Early in the year, Jeff and Leah got engaged. Kim learned and revealed the truth to Robbie. He was crushed that Leah was moving on so quickly. Acting on his hurt, Robbie decided to sue Leah and Jeff for custody of Paige. Robbie and Leah's painful divorce was brought up in the trial. In the end, Leah was rewarded custody of Paige. A hurt Robbie raced to the airport and decided to go to Italy with Victoria, who was going to Italy to try to clear Donovan's name in the murder charges of Ernesto.

Donovan remained in jail while he awaited his trial. Eva promised her son that she would get him out of this mess. She went to Dominick and asked him to help look into finding evidence to prove his innocence. Victoria, meanwhile, learned that Jonas had gone back to Italy. She decided to go to Italy to try to uncover the truth. Robbie came with her. The two grew closer in Italy and ended up finding a video proving that Jonas killed Ernesto! Jonas approached them with a gun. Victoria convinced him to come back to Twin Peaks to turn himself in.

Meanwhile, in Twin Peaks, Donovan's trial began. Things didn't go well for him as Lois Kam presented a strong case against him. The judge found Donovan guilty and sentenced him to death. Donovan was strapped into a chair and was about to be given his lethal injection when Victoria and Robbie burst in and stopped the proceedings, proving Donovan's innocence! Eva was relieved. Donovan thanked his sister for saving his life and all of the charges were dropped.

Cassie continued to toy with Adam, Helen, Shane and Natasha while being kept in the hospital under police custody. Cassie lied to Natasha that Shane fathered her baby. Natasha confronted Shane, who was upset that Natasha was believing Cassie over him. Shane confronted Cassie, who gloated that they were still legally married as well. Adam agreed to do a paternity test on the baby. It came back that Adam is the father of Cassie's baby; Helen was upset with her husband but agreed to work past it. They agreed to try to get custody of the child. Natasha agreed to draw up papers. Cassie, meanwhile, grew closer to her body guard. She convinced him to remove her hand cuffs. The day that Cassie was served with the custody papers, Helen paid her a visit to confront her. Natasha soon arrived at the hospital and saw Helen knocked out in the hospital room and Cassie nowhere to be found. The only thing Helen could remember was that Cassie claimed to have gone into labour. Natasha feared that Cassie had locked Helen up again, so they ran a DNA test on Helen. It was proven that Helen was herself, but Cassie was still missing. A police search was set out for Cassie, while Adam, Helen, Natasha and Shane worried about her whereabouts. Natasha went to Bob to try to locate Cassie, as Helen and Adam went to Madeline and asked her to track down Cassie so they could get custody of Adam's child. Meanwhile, Cassie was seen in a doctor's office, with a child, asking a surgeon to make her face look different.

Andy supported Donovan through his trial, which continued to leave Craig thinking that his boyfriend was cheating on him. Andy told his lover that he wouldn't do that as he learned his lesson from his relationship with JC. Reese, meanwhile, went to Natasha to get legal advice on how to handle the pornographic video that Dean took of him while Reese was drugged. Reese presented Dean with documents to sue him. Dean pleaded with Reese that he couldn't afford to go to court. Reese offered him another solution: give Reese all the copies of the video, all the money from the video and leave town or they will go to court. Dean was stunned but agreed to his terms. Dean left town. Reese went out to celebrate. The same day, Donovan's verdict came in and Craig saw how upset Andy was to hear that Donovan was guilty. Craig went out and ran into a drunk Reese. The two ended up having sex. In the wake, Craig and Reese both realized it was an error. Reese hated lying, but agreed to keep Craig's secret. Andy thought it was odd when he found a condom in the bedroom, but Craig passed it off as nothing. Andy still suspected something was off. Craig finally revealed the truth to a stunned Andy. Andy left and went to Donovan, who kissed Andy realizing he did have a crush on his friend. Andy told him he wasn't ready and also started to question why he and Reese continued to be drawn together. Craig begged Andy for another chance to no avail; Andy broke up with Craig. Reese, who was caught with a flu bug, was confronted by Andy. To Reese's surprise, Andy wasn't upset, rather he wondered about their connection. On New Year's Eve, Andy showed up at Reese's house and they shared a kiss.

Following her homecoming from being shot last winter, Kim and Bob started to grow apart. She felt like he was putting Roboto (where Bob was trying to compete with Dominick's latest launch Petals) before him as well as his children. To make matters worse, he was never around to have sex with her. Her eye soon caught a young man that was the pool boy at the Calimo mansion. Bob hired Johnny to clean the pool but also to become an intern at Roboto. In the heat of the summer, Johnny and Kim gave in to lust and they began a torrid affair. After multiple times sleeping with Johnny, Kim realized that she had to stop. She tried to end the affair but found it difficult to stay away from her younger lover. She confessed to Andy her affair, he encouraged her to come clean to Bob.

After the custody hearing, Jeff and Leah planned on getting married. During the hearing and in the process of planning their wedding, Leah longed for her mother Felicia, whom everyone believed to be dead from cancer years earlier. Right before the custody hearing verdict came in, Dominick disappeared. Eva, who had begun to sleep with Dominick, Leah and Robin were all worried about his whereabouts. He finally returned home and claimed he was on a business trip. No one believed him, but took his word for it. Bob, in particular, thought it was odd that Dominick left. He believed if he uncovered the truth, he could finally get the upper hand in his feud with Dominick. Bob learned that Dominick went to Switzerland and went there himself. He returned home, thrilled that he seemingly learned Dominick's secret. Jeff, meanwhile, invited Kim to the wedding as they used to date. Kim and Bob showed up; she begged her husband not to cause any problems for the wedding. Bob promised he wouldn't. As the ceremony began, Bob stopped the ceremony claiming he had a special guest: Felicia! Turns out, Felicia has Alzheimer's disease and instead of letting his family watch Felicia slowly deteriorate, Dominick faked her death and has been keeping in her a mental institution in Switzerland! Leah was crushed that her father kept this from her; slapped him and vowed to never forgive him. Felicia moved into Leah and Jeff's house, which made Jeff uneasy as he wasn't sure how mentally stable Felicia was. Felicia promised as long as she was on her medication, she was fine. Dominick and Kim, meanwhile, lashed out at Bob for his doings. Eva asked Bob to end the feud with Dominick. Bob, however, had more up his sleeve as he and Felicia met in secret. He paid her and she promised to help carry out his plan.

Will was suspected in Ernesto's murder. He kept the fact that he dumped a syringe in the river a secret. He visited Donovan and vowed to help him in any way he could. Meanwhile, he dumped Eva for her lies surrounding Ernesto. She was upset, but moved on with Dominick. Will moved on as well, reuniting with Madeline. Soon, she was telling him that she was scared that her past would come back to haunt her. He was confused and urged her to come clean. She told him things are better left in the past.

Trenyce was released from the hospital following her near death experience with Casey last fall. Daisy and Vinny threw her a welcome home party. She started to get closer to Savannah, who admitted that she had a child. Savannah claimed that her baby was stolen from her. Savannah, Daisy and Vinny were shocked to learn that Savannah was dating Dave, Vinny's triplet brother who died. They visited Vinny's other brother, Brett in jail and he confirmed the story. Savannah revealed that Dave stole their child and left with nothing more than a picture. Trenyce told Daisy and Vinny that she wanted to help Savannah find her baby. On the day that Andrew came home from visiting Chris, Savannah saw the little boy for the first time and thought that the child looked like her child. Trenyce was horrified at her claim and quickly told her she was crazy. Savannah maintained that it was truth. Savannah, meanwhile, ran into Madeline and called her "Patricia" (which was Madeline's faux name while she was being blackmailed by Dave). Savannah decided to get a court order to get a paternity test on Andrew. Trenyce, after getting advice from Daisy & Vinny, agreed to the paternity test believing that she was Andrew's mother. The paternity test came back: Savannah is Andrew's mother! Trenyce was shocked and devastated. Madeline happened to walk by the waiting room at the hospital and Savannah accused her of setting it all up. Turns out that Dave blackmailed Madeline into performing the baby switch; she gave Savannah's baby to Trenyce and Trenyce's child was sold on the blackmarket. Will was horrified to learn the truth and walked out on Madeline. Trenyce attacked Madeline; Daisy pulled her off. Trenyce vowed to keep Andrew. On Christmas Day, Savannah showed up with a court order to collect her son. Trenyce tearfully handed him over to Savannah, collapsing into Daisy's arms after. Vinny, meanwhile, wondered what other secrets Dave and Brett were keeping.

Cory and Robin rejoiced in her pregnancy. They started to plan the arrival of their child. As this was taking place, Robin started getting weird and creepy fan mail from her modelling stints at Robertson Enterprises. Robin started getting more and more worried about them, but Dominick told her that it was nothing. Cory was then apprehensive when Robertson wanted Robin and Savannah to do a meet and greet with the fans. Robin reassured him that nothing would happen and there would be heavy security. Cory agreed. On the day of the meet and greet, a smoke bomb went off and when the smoke cleared, Robin was missing! Cory was frantic to find her and he blamed himself for her disappearance. Meanwhile, Robin awoke in the back of a car … Liam Fitzpatrick's car! The year before, the two had dated and he apparently didn't take well to Robin breaking up with him. He took her to the Calimo cabin and a storm hit. He tied her to the bed and the power went out. In the storm, Robin's water broke. Liam delivered the baby, but she was stillborn. Robin was devastated. Meanwhile, Cory, Robbie and Dominick tracked Robin and Liam down at the cabin. Cory and Robbie raced there to save Robin. When they arrived, they cornered Liam. Robin ended up pushing Liam out of the window; he died from his falls. Robin and Cory were devastated that their child was dead. Robin slowly started to lose it, as she thought a blanket was her baby causing Dominick and Cory to worry about her.

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