2009 Recap

Leading up to Cory and Natasha’s wedding was more dramatic. Robin was in an explosion at the lab, leaving her blind. Cory stood by her side, leaving Natasha feeling out of place. Her feelings for Shane became more clear in this time as well. Robin and Will grew closer, but she told him they could only be friends. Robin and Cory shared a close moment but she regained her vision and he went to marry Natasha. Shane, meanwhile, dumped Rebecca. She left town with Jason as they tried to save their relationship. Shane and Natasha kissed, but she told him she was marrying Cory. Shane started dating Cassie Nova, who fell hard for Shane. On the day of the wedding, Victoria’s personality tried to kill Robbie, but the accident went wrong and Natasha was injured. Natasha lay in coma after the chandelier fell on her at the re-wedding to Cory. Cory stayed by her side through out her coma, causing Sofia to be concerned for his health. Using her as a last resort, Sofia called Robin and asked her for help. Robin went to Cory and told him to go home and get some rest and food. He agreed to go home with her. Shane, meanwhile, stayed in his office at the hospital while Natasha was in her coma, irritating Cassie. Once Cory left the hospital, Shane jumped on the chance to visit the woman who held his heart. While Shane was in with Natasha, she awoke. Everyone soon discovered that Natasha had lost the strength in her legs and she would need to rehabilitate them. Shane was appointed her physical therapist, making both Cassie and Cory feel uneasy. Cassie especially grew more desperate to hold on to Shane. Sensing there was a connection between Shane and Natasha, Cassie bought some fertility drugs in hopes of getting pregnant. She started taking them and seducing Shane at every chance she got. Robin, meanwhile, declared her independence from Cory. Bob threw them back together though when he suggested Robin use Wild Night as a setting for a new ad campaign for her cologne 'Introspect'. At the photo shoot, Cory and Robin made love unaware the camera was still rolling. Meanwhile, Kim questioned Natasha's true feelings for Shane after the two almost shared another kiss. Alone, Natasha realized that she does love Shane. On New Year's Eve, Shane realized that he had to end things with Cassie, while Cory learned that Natasha is in love with Shane. Robin overheard Bob and Sofia's stunning secret at twelve as well.

Andy and Trenyce grew closer with their friendship. Trenyce assumed Andy was her boyfriend, but Andy met Reese, who was openly gay. Andy continued to question his sexuality as he grew closer to Reese. At Meggan's homecoming party, the two kissed making Andy realize that he is in fact gay. Trenyce, meanwhile was jealous of Andy's friendship with Victoria, despite the two never really having any romantic moments. Trenyce was too busy plotting her revenge on Chris. At every chance she got, she flirted with her uncle, who was feeling neglected sexually from Daisy. On a trip to Milwaukee, Andy and Reese made love for the first time and admitted that they are falling for each other. Meanwhile, Trenyce finally achieved her wish: she seduced Chris! At the same time, in Twin Peaks, 'Vinny' told Daisy that Chris was the man sleeping with Danielle when she died. Daisy was devastated. Upon his return to Twin Peaks, Daisy confronted her hubby. Chris was floored that Daisy discovered the truth. He soon realized the wrong of his ways and tried to make it up to Daisy to no avail. Meanwhile, Trenyce became ill with the flu. She soon discovered that she was pregnant with Chris' baby. On Christmas Day, Daisy read Trenyce's diary and discovered the truth of her husband's second affair. Jolted, Daisy become despondent. On New Year's Ever, Daisy thought of suicide, but changed her mind at the last moment. Meanwhile, Trenyce asked her mother what she should do as she felt empty with her revenge plan. She came up with a new plan that involved Andy. Chris and Victoria grew closer as they used each other as sound boards. Andy and Reese continued their hidden affair back in Twin Peaks. Andy finally told Reese that he was ready to come out to everyone and be with him openly. They kissed on New Year's, unaware that Trenyce had spotted them.

Patricia uncovered the truth regarding Dave's master plan: Dave and Brett are Vinny's triplets! Turns out Brett masquerades as Vinny and Dave is creating a plan for the two of them to take over Vinny's life. They were jolted by Vinny's parents leaving him all the money in the will. Patricia was horrified and wanted out; Brett blackmailed her with her secret that she is really Madeline Wilkins (Olivia and Preston's daughter) and that after she ran away from home, she was a prostitute. Victoria, who got therapy for her multiple personalities, began to have dreams about Vinny shooting her. She turned to Chris and she finally remembered something on New Year's Eve.

Olivia and Preston Wilkins were introduced as Reese's parents. It was quickly revealed that Patricia was really their long lost daughter and Reese's twin sister. Madeline ran away the same day that Reese came out of the closet and had not been since from since. The real reason she ran away was revealed on Christmas Day: She overheard her parents admit that they were bank robbers! Reese first saw Madeline and they were reunited. He brought her home on Christmas Day to surprise her parents. Madeline began dating Will, who was Jackson's former henchman and Robin's nurse during her blindness. Will, however, was sleeping with Olivia before he started dating Madeline, unaware of their connection. Preston blamed Olivia for Madeline running away and had rejected her in the bedroom ever since. On New Year's eve, Preston and Olivia met Madeline's boyfriend. Olivia was floored to see the young man she had been sleeping with was the same guy that was dating her daughter. Madeline made it clear to Preston that despite being home, she had not forgiven him for robbing banks. Olivia and Preston also had a past connection to Helen.

Victoria’s personalitiy, Brandy, wanted revenge on Adam and Helen so she set fire to their condo! They survived, but were left shaken by the ordeal. Victoria then killed Jackson after he tried to rape her; Kim was left devastated by Jackson’s death. Helen and Adam were living in the Twin Peaks Hotel after the fire in their condo. Helen discovered that she was pregnant and the two bought a house and planned a New Year's eve wedding. Helen began having troubling dreams of driving away in a car from the bank. On the day of the wedding, she remember seeing Olivia's face in her dream. She spotted Olivia at the wedding and was taken a back. Olivia introduced herself as a high school friend and offered to help Helen remember her past.

Leah and Jeff grieved Noah’s death and they grew closer. In the midst of this, they both rejected Robbie and Kim respectively. They learned, however, that Meggan had checked herself into rehab. Vinny had covered Meggan’s tracks in her role in the accident. Leah planned Meggan's homecoming party. Meggan had disappeared; she had checked herself into AA after remembering that she killed Noah. The day of her homecoming party, Leah overheard her confess to 'Vinny' that she killed Noah. Leah publically announced Meggan's guilty and attacked her. Robbie was floored by Leah's outburst. Meggan was arrested for killing Noah. 'Vinny' hired Preston to represent her and visited her in jail. Slowly, Meggan grew more and more depressed in jail. Robbie, meanwhile continued to be taken aback with Leah's behaviour. Kim was the same with Jeff. Together, Jeff and Leah planned a rally for the death penalty for Meggan. They shared another kiss, but Leah pulled back.

Bob and Sofia continued to fight to keep their secrets hidden. Dominick, however, was determined to win Sofia back. He told Natasha about his affair with Sofia years ago. That set Sofia off and she warned him to stay away from her family. Dominick then overheard the couple discussing Eva McCloud. He realized that she was key to getting Sofia back. He set off for Europe to try to track her down. On New Year's Eve, Dominick returned home ... with Eva McCloud. Meanwhile, at the wedding Robin overheard Bob and Sofia reveal their secret: Eva, not Sofia, is Natasha's real mother!

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