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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Abby felt faint
- Victoria and Vinny reconnected after she found him alive
- Robin told Adam that they could be together if he agreed to stay away from Helen
- Brad continued to investigate Daisy's death for Trenyce. Cheresa, meanwhile, told Chris & Trenyce she wanted to move on but her top focus would be supporting Brooke during her trial
- Nicholas was annoyed when Andy was late for a dinner
- Leah and Cory slept together again
- Cassie warned Jacob not to get involved with Paige. Jeff, meanwhile, told Leah he didn't like that Paige was dating a Calimo

The Park

Abby walks swiftly down the path, which is slowly melting in the spring-type weather outside. She recalls how she was at the coffeehouse a short time ago and she felt faint when she stood up. She thought that she was just getting up too quickly but now that she is outside, she still feels a little off and she has no idea why. She hopes that she isn't coming down with something because she has so much to do in terms of trying to get Andrew to realize that they are meant to be together. She still can't believe that he used her for sex recently; she finally thought that they would be together so for him to be so cruel to her after, it's a hard pill to swallow.

"When did you know you were pregnant?" a lady asks her friend as they sit together on a bench as they are admiring a newborn baby.

"I was dizzy and felt faint for a couple days," her friend responds to her. "So, I took a pregnancy test and it turned out to be positive. It was the best day of my life!"

Abby freezes on the path thinking about her own current symptoms. She shakes her head thinking that it is impossible. "No, it can't be," she whispers to herself. "I can't be pregnant, I just can't be…" she says as she quickly rushes away, now her mind racing a million miles per minute.

The Pampa Grill

"Are you sure I'm not interrupting another one of your dates with Dominick?" Victoria slyly asks her mother as they sit together in the restaurant with glasses of wine in front of them. Victoria recalls how the last time she was with Eva, she was waiting to have a dinner date with Dominick, which ended up never happening. She realizes that Dominick is often busy with Robertson Enterprises but she does wish he would make more time for Eva.

"I'm sure," Eva purses her lips together, as she tries not to think about seeing Dominick embracing Felicia recently when she went to his office. She wants to believe her husband is always working when he says he is, but she can't help but have insecurities about his relationship with the mother of his children. "Dominick is busy at the office today."

"Good, I don't want to interrupt your time with him."

Eva uneasily chuckles back to her. "How are things with you? Are you finding that you're moving on from Shane, okay?"

"Oh yes," Victoria takes a sip of her wine. "I'm glad that Shane and I realized we wanted different things before we got in too deep. I'll always care for him but this is for the best."

"I'm glad then for you as well," Eva nods back to her. "But, I was disappointed that you weren't pregnant."

"Well, hopefully once Donovan and Lukas get those ridiculous rape charges dropped they can proceed with adopting a baby."

"I still can't believe that," Eva shakes her head in horror. "I don't know why Craig Benton would make such drastic accusations but I have faith that Donovan and Lukas will be okay, I mean they have to be, right?"

"I hope so," Victoria uneasily nods back to her. "But, I've known Craig for a long time…it's so out of character for him to make something like this up. I'm sure there is more to this story."

"Let's talk about something happier," Eva tells her daughter. "What else is going on with my beautiful daughter?"

"Well," Victoria moves some hair behind her ear. "You won't believe this, but Vinny is alive. I saw him on the pier a few weeks back and I had breakfast with him the other day."

Eva's mouth opens in surprise. "Vinny Victors is alive? He didn't die in the avalanche?"

"No, he's very much alive."

"Why on earth you would be spending so much time with him?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Victoria shrugs her shoulders back to her mother. "He and I were married once upon a time, and it was upsetting to think he passed away. He's alive, that's something we should be grateful for."

"I need you to do me a favor," Eva reaches over and grabs Victoria's hand. "And that is be careful. He wasn't in the best of head spaces before the avalanche with Tyler and Daisy's affair and then his twin brother reappearing. I don't know, I never trusted that man."

"Oh Mom!"

"No, Victoria, I mean it," Eva looks back at her sternly. "Promise me that you'll be careful when it comes to Vinny Victors."

Victoria uneasily chuckles back to her. "Fine, you win, okay? I'll be careful. I promise."

Robertson Enterprises; The Studio

"I'm sorry I missed this shoot but these pictures look great," Shane looks at some of the prints from a recent Robertson Enterprises photo shoot before he looks back at Robin. He knows that he should have been at the shoot but he had another scheduled shift at Twin Peaks General Hospital so he couldn't make it, however he is pleased that it still turned out okay.

"Yea, I think it's one of our best shoots yet," Robin looks up from her paper work. "Thanks again for signing off on the safety requirements."

"That's what I get paid to do," he winks back to her. "By the way, I saw Adam the other day at the Pampa Grill, you must be thrilled to have him back in town?"

Robin uneasily nods back to him recalling how when she saw Adam she agreed that they could have a future together, as long as he agreed to stay away from Helen. She hasn't heard back from him yet so she isn't sure where he stands but she knows that she doesn't want Helen interfering in their relationship moving forward, if they are going to get back together.

"Uh, earth to Robin," Shane moves closer to her. "You look a million miles away."

Robin chuckles back to him. "Sorry, I guess I was caught up on my thoughts."

"About Adam? Things are okay, I hope?"

"We'll see," Robin purses her lips back to him. "I told him I could forgive him but I gave him a stipulation. I don't know if he will like that or not."

"After he slept with Helen behind your back, I don't blame you for giving him some sort of conditions," Shane admits to her. "You deserve a man who will give you all of him, not part time with you and part time with his ex."

"That's what I think," Robin winks back to him. "Thanks for that pep talk."

"After everything you did to help me through my issues with Victoria, it's the least I could do," Shane puts his arm around her shoulder. "Next time, we should do this over a drink or something?"

Robin smiles back to him. "I'd like that a lot, Shane."

The Black House; Helen & Dawn's Home

"Dad, I'm so glad you're here," Dawn hugs Adam before she welcomes him into the foyer of the house that she shares with her mother. Dawn hasn't seen Adam since he brought her home from rehab so she is glad to see him now. She has been spending so much time with Cheresa that she realized she did miss her Dad, since they spent so much time together while away together.

"Yea, me too kiddo," Adam says as he looks around the house which is all too familiar to him since he lived there for years while he was married to Helen. "How've you been? Things with Cheresa are good?"

"Yea, things with Cheresa are great," Dawn smiles back to him, thinking about how they finally made love for the first time. Of course, this is something she won't tell her father because it's private. "How've you been? Did you get back together with Robin?"

Adam uneasily chuckles back to her, just as Helen appears at the top of the stairs. Adam knows that he was told by Robin that if they wanted to have a future together he would have to stay away from Helen; he still doesn't know how he will accomplish this but he wants to have a future with Robin.

"I thought I heard your voice," Helen says as she starts to come down the stairs. "Adam, hi."

"Hi Helen," Adam replies to her quickly.

"Were you just about to tell Dawn about you and Robin?" Helen asks him as she reaches the foyer and gives her ex-husband a quick hug. "Don't let me stop you, I'd love to know the answer myself."

Adam slowly nods back to her and then he looks over at Dawn. "Well, she has agreed to give me a second chance," Adam reveals to them as Helen feels her heart sink a little in her chest, as she was hoping that Robin would have ended things for good. "But there's a catch."

"A catch?" Dawn asks him back. "What kind of catch?"

"She wants to me to…" Adam starts to say as he uneasily looks at Helen.

"What is it Adam? What are you trying to say?" Helen asks him getting worried.

"She wants me to stay away from you, Helen," Adam finally tells his family.

"What? That's insane!" Dawn shrieks as Helen covers her mouth in shock. "We are a family! Why would Robin do this?"

"It's a complicated situation," Adam tries to calm his daughter down.

"You're not actually thinking of doing this, are you?" Helen whispers back to him as she fights tears in her eyes. The last thing she expected Adam to say was that he had to stay away from her.

"If I want a future with Robin, which I do, I have to do this," Adam replies to her. "I have to say goodbye."

"Dad, this is fucking crazy!" Dawn tells him. "Robin has no right to do this!"

Adam pulls her into a hug. "Don't worry Dawn, we'll make this work. We will all make this work?"

"I don't see how," Dawn grits her teeth together. "Mom is a part of you and me! Please, please tell me you see that?"

"Please Dawn," a tear falls down Helen's cheek. "Let's try to respect your father's decision. He has made his decision, we just have to accept it now."

The Sugarbowl

"I think it's a good sign that my sister is willing to put everything that has happened behind her," Brad looks across the back booth table towards Trenyce as she just finished telling him about her conversation with Chris and Cheresa the other day where her daughter admitted that she wants to put the drama of the restraining order behind her but it might take more time because her main focus is on Brooke's pending trial. Trenyce was visiting Brad to get an update on his investigation into Daisy's death but they ended up discussing Cheresa.

"I think it's a good sign too," Trenyce nods back to him. "I just wish there wasn't always something in her way to truly commit to getting to know us, you know?"

"This has been a confusing time for her," Brad tells her. "Learning that you and Chris are here biological parents and that Brooke bought her illegally, it's a lot to take in."

"Yea, I know, I guess I'm just impatient," Trenyce admits to Brad. "I was searching for my child for so long, I just want the instant relationship, which I guess isn't realistic. And now that she wants to wait until after Brooke's trial, it will be weeks before anything happens."

"Would you like me to talk to her?" Brad asks her as Trenyce looks up at him. "I can't make any promises but Cheresa and I, we've always been close, maybe I can see where her head really is."

Trenyce stands up and moves over to the other side of the booth and immediately hugs Brad. "If you would do that for me, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for offering."

Brad smiles as he feels her arms around him. "Yea, of course," he holds her for a moment longer.


"I need that coffee more than you know," Andy tells Nicholas they sit together at the window bar before he looks over at his lover. "I was late for an important meeting this morning."

Nicholas quickly looks back at him in surprise, recalling how the other night Andy was late for dinner. At the time, Andy claimed he must have forgotten to put the appointment in his phone and therefore he lost track of time. It made sense to Nicholas but now, hearing that he was late again, is more alarming to him.

"You were late?" Nicholas asks him back as he takes a sip of his coffee. "Did we sleep in?"

"No," Andy shakes his head. "It's weird, I could have sworn that I put it in my phone."

"You realize that this was the same thing that happened the other night, right?" Nicholas asks him, trying not to sound too concerned about Andy. "You said you put our dinner date in your phone but you didn't."

"Yea, I guess I did say that," Andy takes a sip of his coffee. "I don't know what's going on with me? It's weird."

"It is," Nicholas agrees with him. "Can you promise me that if this continues, you'll go to a doctor?"

"You think something is wrong with me?" Andy asks him. "You think I have a health issue?"

"I don't know," Nicholas admits to him. "I just think it's odd that you're suddenly forgetting things that you never used too. I'm just saying, if this continues, we should look into it."

Andy slowly takes a sip of his coffee. "Uh, yea, sure," he manages to say back, now wondering if something is wrong with him.


"So, are you going to come over later?" Cory smirks over to Leah as they finish their coffees at a table in the center of the coffeehouse. Cory looks over at his lover and knows that he would love nothing more than to have Leah in his bed again later. What started out as a onetime thing has quickly turned into him lusting after her; he thinks about her all the time, and he wants nothing more than to show her that.

Leah chuckles back to him. "We'll see, I have to go and meet Jeff and Paige to have a family meeting."

"That sounds serious."

"It might be," Leah stands up from the table. "I'll text you; I'll try to make it work."

"Please try very, very hard," Cory winks back to her before she leaves. "See you."

He watches as Leah leaves the Sugarbowl and then he takes a sip of his coffee. "What the hell was that about?" a voice calls out behind Cory.

Cory turns and sees Robbie standing over him with a coffee in his hand. Robbie saw Leah and Cory together after he got his drink and immediately wondered what they were doing together; he didn't realize that they were friends, yet alone close enough to have a coffee together.

"Not that it's any of your business Robbie," Cory stands up and faces his brother in law. "But Leah and I were having a coffee together."

"I saw that," Robbie nods back to him. "The question is, why? You and Leah aren't exactly close."

Cory shrugs his shoulders back to him. "We are both going through divorces right now," he admits to Robbie. "We have found that we have a lot in common right now."

"I see," Robbie smirks back to him. "Just do me a favor? Stay away from Leah, Cory. She doesn't need a guy like you in her life right now."

"A guy like me? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Take it however the hell you want, just remember what I said," Robbie huffs before he storms off from Cory, who runs his hands through his hair realizing that if anyone did learn of his affair with Leah, all hell would likely break loose.

Robertson Enterprises

Cassie sits in the lobby of the large tower that the Robertson Enterprises offices are held. She is waiting, hoping, to see Jacob rush through so she can stop him again and press him for more details about his relationship with Paige. She can't believe that he is now dating Paige, the girl that her son wants to be with. Cassie knows that she has to take action to ensure that Jacob and Paige do not end up together; she only hopes that by telling Jeff of the situation, he and Leah would also help defuse the situation.

"I have to stop this from happening," she whispers to herself. "There is no way that I am going to give you up without a fight, Jacob. Once you realize what we had together, you will come back to me. I am sure of."

She looks up when she sees Jacob rushing through the lobby and into an elevator. Cassie stands up and rushes to the elevator, and puts her hand in between the closing doors, just in time to catch it. "Going up?" she asks as she looks at Jacob.

"What are you doing here, Cassie?" Jacob asks her, slightly annoyed that he is seeing her again. After she pressed him for details about Paige earlier in the day, he had hoped that she would have taken his advice and started to move on.

"I have business to attend, is that so hard to believe?"

"Actually yea, it is," Jacob rolls his eyes to her. "Considering you work at Roboto, the biggest competitor."

Cassie looks back at him with lust in her eyes. She pushes the emergency stop button in the elevator and it quickly comes to a halt. "What the hell? I'm late for a meeting!" Jacob huffs at her.

Cassie turns to him and then slowly removes her trench coat, revealing a black lace bra and panty set. "I thought we could get re-introduced to each other," she purrs as she comes closer to him.

Jacob gulps as he does have a hard time admitting to himself that he's not attracted to the woman in front of him. He shakes his head. "Put your clothes back on, Cassie. I told you, we are over. Whatever we had, it is in the past. You have to accept that."

"And you have to accept that Paige will never be the woman I am," Cassie tells him as she runs her finger down his firmly pressed shirt. "I know you still want me Jacob. You may have claimed to have used me, but our sex was real. And it was hot."

Jacob reaches over to her and re-starts the elevator. "This isn't happening Cassie. You have to get that through your head."

Before Cassie can reply, Jacob moves past her as the door opens and he quickly exits. The doors close and Cassie is left alone, with a grin on her face, knowing that she got to him, even if he didn't want to admit it.


"I was super curious to hear about this family meeting," Paige tells Jeff and Leah as she stands in her mother's office, having received a text from Leah asking her to come to a family meeting. She knows that her parents have started going through divorce proceedings so she wonders if the meeting has anything to do with that.

"We wanted to have a conversation with you, just the three of us," Jeff uneasily looks over at Leah and then back at his daughter.

"That sounds cryptic," Paige replies to him. "Am I trouble?"

"No, of course not," Leah moves closer to her. "We have just heard that you're dating again."

"Oh my God," Paige rolls her eyes. "I go on one date and suddenly the entire town knows? How did this happen?"

"It's a small town," Jeff chuckles back to her. "Needless to say, when we found out that your suitor is Jacob, we were left with some concerns."

"No," Paige waves her hand in the air. "We are not going down this path again! Did you two learn anything from the last year and the drama with Max? If I want to see Jacob, I am damn well going too!"

"Sweetheart," Leah tries to calm her down. "All we are saying is that there is a very long and sorted history between Jacob's family and ours. We want you to be careful, that's all."

"Do you think Granddad was thinking about this feud when he hired Jacob?" Paige asks them back. "He saw the talent Jacob had to offer and gave him a job here."

"We really don't want to fight with you Paige," Jeff replies to her. "We are simply asking you to be careful, please."

"Fine," Paige snaps at her parents. "I'll be careful but you two had better stay out of my relationship. Do not make the same mistakes you made last year."

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Brad, Abby & Cheresa's Home

Abby paces back and forth in her bedroom as she looks down on her phone and sees the stop watching rapidly working. After she overheard the two women in the park talking about feeling faint and dizzy and that it resulted in her getting pregnant, Abby went to a pharmacy and bought a home pregnancy test. Now, she is waiting for the test results, hoping that they come back negative. She shuts her eyes and wonders how this could be happening to her.

"How could I have been so stupid?" she whispers to herself, thinking back to her love making with Andrew. She had wanted him for so long but afterwards, he claimed that he only slept with her to get back at her. "He used me and now I could be pregnant with his child? Unless, this is a way to get him back?"

She looks at the phone and realizes that she still has a couple of minutes to wait. Suddenly, she gets an incoming message from Max. "Paige went out with Jacob. SOS," she reads and suddenly she feels the blood drain from her face. "My God," she whispers. "Max and I slept together to blow off some steam. That means, if I am pregnant, he could be the father. Jesus, please let this come back negative."

The phone suddenly pings and she realizes that it's time. She slowly stands up and takes a deep breath. It's fine, this is fine."

She walks into her washroom and looks at the counter. She slowly picks up the pregnancy test and looks at it. "My God," she gasps. "I'm pregnant. I'm going to have a baby!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim confides in Cassie
- Dawn confronts Robin
- Andy hears something odd

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