2016 Recap

Natasha continued to feel dizzy on different occasions. She took Jacob to the hospital one afternoon so he can have a check-up with his lungs and Dawn happened to be the candy stripper to help Natasha. Wanting revenge on the woman who slept with her father, Dawn purposely withheld Jacob's medication from him. Shortly after, Jacob had a relapse and was rushed to the hospital. Shane and Natasha stuck by Jacob's side and he was released. Natasha, meanwhile, overheard Dawn admit to Paige that she withheld his medication. Despite feeling dizzy, Natasha confronted Dawn, who revealed that she knew about Adam and Natasha's affair. Desperate to get away from Natasha, Dawn pushed her down the stairs. At the hospital, Natasha couldn't remember the night of the accident but Victoria told her that she suffered a miscarriage. Natasha realized that Adam was the father of the baby.

Adam, meanwhile, broke up a disagreement between Barbara and Reg. In the wake, Reg collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Adam was with Reg when Reg told Adam he is worthless. Reg passed away leaving Barbara and Helen devastated. Helen blamed Adam for Reg's death because she knew that her husband didn't like her father. Adam tried to make it up to Helen to no avail. Following Natasha's accident, Adam and Helen reached out to Dawn, who shut them out because she couldn't handle Adam's affair.

Following being released from the hospital, Natasha fell into a depression. Mourning the death of her unborn child, she started to shut out baby Jacob leaving Shane wondering what was going on with his wife. Victoria, meanwhile, encouraged Natasha to be honest with Natasha until she realized that Shane wasn't the father of Natasha's baby. Slowly, Natasha's memory of the night of the accident came back to her. She confronted Dawn, who blackmailed Natasha into silence by threatening to reveal the affair. Natasha agreed but Shane picked up on the difference in his wife and pressed her to come clean. She continued to say that she was fine. On the night of the summer storm, Shane read Natasha's file and learned that she was pregnant when she was brought into the hospital after falling down the stairs. Shane realized that she must have cheated and left the hospital. He was in an minor car accident. He confronted Natasha and she admitted that she slept with Adam. Shane was devastated and ordered his wife out. On Christmas Day, he sent Natasha divorce papers. Shane also shared a couple of stolen kisses with Paige, unaware she had a crush on him.

Barbara and Helen were shocked to learn that Reg had debt. To ensure her mother kept some inheritance, Helen offered to pay the debts which annoyed Adam and further created a rift between them. Barbara then overheard a conversation between Adam and Natasha. She encouraged Shane to keep digging into his wife's past. On the night of the summer storm, Barbara couldn't keep the secret anymore and she revealed to Helen that Natasha and Adam slept together. Adam admitted it and Helen slapped Natasha. Helen asked Adam to move out. Natasha then revealed to Adam and Natasha that Dawn had been blackmailing her into silence. Dawn admitted the truth and then ran away from home. She went to the Calimo cabin and stayed in the guest house and started to get high with Paige's male friend, Max. The two formed a friendship as Dawn tried to convince Paige to pursue her crush on Shane as another way to get revenge on Natasha. Adam and Helen, meanwhile, separated and he moved out at her request. She started being friendly with Chris.

Cory and Rebecca continued their affair even though both realized it was wrong. Rebecca began texting someone mysterious. It turned out to be Melissa, who was working with Rebecca on a plan to break up Cory and Robin. Dominick saw Melissa and Rebecca talking and wondered what they were up too. Cory, meanwhile, called off the affair with Rebecca, who had fallen in love with him. Robin started to show signs of progress and called Cory. Cory visited his wife and realized that her mood changed after she was medicated. He started to investigate the drugs that Robin was on and realized that they were not the right medication for her. He went to confront Robin's doctor and was floored to see Melissa there. Melissa introduced him to Robin's doctor: Caroline Fitzpatrick, Liam's sister! Cory realized that Caroline was helping Melissa drug Robin to keep her in the hospital as a way to avenge Liam's death. Cory realized that he had to get Robin out of the hospital so he broke in and helped her escape. They left the hospital but as they were running off, Caroline shot Cory! He was rushed to the hospital but he was okay. Robin and Cory reunited and made love. Caroline took off after shooting Cory. Melissa told Rebecca to play along with their plan as it wasn't over yet. On New Year's Eve, Melissa shocked Cory and Robin by announcing that Rebecca is pregnant with Cory's baby!
As tensions between Jeff and Robbie increased, Paige felt like she was caught in the middle of her biological father and the man she believed was her father. Robbie and Paige were disgusted that Jeff slept with Meggan. He ended things with Meggan but they were still drawn to each other. Victoria, meanwhile, grew more and more frustrated with Robbie's actions following Leah's death. She dumped him. Paige admitted to Bob that she felt alone so Bob offered her a place to stay. She agreed. Robbie was livid that Bob, whom Robbie blamed for Leah's death, was now interfering with Paige. Paige moved into the mansion with Bob. Victoria then saw Jeff and Meggan together and realized that they were going to pursue a relationship. Acting out of hurt, Victoria suggested to Jeff that he sue Robbie for half of Leah's estate. Jeff sued Robbie and they forced Paige to tearfully take the stand in court. In the end, Jeff was awarded half of Leah's estate, including the house. Robbie was livid. Victoria was then in a car accident with a drunken Andy. Robbie rushed to her side; she wasn't seriously injured but it made the couple realize that life is too short. They reunited but Robbie insisted that they didn't have any more secrets. Victoria felt guilty with the fact that she told Jeff to sue Robbie for custody. Jeff and Meggan, meanwhile, got engaged which upset Paige. Jeff told Paige that he wants them to move forward but she said they never would as long as Jeff was marrying Meggan. Paige overheard Victoria admit to Donovan her role in Robbie losing half of Leah's estate. He convinced his sister to tell Robbie the truth but when Victoria went to , he shocked her by proposing. The engaged couple revealed their news to Paige, who in turn revealed Victoria's secret to Robbie. Robbie was horrified and dumped Victoria.

While Kim tried to get back together with Bob, Tyler continued to pursue her. Kim, however, was determined to make her marriage work. She continued to tell Tyler that she was not interested. Rejected, Tyler ended up in bed with Trenyce! They both agreed, however, that the sex was a mistake. Bob and Kim seemingly grew closer. She surprised him with a birthday party and she ended defended their marriage to Tyler, in front of Bob. Bob realized that Kim did want to get back together with him. Bob presented his wife with an ultimatum: they can get back together, if she gives up baby Blake! Kim admitted to Andy she was struggling with a decision. Bob returned home and saw Kim holding a suit case - he assumed she was moving back in with him but Kim told him that she couldn't leave her child and left her husband. In the wake of leaving him, Kim and Tyler grew closer. After sharing some kisses, the two made love again. Tyler asked Kim for them to start a family together, she agreed. What the two hadn't realized is that Dominick took a photo of them kissing. Dominick showed Bob, who suffered a stroke. Kim learned of Bob's medical crisis and rushed to the hospital. There, she learned that Bob had lost his memory of the last year. Craig urged Kim to play along as Bob's loving wife so they don't hurt his chances of recovery. Tyler agreed but quickly grew impatient. He proposed to Kim, but she turned him down telling him that she had to stay with Bob until he was recovered. Bob and Kim, meanwhile, continue to grow closer and shared a kiss on New Year's Eve. Tyler was upset that he didn't see Kim on New Year's and ended up in bed - with Trenyce.

Andy continued to drink in the wake of Reese's death. Kim, Trenyce, Savannah and Donovan were all worried about him but he insisted he was fine. He crashed Bob's surprise birthday party and got wasted. Kim sent him to bed but he ended up leaving with Victoria. He crashed his car; luckily both Andy and Victoria were okay. Shortly after, Kim found her brother passed out in his own vomit. Another trip to the hospital for Andy, but he again insisted he was fine. Kim, Trenyce, Savannah and Donovan realized that they needed to hold an intervention with him. They agreed to go to the cabin with Andy to hold the intervention. Andy and Savannah went first, but the summer storm came and the others were delayed in coming. Alone at the cabin during the storm, Savannah was horrified to see that Andy packed some whiskey. He got drunk while she pleaded with him to stop drinking. Frustrated that he refused to listen, she went for a bath. While in the bath, the radio fell into the tub and electrocuted Savannah! In the morning, Trenyce, Kim & Donovan arrived at the cabin. They found Andy passed out and smelled something foul. Trenyce found a dead Savannah in the bathtub. In the wake of Savannah's death, Andy admitted that he had a drinking problem and agreed to get help.

Following their blotched wedding, Savannah was devastated by Chris' scheme to use her to get Andrew away from her. She confessed to Frederick that she didn't know if she would be able to trust again. Chris, meanwhile, tried to apologize to Savannah and claimed that he still had feelings for her. She refused to forgive him. Chris and Trenyce seemingly grew closer. Once Daisy's and Trenyce's Aunt Jemma arrived in town, she started to plant the idea in Trenyce and Chris' head to start looking for their own child. Frederick, meanwhile told Savannah to not forgive Chris or Trenyce. He convinced Savannah to alter her will. Soon, however, both Trenyce and Chris tried to apologize to Savannah again and she forgave them. Savannah even encouraged Trenyce to look for her real child. During the summer storm, Savannah died at the Calimo cabin when she was electrocuted. Trenyce found her and was devastated. Chris, Trenyce and Frederick all mourned the child. Trenyce and Chris became hopeful that they would get custody of Andrew in Savannah's will. At the will reading however, Frederick was awarded custody of the child and he vowed to never let Trenyce and Chris see the child. Chris, meanwhile started to develop feelings for Trenyce but when he saw her with Tyler, he started to form a friendship with Helen.

Eva told Dominick that she was tired of waiting for him to divorce Felicia. Dominick continued to tell her that he couldn't leave Felicia while she was still so fragile. Dominick finally suggested to Felicia that she undergo hypnosis to help remember the events leading up to Leah's death. Felicia and Frederick agreed. While under hypnosis, however, Frederick was alarmed to hear Felicia claim that she still loves her husband. After multiple sessions, however, Felicia's memory returned. She confronted Bob for drugging her at his birthday party and slapped him. Dominick, Tyler and Frederick all supported her. Dominick, meanwhile, continued to work with Robbie to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death. He snapped a picture of Tyler kissing Kim and showed Bob the picture. He also revealed that Robbie was working with him to help him get his revenge. Bob suffered a stroke and Dominick left him for dead. Eva happened to find him and rushed him to the hospital. Eva questioned Dominick if he had any involvement but Dominick kept mum. Frederick, meanwhile, suggested to Felicia that she undergo more hypnosis to see if she has anything else in her subconscious that she isn't remembering; Felicia agreed, despite reservations from Eva & Dominick. While under, Frederick started planting seeds in her mind that Felicia didn't love Dominick anymore. Dominick was soon surprised to hear Felicia tell him that she doesn't love him anymore. Eva, meanwhile, dumped Dominick as she grew tired of waiting for him. Dominick then filed for divorce from Felicia. He told this to Eva, who wondered about Felicia's sudden change of heart. She suspected that Frederick was in on it and broke into his office. While in the office, she overheard Frederick and Jemma talking - she learned their past connection! Later, Eva broke back into his office and read Frederick's notes on Felicia. Felicia, meanwhile, couldn't sign the divorce papers.

While planning their wedding, Daisy told Vinny that she wanted to invite her Aunt Jemma to come to the wedding. Jemma soon arrived and stayed with Vinny and Daisy. After a few run -in's with Frederick, it was clear that Jemma shared a secret past with the doctor. Daisy picked up on the tension between the two and asked Jemma about her past. Jemma claimed that nothing happened between her and Frederick. Daisy planned a dinner party, however, to try to get to the bottom of it. Unbeknownst to Daisy, Meggan overheard Frederick and Jemma speaking and learned the truth about their past. On New Year's, Daisy saw the two talking again and vowed to uncover the truth. Jemma, meanwhile, told Frederick that their secret was wearing on her.

Craig was surprised to learn that Donovan was the man from Lukas' past. He pressed his boyfriend for details on his past relationship with Donovan, but Lukas kept mum. Donovan and Lukas, meanwhile, caught up and reflected on their past. Both Donovan and Craig asked Lukas if he was ready to come out of the closet yet as he hadn't revealed the truth to Frederick yet. Lukas claimed that he wasn't ready. Craig became increasingly frustrated with his boyfriend for not coming out and for his time spent with Donovan. During the summer storm, Donovan and Lukas were trapped in an elevator together and they shared a kiss. Finally, Craig learned that Lukas was with Donovan during the storm and confronted his boyfriend. Lukas admitted that he has feelings for both men. Craig told him that he had to choose. Lukas confided in Meggan, who encouraged her brother to come clean. On New Year's Eve, Craig kissed Donovan and told him that he was tired of waiting for Lukas to make up his mind. Lukas, meanwhile, befriended a sober Andy.

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