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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Craig told Lukas he remembered them having sex while trapped in the cave. Lukas was horrified when Craig suggested he raped him
- Donovan told Eva & Victoria he and Lukas wanted to adopt a baby
- Cheresa was thrilled when Greg offered to have the restraining order against Dawn revoked. Trenyce, meanwhile, was livid to learn Chris was behind the restraining order and that he lied to Cheresa about it
- Andy told Nicholas he didn't want to move into Melissa's mansion
- Victoria revealed to Trenyce & Tyler that Vinny was alive, which gave them hope that Daisy might also be alive. Daisy and Brett, meanwhile, remained held hostage by Vinny

The Pampa Grill

"Darling, I can't get over the look of absolute shock on your face when you walked in with Lukas," Eva beams over to Donovan as the stand in the center of the restaurant, which has been converted into the location of a party that she is throwing for her son. Once Donovan revealed to Eva and Victoria that he and Lukas were going to try to adopt a baby, she knew that she wanted to throw a celebration for them as the news if very exciting, especially considering Victoria's recent belief that she might have been pregnant turned out not to be true.

Donovan chuckles back to his mother. "I had no idea you went to such extremes Mom," he tells her before he takes a sip of his champagne. "Lukas and I, we haven't even made it to the adoption agency yet."

"I'm with Eva on this one," Lukas looks over at his husband. "Any reason to celebrate is a good reason," he smirks to him. Secretly, Lukas is glad to have the distraction as the previous night Craig admitted that he remembered that they had sex with each other while they were trapped in the cave on the side of the mountain following the avalanche last November. When Lukas left, Craig hadn't told him what he was going to do but the more alarming piece for Lukas is that Craig felt like Lukas raped him, which is completely untrue. He just hopes he was able to through to Craig about keeping mum about the entire situation. The last thing anyone needs is for this secret to come out.

"It's just nice to see you two men happy," Dominick chimes in. "After we thought we lost you Lukas in the avalanche, it's good to have some happiness. That's what marriage should be."

"I couldn't' agree more," Donovan pulls Lukas into a hug. "I love you so much."


A short time later, Eva corners her husband while he munches on some canapes that are circling around the party. "You never did give me an explanation, you know," she purses her lips together.

Dominick turns around and arches his eyebrow back to her. He hopes that she hasn't, somehow, uncovered that he is working with Cassie Nova to help take down Roboto; Cassie has warned him that their plan has to be top secret, and he agrees. "I'm not sure I know what you're talking about, dear. What explanation do you require?"

"Our Valentine's Day date," she reminds her, thinking about how he stood her up at the restaurant and she ended up drinking with Victoria. "You never showed up. I can't tell you how upset I was by that."

"I am truly sorry," Dominick looks back at his wife. "I must not have put it in my calendar and I got so wrapped up at work…"

"It's always work with you," Eva replies to him coldly. "I knew that you loved your job when we got married but I always thought you would still make time for me and our marriage."

"Eva," Dominick says back to her. "Please, let me make it up to you. You mean more to me than you realize."

Eva leans in and softly kisses him on the lips. "I'll give you the chance to make it up to me, but it better be a necklace filled with diamonds," she winks back to him. "Come on, let's go enjoy this party."


"I didn't think you knew Donovan or Lukas very well," Leah announces to Cory as he grabs a glass of champagne and then turns to see his recent lover. Cory ad Leah haven't seen one another since the morning after their night of love making; they both agreed that having sex was a mistake and that they should only be friends as many people could be impacted by their affair.

Cory takes a sip of his champagne. "Eva invited me," he replies to her. "I think she still hopes that Natasha and I could work things out. I wasn't going to come but who can say no to free champagne?"

Leah chuckles back to him. "I guess I can't fault you for that. How have you been?"

Cory nods back to her. "Pretty good, I can't complain, I guess. Daisy's memorial was a pretty tough pill to swallow. It's hard thinking that someone close to our age is gone."

"I couldn't agree more," Leah tells him. "It puts things into perspective. Did her memorial make you change your mind about Natasha and your marriage?"

"No," Cory immediately says back to her. "I am divorcing her. I have to move on with my life. How are things with you and Jeff?"

"Same old," Leah admits to him. "He still wants a divorce and there's nothing I can do to stop it."

"Then don't," Cory advises her. "Daisy's death has taught me that we have to live our lives to the fullest. If Jeff doesn't want to be with you, as painful as it is, that's on him. You have to pick yourself and move on with your life."

They lock eyes for a moment and are immediately taken back to their night of passion. "You're right," she continues to look at him. "I have to find a way to move, even if it is hard to do."

"I'll be here for you, if you need me," he winks back to her which causes her to blush a little.

"We'll see," she giggles back to him.


Trenyce looks at the incoming text message from Chris on her phone before she shoves it back in her purse and she takes a healthy sip of her champagne. She still can't believe that he lied to her and Cheresa about being behind the restraining order that was filed against Dawn. It is one thing to file the restraining order if he felt like Dawn was not a good influence in Cherea's life but it is another thing to lie to her about it; Trenyce hates that he has created another reason for Cheresa to be upset with them, since they are trying so desperately to have their daughter in their lives.

She looks up and sees Cheresa walking into the party with Brooke and Greg behind her. She arches her eyebrow when she thinks about how Chris told her that Greg was just as involved with the scheme as he was. She shakes her head in disbelief when she spots Cheresa hugging Brooke and then Greg.

"What on earth?" she asks herself, wondering if Cheresa doesn't know about Greg's involvement. "I have to make this right. I have too."

She moves over to Cheresa, who is grabbing a glass of champagne while Brooke and Greg are hanging their jackets up. "Cheresa, hi," Trenyce says as she reaches her daughter. "I know you're mad at me and Chris but I have to talk to you."

"I'm not sure we have anything else to say," Cheresa coldly tells her mother.

"Look, I know why you're upset with Chris, I really do," Trenyce admits to her. "When I found out what he did, I was just as upset with him as you were. You have to believe me when I say that I had no idea what he was up too with the restraining order."

"I saw your reaction, I can believe you," Cheresa nods back to her. "But that doesn't change the fact that Chris and Greg did this."

Trenyce arches her eyebrow again wondering why she just saw Cheresa hugging Greg if she knows of his involvment. "Can you please let me fix this? I can talk to Chris and convince him to have the restraining order revoked."

"Don't waste your time," Cheresa waves her hand in the air. "My parents already did that. Now, if you'll excuse me…"

Before Trenyce can reply, Cheresa walks past her and starts to mingle with some of her friends. Trenyce feels her heart break inside her chest realizing that every day that passes, Cheresa is seemingly getting further and further away from her.

"I won't lose you," she whispers to herself. "Not after it took me so long to find you."


"Do you think we should interrupt Cheresa and Trenyce's conversation? It looks pretty heated," Brooke purses her lips together before she looks back at Greg.

"Nah, I think Cheresa will be just fine," Greg smirks back to her. "Besides, she knows that we have done everything we could to get Dawn back in her life."

"You'll have to explain something to me," Brooke tells her husband as she grabs two glasses of champagne from a wandering waiter and passes one to Greg. "Why did you conspire with Chris only to tell Cheresa the truth and then have the restraining order revoked?"

Greg takes a sip of his champagne before looking back at his wife. "Isn't it obvious? I wanted to create more tension between Chris and Cheresa," Greg reveals to her. "And guess what? It worked perfectly."

Brooke giggles back to him and looks him in the eyes for a moment. "You're a genius," she smiles to him. "You're always looking out for this family."

"That's my job," Greg nods back to her. "I'm going to go mingle…"

Brooke watches him walk off and wonders if this is the start of her and Greg being able to reunite and get back to their marriage. After all this time, is it possible that they could make their marriage work?


"Do you want me to get you some sparkling water?" Nicholas asks Andy as they stand in the corner of the party. Nicholas knows that Andy is still in recovery so he won't have any of the champagne.

"Nah, I'm okay right now," Andy replies to him. "I am waiting to see if Donovan and Lukas have a free moment. I'd love to offer them my congratulations with a hug."

"You're such a good friend, Andy."

"Well thanks," Andy smiles back to his lover. "And, I have been thinking about our last conversation. You were right."

"I was right? About what?"

"Moving in with you," Andy looks back at him. "Being weirded out by your Mom's mansion is silly. I can get over my vibes that the place is giving me. The mansion is huge and has more than enough space for us."

"Does that mean…?" Nicholas smiles back to him realizing that Andy is saying yes.

"I'll move in," Andy leans up and kisses him. "But you're on laundry patrol!"

The Victors Mansion

Vinny pours himself a brandy and then moves in front of the large fire that is raging on in the fireplace in the living room of his lavish mansion. He takes a long sip of his drink as he tries to calm himself down from his walk on the pier the night before; he was hoping to leave before someone saw him but then Victoria ran into him and was relieved that he is alive. He asked Victoria not to say anything to anyone about seeing him but he can't believe that she will keep the secret, especially since Tyler and Trenyce just held a memorial service for Daisy.

"If I am alive, they might all suspect that Daisy is alive again," Vinny whispers to himself as he sighs loudly. "God, how could I have been so stupid to go for that damn walk! I live in the middle of nowhere, I could have walked the grounds. I have to get my act together so no one learns the truth about what is going on."

He takes another sip of his drink as he thinks about Daisy and Brett being locked in the dungeon in the mansion; the very one he was held hostage in for so many years. "No one will ever know."

"You son of a bitch, I can't believe that it's true," a voice calls out from behind Vinny.

Vinny slowly turns around and sees Tyler standing in his living room standing in surprise by the sight in front of him. Tyler knows that Victoria told him Vinny was alive but to see him in the flesh is another thing; after all this time, if Vinny is alive, Tyler has hope that now maybe Daisy is also alive. "You're alive!"

"Yes, I am," Vinny replies to him. "And you? You don't know how to knock on someone's front door?"

"I didn't think you'd answer to me," Tyler moves closer to him studying him. "I can't believe that it's really you. How did you survive the avalanche on the mountain?"

"Daisy and I were skiing but I am a much better skier than she is," Vinny begins to tell him. "I was almost at the base of the mountain when the avalanche struck. I just had to find shelter, which I did."

"Where was Daisy? Was she with you?" Tyler asks him knowing that he needs answers. "Is Daisy alive?"

"She quite a bit further up the mountain than I was when the avalanche struck," Vinny lies to him. "There's no way I could have saved her. She … she died in that avalanche Tyler."

Tyler feels his eyes swell with water listening to the story. "No! No, I don't believe this!"

"It's the truth, Tyler. We all have to accept that Daisy is gone and she's never coming back."

"I'm not buying this story Vinny," Tyler glares at him. "I'm watching you, remember that."


Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Daisy walks back and forth still racking her brain trying to think of a way to escape Vinny's clutches. She looks over at Brett and wonders if he has given up on trying to escape since they have been locked up for months now.

"Are you ever going to stop moping and actually help me come up with a plan?" Daisy finally asks him as she stops at the base of his cot.

Brett looks back at Daisy with a defeated look on his face. "I've told you Daisy," he replies to her. "I held Vinny in here this cage for years. There is no way to escape."

"Did Vinny ever try to escape?"

"Sure, but you know how it turned out," Brett tells her. "It wasn't until Victoria and Robbie found him that he was released."

"Right, when Dave was shot and killed."

"Exactly," he replies to her. "Look, I want to get out of here just as much as you do, I'm just trying to be a realist."

"What about when Vinny brings us food? Maybe we could jump him or something?" Daisy suggests to him, still trying to think of a way to get out.

"It's a good idea," Brett nods back to her. "But that's why he passes the food through the mini door. We can't jump him if he's not in the cage with us," he points out the smaller door that Vinny uses to pass them food.

"Ugh! I don't want to spend the rest of my life in here!" Daisy shrieks back to him.

Brett stands up and pulls her into a hug as Daisy starts to sob. "I know Daisy," he holds as she cries. "Just know that we are in this together. Whatever happens to you happens to me and vice versa. We just have to have faith that someone, somehow, will find us in here."

The Pampa Grill

"You really outdid yourself on the party Eva," Andy smiles to her as he stands with Donovan, Lukas, Dominick and Nicholas and they are making small talk.

"Yea, thanks again Mom," Donovan looks over at her.

"You're most welcome," Eva purses her lips together. "The fact that my son and his husband are going to try to have a child is worth celebrating, I think."

"I couldn't agree more," Donovan looks at Lukas and leans in to kiss him. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Lukas smiles back at him. "I'm so ready to start a family with you."

"Lukas Richardson?" a voice calls out as everyone turns to look at the entry way of the restaurant. Lukas sees Simona Lopez approaching him with two other police guards behind her. "You're under arrest for the rape of Dr. Craig Benton."

"What? What the hell is going on here?" Donovan gasps as Lukas puts his hands behind his back and is cuffed.

"This is a mistake!" Lukas yells out in horror as Simona continues to read him his rights and the crowd looks around in surprise and confusion. "This is a huge, mistake!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Donovan demands answers from Lukas
- Abby is left devastated by Andrew
- Tyler goes to Simona

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