Vinny shot Victoria for “knowing too much”. She survived and tried to blackmail him. In the meantime, she grew distant from her husband Shane. Daisy and Chris returned from vacation married. She decided to run for mayor of Twin Peaks. Both Chris and Daisy were livid when Vinny refused to back her campaign financially. Still, she went ahead with the campaign. A mysterious person watched her every move from afar.

Vinny hid the shooting from Meggan. She soon discovered the gun in their house and they grew apart. She was devastated, still, when he asked for a divorce. At Natasha and Cory’s wedding reception, Vinny turned up stabbed. He died from his injuries. Victoria, Chris, Daisy and Meggan were all suspects. Robbie arrested Meggan, but she was quickly released. Meggan went to the morgue, but saw that Vinny’s body was missing. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman named Rebecca was working for an unseen man named Dave, who sent her Vinny’s coffin; It was empty.

Cory proposed to Natasha, even though he was unsure if he was ready for marriage. She admitted that she was married before. Her ex, Adam, showed up in Twin Peaks desperate to get Natasha back. He failed, and Natasha and Cory were married. Natasha was shot and hospitalized. While she was drugged up, she mistook Adam for Cory and the two had sex. Distraught in the reality of her mistake, Natasha left the hospital and drove her car off the bridge! She was presumed dead. A funeral was held for her, but the season closed with a woman washing ashore on the river bank … it was Natasha!

Jackson, an old bullied classmate of Kim’s raped, stalked and held her hostage. He was arrested. After learning of his emotional, physical and mental abusive childhood, Kim took pity on him. She told him that if he agreed to get therapy she would drop the charges on him.

Robbie slept with Robin behind Leahs’s back. Leah miscarried after learning the truth. She forgave Robbie. Robin and Leah learned that they were half-sisters. Robin tried to fake a pregnancy to hold on to Robbie, but Sofia exposed it. Leah and Robbie reunited, as Robin left town and reunited with her mother. She returned to town and comforted Cory while was mourning Natasha.

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