Cory and Natasha realized that they needed time away. They had planned to go to the Calimo cabin, unaware Robin was there. Robin left before the couple arrived, but she left the pictures of her and Cory making love at the Introspect photo shoot. Natasha found the photos and was devastated. She and Cory agreed to end their marriage and go after their new found loves -- Shane & Robin. Meanwhile, Robin tried to blackmail Sofia with the truth of Eva being Natasha’s mother. Sofia called her bluff and Robin left town thinking she had lost Cory. Cory went after her Robin, only to learn she had left town. He tracked her down in Mexico, but Robin turned him away. Cory continued to pursue her and finally Robin caved and the two made love. Soon after, Cory proposed and Robin accepted. While planning their marriage, Robin began modelling for Roboto. Cory wasn’t keen on the idea, but knew that it made Robin happy so he didn’t say anything. Robin’s mother, Melissa, returned to town close to the wedding date and made it clear that she didn’t approve of Cory because of his previous relationship with Natasha. Jason and Rebecca returned for the wedding and Cory and Robin got married, despite Melissa not wanting it to happen. In the holiday season, Cory finally admitted that he didn’t like Robin’s modelling. Melissa clued in and came up with a plan.

Natasha, meanwhile, went to Shane and confessed her love to him. The two hooked up and ended up moving in together. Shane was about to propose to her, when Cassie announced that she was pregnant with Shane’s baby! Crushed, Natasha told Shane that he has to do the right thing for the baby -- he has to marry Cassie. She dumped Shane despite both of them still being in love with each other. Cassie was thrilled that her plan to get preggers worked. She soon found herself living and married to Shane. Cassie also learned about Preston and Olivia’s bank robbing days and blackmailed them into helping her. She went to see Olivia as she began to cramp badly in her pregnancy. Cassie continued to feel jealous of Natasha and Shane’s relationship, so she tampered with Natasha’s car, causing Natasha to get into a car accident. She wasn’t seriously injured, but she did hurt her back.

Helen and Adam planned for their baby after their wedding on New Years Eve. Helen started hanging out with Olivia, who claimed to be her high school friend. Adam didn’t trust Olivia, with good reason as Olivia was drugging Helen to forget their past together. Turns out, Helen was helping Olivia and Preston rob banks years ago. Adam’s distrust in Olivia caused a rift between him and Helen. Helen went to the Calimo cabin with Olivia and she went into labour after Olivia induced it. Helen passed out and when she awoke, Olivia told her that the baby died. Adam and Helen were devastated and Adam blamed Helen for her death. Unbeknownst to them, Olivia lied and gave their child to Cassie, who had miscarried. Cassie left town afterwards claiming to visit her ill mother. She came back with Adam and Helen’s baby and passed it off as her and Shane’s.

Olivia was also dealing with her shaky marriage. She continued to bend over backwards to try to make Preston happy, hence her role in the baby swap. He continued to be cold to her. She continued her affair with Will, unaware he was dating Madeline. Ryan McQuillian, Jackson’s brother, came back into Will’s life and started to blackmail Will into helping him sell drugs by threatening to tell Madeline the truth. Will dumped Madeline and got Ryan on tape blackmailing him so they were even. Will went to Olivia and told her he has feelings for her. Olivia was torn. Madeline was upset over the break up. Kim and Ryan started to date, but when she saw him on tape selling drugs she confronted him. He dumped her due to her lack of belief in him, even though he knew she was right.

Andy and Reese continued their romance, unaware Trenyce had learned the truth. Trenyce continued to play on Andy’s friendship and at Andy’s coming out dinner party, she announced that she was pregnant … with Andy’s baby! Shocked, Reese bolted. Andy agreed to keep up the lie after Trenyce revealed that she was scared Chris would take her baby away from her. Trenyce and Andy ended up getting married. Daisy and Chris meanwhile, remained at odds and their divorce was finalized. Terrence Caldwell, meanwhile, came to town having known Danielle and Trenyce in Detroit. He started working with Daisy to open a new ski resort outside of Twin Peaks. On Trenyce’s wedding night to Andy, she told him the truth that she knows he’s gay. Jolted, Andy walked out causing Trenyce to be distraught. Terrence arrived and tried to comfort her, but Trenyce threw him out and went into labour. Trenyce gave birth to a baby boy and named him Andrew after Andy. Andy and Trenyce made up but he made it clear that he wasn’t going to lie anymore. Terrence, meanwhile, grew closer to Daisy. At the grand opening of the ski resort, Brett told Daisy the truth: Terrence had killed Danielle! Terrence cornered Daisy and Trenyce in the basement and pulled a gun on them. He killed Danielle because she continued her affair with Chris after he helped her take over Daisy’s life. Chris, Robbie and Brett saved the two women and Terrence was killed. Daisy and Trenyce seemed to grow closer, but Daisy grew suspicious of Trenyce’s odd behaviour towards Chris. Daisy called Chris, Andy and Trenyce together and confronted Trenyce. Trenyce denied everything and bolted. She and Andrew were in a car accident with Natasha. Trenyce fell into a coma and Andrew needed a blood transfusion to live. Daisy turned to Andy, so he revealed the truth: Chris is really Andrew’s father! Chris donated blood to save the baby’s life. Trenyce awoke and realized that the truth was out. Chris, meanwhile, started dating Victoria. Victoria was increasingly jealous of his close relationship with Daisy.

Reese, after breaking up with Andy, went on a downward spiral. He started having random sex with many different men. He even got a job at the new gay bar as a go-go dancer. He came down with flu-like symptoms and went to the doctor. His doctor told him he has early signs of HIV. Reese was tested, but he came back negative. His scare turned his life around. He started growing closer to Andy again, but when the truth about Andrew came out, Reese left Andy again. Reese accepted a scholarship to go to university in LA and left town after saying goodbye to Andy.

Leah and Jeff rallied to have an arrested Meggan receive the death penalty for killing Noah. Robbie and Kim continued to be shocked at their actions. Leah started to get major stomach cramps as well. At Meggan’s trial, Leah’s health took over. After Meggan was sentenced to 20 years, Leah collapsed. With her kidney failing, Leah was on her deathbed. Robbie put her on the donor list as an emergency. Meggan turned out to be a donor -- Jeff had to decide to let Meggan out of jail or not to have the surgery. He agreed. Meggan was released and the transplant happened. Both women recovered. After wards, Robbie suggested that Leah drop the charges against Meggan. After some soul searching, Leah and Jeff agreed. Meggan was free. Robbie was upset that Leah didn’t consult him in her decision. They remained at odds. Kim, meanwhile, dumped Jeff after realizing that he still loved Leah. Jeff and Leah ended up in bed. Immediately after, Leah regretted it and told Jeff it was a mistake. She made a vow to make her marriage work. Leah ended up pregnant but didn’t know who the father was. She went to Dominick, who paid a doctor off to pretend to do a paternity test and tell Leah that Robbie is the father. Leah was thrilled that her life was going to be okay.

Dominick continued his plan to get Sofia back. He brought Eva McCloud to town, who happened to be Natasha’s real mother. She and Bob had an affair after Bob learned of Sofia and Dominick’s affair years ago. Knowing that she couldn’t raise her daughter on her own, Eva had agreed to give Natasha to Bob and Sofia. Bob and Sofia worked hard to keep their secret safe. Dominick threatened to tell the truth unless Sofia left Bob. Bob told Sofia they should pretend to separate until they could get the upper hand. They did; Natasha and Robbie were devastated. Natasha, meanwhile, befriended Eva unaware of their connection. Their closeness worried Sofia and Bob. Sofia went on some dates with Dominick and found herself enjoying them.

Brett continued to pose as Vinny with Dave’s help. Madeline refused to help anymore leaving Dave threatening her past as a hooker. She called his bluff. Victoria continued to try to learn the truth as well as she began to remember that Dave shot her, but didn’t know why. She finally got her memory back and decided to find the real Vinny. Meggan and Brett meanwhile grew closer after she was released from jail. She ended up seeing Brett and Dave together and then disappeared. Victoria, who was working with Meggan, realized Meg was missing and went to Robbie. On New Year’s Eve, Robbie and Victoria found the secret room where Dave was holding the real Vinny and Meggan hostage (not before Dave got Meggan back on the bottle). Daisy saw Brett and Dave together and the truth came out. Dave shot Robbie, and Victoria shot Dave!

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