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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Andrew told Abby he never wanted to see her again after the truth came out about her scheming with Max to break up Andrew and Paige. Abby, however, arrived at Andrew's and reminded him that she knew about his affair with Albertinah
- Paige accepted a job at Robertson Enterprises but was horrified to learn that Max would also be working there
- Robin suggested to Dominick that they hire Shane as a medical consultant after Craig quit. Victoria and Shane continue to sleep together
- Andy and Nicholas suggested Craig go to the doctor when he admitted that he was feeling raw since his time in the cave
- Tyler & Trenyce were relieved when Simona agreed to reopen the search for Daisy
- Leah and Cory discussed their relationships
- Cassie was surprised when Natasha and Robbie liked her pitch for Roboto

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment # 507; Andrew's Apartment

Andrew feels the blood drain from his face as he looks back over at Abby, who is standing in his living room and she just reminded him that she knows his secret that he slept with Albertinah. He had told Abby that he didn't want anything more to do with her after the truth about her working with Max to break him and Paige up was revealed; Abby told him that she wouldn't give up that easily and now has reminded him of the affair. He has no idea what she is going to do but he doesn't like what she is trying to suggest.

"Why are you mentioning Albertinah now?" he finally replies to her as she puts her hand on her hips.

"I just think that you should be showing me a little bit more respect," Abby says back to him. "When I first found out the truth, I could have exposed you and I didn't. Do you know how much trouble you and Albertinah could get in if the truth came out?"

"Yea, we both know that's why the affair ended," Andrew reminds her. "Whatever Albertinah and I had, it's long over."

"It doesn't change the fact that it happened and I'm burdened by keeping this secret," she purses her lips together.

"Ugh," Andrew groans back to her. "Why don't you stop playing these games and just tell me what you want. What is it going to take for you to keep this affair a secret?"

Robertson Enterprises

"Thank you for stopping by Shane," Dominick welcomes the doctor into his office and closes the door behind him. Shane moves around to sit across from Dominick, who sits behind his desk. "I know this likely came out of the blue."

"I was surprised to hear from you," Shane nods back to him. "I just hope everything is okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Dominick replies to him. "As you are well aware, I had hired Dr. Craig Benton to be a medical consultant here at Robertson Enterprises. After the tragedy that took place at the Gravity launch last November, Dr. Benton has decided that he no longer wants to be employed here."

Shane chuckles back to him. "I guess I can't say that I blame him there."

"Nor can I," Dominick admits to him. "But, that means that my medical consultant position is vacant and it is a position that I feel like is incredibly important for this company. I'm offering the position to you, if you're interested."

"Wow, I wasn't expecting this today," Shane tells him back. "I have to admit, it would be a nice challenge from the usual routine at the hospital."

"It's a consultant position," Dominick tells him. "So, you'd only be here when we needed you. You'd still be able to have your shifts at general hospital."

"That's great," Shane says. "The added income would be ideal too. You know what, draw up a contract and I'll review it. This sounds like a good opportunity."

"Excellent, I'm glad you feel that way," Dominick smiles as they men shake hands.


Meanwhile, in the studio, Paige looks around as she tries to get familiar with the area since she will be working there closely with Robin and Max. She almost can't believe how easy it was to get the job at Roberson Enterprises but Dominick was more than willing to offer her a position that suited her interests and talents. Of course, Paige was rather upset to learn that Dominick had offered Max his old job back as the lead photographer. This means that she and Max will be working together in a time when Paige really wants nothing to do with him.

"I guess this is a sight that I'm going to have to get used to," a voice calls out from the doorway.

Paige turns around and sees Max standing there. "Like I told you in my grandfather's office, just because we are working together it doesn't change anything between the two of us."

"I get that you're still mad at me," Max moves closer to her. "I'm just hoping that by working closer together you will realize that I am still the same guy that you fell in love with last year."

"You're the same guy that worked together with Abby to break up my relationship with Andrew," Paige spits back to him.

"I brought you these," Max reveals some roses from behind his back. "As a congratulations on the new job."

Paige accepts the flowers and smells them. "It's a shame that these will have to go to waste," she says as she walks over to the trash can and drops the flowers inside. "I told you that we will have a working relationship, Max but nothing else. You better get that through your head or else."

The Pampa Grill

Cassie sits at the bar of the restaurant with a glass of champagne in front of her. She is celebrating the fact that Robbie and Natasha supported her idea to have a anti-wrinkle serum as the next Roboto product. Cassie, and Kim, were both worried that the Calimo siblings would reject their idea because it came from them vs. Robbie and Natasha coming up with it on their own. Maybe, Cassie thinks to herself, this is the start of a new era at Roboto, one where they all get along with one another.

She picks up her champagne and takes a small sip of it as she turns her head and sees Jacob appear from the washroom. She gets a sly grin on her face at the sight of her former fiancé. She scolds herself for thinking good thoughts about him since he broke her heart at the altar. Despite everything, she realizes, she still has very strong feelings for the younger man.

"Jacob, it's nice to see you," she says as Jacob walks by. She wasn't going to say anything but something in her decided to reach out to him.

He stops and looks at Cassie immediately thinking about how bad he felt for his scheme to get back at her. He knows that he has been struggling with it but he still isn't sure how to move forward. "Cassie, it has been awhile. You had a good holiday season?"

"It was quiet but yes I did. How about you?"

"It was fine," Jacob nods back to her. "Look, I don't think we should pretend that we are friends now. We can be polite when we see each other but…"

"I still love you," Cassie blurts out before she has a chance to realize what she is saying. "Despite everything that happened, you're still in my heart."

"We can never be together," Jacob tells her. "I know that it hurts but that's just the way this has to be."

Before Cassie can say anything else, Jacob turns and quickly walks away from her. Cassie turns back to her champagne and takes another sip, wondering how she can get over Jacob.


At another table in the restaurant, Robbie sits across from Brooke with two glasses of red wine on the table. Robbie hadn't seen Brooke since before the Christmas break, so he is hoping to get an update from her on how she is doing since he knows that her family went through a lot last fall.

"It's nice to see you," he tells her as he takes a sip of his wine. "I guess I didn't realize how much I would have missed you. I haven't heard much from you since I bailed you out."

Brooke smiles back to him. "It's nice that things are relatively calmer now, at least for the most part. And you know that I'm grateful you helped me. You did so when no one else would."

"Cheresa is doing well?" Robbie asks her as Brooke nods back to her.

"I thank God every day," Brooke admits to him. "It was so touch and go for a while there, I don't know what I would have done if we had lost her."

Robbie reaches over and grabs her hand. "At least you know that you won't have to deal with that anymore. Cheresa is fine and she will continue to be the amazing daughter that you raised."

"Yea, I just hope that I can stay in her life," Brooke tells him. "I am still going to be in trouble for how I obtained her all those years ago."

Robbie shakes his head back in disbelief that she will still be in trouble. He knows that what she did was illegal but after so much time, he thought that the statute of limitations would have come into effect.

"I'm sorry about this," Robbie tells her. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"No," she shakes her head back to him. "Just know that I need to focus on this trial and my family right now. Anything between you and I, it has to be put on the back burner."

Robbie uneasily nods back to her slightly upset by her response to him. "Yea, of course, I get that. This has to be your priority."


"Thanks for meeting with me," Adam looks over at Robin as they sit across one another at the back table in the restaurant. Adam specifically asked for the corner table so he and Robin could have some privacy. He has been desperate to talk to her again since she told him that she needed time to absorb the fact that he slept with Helen all of those months ago, which is how he knew that he was no longer impotent.

"I couldn't ignore you forever," Robin replies to him coldly as she looks back at him. She still can't believe that after everything they went through, Adam slept with Helen. The fact that he has been able to keep it from her for so long is the part that really stings. "But I hope you know that I'm still really upset by everything that has happened."

"I know you are," Adam nods back to her. "And, I don't blame you. But, I do love you Robin. That hasn't changed."

"I do care about you too Adam," she admits to him. "But my heart is broken right now. You slept with Helen behind my back and the part that hurts the most is that you kept it from me for so long. I don't know what else you're keeping from me."

"Nothing, I swear," he quickly tells her. "You know everything else there is to know."

"It's not that easy," she bites her lower lip. "Once trust is gone…"

"I have to take Dawn to a rehab center for a couple of weeks," he reveals to her. "Maybe while I'm gone you can find it in your heart to forgive me and to put this behind us?"

Robin nods to him. "I will try Adam, but I can't make any promises."

"I won't give up on us Robin," Adam tells her. "I won't let this ruin us."

Twin Peaks Police Station

"It's been 48 hours," Tyler looks over at Trenyce as they sit in the waiting room of the police station as they are there to get another update from Simona on the search for Daisy. They had approached the detective and asked her to reopen the search for Daisy once Craig and Lukas turned up alive; to their surprise, she agreed to search for Daisy again but said that they would only spend 48 hours on the search as Simona didn't have the man power for anything longer. Now, both Tyler and Trenyce are desperate for answers, they hope that Daisy is alive and well. "The waiting is killing me."

"Me too," Trenyce looks back at him. "I have a bad feeling about this though."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because," Trenyce starts to explain to him. "If they had found Daisy, don't you think we would have been notified?"

"I can't give up," Tyler sighs back to her. "Until Simona has told me herself that they didn't find her, I have to believe she is alive and well."

Before Trenyce can say anything else, the door to Simona's office opens and the detective emerges. "Tyler, Trenyce, please come," she tells them as the two of them stand up and quickly move into her office.

"Please don't keep us waiting," Tyler immediately tells her. "What did you find in your search?"

"I'm afraid I have nothing new to report," Simona sighs back to them. "We found no sign of Daisy or Vinny. We still believe that they both passed away in the avalanche."

"Damnit" Tyler bangs his fist into her desk while Trenyce covers her mouth as tears fill her eyes. "This can't be happening."

"I'm sorry," Simona continues. "I think it's time you two accept that she isn't coming back, as hard as that is. The search for Daisy Davenport is officially off."

Trenyce looks at Tyler and they hug one another as tears fill their eyes. "I can't believe she's gone," Trenyce whispers into his ear. "I can't believe this."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I appreciate you fitting me in today, I know it was short notice," Craig tells Shane as they sit in Shane's office at the hospital. Craig had booked an appointment with the doctor after Andy and Nicholas suggested that he seek medical attention due to the fact that he was feeling raw since his time in the cave after the avalanche. Craig feels like he was the bottom in some rougher sex recently, but he knows that this isn't the case which is why he is concerned.

"I'm glad I can offer some light into the way you're feeling," Shane looks back at his patient, and his friend. "I have your test results back."

Craig gulps and wonders if he's ready for these results. He can't help but think back to the when he was getting results last time from a doctor; Brandy lied to him about having HIV. In a lot of ways, that's what set this all into motion.

"Well, what did you uncover?" Craig asks him nervously. "Why do I feel uncomfortable?"

"You have some torn glands in and around the anus region," Shane explains to him. "While they are healing, you will feel discomfort."

"How did I get torn glands?"

"Well for gay men, it's most common if they have anal sex and the top isn't careful," Shane continues to tell him. "Since you haven't had sex lately, I'd like say it was a cause of being in the avalanche and maybe even the fever you had while you were on the mountain side could have something to do with it. When you're that ill, sometimes your body does weird things to try to combat it."

"I guess," Craig sighs back to him. "It still seems odd that this is happening."

"I wish I could give you more answers."

"No, this is everything that I need, thanks Shane."

The Tower's; The Penthouse; Cory's Home

"It was nice to get the invite from you," Leah sits on the sofa in the penthouse with a glass of chardonnay in her hand. Leah was surprised to get a text from Cory asking her to come over for a glass of wine; since they are friendly, she agreed since she was off early for the day.

"After we ran into each other at the Pampa Grill the other day, I thought it would be nice to chat again," Cory replies to her as he takes a sip of his beer. "It's nice to talk with someone who is seemingly going through a similar situation as me."

"You mean, a marriage falling apart?" she chuckles back to him.

He laughs back to her. "Yea, that. I saw Natasha, by the way."

Leah arches her eyebrow back to him. "And, how did that go?"

"I admitted I didn't think we had a marriage anymore," he reveals to her. "I told her that after she hit me I stopped trusting her and without trust…."

"Wow, Cory, I'm so sorry," Leah sets her glass of wine down and moves closer to him. "That couldn't have been easy, I'm sure."

"It wasn't but you know what? It felt really damn good," Cory looks back at her. "Instead of pretending that I want this marriage to work, I was just honest. I don't see Natasha in the same way as I used too. We don't have a relationship if I can't get past it."

Leah nods back to him. "How did she take it?"

"As well as to be expected," Cory shrugs his shoulders. "I think she wanted me to forgive her and tell her that everything would be the same again."

"Once something that major happens it's impossible to go backwards. That's what I'm figuring out with Jeff and I. He can't get over what I did, and I don't blame him."

"We all make mistakes," Cory tells her. "Just make sure that you don't beat yourself up over it forever. It's the same with Natasha; while I don't agree with what she did, she has to move on. She's not a bad person she just made a mistake."

"I appreciate you saying that," Leah purses her lips together. "Cause I did make a mistake but I'm not a bad person."

"Exactly. All you can do is try to learn from this and grow as a person."

"Thanks for listening, Cory. I really appreciate it."

The Sugarbowl

"I hate to do this since I just got here, but I see Jacob coming in and I want to go say hi to him," Natasha looks across the table at Eva and Victoria. "Will you excuse me for a moment?"

"Of course," Eva purses her lips back together at her daughter. "If Jacob is free, he's welcome to join us? I haven't seen my grandson in sometime."

"I'll see what he's up too," Natasha replies to her. "I'll be back and then we can have our girl catch up."

"You seem quiet," Eva turns her attention to Victoria once Natasha has left the table. "Is everything okay?"

Victoria takes a deep breath and looks back at her mother. "Shane and I have started to … uh … see one another."

"Oh, darling, this is wonderful news," Eva smiles back to her daughter. "Why do I get the feeling that you're not exactly happy with this?"

"It's not that," Victoria shakes head back to her mother. "He's wonderful and I'm really enjoying my time with Shane."


"But," Victoria nervously looks back at Eva. "I'm late, Mom. I should have my period about a week ago."

Eva gasps a little at the news from her daughter. "Does this mean that you're…?"

"I don't know!" Victoria quickly replies to her. "But the thought of this has me shaken to my very core."

"Well, the first thing you have to do Victoria is tell Shane and then find out if you're going to have his baby," Eva tells her daughter as Victoria uneasily nods back to her, unsure about whether this would be good news or not.


"Jacob, hi," Natasha approaches her son, as he waits in the line to grab his coffee. They hug quickly before Natasha studies him. "Your grandmother is over there with Victoria if you'd like to join us?"

"I can't, I'm just grabbing a coffee and running some errands," Jacob explains to her, which is a lie. After seeing Cassie, the last thing he wants to do is have coffee with his mother and grandmother so he can get the third degree.

"Well another time," Natasha purses her lips together. "I've been thinking about you the last couple of days."

"Really? What have you been thinking about?"

"You and your future," Natasha admits to him. "Why don't you come work with Robbie and I at Roboto? You know that we'd love to have you and it would have made your grandfather very proud. Bob would have wanted you at the family company."

"That's a horrible ide Mom!" Jacob lashes back at her. "You know that Cassie is working there. The last thing I need is to be around that woman all the time!"

"Okay, okay," Natasha puts her hands up in defeat. "It was just a suggestion but I can understand you wanting space from Cassie Nova; I want space from Cassie Nova!"

Jacob chuckles. "I'm sorry I got so defensive … it's just, yea, I need more time."

"You take all the time you need baby."

The Cascade Apartments; Apartment # 507; Andrew's Apartment

Abby chuckles back to Andrew after he asks her what it will take for her to keep his secret. "See, I knew you'd come around to seeing things my way," Abby winks back to him. "I do want something to keep this heavy burdened secret to myself."

Andrew rolls his eyes back to her. "I'm listening, Abby. What the hell do you want?"

"Isn't it obvious Andrew?" The same thing I've always wanted: you."

"What?" Andrew gasps back to her. "What does that even mean? You want me?"

"It means," Abby looks back at him with intent. "Either you give us a chance, a real chance, or I might just have to tell the entire world about your affair with Albertinah."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Dawn and Cheresa are stunned
- Jacob gets a job
- Nicholas tells Melissa his news

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