After Dave shot Robbie on New Year’s Eve, Victoria shot him. Dave died on the scene and Brett was arrested. Daisy visited Brett and wished him an happy life behind bars. Vinny rejoiced by being free and thanked everyone’s efforts for helping him escape his brother’s clutches. He began to over live, buying expensive things and going on trips to compensate his freedom. Meggan couldn’t stop drinking after Dave had poured alcohol down her throat and Vinny soon grew tired of her drinking.

Robbie, meanwhile, was near death from his gun shot wounds. Leah feared that her unborn child would grow up without a father. Dominick went back to Dr. Liam Fitzpatrick, whom had completed Leah’s paternity test a few months earlier, and asked him to perform the test again. Dominick learned the truth: Jeff was the father of Leah’s baby! Dominick, thinking he was helping Leah, confessed the truth to her. Leah was stunned and as Robbie slowly recovered decided to hide the truth from him. Madeline, meanwhile, couldn’t help but notice that Jeff was continued to be drawn to Leah. Jeff and Leah shared a moment on the anniversary of Noah’s death and he kissed her. She went into labour. At the hospital, Madeline urged Jeff to leave Robbie and Leah in peace. Leah gave birth to a girl and named her Paige. Robbie rejoiced in being a father. Jeff realized that Leah would never leave her husband. He dumped Madeline and left town after saying goodbye to Leah. Leah and Robbie continued to grow closer as a family. Leah later freaked out when Robin casually started to date Liam Fitzpatrick.

Melissa worked over time trying to break up Cory and Robin. She hired a man named Karl to help her with a plan as she continued to feed into Cory’s dislike for Robin’s modelling career. On a night where Robin was featured in a premier debut for a new perfume ad-campaign, Cory finally came around and told Robin he was proud of her career. Melissa had arranged for Karl to scare Robin with some acid being thrown in her direction and Melissa set it up to make it look like Cory was responsible. The plan went horribly wrong when the acid hit Robin’s face. She was left scarred. Melissa planted the seeds that Cory was responsible and she believed her mother. Cory was arrested and he vowed to prove his innocence. Robin moved out of the penthouse and in with Melissa as Cory hired Madeline to prove his innocence. Madeline became attracted to Cory and uncovered photos from the night of the attack. She tracked down Karl and followed him back to his apartment. Karl realized he was being followed and kidnapped Madeline. While he was holding her hostage, he called Melissa and demanded more money. Madeline managed to get an SOS message to Cory and just as Karl was about to shoot her, Robbie and Cory bust in and saved Madeline. Karl was arrested and finally caved that he was the one that threw the acid at Robin. Robin learned that Cory was innocent and was devastated. It got worse when Robin learned Melissa paid Karl’s bail and was behind the entire situation. Cory told Robin he couldn’t believe that she didn’t believe in him and his innocence. Robin also, under Melissa’s advice, had started to casually see Liam Fitzpatrick, although it was just a friendship.

Cassie realized that Olivia was beginning to question her role in stealing Helen’s baby and passing it off dead. Cassie invited Olivia and Helen to the Calimo cabin in hopes of making Olivia realize that the damage couldn’t be undone. Helen agreed to go because her and Adam were at odds over their babies “death”. At the cabin, Helen had a memory of the night her baby died. When alone with Cassie, Olivia told her that she couldn’t keep up the lie. Cassie tampered with her SUV in hopes of preventing Olivia from spilling the beans. Helen and Cassie left leaving Olivia alone at the cabin wondering what to do next. Meanwhile in Twin Peaks, Madeline learned of Will and Olivia’s affair. After confronting Will, Madeline revealed the truth to a stunned Preston. Preston stormed up to the cabin to confront Olivia. They got into a huge fight and Preston demanded that Olivia tell Madeline everything about her feelings for her daughter’s boyfriend. On the way back to Twin Peaks, Olivia wasn’t able to use her breaks on her SUV and the vehicle slammed into a tree. A tragic twist of a fate happened and lightening struck a near by tree which fell on top of the SUV. Olivia and Preston were killed leaving Madeline devastated. Their death brought Reese back to town and they held a memorial service for their parents. Cassie, meanwhile, was thrilled that she had one less problem to contend with. She and Shane continued to grow closer as she feared more of her secrets would become unravelled.

Helen and Adam were shocked to learn of Olivia’s death. Soon, Helen began having more and more memories from the night her baby died. They hired Madeline to uncover more secrets from Helen’s past and Madeline quickly learned Helen’s role in her parents bank robbing past. Helen soon after fainted. Adam rushed her to the hospital where Craig informed her that she had been drugged for months. Adam concluded that Olivia had been drugging Helen to prevent her from remembering her criminal connection. Helen began having more and more memories from the night her baby died. Cassie learned of this and broke into Olivia’s office and stole some of the drugs that she had been feeding Helen. She and Shane agreed to renew their vows and Cassie asked Helen to be her maid of honour. At the same time, Cassie filled Helen’s pill bottle with the memory lapsing drugs hoping to prevent her from remembering anything at all. Adam, meanwhile, took at job at Twin Peaks college and Mallory Cunningham began to flirt with him.

Trenyce and Chris went to court over custody of baby Andrew. All parties took the stand and recounted their history leaving neither Trenyce or Chris feeling confident about their chances. On the day that the judge was going to make his decision, Daisy and Chris had a chat where he apologized for his role in creating the mess. Daisy also apologized. Trencye saw their closeness and worried that she was about to lose her son. As the judge was about to rule, a tearful Trencye asked if Daisy could take custody of Andrew therefore allowing both herself and Chris access to the baby. The judge agreed after Daisy and Chris agreed to the outcome. The family united. Trenyce started fashion school and met mean girl Mallory Cunningham, who continued to put Trenyce down for her physical appearance. It got the best of Trenyce and she started to skip meals to try to lose weight. Eventually, it resulted in Trenyce forcing herself to throw up. Daisy became concerned when Trenyce failed to eat dinner at Christmas.

Victoria, meanwhile, was not to happy with Chris and the outcome of the custody hearing. She already had huge insecurities about his relationship with Daisy so the fact that he would be living with her again only added fuel to the flame. On a whim, she drunkenly married Vinny on a trip to Las Vegas. The news caused Meggan to continue to drink and Chris dumped a devastated Victoria. Vinny, meanwhile, decided to run against Daisy for mayor as a new election began. While Meggan was moving out of Vinny’s house, she drunkenly hit Victoria with her car and left her for dead. Victoria was alright but Vinny and Chris fought over where she should be. Daisy convinced Chris to let Victoria’s husband take care of her. Meggan visited Victoria which caused Victoria to wonder if Meg was behind the accident. She shared her hunch with Chris. At the same time, Vinny and Victoria’s annulment papers came in, but neither one signed them. During the election, Vinny took personal digs at Daisy. It worked and he was leading the polls. On the day of the election, Chris secretly leaked Meggan’s role in the hit and run, trashing Vinny’s name in the process. The result was Daisy won the election. Vinny fumed and confronted Meggan. Vinny learned that it was Chris that revealed the story. Victoria confronted Chris and told him that he just proved that he was still in love with Daisy. After Daisy learned what Chris did, she kissed him.

Andy met a photographer that worked at the sun named JC Fernandez. The two grew closer and went on a few dates after JC revealed he was gay too. They soon hit the sheets and JC fell hard for Andy. After a few months, Andy moved in with JC. Andy was taken aback, however, when Reese returned to town for Olivia and Preston’s funeral. JC was quickly jealous of Andy’s ex and made it known to Andy. Andy tried to reassure JC that everything was fine. During a blackout, Andy and Reese were trapped together. The two made love. Afterwards, Andy felt guilty for betraying JC and made Reese promise not to say anything. Reese agreed thinking that Andy would soon realize that he was in love with him and not JC. On New Year’s Eve, Andy was taken aback to see Reese on a date with Dr. Craig Benton.

Dominick continued to pursue Sofia, even though she told him that she wasn’t interested in him. After she asked him to remove Ryan from Natasha’s life and he succeed, Sofia visited Dominick and thanked him. The two shared a kiss. Dominick told Bob and he punched his rival. Since Sofia made it clear that she wasn’t interested, Dominick rekindled his affair with Melissa. Bob, however, blackmailed Melissa with knowing the truth about her involvement in Robin’s attack to dump Dominick. Melissa did leaving Dominick wondering what was going on. He focused on getting a company together that would take over Roboto in the cosmetic world.

Will struggled with Olivia’s death, especially after Madeline continued to reject him. He learned that Olivia left him money, which he used to buy a condo. He met his new boss at work: Eva, whom also happened to be his neighbour in the condo town. The two continued to clash, however shared a kiss during the blackout. Kim, meanwhile, wanted to get back at Ryan. She and Will teamed up to set Ryan up. Kim dressed up as a hooker and texted Ryan asking for drugs. The trap worked and Ryan showed up to give her drugs. Robbie showed up and busted Ryan, who was sent away for selling drugs.

Natasha went to the hospital to visit Robbie after he had been shot and she overheard Eva and Sofia fighting about Eva being Natasha’s biological mother. Shocked, Natasha confronted them with what she overheard. Eva finally admitted to Natasha that she is her mother. Stunned, Natasha told Eva, Sofia and Bob to all go to hell. She turned to Ryan for comfort as he supplied her with back pain killers (she was struggling with a sore back from her car accident with Trenyce from last November). Soon, he was supplying her with cocaine and they were sleeping together. Kim discovered and was shocked that Natasha was sleeping with one of her ex’s. Kim refused to support her best friend any longer. Natasha isolated herself with Ryan in a sleazy motel, which she ended up paying for. Desperate to get Natasha back, Sofia went to Dominick and asked him for assistance. Dominick offered Ryan cash to leave town and never come back. Unable to refuse the payout, Ryan skipped town leaving Natasha alone. Natasha hit the drugs harder. The Calimo’s attempted to have an intervention with her but it failed. Robbie had Natasha arrested on drug possession and she was forced to spend the night in jail, where she hit rock bottom and realized that she was alone. Afterwards, she visited Sofia and Bob and begged for forgiveness. The family reunited, leaving Eva wondering when Natasha would reach out to her. Natasha told Eva that she needed time to adjust to having a second mother. Natasha was then trapped with Shane during a blackout and she professed her love to him, telling him she wished that they had stayed together after Cassie announced her pregnancy. The two kissed. Cassie freed them and realized that Natasha was back in the picture where her husband was concerned. She plotted to get pregnant again to entrap Shane further. She forced him into renewing their vows and got Bob to agree to use the Calimo mansion. Sofia, meanwhile, was desperate to reunite Natasha and Shane and she began to put together Cassie’s lies. She uncovered the truth about her fertility drugs and that her mother was alive. She finally realized the truth about baby Dawn Marie: she is Helen’s baby! Cassie, meanwhile, had read about home made bombs and she placed one on Natasha’s car. She planned that Natasha would die right after she and Shane renewed their vows on New Year’s Eve. At the wedding however, Sofia confronted Cassie with the truth. Cassie tearfully admitted everything but caught a lucky break when Natasha asked Sofia to fetch her something from her car. Everyone watched as Sofia walked to the car, only as the door opened the bomb went off!

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