Chris began disappearing for a few days at a time, leaving Daisy wondering about her husband. He chalked up to being busy at work. Daisy then received stunning news: Danielle had been killed! Even more, Danielle had a 16 year old daughter Trenyce. Daisy and Chris agreed to take Trenyce in. Trenyce arrived with a secret and a bad attitude. Her secret was that she knew Chris had been continuing his affair with Danielle! Trenyce went to school and made quick friends with Andy.

Jackson stalked Kim but eventually got her to come around and accept him. He tried to move a little too quickly, however, and kissed her. She was sent back to her rape and she threw him out. He vowed revenge. He hired Will to shoot Kim at Robbie and Leah’s wedding. He shot Jason instead. Kim met Andy after Victoria tried to kill him and realized that the teenager was alone. She took in him and they became a family unit; like a brother and sister. Kim also started dating Jeff.

Helen survived her accident but had amnesia, which Victoria was thrilled to learn. Victoria vowed that no one would learn that she caused Helen’s accident. Adam, however, was tired of Victoria’s increasingly odd behaviour and dumped her. He and Helen resumed their romance and quickly became engaged. Victoria was crushed. She went to the docks and met Andy. Thinking the young man was trying to rape her, Victoria attacked him and left him for dead. Andy went to Adam and revealed that he suspects that Victoria was suffering from multiple personalities. Adam confronted her, but she threw him out.

Cassie Nova arrived in town and decided to open a new restaurant. She briefly flirted with Cory.

Jeff returned to Twin Peaks and revealed to Leah that not only where they still legally married, but that they had a son together! Leah was stunned, but a DNA test proved that Noah was her son. Turns out, Leah and Jeff were married when she was 16 years old, but his parents did not approve of her. After becoming preggers, his parents lied to her that her baby was still born when in fact he was alive. Leah confessed to Robbie, who was upset about the lies but forgave her. He proposed and they planned to remarry. Bob and Sofia returned home for the wedding. After the wedding, Jeff and Leah started to clash over sharing custody of Noah. The boy was caught in the middle. A drunken Meggan hit Noah with her car; Leah and Jeff were devastated when he died.

Natasha returned to Twin Peaks alive and immediately saw Robin. Robin lied to Cory about Natasha being alive, but Cory soon discovered that he had two wives. He decided to go back to Natasha, leaving Robin feeling alone. Shane placed her on anti-depressants. Knowing how fragile Robin was, Cory decided to stay with her. Natasha was crushed. Shane, meanwhile, decided to try to forget about his feelings for Natasha. He asked out Rebecca, who was smitten by the doctor despite dating Jason. After Cory chose Robin, Natasha and Shane made love. Natasha quickly regretted the decision, so Shane and Rebecca hooked up. Jason discovered the affair and was devastated. Meanwhile, Cory realized that he truly loved Natasha and ended things with Robin. Cory and Natasha were reunited and planned to get remarried.

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