Andy and Reese reunited and started to plan a future together. Reese, however, continued to be plagued by flu-like symptoms. Andy finally convinced his lover to go to the doctor; Reese was horrified to learn that he had cancer. After telling Andy and Madeline about his illness, Reese started chemo. The side effects took its toll on Reese as he grew weak and lost his hair. During a checkup, Reese learned that he was in recovery! The chemo worked and the cancer went into remission. Andy and Madeline rejoiced with Reese. Andy purposed to Reese and he accepted. At their engagement party, Reese fainted and was rushed back to the hospital. Once there, Andy and Reese were shocked to learn that the cancer came back and Reese was only given 5 weeks to live. Reese vowed that he didn't want tears in his last week's alive. Soon, Reese collapsed again and was sent to bed rest for his remaining days. During his last week, Andy surprised Reese with an impromptu wedding and they were married. Reese felt himself slipping away and said goodbyes to Savannah, Trenyce, Madeline and Andy. Reese died while Andy was holding him. In the wake of Reese's death, Andy and Madeline learned that Reese left the two of them everything he had. Rocked by his death, Madeline sold her company to Meggan and sold the Wilkins estate to Frederick and his family; she then left town leaving Andy alone to deal with his grief. Andy, meanwhile, moved back into the Tower's condo in which he shared with Kim years earlier. Andy also started drinking heavily to help cope with his grief. He showed up at the hospital when Kim gave birth to her son drunk and also got drunk at the hospital gala. Family and friends started to worry about his drinking.

Cory worried as Robin's mental state continued to deteriorate. He asked his wife to seek therapy but she refused and was insulted that he suggested she wasn't well. Instead, she moved out of the penthouse and in with Dominick. Dominick promised Cory that he would try to help Robin get some help. Cory continued to visit his wife, but he found that Robin was seemingly getting worse instead of getting better. Eva, meanwhile, discovered that elderly patients at the hospital were dying at an alarming rate. She asked Madeline to investigate for her, whom agreed. Eva also mentioned it to Dominick, who thought it was interesting. Soon after, Cory was horrified to learn from Dominick, and Will, that Robin had an infection that was taking over her body. Will braced them that Robin would probably die. Cory was stunned as he didn't know how a mental illness could take his wife away from him. At Shane and Natasha's wedding reception, Eva was stunned to learn about Robin's condition from Cory as Dominick hadn't confided in her at all. Eva then met with Madeline, who told her what she uncovered in the hospital deaths. Eva then saw Dominick and Will talking in a corner and figured something out. Eva got Cory and they raced to Dominick's townhouse. There, Cory and Eva walked in on Will about to inject Robin with a drug. Eva and Cory demanded to know what was going on as Madeline showed up. Dominick revealed that he was planning on faking Robin's death so she could get help, just like he did with Felicia years earlier. Cory was horrified by Dominick's plan and vowed to keep him from Robin. Dominick also revealed that he was blackmailing Will into helping him as he uncovered that Will was killing elderly patients at the hospital because he didn't want them to suffer anymore. Will was arrested and sentenced to jail; Eva and Madeline visited him one final time. In the aftermath of Dominick's plan failing, Rebecca returned to town to help Cory with her half-sister. Rebecca gave Cory some options of mental facilities to send Robin too; Cory decided on one and Robin went away. Rebecca, who was staying with Cory, started to tease him by showing her body in her underwear and bikini. The two grew closer and shared a kiss; Cory quickly regretted it and told her that they would just have be friends. She agreed but she started making secret phone calls. Turns out, Rebecca was working with her mother (and Robin's) Melissa in a plan to keep Cory and Robin apart. She continued to flirt with Cory, who grew frustrated when Robin stopped wanting to see him or take his phone calls from the mental facility. The two kissed again and had sex on New Year's Eve.

Trenyce continued to be rocked by the baby switch revelation. She confronted Madeline in her role in the baby switch. Trenyce was then surprised when Savannah reached out to her for help with Andrew, who was struggling with being away from Trenyce. Trenyce, of course, agreed to help. Over the course of some time, Trenyce became increasing worried about Savannah and Andrew when Savannah's apartment became in a less than desirable state. Trenyce shocked everyone by suing Savannah for custody of Andrew. In the wake of this, Daisy made a mysterious phone call. In court, everyone was shocked when Chris Michaels returned! He admitted that he couldn't let Trenyce go through the custody case alone. He also revealed to Daisy and Trenyce that he and Greta had split up and that Chris had changed from being a womanizer. Trenyce was glad he was back. In the end, however, Savannah was given custody of her son. Savannah was thrilled while Trenyce was crushed. Chris told Trenyce that he would come up with a way to get Andrew back, but Trenyce told him that she can't lose her son again. Chris told Trenyce that he was going to get close to Savannah to the point that they would get married; once that happened, he would make it appear that Savannah was an unfit mother and they could get Andrew back. Trenyce was against the idea, but Chris moved ahead. He asked Savannah out, and she agreed. They ended up having a good time together. Savannah, meanwhile, also grew closer to Frederick as he became a father figure to her. Frederick grew curious of Chris and Trenyce's relationship as he saw them in a few close moments. Daisy was also curious about what Chris and Trenyce were planning; she warned her niece not to hurt Savannah. Trenyce tried to put the stops on the plan, but Chris took Savannah to bed and they professed their love for each other. Trenyce was further upset when Chris proposed to Savannah and she accepted. Lukas suggested that Trenyce was upset because he believed that Trenyce had feelings for Chris. Frederick, meanwhile, knew that he had to get to the truth before Savannah married Chris. He planted a bug in Trenyce's office and recorded a conversation between Chris and Trenyce where they talked in detail about their plan. On Christmas, Savannah and Chris were about to be married when Frederick stopped the ceremony and played the taped conversation in front of everyone. Savannah was horrified and slapped Chris and Trenyce, while Daisy was shocked by what her niece was involved in. Savannah told them that they would never see Andrew again. Trenyce and Chris spent New Year's Eve together talking about their next plan and ended up sharing a kiss.

Vinny visited Brett in jail and asked him what else he and Dave had planned after the baby switch was revealed. Brett vowed that nothing else was set up but Vinny wasn't sure. Daisy encouraged him to move on from the past. Vinny proposed to Daisy and she accepted. At their engagement party, Meggan Richardson returned and toasted the happy couple. Daisy was irked to see Vinny's ex-wife back in town but Vinny welcomed Meggan back. Meggan revealed that not only was she back, but her father Frederick and brother Lukas were also in town. Vinny offered them a place to live in the mansion until they got their footing, which annoyed Daisy even more. Vinny was then upset to learn that Daisy was the one who called Chris back to town during the custody hearing. The two agreed to not let their ex's come between them, but what they didn't know is that Meggan was trying to get Vinny back. Meggan vowed to stop their wedding and tried to come between the couple, to no avail. Meggan ended up buying MW Investigations from Madeline and Frederick bought the Wilkins estate after Reese passed away. The Richardson's moved out of Vinny's house making Daisy happy. Vinny was then seemingly jealous when he saw Meggan and Jeff grow closer. On New Year's Eve, Vinny and Daisy agreed to be married in the new year.

Craig continued to ask Donovan out but Donovan said no. Donovan told Victoria that he had been hurt in the past by a man he was dating in Europe so he was scared to move on. Victoria encouraged Donovan to move on with his life because life is too short. Just when Donovan got around to agreeing with his sister and agreeing to go out with Craig, Craig revealed that he was dating someone new. Donovan was disappointed but decided to let it go. Eva appointed Craig to help organize the hospital gala, which was being sponsored by Robertson Enterprises. Donovan was appointed to be the Robertson Enterprises employee to help organize the gala. Donovan and Craig flirted with each other repeatedly during the organization of the gala. The night of the gala, Eva and Dominick were thrilled with the results and thanked the duo. Donovan insisted on meeting Craig's new boyfriend; to his surprise he saw Lukas come up. Donovan quickly walked off as Lukas is the man from Donovan's past that hurt him. Donovan and Lukas talked as Craig realized that the two knew each other. Lukas admitted to Meggan that he is gay but he told his sister that Frederick could never know the truth.

Kim was floored when she discovered that she was pregnant as she had been sleeping with Johnny, the former pool boy at the Calimo mansion who moved into an intern role at Roboto and also Bob. She confided in Andy, who told her that she needed to know who the father was but Kim insisted that Bob was the father. Johnny was also curious about the baby but he believed Kim when she told him that Bob was the father. When Bob learned of the baby, he was secretly livid as he recalled how he a vasectomy privately. Bob wondered who Kim was having an affair with; he hired a private investigator to look into it. Johnny, meanwhile, continued to pursue Kim. They shared a kiss, unaware that they were being photographed. Dominick showed up at Bob's office one day and the two got into a fight while Kim was there. She tried to break it up but Johnny came into the office. Dominick shocked everyone by announcing that Johnny is really his long-lost son with Felicia, Tyler Robertson! The news that she slept with her husband's worst enemy's son caused Kim to collapse! She was rushed to the hospital and told that she can't have any more stress for the remainder of her pregnancy. Bob stuck by his wife, despite still being upset that she cheated. Tyler visited Kim and begged her for another chance but she told him that she can't forgive him for all of his lies that he told her. Tyler got advice from Felicia, who told her son to fight for the woman that he loves. Bob, meanwhile, saw the photograph of Kim and Tyler kissing and realized who Kim was cheating with. He set up a romantic evening set up at the mansion and invited both Kim and Tyler to the event. When they arrived, they were surprised to see each other. Tyler was hopeful that Kim inviting him to the mansion would mean that she wanted to give him another chance but she insisted that she wasn't the one who invited him to the mansion. Bob then revealed himself and announced that he knew of their affair. He then shocked both Kim and Tyler by revealing his vasectomy, meaning that Tyler is the father of Kim's baby! Kim was horrified that Bob would keep that from her but he refused to allow her to place the blame of this situation on him. Bob told her that he would never forgive her for her betrayal. Soon after, Tyler showed up at the mansion and told Kim that he will be a part of their baby's life. He kissed her, which was witnessed by Bob. The two men got into a verbal spat which caused Kim to go into labour. She gave birth to a baby boy and named him Blake. She moved into the guest house on the Calimo mansion grounds, in hopes of still working her marriage with Bob work out. Tyler and Kim grew closer as they bonded over their baby; Bob saw a close moment between them.

Bob, meanwhile, continued to tell Felicia that time was wasting in his plan to take down Dominick. He was using Felicia to act crazy and make Dominick worry about his family. To help Felicia move along, Bob replaced her medication with taboo pills. Slowly, Felicia started to act more and more crazy. Leah and Jeff, meanwhile, planned their wedding. After Felicia acted out, the couple sent Paige off to Europe until Felicia had calmed down. Robbie and Victoria, meanwhile, also decided to go away on a couple getaway after Victoria admitted to Robbie that she was jealous of his relationship with Leah. Robbie told Victoria that he and Leah were just friends because they were married for so long. After Shane and Natasha's wedding, both couples went to Lake Tahoe, unaware of each other's presence. At dinner, both couple's spotted each other and were slightly put off by their presence. Robbie vowed to Victoria that nothing would ruin their getaway. He proposed to Victoria, and she happily accepted. Felicia, meanwhile, showed up in Lake Tahoe determined to stop Leah from marrying Jeff as she believed Jeff didn't like her very much. Jeff and Leah were married but afterwards when Leah was alone in the hotel room, Felicia showed up. A crazed Felicia kidnapped Leah and took her to a nearby farm house. When Leah woke up, she smelled gas and realized that the gas line was open. Felicia continued to try to light a fire, despite Leah's objections. Jeff, meanwhile, realized that Leah was missing and called Dominick and Robbie to help find her. Robbie tracked Leah down at the farm house and rushed there just as Felicia started a fire in the house. Leah demanded that Robbie get Felicia out of the house and then come back for her. As Robbie rushed Felicia out of the house, the house exploded with Leah still inside! Leah was declared dead, leaving Robbie, Dominick and Jeff all devastated. Paige came home a teenager for Leah's memorial service. Felicia was in a coma after the explosion and when she was waking up, she mumbled Bob's name which Dominick heard. At Leah's memorial service, Felicia lashed out at Bob, causing everyone to realize that Bob had a role in Leah's death. Robbie disowned his father and vowed to never forgive him. Leah hadn't updated her will in a few years, and thus Paige and Robbie were left with everything. Robbie and Felicia both thought that Jeff was responsible for Leah's death and started to tell Paige the same thing. Paige accused Jeff of killing her mother and was devastated. Robbie then shocked Jeff by kicking him out the house and moving back into the house Robbie shared with Leah. Victoria was appalled by Robbie's behaviour but he told her that he was doing what Leah wanted; Victoria didn't by it. Jeff, meanwhile, was offered a place to stay by Meggan. Jeff agreed but Paige refused to live with the woman that killed her brother, Noah. Paige decided to stay with Robbie, which thrilled him. Meggan and Jeff grew closer and shared a kiss, which Robbie saw. On New Year's Eve, Jeff and Meggan made love. Victoria, meanwhile, told Robbie that she doesn't know who he is anymore. He tried to convince her that he is the same man that wants to marry her, but she said if he wants to prove it then he has to give Jeff the house back. After seeing Jeff and Meggan kiss, Robbie told Victoria that he can't do that. Victoria ended their engagement and struggled to move on with her life.

Dominick continued to worry about Felicia and her mental state. Soon, her doctor from Switzerland arrived in town but Dominick didn't trust Frederick at first. Frederick convinced Dominick to let him care for Felicia as he knows her history. Frederick, however, had feelings for Felicia. Dominick continued to tell Frederick that he is married to Felicia, which upset Eva. Eva told Dominick if he wants to move forward with their relationship, he would have to divorce Felicia. Dominick fumed when he spotted Frederick and Felicia kiss.

Adam and Helen agreed to look into her past to see if she has any family out there. Adam secretly worried about what Helen would find when she found her family but they still got Madeline to look into her past. When Shane put out a declaration for Cassie, the couple worried that the crazed woman would come back into their life, so they sent Dawn to Europe for a while to keep her safe. Madeline soon uncovered where Helen's parents are living. Reg and Barbara Mills were floored when Helen showed up on their doorstep. Reg, however, was not the nicest man in the world. A chain smoking, verbally abusive Reg was very hard on chuch-going Barbara. Still, they met with Helen was thrilled to see their daughter back in their lives. When Adam went to visit, Reg made it very clear that he didn't like Adam. Adam left early causing Helen to be upset with her husband. The couple rejoiced when a teenage Dawn returned home but she quickly grew tired of their parents constant fighting. A family trip to visit Reg and Barbara turned ugly when Adam decided to leave early. At home, Adam and Helen continued to fight until Dawn broke up a fight. Helen decided to go and visit her parents alone; while she was there, Reg suffered a stroke.

Shane and Natasha got engaged and planned a wedding. Shane put out a declaration for Cassie: either she responds to the declaration or their marriage would be annulled. Cassie didn't respond, so their marriage ended. Shane, meanwhile, told Natasha that he was thinking of taking over the Chief of Staff position. Natasha was thrilled for him but then learned that she was pregnant. Natasha worried that a baby at this time in their lives wouldn't be a good thing; she scheduled an abortion but Shane discovered that she was pregnant and stopped the procedure. Shane told Natasha that he will make his new position and being a father worked. The two were married in a lavish wedding ceremony. Afterwards, however, the couple continued to argue about the COS position. The stress caused by the fighting sent Natasha into premature labour. She gave birth to a son, which they named Jacob. Jacob, because he was premature, didn't have properly developed lungs and was in ICU. Adam and Natasha grew closer as they both felt shut out from Shane and Helen, respectively. They shared a kiss but quickly regretted it. The night of the hospital gala, Shane and Natasha had another fight because he was about to take over as COS. Helen, meanwhile, also shut Adam out when she and Dawn went to see a hospitalized Reg. Helen overheard Dawn talk to Reg about waking up so her family could be reunited; Helen felt back for shutting Adam out and asked Dawn to go and get Adam so he could be with them. Meanwhile, Natasha and Adam saw each other outside of Shane's office. They ended up kissing again which escalated into making love. Dawn saw the couple making love on Shane's desk and was horrified by what she saw. In the aftermath, Dawn became upset with Adam and Natasha, which baffled Helen. Natasha and Adam agreed that the affair was a mistake and they both mended fences with their spouses. Natasha, however, started to feel dizzy.

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