The New Year started with Ernesto revealing that Eva is Donovan and Victoria's mother. Eva tearfully admitted that she and Ernesto were married and she couldn't handle the abuse anymore. She devised a plan to escape with her children, but the plan went wrong and only she could escape. Donovan and Victoria shut her out for leaving them alone with the abusive Ernesto. Ernesto was arrested for stalking Eva and Victoria but he was quickly released. Ernesto and his right hand man, Jonas, started to plan ways to make Ernesto's family pay for "abandoning" him. Shortly after, Victoria was attacked in the park. Everyone assumed that it was Ernesto, but he had an alibi. Ernesto, meanwhile, learned that Donovan is gay and fumed that his son wasn't "normal". Donovan and Victoria also struggled to get to know Natasha, their new half-sister.

Will was crushed to learn that Eva had children that she never told him about. He revealed that he was planning on asking her to marry him on New Year's but he is too upset with her lies. Eva begged him for another chance. Shortly after Victoria's attack, Eva was targeted in an attack. Will found her and realized that he still cared for her. She promised him that there were no more lies. Will gathered Victoria and Donovan together for a surprise. He proposed to Eva, who accepted. Ernesto interrupted the festivities and dropped another bomb shell: he and Eva are still legally married! Will dumped Eva, telling her that he couldn't trust her anymore. Victoria went out to the pier for a walk and was about to be attacked again. When she awoke, she saw Ernesto's dead body next to her! She was quickly arrested for his murder, but she was released after evidence proved that she couldn't have killed her father. Eva, Donovan and Victoria grew closer in the wake of Ernesto's death. On Christmas day, Donovan was arrested for killing Ernesto as the police found a pair of his missing shoes near the scene of the crime.

Robin kissed Cory on New Year's Eve, which left Madeline fuming. Madeline confronted her rival and reminded Robin that she knows Leah's deep dark secret: that Jeff, not Robbie, is Paige's biological father. Robin called Madeline's bluff and claimed that she didn't think Maddie would reveal the truth. Madeline was caught between a rock and a hard place. She questioned Cory's feelings; he admitted that he still loves his wife. Madeline watched as Robin and Cory reunited and planned to get re-married. Madeline then witnessed Leah and Jeff sharing a lip lock on the anniversary of Noah's death. On the day of Robin and Cory's wedding, she sent Jeff a package telling him the truth about Paige. While the wedding was ruined, Robin and Cory married in a private ceremony. After the wedding, Robin and Dominick confessed Madeline's deeds of blackmail to Cory. He was shocked and confronted his former lover. Madeline was crushed when Cory told her off and that they couldn't even be friends. Shortly after, Robin announced to Cory that she was pregnant. The couple rejoiced but she was unsettled when she started to get odd fan mail from Robertson Enterprises that was always signed "her biggest fan".

Leah and Jeff grew closer while working on the new Roboto launch. Leah continued to be jealous of Jeff's relationship with Veronica, who was busy planning her wedding to Jeff. Robbie and Leah started to grow apart at home and even started to avoid sleeping together as Robbie was also flirting with Victoria. Leah and Jeff shared a kiss on the anniversary of Noah's death. On the day of Robin and Cory's wedding, Robbie and Leah agreed to put their marriage back together and even decided to renew their vows. Madeline, however, revealed the truth to Jeff about being Paige's biological father. Jeff stopped the wedding and confronted Leah. Robbie defended his wife, but once Jeff demanded a paternity test Leah tearfully admitted the truth. Robbie was crushed and lashed out at Leah. He walked out on her and went straight to Victoria's, where they had sex. In the wake, Victoria told Robbie she didn't want to be a rebound and he promised she wouldn't be. Robbie went home and told Leah that he wanted a divorce. Leah was crushed and Dominick encouraged her to hold her head high. She was unnerved by Jeff's claim that he wanted to be a part of Paige's life. They started to grow closer again as a family. On the day of Jeff and Veronica's wedding, Leah interrupted it and told Jeff that this was their chance to be a family. Veronica walked out, fed up with Jeff's drama. She dumped Jeff, quit Roboto and left town. Shortly after, Leah and Jeff wound up back in bed. Robbie, meanwhile, continued to sleep with Victoria and supported her with her family drama with Eva, Ernesto and Donovan.

Reese and Dean moved forward with their relationship and they became lovers. Dean continued to press Reese to move into another branch of modelling. Reese agreed to go to LA with Dean where he was horrified to see a nude model. Dean told Reese he would be a star in the adult industry entertainment. Reese refused but Dean insisted. He drugged Reese and filmed him in a solo video and posted it online. Reese was horrified. Dean showed him how much money they were bringing in. Reese for a brief moment was considering doing another video, but the fact that he couldn't remember filming the first one left him at odds. He grilled Dean until he finally admitted the truth about drugging Reese. Reese threw him out.

Andy and Craig continued to date and eventually moved in together. Craig seemed jealous of Andy's new found friendship with Donovan, despite Andy claiming nothing was happening between them. Craig questioned Donovan, who confirmed Andy and he were just friends. Craig still couldn't get the jealousy out of his mind … Dominick worked hard on a new line after Bob's Roboto line was successful. He hired Savannah Pherson to be a new model … Will and Madeline kissed on New Year's Eve.

Vinny started to pursue Daisy. She held back as she was still struggling to get over the hurt that Chris and Greta gave her. Vinny slowly warmed her and they shared a kiss. Daisy finally gave in to her feelings and they two made love. Just as they were moving forward, a woman named Savannah Pherson appeared in town and freaked out when she saw Vinny, calling him "Dave". Savannah revealed to Vinny that she was dating Dave before he died and he got her pregnant. Vinny was stunned that his past was coming back to haunt him and told Daisy he feels responsible for the child.

Robbie and Natasha were livid when Bob announced his engagement to Kim. Natasha slapped her former best friend and vowed that he wedding wouldn't take place. Shane tried to encourage his fiancé to be the biggest person. Natasha overheard Bob and Kim talking about eloping and planned to stop the wedding. Eva, however, stopped her from being able to ruin the wedding. Natasha was livid with her mother and called her out on her lies about Victoria and Donovan. Shane, meanwhile, continued to grow closer to Helen, who was growing further apart from Adam.

Adam continued to demand the truth from Helen about the night of the shooting. He continued to have flashes of her shooting him, not Casey as she was claiming. Helen and Casey decided to drug Adam to make him forget the night of the shooting. It started to work as Adam's memory became hazier. Helen, meanwhile, started to grow closer to Shane and the two even shared a kiss after Helen announced that she wanted a divorce from Adam. Shane immediately told Natasha, who was livid that Helen was kissing her fiancé. Helen continued to hear noises in the basement of the Black house and went downstairs - it was revealed that Helen is really Cassie! Turns out, Cassie survived her car accident and Casey saved her from the river. She had surgery to make herself look like Helen so she could be closer to Shane and Dawn again. The real Helen is locked in a cage in the basement of the Black house. Natasha arrived to confront "Helen" about kissing Shane. Cassie knocked her out and threw her in the cage with Helen! Casey was apprehensive about having another prisoner, but Cassie insisted that she remove Natasha once and for all. Shane was worried when Natasha didn't show up for Cory and Robin's wedding. Cassie forced Natasha to write Shane a letter, in which Nat claimed that she was too upset over Bob and Kim's marriage to stay in town.

Shane took the letter to Bob and Kim and blamed them for Natasha's disappearance. Bob vowed to help Shane find Natasha, while Kim believed Natasha's disappearing act was a form of her trying to split up her marriage to Bob. Cassie, meanwhile, took the time to try to get closer to Shane. They shared a few kisses but Shane maintained that he was in love with Natasha, which infuriated Cassie.

Adam, meanwhile, was finally released from the rehabilitation center. He hired Madeline to investigate who Casey really is as he had apprehensions about his so called brother in law. Madeline told him that there was no one with the name of "Casey Mills" in Casey's age group - the name is a fake. Adam took the information and confronted "Helen". Cassie freaked and agreed to discuss it with Adam. She seduced her husband instead. Shane arrived and demanded answers as well, as he overheard Adam and "Helen" talking. Cassie knocked out Adam as Shane entered the room. She revealed herself to Shane! Kim, meanwhile, showed up at the Black house as she was determined to find Natasha to make her realize that she and Bob were going to last. Kim went down into the basement and found a captive Helen and Natasha! Cassie arrived and confronted Kim. Cassie revealed all of her secrets to a stunned Kim. Kim and Cassie wrestled with a gun - both were shot. Everyone was rushed to the hospital once Adam and Shane awoke. Adam and Helen were reunited; Shane and Natasha were reunited. Cassie survived the shooting but it was revealed that she was pregnant! Kim, meanwhile, was in more dire straits. The Calimo's surrounded her, pleasing Bob that both of his children seemed to becoming around to his new wife. On Christmas Day, Kim awoke and seemed to be on the mend.

Casey and Trenyce continued to grow closer. They soon hit the sheets and became lovers. Trenyce fell head over heels for him. She started to grow concerned when he refused to discuss his family life with Helen. Trenyce continued to press but was always given a cold shoulder. Casey asked Trenyce to go away with him to the Calimo cabin as a romantic getaway. Trenyce agreed. They went as a snow storm hit town. At the cabin, Trenyce again asked Casey about his family and he snapped at her. While he wasn't looking, Trenyce looked at his phone and learned the truth about his role in Cassie's plot. Trenyce was horrified when Casey caught her snooping. He told her that he would have to kill her now. Trenyce ran out into the snow and Casey started to call her. Daisy, meanwhile, was worried when Trenyce didn't call Andrew on Thanksgiving. Vinny and Andy raced to the cabin to see if Trenyce was okay. Trenyce ran onto a pond in the woods as Casey chased her. The ice broke and both fell into the icy waters. A piece of ice hit Casey's head and he went under. Andy and Vinny saved Trenyce from the water and rushed her to the hospital. She was relieved that they saved her, but she couldn't get over how Casey played her for a fool.

On New Year's Eve, Shane surprised Natasha with an impromptu wedding. They were married as Cassie held her stomach and vowed revenge on the city of Twin Peaks.

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