2012 Recap

The New Year started with the Calimo’s mourning the death of Sofia, who had died from a car bomb that Cassie planted. The police quickly suspected that Natasha was the real target as the bomb was planted on her car, which left her left reeling. On the day of Sofia’s funeral, Natasha found her mother’s diary and took it to the church with her to have some kind of comfort. While the service was going on, Natasha read the diary and was horrified to learn about all of Cassie’s horrific crimes as Sofia documented them. She revealed the truth about Cassie, which included her role in Preston, Olivia and Sofia’s deaths. A tearful Cassie finally admitted the truth! Adam and Helen were reunited with Dawn, whom Cassie had kidnapped and been passing off as her and Shane’s daughter; Madeline and Reese lashed out at her for her role in their parents demise; Bob vowed that she would pay for killing Sofia, and Shane and Natasha found out the lengths Cassie went to break them up. Cassie was arrested however en route to the police station, she got a hold of the police car and drove it into the river. No body was found and Cassie was presumed dead. In the aftermath, Shane reached out to Natasha again and the two reunited. They eventually got engaged and planned a wedding together.

Robin was left reeling from the news that Melissa was the mastermind behind her attack at the premier the year before. She confronted her mother, but Sofia’s death prevented from Melissa from answering her daughter’s questions. Soon, however, Melissa was forced to reveal the truth. Dominick, Robin and Cory all gave Melissa a piece of their mind before she skipped town. Dominick encouraged her never to come back. Robin went to Cory and tried to reunite with him, but he told he needed time to trust her again because he couldn’t believe that he didn’t have more belief in him and their love. To add complications to it, Cory and Madeline had begun to sleep together. Madeline fell hard for Cory, despite Robin’s protests that they would end up back together. Robin was crushed to learn of their affair and began dating Liam again. Soon, Robin and Cory found their way back to each other but Madeline was determined to break them up. She learned that Paige is really Jeff’s daughter and not Robbie’s! Thinking that Robin knew, she tried to blackmail Robin into leaving Cory. Robin confronted Leah, who admitted the truth. Robin filed for divorce from Cory, leaving him reeling as the two just reunited. Madeline was crushed when Cory didn’t rush back to her, but rather he asked her to investigate the real reason that Robin filed for divorce, thinking that Liam had something to do with it.

Adam and Helen were reunited with Dawn after Cassie was exposed. Immediately, Helen became obsessed with keeping Dawn safe. She pushed Adam away as she was too centered on the baby. Adam began growing closer to Mallory, meanwhile at home Helen started hearing weird noises and bought a gun. Adam was against the idea, but Helen insisted she have one to keep her and Dawn safe. Adam and Mallory almost had sex, but he left before it got to that level. Mallory was determined to get Adam for herself so she kidnapped Dawn thinking that Adam would want her if she had his baby. Helen freaked out when she realized the child was missing and she went to the police. Helen wondered why Mallory was calling Adam shortly after. With the police, they went to Mallory’s house, where Mallory was hiding with the child in the childhood tree house. Adam went up to see her and Dawn. Over the police radio, Helen overheard Adam and Mallory speak about their near affair and was devastated. In a bold move, Mallory went to attack Adam, but she fell to death instead. The Blacks were reunited with their child again, but were further apart than ever before as Helen learned the truth. Adam tried to make it up to her and bought her a new ring so they could renew their vows. Helen agreed, but started hearing odd noises coming from the basement. On the day of a fashion show, Helen was worried about Dawn’s safety with so many people around so she bolted home. Adam went to find her and dropped his keys when entering the house. Helen grabbed her gun thinking he was a burglar and shot him when he entered! Adam was left paralyzed from the shooting. Casey, Helen’s long lost brother, showed up and started talking to Helen about some mysterious plan. Adam thought he remembered Helen shooting him, but she and Casey told him that he shot him. Helen, meanwhile, started growing closer to Shane and acted oddly when Shane and Natasha announced their engagement. She did agree, however, to be Natasha’s maid of honour.

In the wake of Sofia’s death, Dominick decided to pour his heart into his new cosmetics company Robertson Enterprises. He planned a new perfume launch called the Blooming Rose, which he was going to dedicate to Sofia. Bob discovered and was livid that Dominick was trying to take over the business world as well. Dominick hired Donovan Moretti to work on the Blooming Rose; he also hired Reese to be a model for him. Robin quit Roboto and went to work for her father, while Leah declined the invitation. Trenyce also went to work for Robertson, working on a fashion that would tie in with the perfume launch. Dominick was worried that Bob would try to ruin the launch so Donovan suggested that Dominick uncover a scandal that would hurt Bob and Roboto should that happen. Meanwhile, Bob found himself leaning on Kim more and more. Soon, they had become lovers! Dominick uncovered the truth and at the fashion show, which was a huge success, he revealed that Bob and Kim’s new romance. Robbie and Natasha were shocked at their father’s betrayal. Natasha slapped her best friend for sleeping with her father. Bob told Kim that his children would come around and vowed revenge on Dominick. Bob proposed to Kim and she accepted.

Meggan was arrested for hitting Victoria with her car. While in jail, she pleaded with Vinny to help her, but he said he couldn’t do anything. Meanwhile, Chris and Daisy started to grow closer, but she refused to let herself believe that anything could happen with her ex-husband because of her romance with Victoria. Victoria and Chris continued to fight over her not signing the divorce papers to Vinny. Vinny and Chris remained at odds through out the entire situation. Chris finally demanded that Victoria make a choice between the men: she did and choose herself and dumped both men! Victoria then visited Meggan in jail and offered a choice: stay in jail or leave town and go to a rehab center. Meggan choose rehab and left town after saying goodbye to Vinny. Daisy thought that Chris and Victoria’s romance ending would be good things for her and Chris. They started growing closer, but Chris also started growing closer to Greta, Daisy’s assistant. Greta and Chris ended up in bed and kept it from Daisy. Vinny discovered the truth and tried to warn Daisy, but she refused to listen to him. She confronted Greta, who lied to Daisy about it. On Thanksgiving, Daisy saw the two kissing. In wake of the truth, Daisy fired Greta and kicked Chris to the curb for good this time. Chris pleaded with her to listen to him, but she refused. Chris then revealed he was going to leave town with Greta to try to make himself be a better man. Vinny, meanwhile, realized he was starting to have feelings for Daisy.

Trenyce continued to force herself to throw up. JC found her passed out one day and shared his worries with Andy and Daisy. They confronted Trenyce, who claimed she was fine. On a snowy day, Trenyce passed out in the snow. Daisy found her and she was rushed to the hospital where she admitted her eating disorder. Trenyce agreed to get therapy. She was then hired by Dominick to work at Robertson Enterprises and was taken with Donovan. They went out on what she believed was a date, but he revealed that he is gay to her. She was crushed but soon found herself attracted to Casey Black, Helen’s mysterious brother.

Andy and Reese continued to lie to JC about their affair last winter. JC continued to suspect something was going on, especially after Andy discovered Reese started dating Craig Benton and was insanely jealous. Finally, JC confronted Reese who admitted the affair. JC was devastated and dumped Andy. He was going to leave town, but Andy pleaded with him to give them another chance. Andy vowed that his relationship with Reese was over, so JC agreed. Craig, meanwhile, dumped Reese realizing that Reese and Andy still had unfinished business. Reese started to model for Robertson Enterprises and started to flirt with Dean Kratz, the model. JC, meanwhile, wanted to get revenge on Reese for sleeping with Andy so he called the newspaper and revealed Reese and Andy’s affair. The article painted Reese as a home wrecker, leaving Reese devastated but he was positive that either Andy or JC leaked the story. Andy confronted his boyfriend, who denied everything. Andy defended JC to Reese but was horrified when JC revealed the truth to him. Andy walked out on his boyfriend leaving JC crushed. JC was offered a new job in LA; Andy told him to take it and they broke up. Dean and Reese meanwhile started a new relationship. Dean encouraged Reese to look into other modelling contracts after his stint with Robertson was successful. Craig asked out Andy, who agreed. When Reese found out, he called them disgusting.

Leah worried when Robin continued to date Liam, knowing that he was the doctor that performed Paige’s paternity test. Leah tearfully admitted the truth to Robin after Madeline revealed it to her sister. Robin vowed to keep Leah’s secret. Dominick also vowed to help Leah. Meanwhile, Bob sent Leah to Boston on a business trip after Robin quit Roboto to hire a new chemist. She ran into Jeff in Boston and they caught up! Leah hired Veronica Lane, who started working on a new perfume for Roboto. Bob, meanwhile, hired Jeff back to Roboto for his launch that will compete with Dominick’s Blooming Rose. Jeff and Leah were forced to work together and started growing closer again. Jeff, though, revealed that Veronica was his girlfriend. Leah was jealous, but kept telling herself that her lies are for her family sake. On New Year’s, Jeff and Veronica became engaged.

After dumping Chris and Vinny, Victoria was startled to learn that her brother was back in Twin Peaks. Donovan Moretti was revealed to be her brother and he revealed that Victoria’s real name was Marbella Moretti. Victoria changed her name after she ran away from home to escape her sexually abusive father. Donovan promised her that he hadn’t had contact with their father and was surprised to learn of the abuse as he had not encountered any of it growing up. Soon, Victoria started getting weird notes in the mail. After they started to increase, Donovan pressed her to go to the police as they believed their father was stalking her. Robbie was placed as her security guard and Victoria formed a crush on the attractive cop. Donovan came out to his sister who was supportive. Eva, meanwhile, tried to be supportive of Natasha after Sofia’s death. Natasha eventually reached out to Eva and they started to grow closer. Natasha thanked Eva for not having secrets, like her father after she learned of Bob and Kim’s romance. Eva saw Victoria and thought she looked familiar. She researched her and learned of Victoria’s abusive past. Will was concerned when Eva started getting creepy notes in the mail as well. She finally confessed that her ex-husband was abusive towards her. Will vowed to protect her and asked Madeline to investigate, but she needed more information which Eva refused to give. Soon Eva, Donovan and Victoria were all being followed. On New Year’s Eve, a man revealed himself to be Donovan and Victoria’s father Ernesto Moretti! Eva and Will entered the room and Ernesto announced that Eva was Donovan and Victoria’s mother!

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