely lead her to Andrew's apartment that night where she saw Abby kiss him. Of course, she thought that at the time Andrew was cheating on her so she ended their relationship. Over the course of the last year, or so, they have both moved on but it still stings her to find out that Max and Abby played with her life like that. The fact that she moved on with Max is what really irks her; she moved on with the man that ruined her last relationship.

"I'm glad I found you," a voice calls out from above her. Paige looks up and sees Max standing in front of her with his hands in his pocket. "You ran out on New Year's Eve so quickly that I didn't get the chance to explain what happened."

"You think that I want to hear what you have to say now?" Paige asks him back. "You and Abby, you played with my life. You chose to dictate how my life played out. We have nothing more to say to one another."

Max sits across from her and sighs heavily. "You don't mean that, Paige," he looks into her eyes. "After everything we went through last year to be together, you can't expect me to believe that you want nothing more to do with me. We've come too far to let this go now."

Paige doesn't respond to him. She picks up her coffee and takes another long sip of it.

"Come on Paige, can you just hear me out? Will you let me explain why Abby and I did what we did?"

The Riverside Delicatessen

"You haven't responded to any of my texts," Abby announces to Andrew, who is about to take a bite of his sandwich in the restaurant that is almost empty. Abby puts her hands on her hips as she looks at the man that she has been in love with for so long now; she gets why he would be upset with the news that she and Max worked together to break up him and Paige, but it all happened so long ago, she can't understand why he hasn't moved on already. The fact of the matter is, he and Paige wouldn't have worked out anyways, and the last year is proof of that. "We have to talk about what has happened, and I'm not leaving here until we do."

Andrew puts his sandwich down and looks back at her. "What is there left to say, Abby?" he asks her with coldness in his voice. "You and Max schemed to make sure Paige and I split up. What kind of person are you, exactly? And why would I want to listen to anything you have to say now?"

"Oh God," Abby rolls her eyes back to him. "It was so long ago Andrew. Look at everything that has happened since then! You can't seriously still be pissed about losing Paige!"

"I get that this happened a long time ago, Abby," Andrew sneers at her. "But it doesn't change the fact that you and Max played God with my life and Paige's. Who knows where Paige and I would be right now if you two hadn't conspired together."

"I just don't get why you're so upset with me," Abby admits to him. "I did you a favor!"

"You're disgusting Abby," Andrew replies to her quickly. "I want you to leave now. And don't try to talk to me if you see me out and about. Any type of relationship or friendship we had, it is over. I never want to speak to you again."

"You don't…"

"Get away from me!" he cuts her off.

Abby slowly nods and stands up from the table. "Fine, I'll go. But this isn't over Andrew, not by a long shot."

The Pampa Grill

"I can't believe we are here actually eating together," Donovan smiles before he takes a bit of his eggs benedict before he looks over at Lukas. He still can't believe that a few short weeks ago he thought that his husband was dead having been caught in the avalanche. He was beyond devastated to think that he lost Lukas so quickly after they got married; then, he got a Christmas miracle when Lukas and Craig were saved from the side of the mountain. It's been a whirlwind couple of months but Donovan couldn't be happier that he and his husband are reunited and things are seemingly back to normal.

"I'm just glad I heard that helicopter on Christmas Day," Lukas admits to him. "Otherwise…"

"Hey, let's not think about that, okay?" Donovan reaches over and grabs his hand. "All that matter is that you're here and you're going to make a full recovery. Things could have been much worse."

Lukas uneasily nods back to him as the thinks about sleeping with Craig while they were trapped in the cave. He knows that Craig was delirious as he had a fever and Lukas simply tried to break and it and one thing lead to another. At the hospital, he was relieved to hear that Craig couldn't remember their night together because the last thing that Lukas needs is for the truth to come out, especially since he and Donovan are doing so well.

"Are you thinking about Craig?"

"Why would you ask me that?" Lukas asks his husband immediately wondering if somehow Donovan has learned the truth about his affair.

"You two were trapped together," Donovan tells him. "He could have died if it wasn't for you. It's natural for you to think about how he's doing."

"I guess I was thinking about him, yea," Lukas replies, relieved that Donovan is still in the dark.

"I have an idea," Donovan relies to him. "Why don't you go see him to make sure he's okay? And when you get home, we'll leave town for a few days."

"Leave town? Where do you want to go?" Lukas asks him in surprise.

"On our honeymoon," Donovan winks back to him. "I'm sure I can get some last minute deal to Mexico. What do you say?"

"I say let's do it," Lukas smiles back to him. "I'll see you at home, once I see Craig."


At another table at the back of the restaurant, Victoria sits across from Shane and is unable to take her eyes off him. They had been flirting ever since she got back from the treatment center for her multiple personalities. Because she was worried about her health, Victoria had told Shane that they had to go slowly; all of that went out the window on New Year's Eve when they made love.

"You are practically staring at me," Shane observes back to her with a sly grin on his face. "Do I have piece of spinach in my teeth?"

Victoria giggles back to him. "You're fine," Victoria tells him as she waves her hand in the air. "I guess I'm just thinking…"

"I don't have to guess about what," he winks back to her. "It's been on my mind too. I haven't had much thoughts of anything else."


"Don't sound surprised," Shane replies to her. "We finally took that step Vic, and it was amazing. At least for me it was."

"I can't lie," Victoria looks him in the eyes. "It was pretty damn good for me too."

Shane chuckles back to her. "I'm glad I haven't lost my touch."

"You certainly haven't," she tells him. "I thought we were going to go slow…"

"We still have needs," Shane replies to her. "We are two consenting adults, we didn't do anything wrong; the opposite actually."

"You're right," she smiles back to him as lust fills into her eyes. "I have an idea. Why don't we get out of here and be consulting adults again."

Shane looks back at her with a glimmer in his eyes. "I thought you'd never ask. Let's go."

Twin Peaks Police Station

"I can't say that I was surprised to get a call from the two of you," Simona tells Trenyce and Tyler as they move into her office and she closes the door behind them. She walks over to her desk and sits down. "Please, have a seat."

"I can't sit, not until you hear what we have to say," Trenyce sternly looks back at the detective. "We are here because of Daisy Davenport."

Simona arches her eyebrow and looks over at Tyler. "I'm sure that you've heard that both Lukas Richardson and Dr. Craig Benton were saved from the side of the mountain on Christmas Day."

"I read it in the newspaper, yes," Simona tells them.

"Then why weren't we notified that the search for Daisy was re-opened?" Trenyce gasps back to her. "If Lukas and Craig could have survived, there's a good chance that my Aunt did too!"

"We want you to reopen the search Simona," Tyler echoes Trenyce's thoughts. "We have to know for sure that Daisy is gone. We don't believe she is; we think she's alive and well."

Simona sighs heavily and looks back at them. "Fine, I'll reopen the search but only for 48 more hours. I will admit that with Lukas and Craig turning up alive there is a chance that maybe Daisy is alive but if we don't find anything after the 48 hours deadline the case will be closed officially. We don't have the resources to spend when the likelihood is that …"

"Thank you," Tyler cuts her off not wanting to hear what she thinks the likelihood is. "We appreciate you helping us with this."

"Yea and if we can do anything, let us know?"

"Just let my men do their job. And, we'll be in touch in 48 hours."

The Pampa Grill

Cory sits at the bar of the restaurant with a beer in front of him. He knows that it is early to have a drink but considering the status of his personal life, he decided to have a beer. As he takes a sip, he can't help but think back to Christmas Day when Sophie asked him to stay at the Calimo mansion for Christmas Dinner. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt his daughter but he didn't stay; after everything he and Natasha have been through the last few months, the last thing he wanted to do was to make the holiday awkward or to even put him in the situation where he had to engage with her.

"Isn't it early to be drinking?" a voice calls out from behind him. Cory turns and sees Leah standing behind him. "Do you mind if I join you?"

"I'd like that very much," he tells her as she sits next to him. "And, it's been a rough couple of months, so I guess I wanted to day drink."

Leah chuckles back to him as she orders a vodka martini. "If that's all it takes to day drink, then I'll be here all day."

"Holidays weren't good to you?"

Leah shrugs back to him. "I'm afraid my marriage is on the rocks," she admits to him. "And, I don't think there's anything I can say or do to make it up to Jeff."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Cory replies to her. "I can relate though. Things are not great with Natasha and me right now."

Leah looks back at him in surprise. "I guess there's something in the water in this town? All these marriages are seemingly falling apart in front of our eyes."

"Do me a favor and don't give up on Jeff if you think you want your marriage to work," Cory tells her. "Things today might not seem bright, but there's always tomorrow."

"That's good advice," Leah nods back to him. "I think you should take it too?"

Cory uneasily chuckles back to his friend. "I suppose so. I suppose so," he says before he takes another drink of his beer.


At another table at the back of the restaurant, Chris and Albertinah sit across from one another as they catch up over breakfast. The last time Chris saw his sister, she admitted that she was thinking about leaving town, which took him by surprise. He knows that she was having some kind of relationship problems but he thought that she'd be able to work them out and stick around.

"Have you reconsidered the idea the moving out of Twin Peaks?" he asks her before he picks up his coffee and takes a sip of it.

Albertinah finishes chewing the piece of bacon she has in her mouth before she looks over at her brother. She knows that things with Andrew have gotten far more complicated than she ever would have liked and as a result she feels like she has no other option but to leave town. She doesn't want to jeopardize his education or her job with the secret of their affair and despite everything she can still feel the attraction between the two of them.

"I have to go," she tells him. "I know that we have been reconnecting that has been wonderful, but I do have to leave, Chris."

"I was hoping you'd change your mind. We are getting closer again. I'd hate for that to change."

"Just because I'm not living here doesn't mean we can't be close," Albertinah tells him. "We can text, chat on the phone or even FaceTime. I just think this is what's best for me."

Chris uneasily nods back to her. "I won't fight you; if you want to leave, you can leave. But, how about you at least wait until after graduation? It's not far off and you did get most of those students to this place. What do you say? Wait until after the celebration?"

Albertinah sighs and gets a smile on her face. "Okay, you win," she chuckles. "I'll wait until after the grad because you're right, it will be nice to celebrate with the students. But after that, I have to do what's best for me."

"Sounds like a good compromise," he winks back to his sister.

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

"Robin? Robin are you here?" Adam calls out as he opens the door to the studio and doesn't immediately see Robin anywhere, which is odd to him because he had received multiple text messages from her telling him that he was urgent that he come to the studio to see her. He has no idea what could be so urgent but he wants to find out. "Robin? I got your messages?"

Suddenly, the door to the black room opens and Robin emerges holding some proofs. She looks over and sees Adam and is, at least, surprised to see him. She hadn't heard him come in. "Oh Adam, you scared me."

"Sorry, I was calling out but you mustn't have heard me."

"I'm glad you could come over," Robin sets the proofs down on the long table and then moves up to Adam. She studies him for a moment hoping to see if she can get a read of him. Ever since her conversation with Helen on New Year's Eve, she has been thinking if it could be true: could Adam have slept with Helen which "cured" him of being impotent? Could he really have been lying to her all of these months? "We have to talk and I need you to be honest with me."

"Of course," Adam looks back at her. "I'll always be honest with you."

"After the accident at the boutique, you were left impotent."

"That was a long time ago but yes."

"When did you get your, uh, feeling back?" Robin asks him knowing that she has to get to the truth one way or another.

"I don't know. It was the sometime last year. Why are you bringing this up now?" Adam asks her, confused by her questions. He feels his heart start to race at the thought of Robin learning that he and Helen made love all those months ago.

"Because," Robin bites her lower lip. "Helen told me that she cured you. She told me that the two of you had sex and that's how you knew you were better. Is that true?"

Adam feels the blood drain from his face and he runs his hand over his face. "My God, it is true! You slept with your ex-wife! The entire time that I was worried sick about you and trying to get to the truth about Max, you were sleeping with Helen?"

"No," Adam shakes his head back to her. "It wasn't like that at all. It happened once, I swear to God."

Robin feels her eyes swell with water at his confirmation. "I can't believe this," she gasps as a tear falls down her cheek.

"Robin," he reaches out to her but she recoils his touch.

"No!" she yells back at him. "Don't touch me, Adam. I…I need you to leave."

"I think we should talk about this, don't you?"

"I need time to process this," she admits to him as her voice cracks. She can't believe that all this time Adam has been lying to her. "Please just leave!"

"Fine," Adam tells her. "But we aren't done here, Robin. I love you! I will make this up to you!"

Robin watches as he leaves the studio and then she covers her mouth as she sobs with more tears running down her face, devastated that Helen's claim was true all along. Now, she's left with the thought of what else has Adam been keeping from her.

The Sugarbowl

"If you think I want to hear anything you have to say, you're sadly mistaken," Paige looks up at Max and glares at him. "You and Abby went behind my back and played with life! There's nothing left to say!"

"Even after everything we went through last year? You can say that to me?" Max starts to protest to her, not wanting their relationship to end this way. "You mean so much to me!"

"We never should have been together!" Paige spits back to him. "I only went out with you because Andrew and I had broken up, which you caused! God knows what would have happened if you hadn't interfered."

"You and Andrew wouldn't have made it, you weren't meant to be!"

"That's not your decision to make," Paige yells at him. "Whatever we had Max, it's over! I never, ever want to see you again!"

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment 401; Craig's Home

Lukas finishes knocking on the front door to Craig's apartment and he waits for his friend to respond. After seeing Donovan earlier, Lukas knew that he had to come see Craig to see if he has remembered anything about their time together in the cave on the mountain side. Lukas just hopes that his memory hasn't come back because his entire life would be turned upside down.

Craig opens the door wearing only a pair of grey sweatpants. Some light sweat can be seen on his trimmed, but hairy chest. "Lukas, what are you doing here?"

"I had to see you," Lukas admits to him as he secretly admires Craig's toned chest. "We went through an ordeal together; I just wanted to make sure you are okay?"

Craig lets Lukas move into the apartment before he closes the door behind him. "I'm… doing the best I can, I guess."

Lukas turns and chuckles back to him. "That doesn't sound very convincing. What's going on?"

Craig sighs and runs his hand through his hair for a moment. "This is going to sound really odd but I woke up in a sweat this morning. I can't remember the details but I am sure that I had a nightmare about the cave."

Lukas gulps heavily. "How do you know it was about being in the cave?"

"It's just a feeling I have," Craig nods back to him. "And, there's something else."


"I'm really raw and sore…"

Lukas arches his eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"With my anus," Craig admits to him. "It's like I was the bottom recently and I haven't bottomed in a long time. I can't explain it, but it's really weird."

Lukas feels his face flush in embarrassment and horror listening to Craig's story. "But you still don't remember our time in the cave?"

Craig shakes his head back to him. "No, but I'm determined too. I'm not sure why I'm having these nightmares. What happened, Lukas? What happened while we were in the cave together?"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Max and Adam catch up
- Leah offers Paige some advice
- Daisy pleads with Brett to help her think of an escape plan

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