Kim saw Jackson in jail. Realizing that he needed help, not jail, she made him an offer to leave town and get therapy and she would drop the charges against him. He agreed, but he ended up back in Twin Peaks. They were trapped in an elevator together, where he told Kim more about his abusive past. Scared at first, Kim ordered him to stay away and out of TP or he would be arrested again. However, as time passed she began to sympathize more with Jackson.

In the wake of Natasha’s ‘death’, Adam turned to Victoria. They slept together, and her husband Shane caught them in bed together. She told Shane he wanted a divorce. He agreed. When Victoria refused a marriage proposal from Adam, he got drunk and slept with Helen Mills. Helen fell for Adam quickly, and he was drawn to her. Victoria discovered their affair and accidentally tried to kill Helen. The accident left Helen with no memory of her entire life.

Daisy and Chris were suspects in Vinny’s murder, but were cleared. During the campaign for mayor, a mysterious figure continued to watch her. On the day of the election results, Daisy disappeared. She awoke in a dungeon. Her twin sister, Danielle, had over taken her life … and Chris’ bed.

Meggan was devastated by Vinny’s death. She was suspended from the police force when she was arrested for his murder. She was quickly released when evidence turned up that incriminated Victoria. Victoria was arrested. At her hearing, Vinny turned up alive! Victoria’s case was dismissed, but Vinny cornered her and revealed he knew she did stab him! Meggan was thrilled that her husband was back. They reunited. Vinny also knew where Daisy was being held hostage. He agreed to help her escape if she agreed to help him when she was mayor. Daisy agreed.

Daisy returned home and confronted Danielle. Chris learned the truth and was stunned. Danielle left town after Daisy did not want to press charges. Daisy took over her life and mayor of TP. With Daisy working so much, Chris missed the wild sex he had with Danielle, and started sleeping with her.

Rebecca, the mysterious woman with Vinny’s empty coffin, continued to get mysterious calls from Dave. Dave finally released her from her duties. She was thrilled. She started dating Jason, the man who found Natasha, and learned that she and Robin were half sisters (they share the same mother, while Leah and Robin share the same father). They reunited after Leah put the pieces together.

Jason found an alive Natasha on the river back. He nursed her back to health but she still had amnesia. She finally remembered the Calimo cabin and headed there. Shane, needing time away after his divorce from Victoria, went to the cabin too and discovered an alive Natasha. He tried to help her regain her memory. He called Leah and Leah tried to help as well. During this time, Shane fell in love with Natasha. Natasha’s memory returned and she was determined to regain her life in Twin Peaks and with Cory. Meanwhile, Robin and Cory had sex and grew closer. After a freak car accident, Cory agreed to marry Robin as she was afraid to lose him. They married. Natasha returned to town and came face to face with Robin, her husband’s new wife.


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