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Previously on One Day at a Time
- A stoned Dawn passed out on a bench on the pier; Cheresa hit her head and fell into the river and almost died while Dawn was asleep
- Natasha suggested to Jacob that he work for Roboto but he turned her down since Cassie is working there
- Jeff maintained that he would take Meggan to court for custody of Logan and that his marriage to Leah was over
- Brooke told Robbie that she had to focus on her family since she was in legal trouble for buying Cheresa from the black market. Greg told Kim something similar
- Andy and Robin convinced Nicholas to take Melissa up on her offer to move into her mansion
- Craig went to the doctor to find out why he was feeling discomfort as if he had bottomed recently
- Daisy and Brett realized they had to escape Vinny's clutches

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"I can't believe that you have to leave today," Cheresa sits on the sofa in the living room with a soda in her hand. She takes a sip of it before she puts the can on the coffee table and she looks over at Dawn, who is looking out of the front window. Cheresa came over to see Dawn today because she is leaving for rehab to help her with her pill addiction. After the accident last fall, Dawn agreed to leave to get help, however the rehabilitation center only had a space open recently which is why there was a slight delay in Dawn going for treatment. "I'm going to miss you while you're gone."

Dawn turns to face her with a slight smile on her face. "I am going to miss you too," Dawn admits to her. "But this is a good thing. I need to learn how to cope without the pills."

"You haven't been tempted to take them since the accident, have you?"

Dawn shakes her head back to her. "Not since I left the hospital," Dawn confides to her. "But while I was in the hospital, I did have a lot of strong cravings. It's good that I had to stay in the hospital for a few days. It's like it helped me detox, I suppose."

"Then maybe you don't need to go after all? It would be nice to have you around here," Cheresa admits to her. With everything going on with Chris and Trenyce, Cheresa would love to have her girlfriend around for support.

"I won't be gone long," Dawn moves closer to her. "I have to do this, Cheresa."

"I know you do," Cheresa nods back to her. "I'm just going to miss you like crazy."

Dawn kisses her softly on the lips and then looks into her eyes when they part. "As soon as I'm back I want to take you out on a real date," Dawn tells her. "It's time we put all of this craziness behind us and we have a real chance at a relationship. What do you say? Go on a date with me?"

Cheresa smiles and hugs her back. "Of course Dawn, I'd like nothing more."

Suddenly, Adam appears in the living room entry way and clears his throat to interrupt the hug. He is going to take Dawn to the rehab center. "Hey kiddo, I'm ready if you are."

Dawn sighs and looks over at her father. "As ready as I'll ever be. I'll see you soon," she winks back to Cheresa.

"Good luck," Cheresa tells her.

Dawn picks up her duffle bag and starts to move to the front door. "Ready?" Adam puts his arm around Dawn's neck.

"Yea, I'm ready Dad. Thanks for taking me today."

"I wouldn't let you do this alone," he tells her.

As they open the front door, they intercept a young man carrying a large envelope. "Dawn Black?" he asks as Dawn puts her bag down.

"Yea, that's me," she says back to him. "What is this?"

"You've been served," the man tells her as he passes her the envelope and then scurries away.

"What could this be?" Dawn asks as she opens the envelope as Cheresa and Dawn look on. "Oh my God, this can't be happening?"

"What is it?" Cheresa asks her. "What's happened now?"

The Pampa Grill

"If you had told me what happened I could have prevented Max from coming back to work at Robertson Enterprises," Dominick tells Paige as they sit together at a table in the restaurant. Paige has just finished telling her grandfather about why she was so upset to see that Max was working at Robertson with her. She realized that Dominick had to know the truth if she was going to continue to work there; she didn't want there to be any secrets kept between them.

"Its fine Granddad," Paige replies to him. "It's like I told you when I requested the position, I have to stop moping around and feeling sorry for myself. I have to move on and that means getting used to seeing Max again. This will help me in the long run."

Dominick gets a grin on his face as he looks over at her. "When did you become so mature?"

Paige chuckles back to him. "Don't get used to it," she winks back to him. "I might revert at any time."

"Well sweetheart, I must run. But if you need anything from me, you know where to find me," Dominick stands up from the table. "You'll be okay on your own?"

"I won't be alone for very long," Paige replies to him quickly. "I'm meeting my Dad here."

"Okay, I love you. See you soon."

"Love you."

Dominick quickly walks towards the front door of the restaurant but he happens to see Jacob sitting alone at the bar. Dominick pauses and looks at Natasha's son and suddenly gets an idea. Without thinking twice, Dominick moves up to the young man.

"Jacob, my goodness," Dominick says as he approaches him. "I haven't seen you in a very long time."

"Mr. Robertson, it's nice to see you again as well," Jacob turns to Dominick.

"I heard about your busted wedding to Cassie Nova," Dominick replies to him. "I'd say you dodged a bullet with that one."

Jacob uneasily chuckles back to him. "Yea, thanks. I guess."

"I supposed with Cassie working at Roboto it means that you're not working for the family company?"

"You'd guess right," Jacob replies to him quickly. "My mother has suggested I work there but I can't work there, not with Cassie hovering around."

"That is completely understandable," Dominick says back to him. "If you're interested in some corporate work, however, there will always be a position for you at Robertson Enterprises."

Jacob arches his eyebrow back to him. "Really? This is surprising to me. It's not like you and my Grandfather got along or anything."

"You're not your grandfather," Dominick replies to him. "And, the younger generation is the way of the future. I'd love to get you on my team to see what you bring to the table."

Jacob finds himself nodding back to him. "I'd like that too," Jacob admits to him. "How about we start with a trial basis and if it goes well, we can make it a more permanent arrangement?"

"Be at my office tomorrow at 9 am and we'll iron out the details."


Back at Paige's table, her glass of wine arrives just as Jeff walks up to the table. "Daddy, hi," she stands up to hug him. "I'm sorry I didn't know what you wanted so I didn't order anything."

"Hey, it's fine," Jeff sits across from her. "I'm just glad we have this time together. I know that things have been crazy lately."

"You can say that again," Paige nods back to him. "I still can't believe that Mom was lying to you about Logan for so long."

"You and me both," Jeff admits to her as the waiter brings him a beer. "I know you might not want to hear this, but I think this lie will end our marriage."

Paige puts her head down and sighs a little. "Mom was helping me recently with a problem and she alluded to the same thing. I don't want you to think that because Mom was helping me that I've taken her side or have forgiven her or anything."

"You're allowed to have a relationship with your mother," Jeff tells her. "I will not make you pick sides in this. Just because the marriage is falling apart it doesn't change your relationship with Leah."

"So, what are you going to do, Dad?"

"I've sued Meggan for custody of Logan," Jeff reveals to her with a glimmer in his eyes. "They've kept me away from my son for long enough."

Paige takes a sip of her wine before she looks back at him. "You know that this will get messier before it gets easier, right?"

"Yea, I know. But I have to fight for what I think is right."

"I know and I get that," Paige admits to him. "Just know that I will support you in any way that I can."

Jeff reaches over and grabs his daughter's hand. "You have no idea how much I needed to hear that."

Across the restaurant, Leah stands still at the sight in front of her: her daughter and husband sharing a closer moment. The sight brings tears to her eyes and she quickly turns and rushes out of the restaurant. Outside, she leans up against the wall of the restaurant trying to catch her breath.

"I miss my family," she chokes on her tears. "My God, I miss them."


At the far corner of the restaurant, Brooke takes a sip of her red wine before she looks over at Greg, as they are having a drink together. Brooke has been giving her husband space since the truth of her affair with Robbie came out, which then spiraled into Cheresa's accident. Of course, the truth about Cheresa's paternity was revealed shortly after and now Brooke is in serious legal trouble. While this was all unfolding, Greg was blaming Brooke which is why she has given him space but she realizes that she needs her husband now, maybe more than ever.

"I know I'm the last person you wanted to see," Brooke tells her husband before she takes another sip of her wine. "But, I had to see you. We have to discuss how we want to handle my legal troubles."

"You're right about that," Greg sighs back to her. "I still can't believe everything that you put this family through. Cheresa almost died!"

"You don't have to remind me!" Brooke sternly tells him back. "She survived though, Greg. You have to stop punishing me at some point. I made a fucking mistake, okay? And just because I had an affair, doesn't mean I caused Cheresa's accident for crying out loud. Now, can we please focus on this trial? I'm sure that I'm going to have to go court over how I got Cheresa."

Greg picks up his scotch and takes a sip of it. "And, what do you want me to do about it? It's not like I can pay off a judge. That would look far too suspicious."

"We have to do something! I can't go to jail, Greg! I gave us our daughter for crying out loud! Please tell me that you'll help me?"

Greg sighs and looks back to her. "I will do what I can, Brooke. But, I'm telling you that I don't think that there's a hell of a lot that we can do."

The Victors Mansion

"Okay, it's time that you get up and help me think of a way for us to get the hell out of here," Daisy stops pacing back and forth in the cell that she is in with Brett and puts her hands on her hips. She looks at Brett, who is lounging on the cot looking up at the ceiling staring into space.

"How do you think we should plan to get out of here?" Brett looks back at her. "Have you had any ideas at all?"

"No," Daisy admits to him as she sighs heavily. "But that doesn't mean that I'm giving up! Vinny can't keep us in here forever, he just can't!"

"I hate to tell you this," Brett sits up on the cot. "But, I kept Vinny in this cage myself for years. No one knew that he was here. It wasn't until Robbie and Victoria found him that he was able to get out. But that was after years of him being in here."

Daisy feels her eyes swell with water at the thought of spending years in the cage that she is currently in. She turns her back to Brett as a tear falls down her cheek; the last thing she wants is for him to see her in a moment of weakness.

"I don't mean to upset you," Brett stands up and puts his hands on her shoulders. "I'm just trying to be realistic."

"I'm telling you this," Daisy whispers back to him. "I will not give up! I will not be kept in this cage for years the way you kept Vinny here. I will think of a way to escape, I have too! Now, you can either help me or you can stay the hell out of my way."

The Young Mansion; Melissa & Phil's Home

Melissa quickly moves into the foyer of the large mansion that she owns in Twin Peaks carrying a suitcase in her hand. She is getting ready to leave back for Boston as she has important business to attend too. However, before she goes she is expecting to see Nicholas as she hopes that he will be giving her the good news that he will stay in the mansion while she is away. It is all a part of her master plan; she just has to ensure that her son plays along.

"I've already taken the rest of your bags out to the car," Hendrix tells Melissa as he moves into the foyer. Hendrix has been Melissa's butler for over 20 years and has incredible loyalty to her. Hendrix's father was Melissa's mother's butler and the two grew up together as childhood friends. When the time came and Hendrix's father could no longer be of service due to his age, Hendrix took over and he and Melissa have been together ever since.

"Thank you Hendrix," Melissa purses her lips together. "I promise I won't be away too long. But, I need to know if everything is set for my plan."

"Of course it is," Hendrix tells her. "All we need is for Nicholas to agree to move into the mansion. I will take care of the rest."

"Perfect," Melissa smiles back to him as the doorbell rings. "Speak of the devil."

Hendrix moves to the door and opens it revealing Nicholas on the other side. "Mr. Young, please come in," Hendrix welcomes into the foyer.

"Thank you Hendrix," Nicholas replies to him. "And please, call me Nicholas."

"Darling, thank you for coming to see me off," Melissa comes up to him and kisses him on both cheeks. "Tell me you have good news for me? Tell me that you're going to move into the mansion while I'm in Boston?"

Nicholas nods back to her. "Yea, I'll move in! I can't thank you enough for the offer. This will really beat staying at the hotel."

Melissa squeals in delight as she hugs Nicholas. "You won't regret this, my love, I promise you that. Now, make yourself at home. Invite Andy over, whatever you'd like."

"I can't believe you're okay with this? You didn't want me in a relationship with him and now…"

"Never mind that," Melissa waves her hand. "Now, I must run or I'll miss my flight. We'll be in touch! Ta ta!"

Nicholas smirks as Melissa runs out of the foyer and heads towards her car. Nicholas slowly moves into the lavishly decorated living room and looks around. "My new home," he whispers to himself.

The Tower's; Floor One; Andy's Apartment

"Okay, you can't keep me in suspense anymore," Andy tells Craig as he passes him a beer and then sits next to him on the sofa in his condo. "How did it go at the hospital? Did you see a doctor?"

Craig cracks open his beer and quickly takes a swig of it before he looks over at his friend. He recalls how when he told Nicholas and Andy that he was feeling raw as if he had bottomed recently, they suggested that he go to the doctor to see if they could come to any conclusions about what is going on with him. When he went to see Shane, he advised Craig that he had some torn glands, which is most common for a bottom if the top is rough. Of course, this couldn't be the case with Craig, so he's still left wondering with what could have happened to him.

"I saw Shane," Craig replies to his friend. "And I had some tests run."

"And? What did the tests show?"

"I have some torn glands," Craig reveals to him. "This is why I'm feeling the discomfort."

"I had that happen to me after the first time I bottomed with a guy," Andy reveals to his friend. "It took a while to heal and since then I've always been more careful."

"Shane sort of said the same thing," Craig tells him. "He said it is most common when a guy bottoms and the top is a little rough. But, that's the thing, I haven't bottomed."

"What did Shane say when you told him that?" Andy asks his friend next. "Hopefully he had some explanation?"

"Nothing concrete," Craig admits to him. "Something like my body might have reacted while I was in the cave fighting my fever. I'm not sure I buy that though."

"So it still remains a mystery?"

"I guess so," Craig uneasily nods back to him. "I can't shake this bad feeling though. I just don't know where to go from here, you know?"

"I get that but I will help you in any way that I can. Nicholas too."

"Thanks," Craig tries to put a smile on his face. "I just hope I can figure this out. I need too."

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"Well, don't keep us waiting," Adam tells Dawn, who has gone pale after opening the envelope that she was just served with. "What do the documents say?"

"It is a restraining order," Dawn looks back at Cheresa and Adam in horror. She can't believe that someone filed a restraining order against her.

"What? Who are they saying that you have to stay away from?" Cheresa asks her in surprise.

"You," Dawn looks back at her girlfriend. "I have to stay at least 50 feet away from you at all times or I'll get arrested."

Cheresa's mouth opens in shock. "Who would do this?"

Dawn shrugs her shoulders back to her. "I have no idea," she admits to her. "The papers were filed by a 'concerned party'. I'll have to figure this out when I get back from rehab."

"Don't worry," Cheresa hugs her. "I'll deal with this while you get healthy. No one will keep us apart, do you hear me?"

Dawn uneasily nods back to her as tears flood her eyes at the thought of having to stay away from Cheresa. "Just be careful, okay?"

"Don't worry about me," Cheresa grits her teeth back to Dawn. "You just focus on getting healthy. No one will keep us apart when you get back, no one."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Victoria reveals her secret to Shane
- Natasha attempts to seduce Cory
- Chris tries to keep his cool

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