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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Paige told Max she never wanted to see him again after the truth about his scheme with Abby to break up her and Andrew was revealed
- Robin told Adam that she needed space after he confirmed that he slept with Helen
- Donovan suggested to Lukas that they get away from Twin Peaks to go on their honeymoon. Craig, meanwhile, told Lukas that he felt raw as if he had bottomed recently
- Daisy and Brett remained Vinny's captures

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment 401; Craig's Home

"Tell me Lukas," Craig continues to look at his friend in the eyes as he seeks answers about what they really went through in the cave that they were trapped in after the avalanche last November. He just finished admitting to Lukas that he had a nightmare about being in the cave and that he was feeling raw in the anus region, as if he recently bottomed and the top was aggressive; Craig knows that this couldn't be the case as he hasn't bottomed in a very long time. "What happened while we were in the cave? Why would I have a nightmare about it?"

Lukas feels some light beads of sweat form on his forehead as he thinks about having sex with Craig while he was suffering from a fever; he was so desperate to have Craig's fever break that he crawled into the bed he made and one thing lead to another that resulted in them having sex. He never meant to hurt Craig even though that's what Craig is telling him what happened.

"I…You were suffering from such a high fever," Lukas stutters but manages to reply to Craig. "You were barely conscious the entire time we were in the cave. Maybe you had a nightmare while you were suffering with your fever and that's what you're thinking of now?"

Craig uneasily nods back to him. "Yea, I guess that makes sense. It doesn't explain why I feel raw though."

"I can't explain that," Lukas tells him. "Look, I only stopped by to see how you're doing. Donovan surprised me today with a honeymoon, so I'll be leaving town for a few days."

"I'm glad that you and Donovan are in such a good place," Craig smiles back to him. "Don't worry about me, okay? I'll be fine. You and your new husband, you go enjoy yourselves."

"Are you sure? We can postpone if you need us too?"

"Nah," Craig shakes his head back to him. "Like I said, I'll be fine. I just have to figure out what happened to me and I won't stop until I do. There has to be an explanation to all of this, right?"

"Uh, yea, right."

The Pampa Grill

Adam sits at the bar with a beer in front of him as he thinks about the conversation he just had with Robin; she confronted him about his affair that he had with Helen months ago to "cure" him from his impotence. He has no idea how Robin discovered the truth but she was beyond devastated when he confirmed it to be true. Now, he has to rack his brain with how he is going to make this up to her. He can't lose her over something like this, not after everything they have endured to get to this position.

"I won't lose you Robin," he whispers to himself. "We are meant to be together. I just have to figure out how to make you realize this."

"Dad, I thought it was you," Max announces as he moves up behind Adam. "Do you have a moment? Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year son and of course, do you want to have a beer with me?" Adam asks his son, who sits next to him at the bar. "Looks like you could use one."

"You have no idea."

"What's going on?"

"I fucked up," Max replies to him as his beer arrives in front of him. He takes a sip and looks over at Adam. "And, I have no idea how to make it better."

Adam uneasily chuckles back to him thinking about his own situation. "Does this have anything to do with Paige?"

"Doesn't it always have something to do with a girl?" Max tries to grin back to him. "I did something and Paige is furious with me. She told me she never wants to see me again."

"Damn dude, what did you do?"

Max uneasily chuckles back to him. "It's a long story but mark my words Dad, I won't give up on her. I can't."

"You sound like me a few minutes ago."

"Wait, really? Is something going on between you and Robin?"

"I'm afraid so," Adam admits to him. "But like you, I'm not giving up that easily."

"Let's toast to that then," Max raises his glass. "To not giving up."

Before Adam can respond, Dominick approaches the two men and clears his throat to make his presence known. "Sorry to interrupt, but Max do you have a moment? I'd like to run something by you."

"Dad, is it cool?"

"Of course, we can finish our conversation when you get back," Adam says as Max stands up and moves off to the corner with Dominick.

"What is this all about Mr. Robertson?" Max asks him back.

"I've been doing some serious thinking," Dominick looks back at him with intent. "Robertson Enterprises really needs you back Max. The current photographer we have doesn't have the same eye that you did."

"Are you offering me a job?"

Dominick uneasily smiles back to him. "You don't have to give me an answer right now but think about it, will you?"

"I will," Max beams back to him, thinking that this could be the perfect first step to get back into Paige's good graces.

The Claus House; Jeff, Leah & Paige's Home

"Paige, darling, are you okay?" Leah asks her daughter as she softly knocks on the door to Paige's bedroom. When Leah arrived at home, her housekeeper informed her that Paige was in her room and she could hear the young woman crying. Leah immediately went to see if her daughter was doing okay or enquire about why she has the tears. "Do you mind if I come in?"

Inside the bedroom, Paige pulls the blankets off her head and reveals her damp, red eyes from her tears. She sits up in the bed and wipes her eyes dry. "You can come in," she says softly back to her mother.

Leah opens the door and moves inside, immediately seeing her daughter in bed. "Baby, what is it? What's going on?"

Paige looks at her mother as she sits on the bed next to her. "Oh Mom, everything is such a mess. I don't know how I ever trusted Max. I've been so dumb."

"You are not dumb Paige," Leah grabs her daughter's hand. "Relationships are tricky, you never know when you will hit a bump in the road, but trust me when I tell you the road to happily ever after will always have bumps in it."

"You're talking about you and Dad, aren't you?"

"We are just one example," Leah tells her. "Look, I won't pry into what Max did or didn't do that has made you be this upset, just know that your heart will heal in time. And in that time, whether or not you decide if you can forgive Max is completely up to you. There's no right or wrong answer."

Paige uneasily nods back to her. "Thank you for that."

"And, in the meantime, you can't spend all your time in this room crying your eyes out. You're far too bright and gifted to let Max control you like this."

"What are you suggesting that I do?" Paige asks her back. "I feel so heartbroken by this."

"You need something to take your mind off things," Leah replies to her quickly.

"I'm not sure what I would do."

"Well, have you ever thought about getting a job? You know you Grandfather would love to have you a Robertson Enterprises! I'm sure he can find some type of position for you."

"Me? At Robertson? I mean, I had never thought of that before," Paige admits to her. "But, you're right, it would be nice to focus on something else for a little while."

"Why don't we make plans to talk to Dominick then?" Leah smiles back to her. "I'm proud of you for taking this step, Paige."

"Thanks Mom," Paige leans up and hugs her. "I couldn't have done this without you."

The Sugarbowl

"That is some story man," Chris tells Andrew as they sit in the back booth of the coffeehouse together after Andrew told Chris about Abby and Max's scheme to split up and Paige up last year. Andrew is still having a hard time believing that they worked together to break up his relationship all because Abby wanted him and Max wanted Paige. Now, so many months later, so much has happened to both him and Paige but it feels like they are unresolved. "I can't believe Abby and Max would put you and Paige through that."

"Yea, it's been a tough pill to swallow," Andrew nods back to him. "I saw Abby earlier and basically told her that I wanted nothing more to do with her. I have nothing more to say to her."

"Let me guess, she still has feelings for you? She wants you to move on with her?"

"I don't know what she wants," Andrew admits to him. "Nor do I care. After learning this, I don't think I could ever trust her again."

"That's completely fair," Chris nods back to him. "What about Paige?"

"What about her?" Andrew asks him back.

"Well, you two were pretty tight before all of this happened," Chris reminds him. "I know that it has been a long time since you two broke up, but maybe you should reach out to her? This could be your guys' chance at happiness after all?"

Andrew sighs back to him. "I know what you're saying Chris, but I can't help but think about everything that has happened since then. Paige and I, we've both moved on in our own ways."

"But would you have moved on had Abby and Max not worked to split you two up? It's impossible to know," Chris continues to tell him. "I think you owe it to yourself and to Paige to at least reach out to her to see where her head is in all of this."

Andrew slowly nods back to him. "Yea, I guess you're right," he says, thinking about his fling with Albertinah. "Maybe so much of this last year would be different if Max and Abby hadn't broken us up. Who knows where Paige and I would be right now…"

"Exactly," Chris winks back to him. "So, are you going to call her or what?"

Andrew chuckles back to him. "Yea, I'll call her. It's time to find out what is left, if anything, between Paige and I."


Jeff finishes stirring the sugar and cream he just put into his coffee before he puts a lid on his beverage. He picks it up and is about to leave the coffeehouse when he sees Robbie sitting at the window bar alone with a coffee in front of him. Jeff hadn't seen Robbie in some time and finds himself moving closer to his former rival. He doesn't know why he is compelled to reach out to him but he is.

"Robbie, sorry to interrupt, I saw that you were by yourself and came over," Jeff announces to him. "I don't know what prompted me to come over."

Robbie looks up from his phone and sees Jeff. He can't place it but Jeff doesn't look like his usual self, which Robbie thinks is odd. "I'm surprised you did come over considering our history," Robbie chuckles back to him. "Are you okay? You don't look so good."

"I didn't get a lot of sleep last night," Jeff admits to him.

"Oh? Trouble in paradise? Did Leah kick you to the sofa?"

Jeff feels his face blush. "Hey, I'm sorry," Robbie quickly takes back his statement. "I guess that wasn't very funny."

"No, but it is true," Jeff sits next to him. "Leah and I, we've separated. I told her I wanted a divorce on Christmas Day."

Robbie's mouth opens in surprise. "Wow, I wasn't expecting to hear that today. Do you want to talk about it?"

"It's a long story," Jeff admits to him. "Needless to say, Leah lied to me about something pretty important and I don't think I can ever trust her again."

"Once trust is gone it is hard to get back," Robbie agrees with him. "Look, I know that you and I have a sorted history with Leah but I hope you know that I never wanted this for either of you. When Leah made her decision all those years ago, I really respected it and your marriage."

"I know," Jeff nods back to him. "No one ever said marriage was easy."

Robbie chuckles back to him. "That might be the understatement of the year."

The Victors Mansion

"Damn it! How long do you really think that Vinny is going to keep us locked in here?" Daisy asks Brett as she tries to shakes the steel bars of the cage that Vinny has locked them in together in the Victors family mansion dungeon. The mansion is so old that he has many secret tunnels and passage ways; Daisy just hopes that somehow, someway, someone is able to find them and save them from this hell that Vinny has created for them.

"You probably don't want to know the answer to this," Brett tells her as he comes up behind her. "But I think he wants us to stay here forever."

"He can't do this!" Daisy turns and looks at him with fear in her eyes. "Damnit Brett, we can't let him get away with this!"

"You're feisty, I'll give you that," he tries to chuckle back to her. Deep down he knows that if Vinny wanted to keep them locked up forever, he very well could. Everyone thinks that he and Daisy died in the avalanche and no one has any idea that they are in the mansion; Vinny could get away with this for a very long time.

"Why aren't you more upset about this?" she asks him, desperate to try to find a way to get out of the cage.

"I'm upset Daisy," Brett replies to her quickly. "It's more that I want to save my energy for when the time is right."

"What to do you mean? What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinking that we have to find a way to get out of here," Brett looks at her sternly. "And you and I using all of our energy up won't help us in the long haul."

"Fine, you're right," Daisy moves over to the cot and sits down. "So, the question becomes … how the hell are we going to get out of here?"

The Richardson Estate; Meggan & Lukas' Home

"I can't believe that you're leaving on a honeymoon already!" Meggan tells Lukas and Donovan as they stand in the foyer of the large estate that they all live in together. Meggan can tell that her brother is happy to be reunited with Donovan; she is excited that they are going on their honeymoon now since they didn't get the chance to go on one right after the wedding because of the avalanche. Thankfully, that is all a thing of the past.

"I know," Lukas moves closer to his sister, thinking that he needs this vacation even more after his visit with Craig. "And, I want you to know that we will be back before you go to court with Jeff and Logan. I won't let you go through that alone."

Meggan waves her hand in the air as she thinks about the fact that Jeff is suing her for full custody of Logan. "Don't you worry about that," she tells her brother. "Just focus on reconnecting with Donovan. You two deserve this trip more than you know."

"I can't argue with her," Donovan chuckles back to her. "But Meg, Lukas is right, we will be back before you go to court. We are family; we won't let you go through that alone."

Meggan gets tears in her eyes as she pulls the two men into a group hug. "I love you guys so much. Have the best time."

"We will," Lukas tells her as they exit their embrace. He looks back at Donovan and smiles. "I need this more than I realized."

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment 401; Craig's Home

"Wait, so you're feeling like you've bottomed and the top was aggressive with you? That seems really bizarre," Andy tells Craig as they sit together, with Nicholas, on the sofa in Craig's living room. Craig just finished explaining to his friends the same story he told Lukas earlier: he had a nightmare about being in the cave and now he is feeling like he is raw as if he had bottomed recently.

"I can't explain it," Craig runs his hand through his hair. "But guys, this is really weird right? Like, I'm not over thinking this?"

"What did Lukas say when you spoke to him about this?" Nicholas asks his friend.

"He said that I was out of it in the cave so while I was delirious I could have had nightmares, which is why I'm having more nightmares now," Craig explains to them. "Which I get, that part makes sense to me. It's this uncomfortable rawness that I'm feeling that has been really concerned."

"Lukas didn't have an explanation to this?" Andy asks him.

"Nah, he said he couldn't explain that," Craig looks back to them in concern. "But something is going on. I'm not lying about how I am feeling."

"I think there's only one thing you can do," Nicholas stands up and looks at his friend.

"What? What do you think I should do?"

"Go to the doctor," Nicholas tells him. "See what a professional has to say."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cory lands down the law with Natasha
- Paige and Andrew reconnect
- Meggan makes a plead to Jeff

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