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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Felicia suggested to Tyler that he hold a memorial service for Daisy in hopes of him finally putting her to rest
- Meggan & Jeff reunited and agreed to raise Logan together
- Donovan & Lukas agreed to adopt a baby
- Shane & Victoria realized that they had to do some soul searching after they realized they were on different pages when it comes to having children
- Cory served Natasha with divorce papers
- Jacob went to work at Robertson Enterprises and quickly clashed with Max
- Cheresa asked Chris & Trenyce if they organized Dawn getting the restraining order. They said no

St. Joseph's Church

The large picture of Daisy stands at the front of the altar in the church as friends and family have gathered at the church for the memorial service that Tyler and Trenyce have organized. Despite it still being a cold February day, the sun is shining and coming through the stained glass windows of the building, creating a warm glow in the church.

Tyler and Trenyce stand side by side and they look out at the people who have gathered to say goodbye to Daisy. Tyler looks at Trenyce before he takes a small step forward.

"Thank you all for being here today," he says as he grabs Trenyce's hand for support. "Today we are here to say goodbye to Daisy Davenport, who was taken from us too quickly last November. She was the most beautiful woman with a heart of gold."

"My Aunt was a giver, no matter what the circumstance was, she would give to anyone else before she gave to herself. She took me in when my mother died and treated me like her own daughter," Trenyce fights tears in her eyes as she thinks about her past times with Daisy. "I…I don't know who I am going to turn to when times get rough anymore, you know? She was always there. I…I don't know how to do this."

"We do want to thank you all so much for reaching out and being there for us while we go through this difficult time," Tyler tells everyone, as Trenyce wipes her damp eyes. "If anyone else has anything they'd like to say you can. Otherwise, please take the day to remember your good times with Daisy."

Tyler and Trenyce pull one another into a hug as they try to contain themselves while other guests wipe their damp eyes, still reeling from the fact that they have to say goodbye to Daisy in the first place.


"You two were very brave," Felicia tells Tyler and Trenyce a short time later as they stand near the large framed picture of Daisy. "Daisy would have loved every moment of the service."

"Thank you for the idea to do this," Trenyce nods back to her. "Tyler told me it was your idea."

"That's true, it was my idea," Felicia purses her lips together. "I just wanted a way for Tyler to start to try to move on from this horrible nightmare."

"I hope I'm finally able too," Tyler tells his mom. "We all have to find a way to say goodbye to Daisy because she's not coming back."

Trenyce uneasily nods back to him as she thinks about how she has hired Brad to look into Daisy's disappearance; she can't tell anyone that she has done this because she doesn't want to get anyone's hopes up but she does hope that Brad is able to come up with something. In the meantime, she has to start to mourn her Aunt too because there is a good chance that Daisy isn't coming back.


"I haven't seen Trenyce that upset before," Lukas tells Meggan as they stand in the foyer of the church with some punch in their hands. "She's usually so strong and collected."

"I think it's finally hitting her that Daisy isn't coming back," Meggan replies to him. "I'm just grateful that you and Craig somehow were able to make it out of the avalanche alive."

Lukas uneasily nods back to her as he thinks about saving Craig's life that day on the mountain and pulling him into the cave on the mountain side until they were saved. He shakes his head not wanting to go back to that time in his life. "Sometimes I wonder what I did to make it out of that alive," Lukas admits to her. "It doesn't seem fair that Tyler and Trenyce have to go through this."

"I don't think I could have handled losing both my brother and sister," Meggan tells him. "I thank God every day that you're here."

Lukas pulls her into a hug. "I am here and I'm not going anywhere," he tells her as they exit their embrace. "How are things with you and Jeff?"

Meggan smiles back to him as she thinks about how she and Jeff recently got back together and ended their bitter custody case over Logan. In her mind, this is the best possible outcome for the trial; now she and Jeff can focus on trying to rebuild their relationship and raise their son together.

"Things are finally good again," she purses her lips together. "After everything that happened, it's nice to be in this place again."

"Are you sure this is what you want? Jeff did a lot of horrible things to you."

"I did a lot of bad things to him too," Meggan admits to him. "I appreciate your concern but this for the best."


In the garden, Eva, Victoria & Donovan walk and feel the crisp air against their faces. Despite it being nippy, they all wanted to get some air following the service so they came into the garden together.

"I'm glad we have this time alone," Donovan tells his family as they walk through some snow. "I have some news that I wanted you both to hear from me."

"Please tell me its good news," Eva replies to her son. "I don't think I could handle any more bad news right now."

"It is good news," Donovan nods back to her as they stop and look at one another. "It's about Lukas and I."

"You're going on a second honeymoon?" Victoria chuckles back to him.

"We have agreed to try to adopt a baby," Donovan reveals to them as they gasp in surprise. "We want to grow our family."

"Oh darling," Eva pulls her son into a hug. "This is the best news I've had in a long time."

"So, you're happy?"

"Happy? I'm over the moon!" Eva giggles back to him as they exit their embrace.

"I am happy for you too," Victoria tells her brother.

"Good cause once we get our child, you're both on the baby sitter list!"


Back inside the church, Natasha finishes hugging Trenyce and Tyler before she turns and starts to leave. She still can't believe that Daisy, a woman relatively close to her in age, passed away and is gone forever. The reality that someone who was young and successful could pass away has really left a mark in Natasha's mind; what if this had been her? Has she really done everything in her life that she has wanted to do? Thoughts like this are circling around her brain.

When she arrives in the foyer, she sees Cory about to leave the church. Without hesitation, she rushes up to her husband. "Cory, I'm glad I saw you today."

"Tough day, huh?" Cory replies to her as he puts his hands in his pockets. "I felt so awful for Tyler and Trenyce."

"Me too," Natasha nods back to him. "Daisy was close to my age so I feel like this is hitting close to home for me."

"You still have a lot of life to live, Nat."

"I'm sure Daisy thought the same thing," Natasha replies to him. "This has just made me stop and think about things. Like you and I. Cory, I am so sorry for everything that happened between us. I really want you to believe that."

Cory looks back at his wife and can see how upset she is. "I know you're sorry, Nat. Neither of us went into this marriage thinking that it would end. But, what has happened, has happened. We can't go back and change that. We can only change our actions moving forward."

Natasha lets a tear fall down her cheek. "I know, I guess I was hoping…"

Cory pulls her into a hug. "Let's not dwell on this anymore, okay? We have to move on. Like I said, you still have so much life to live. Just not with me."

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

"The lighting is not right," a frustrated Max moves away from taking some pictures of a model in the Robertson Enterprises studio. He puts his camera down on the table and looks over at Jacob and Paige, who are supervising the photo shoot. "You need to add another light or none of these pictures are going to turn out."

Jacob looks over at him annoyed that Max is creating a scene in front of Paige and the model. "We are going for a darker, moodier theme here," Jacob replies to him, trying to show Max who is in charge. "Not having as much light is the entire point."

"I get that man, I really do," Max tells him before he brings the camera over to Jacob and Paige. "But look at this pictures, you can barely see Candy's face. That's not going to fly with Dominick."

Jacob and Paige look at the pictures on the screen and then back at Max. "I don't know, I think her lip stick is popping a lot," Paige admits to him. "I think these pictures are pretty good."

"Nah, we need another light from the other side of her. It doesn't have to be bright, but it has to be there," Max stands tall. "I won't present any of these pictures to Dominick without seeing both."

"Fine," Jacob waves his hand in the air. "I won't fight with you over a stupid light. We'll get you a light and then you can finish your job, right?"

"Ugh, yea, you don't have to be an ass about it."

"That's enough Max," Paige looks at him. "You don't have to call him names."

"Great, so you two are going to gang up on me now? That's just perfect," Max grabs his camera and walks back towards Candy. "They'll get me another light, Candy. Then we can finish the shoot."

Jacob and Paige uneasily look at one another before they smirk to one another, secretly happy that they seemingly have each other's backs when it comes to Max and working together at Robertson Enterprises.

The Pampa Grill

"How was the service?" Shane asks Victoria as they sit across from each other at the restaurant. Shane knows that he couldn't attend the service because he has to work at the hospital; he wishes he could have been there to say goodbye to Daisy but he is glad that he will get a full report from Victoria.

Victoria takes a sip of her red wine before she looks back over at Shane. "It was difficult to see Trenyce and Tyler so upset," she admits to him. "They are really grieving their loss."

"Daisy was a pretty special woman," Shane nods his head back to her. "Sorry I missed the service."

"Don't worry about it," Victoria tells him. "You had to work. I'm sure Trenyce and Tyler understand. Besides, they received the flowers that you sent them."

"It was the least that I could do," he says back to her. "I'm glad you could squeeze me into your schedule today."

"Of course," Victoria replies to him. "You know how much you mean to me."

"I do know that," Shane looks back into her eyes. "I hope you know that you mean a lot to me too."

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm not going to like where this is going?" she asks him.

"Because, I have been doing some thinking since we last met," Shane admits to her. "You know, about doing some soul searching."

"Of course I remember," she tells him. "What's going on?"

"I realized that I do want to have more children," Shane reveals to her. "The feeling I felt when we thought you could be pregnant, I want that feeling again. I'd love to give Jacob a brother or sister one day."

Victoria uneasily nods back to him as she feels her eyes swell with some water. "And, I'm not the woman that can promise you that? I get it Shane, I really do. I never meant to hurt you."

"You didn't hurt me," Shane reaches over and grabs her hand. "And I don't want to hurt you. In some ways, I'm glad this happened so we know where we stand before we got in any deeper."

"You know that I'll always be in your corner, right? No matter what."

"And mine yours," Shane replies to her. "To friends?"

"Friends," Victoria picks up her wine as a tear falls from her eye and rolls down her cheek.


At another table, Cheresa sits with Brooke and Greg with some salads in front of them. They had agreed to meet to discuss Brooke's upcoming trial, but Cheresa's mind is on other things currently, namely the restraining order that was filed on Dawn. She still has no idea who would have organized the restraining order but she is determined to get to the bottom of it.

"So, I did run into Trenyce and Chris the other day," she reveals to her parents. Brooke and Greg uneasily look at one another as they are still apprehensive about what Cheresa's relationship with her biological parents are. "And, I asked them point blank if they were the ones who arranged for Dawn to be served with the restraining order."

Brooke arches her eyebrow back to her daughter. "What did they say? Did they have anything to do with it?"

Cheresa shakes her head no back to her Brooke. "They said they had nothing to do with it. So, I'm back at square one; I have no idea who did this to me and Dawn."

Greg leans forward to her. "Your father, Chris, he's lying to you," he reveals to Cheresa, knowing that he is about to expose Chris and Trenyce. In his mind, this might help him keep Cheresa in his orbit vs. letting his daughter be a part of Chris and Trenyce's life.

"What are you talking about?" Brooke asks her husband, not knowing what he is talking about. Brooke doesn't want more drama right now all things considering. "How do you know that Chris is lying?"

Greg looks back at Cheresa, who has a stunned look on her face. "Chris asked to meet me on the pier a couple of weeks ago," Greg reveals to them. "He told me that he thought Dawn was bad news because she was passed out at the time of your accident," he continues.

"She's getting help! My falling had nothing to do with Dawn!" Cheresa protests as she starts to get more upset.

"Chris didn't think this way," Greg tells his daughter. "He convinced me that the restraining order would be a good idea but seeing you this way, my God, I'm so sorry Cheresa."

"Wait, so this was you and Chris?" Cheresa stands up from the table. "You did this to me? You…you monster!" Cheresa yells at her father before she picks up her glass of water and throws it in his face.

"Cheresa!" Brooke shrieks at her.

"No, I can't deal with this! I have to put an end to this once and for all," a livid Cheresa yells at her parents before she storms off, as Greg dries his face off with help from Brooke.

"Now what are we going to do?" Brooke asks her husband, who looks back at her in confusion as to everything that just happened in the restaurant. She can't believe that Greg and Chris worked together on this; and now, Cheresa is so furious she may never speak to them again.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Cassie's partner is revealed
- Victoria is in for a surprise
- Chris confesses

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