At the start of the New Year, Natasha was trying to convince Shane to give their marriage another chance, despite Shane indicating he wanted a divorce. Natasha, however, supported Shane when the hospital began their investigation into how he learned about Natasha's miscarriage. Dawn, meanwhile, continued to push Paige into pursing her crush on the doctor. At Andy's gala for Reese, Natasha convinced Shane to go to the cabin with her so they could work on their marriage. Bob suffered a stroke, so Natasha went to the hospital first and Shane went to the cabin. Dawn learned and convinced Paige to head up to the cabin. At the cabin, Paige and Shane grew closer and shared a kiss while they got drunk together. Shane told her that they could only be friends and went to bed. In the morning, however, he woke up with a naked Paige next to her. He asked her what happened but Natasha arrived and saw them half-dressed together. She assumed the worst and confronted them; Paige admitted that they had sex! Shane, however, couldn't remember due to the alcohol intake. Paige pleaded with Shane not to say anything to her parents, but Natasha spilled the beans to Jeff and Robbie. Robbie had Shane arrested for statutory rape. Paige, meanwhile, felt guilty about lying that she and Shane slept together, but Dawn convinced her that by pretending that she and Shane did have sex, she would eventually end up with Shane. Shane, meanwhile, got a lawyer and the lawyer told Shane that they would put Paige under a medical exam to prove if she had sex or not, because Shane was positive that he wouldn't have slept with a minor. Shane was also disheartened to realize that Natasha was believing Paige's story, instead of believing in Shane's innocence. Natasha maintained that she didn't know why Paige would lie. Paige, meanwhile, learned that she would have to undergo a medical exam and freaked out. To help her, Dawn gave Paige a sex toy to use on herself. Paige did so and then had the exam. At the trial, everything looked bleak for Shane as everyone seemingly backed Paige's story, including Natasha. On the witness stand, Paige tearfully admitted the truth, however: she had lied about having sex with Shane! Shane, Dawn and Paige were all free to go, but the Judge ordered all of them to court-ordered therapy. In the aftermath, Shane told Natasha that their marriage was over, but she continued to want to make it work.

Kim and Bob began growing closer as she continued to care for him as he recovered from his stroke. She was pleased with her husband when he offered Andy to use his mansion as the venue for Reese's benefit. Kim, also, continued to tell Tyler that she was in love with her husband. At the benefit, Bob had heated words with Dominick and Tyler which caused him to have another stroke. Kim rushed him to the hospital and blasted Tyler for his role in Bob's second stroke. The stroke, however, caused Bob's memory to return. He lied about getting his memory back, because he wanted to keep Kim for himself. He believed if Kim learned that Bob's memory was back, she would leave him and go back to Tyler. Bob continued to break up any time Tyler and Kim were having together. Soon, however, Tyler realized that Bob's memory was back and confronted him, which Kim overheard. Kim confronted her husband, who admitted the truth. Kim left the mansion. Meanwhile, Tyler told Dominick that he wanted Robertson Enterprises to come out with a facial cream, at the same time Kim was working on one for Roboto. Kim realized that she should be with Tyler after the truth about Bob's memory came back. When she went to tell him her decision, she saw Tyler in bed with Trenyce! Devastated, Kim realized that she needed to make her marriage work. She went to Bob and they made amends. Bob was thrilled and told Kim to keep working on the facial cream. Bob revealed to her that he had to go to rehab since he had a second stroke. Thinking about how Kim had an affair with Tyler before, Bob gave his wife a "free pass" to be with a man while he was away. Robbie, seeing an opportunity to get revenge on Bob for his role in Leah's death, started to support Kim and flirt with her. Following Eva and Dominick's wedding, Robbie slept with Kim. Bob returned home and saw them in bed! Bob demanded to know what was going on. Robbie admitted that he used Kim as an act of revenge. Kim slapped him and stormed off. Robbie was crushed when Victoria learned the truth and was devastated. Robbie left the mansion, leaving Bob and Victoria alone. They decided to go after Robbie and they were in a car accident. Kim, meanwhile, realized that her marriage was over. She shared a close moment with Tyler, who revealed that he was struggling with part of the formula for Robertson Enterprises facial cream. Afterwards, Kim sent Tyler a copy of Roboto's facial cream formula. She then learned about Bob and Victoria's car accident and raced to the hospital. There, Bob and Robbie made up after Bob told him that they can't keep hurting one another. Robbie agreed. Kim entered and Robbie apologized to her. She forgave him. Kim and Bob then made up as well when Bob told her that he still loves her. Kim agreed to put their marriage back on track as Bob pressed her for no more secrets. Kim didn't mention that she sent Tyler the formula, however. After he was released, Bob was livid to learn that Robertson Enterprises released their facial cream first. He wondered if Roboto had an internal spy, which worried Kim. Bob ordered a complete internal audit of Roboto, hoping to find out who sent Robertson Enterprises the formula but it turned up with nothing. Bob then asked Kim to interview all the employees to see who she felt was lying. Tyler, meanwhile, told Kim he would keep her secret, if she agreed to have one more night with him. Shocked, Kim refused but after Bob's request, she showed up at Tyler's and they made love.

Earlier in the year, Trenyce and Tyler continued to be friends with benefits. While this was happening, Eva and Dominick planned their wedding, as Eva continued to be upset with Frederick for brainwashing Felicia. Frederick, however, continued to tell her that if she kept his secret, she could have Dominick. Shortly after, Felicia and Dominick signed their divorce papers and shared a close moment in the process. Eva, however, was thrilled that his marriage was finally over. On the day of Eva and Dominick's wedding, Felicia showed up with Frederick and he kissed her. Trenyce, meanwhile, was at Tyler's house and she decided to go for a bath. She grabbed Felicia's IPod instead of hers and was horrified to hear Frederick's subliminal messages to Felicia. Trenyce realized that she had to stop the wedding, but she was too late: Eva and Dominick married! At the reception, Trenyce told Tyler the truth, who confronted Frederick. Felicia was horrified to learn that Frederick had been brainwashing her; she slapped him and told him that she hated him. Frederick tried to justify his actions but no one listened. He did keep Eva's role in the plan a secret however. Frederick blackmailed Eva into helping him convince Felicia to forgive him. Eva tried, but failed at getting Felicia back on board. Frederick, meanwhile, also tried to get back into Felicia's good graces to no avail, but he did mention to her that he has a surprise for her.

Max tried to convince Dawn to move back home but she refused to go. Adam, meanwhile, was upset with Helen's new friendship with Chris, despite her trying to say it was just a friendship. Trenyce, however, saw Chris and Helen kiss and was upset by it. Helen also enjoyed the kiss from Chris and told Adam and Dawn that she was moving on with Chris. Adam was livid with his wife for not at least trying to make their marriage work. Dawn was upset as well, but after the truth about her role in Paige's sex scandal with Shane, the Judge ordered Dawn to move back home. Max, meanwhile, started to act weird when he saw Adam. Shane, Dawn and Paige were all shocked to see their new therapist: Cassie Nova! Cassie explained to Shane that after she left town, she had surgery to look like her normal self again and that she wanted to do something meaningful with her life, which is why she became a doctor. Adam, meanwhile, was floored to learn that Max is his son that he had with Cassie! Max refused to listen to anything Adam said, but Cassie encouraged her son to have a relationship with Adam. Helen and Dawn, meanwhile, were shocked to learn that Max is Adam's son. Dawn asked her friend how he could lie to her, but he said he only realized who Adam was recently. Max, also asked Robin for a job as a photographer at Robertson Enterprises. After seeing his work, Robin agreed, unaware that Max had developed a crush on her. Max wasn't amused that Robin and Adam were such good friends. Dawn, meanwhile, was not happy that Helen was moving on with Chris. She saw them in bed and ran away from home again. Shelley Hamilton, a lesbian bartender, found Dawn on the streets and took her in. Dawn accepted and the two formed a friendship.

Chris and Trenyce decided to take Jemma's advice and try to locate their biological child. They asked Meggan to look into it; Meggan agreed. Trenyce worried that her heart would get broken again if they didn't find the child. She continued to sleep with Tyler as she hated seeing Chris and Helen grow closer. When Tyler believed he and Kim had a chance, he ended his affair with Trenyce. Chris, meanwhile, continued to clash with Frederick. Frederick, wanting revenge, asked Meggan to send the couple on a wild goose chase with finding their real child. After Frederick promised to let Meggan use her childhood home (a winery in Santa Barbara) as the venue to her wedding to Jeff, Meggan agreed. Chris and Trenyce went on a couple of false leads and were upset when they always lead to nothing. While they were in Santa Barbara, they were shocked to see a grown up Andrew at the winery. Andrew explained to them that he was working there in the summer. Trenyce was upset when Andrew seemingly blamed her and Chris for Savannah's death and he was cold to them. After the trip, Andrew returned to Twin Peaks, much to Trenyce's delight. They seemingly had a close moment on Christmas, after Andrew learned the truth about how Savannah died and he realized that Frederick had lied to him.

Jemma, meanwhile, continued to insist to Daisy and Vinny that she wasn't hiding anything in her past. Daisy agreed to believe her Aunt and she focused on planning her wedding. Soon, however, Jemma started having nightmares in which she was calling out Frederick's name. Since Jemma refused to be honest with her, Daisy confronted Frederick. To ensure that no one learned his past with Jemma, Frederick suggested that Daisy & Vinny use the winery as a venue for their wedding. Frederick believed it would be an olive branch to the families. Daisy agreed, but Jemma was furious, as she knew what happened at the winery years ago. In Santa Barbara, the day of the double wedding (Daisy and Vinny got married with Jeff and Meggan), a huge rain storm hit and Jemma's memories slowly came flooding back to her. After the wedding, Jemma fainted from the stress of reliving the moment. When she woke up, she told Frederick that she couldn't lie anymore. Jemma revealed that she was the nanny that looked after Meggan and Lukas as children; her husband was the wine maker at the estate. One night, Frederick caught his wife and Jemma's husband in bed together and wanted revenge, so he raped Jemma, which left her pregnant with twin girls, Daisy and Danielle. Frederick protested that he didn't rape Jemma, but she stuck to her story. Daisy was horrified to learn that she was the product of rape and that Jemma had been lying about this for years. Jemma maintained that Frederick was paying her to be silent and that she only lied because no one would have believed her at the time it happened. Meggan and Lukas were stunned to learn they had a new half sibling. Once back in Twin Peaks, Daisy asked Jemma to move out of the mansion as she needed time to process the information. Jemma agreed and then fell ill afterwards.

Meggan and Jeff struggled to find their relationship in the New Year. Robbie, meanwhile, refused to forgive Victoria for her telling Jeff to sue him for half of Leah's estate. Robbie and Jeff, however, came together when the sex scandal with Paige came out. They buried the hatchet and worked together for Paige, causing Victoria and Meggan to wonder if the feud was over. After the truth came out, Jeff proposed to Meggan and she accepted. They soon agreed to be married in Santa Barbara. Paige, however, was not happy with the fact that her Dad was going to marry Meggan and she asked him not to marry her, but Jeff told her that he was going forward with it. Robbie and Victoria, meanwhile, got engaged after Robbie and Bob made amends following Robbie's affair with Kim. Robbie vowed that he would treat Victoria better this go-around. In Santa Barbara, a mysterious figure was walking around the estate. Meggan and Paige both saw the figure, but had no idea who it was. On the day of the wedding, a huge rain storm hit. Jeff and Meggan got married; at the reception, Paige went into the west wing and saw the mysterious person and screamed. Meggan, meanwhile, saw the figure rush out in the storm and followed them. In the rain, Meggan was shocked to see a woman who looked like Leah! Jeff soon came out and also saw the woman. Paige, meanwhile, told everyone that she saw Leah. Robbie and Dominick tried to tell her that she was seeing things. In the morning, Jeff revealed Leah to everyone. Frederick told Felicia that Leah was the surprise he had for her; he had been keeping Leah at the estate since the explosion in Lake Tahoe because Leah has amnesia. Leah admitted that the last thing she remembers was marrying Robbie! Paige was crushed that her mother didn't remember her. In Twin Peaks, Shane did a DNA test proving that the woman is Leah. He also indicated that she has swelling of the brain, which could be why she has amnesia. Shane told Leah's family to play along with her so Leah wouldn't be confused. Jeff and Victoria were crushed when Robbie moved back in with Leah and pretended to be her husband. Paige also started spending time with Leah, in hopes that her memory would come back. Jeff and Meggan learned that their marriage was invalid because he's still married to Leah.

Robin was devastated when Melissa revealed that Rebecca was pregnant with Cory's baby. She dumped Cory and told him that she couldn't be with him after he slept with her sister and got her pregnant. Rebecca, meanwhile, told Melissa that she was going to play along with her plan, but she was worried since knew she wasn't really pregnant. Melissa revealed to her that Caroline Fitzpatrick is pregnant and was willing to give up her baby to Rebecca to keep Robin and Cory apart as a way to avenge Liam's death. Rebecca was floored but agreed since she had fallen in love with Cory. Caroline, during the pregnancy, however, experience terrible cramping. Rebecca then had to lie to Cory about the reason that he wasn't allowed to go into any doctor appointments with her since Caroline was the one actually getting a check up; Cory was suspicious but believed Rebecca's story as he believed it was Melissa that was behind Rebecca's odd behaviour. Cory, upset that Robin dumped him, grew closer to Natasha as her marriage was also falling apart. Cory told Natasha that he wanted to get a restraining order on Melissa so she wouldn't have access to his baby. Robin, meanwhile, grew closer to Adam as she leaned on him during Rebecca's pregnancy. Caroline went into labour; the baby girl had a blocked heart valve. Cory agreed to let the baby girl have surgery, but Caroline arrived and was visibly distraught. Having a sick baby, Caroline couldn't keep up the lie anymore and revealed the truth to Cory and Robin, who were shocked. Robin verbally attacked Melissa and Rebecca, who tried to apologize. They skipped town after Robin told them she never wanted to see them again. Cory went to Robin and tried to get her to get back together with him, but she told him she can't get over the fact that he slept with Rebecca. She sent him divorce papers. Cory and Natasha then ended up in bed together.

The town reeled that Cassie was back in town. Adam, Helen, Shane and Natasha all confronted her, but Cassie insisted that she was a changed woman. In therapy, Cassie encouraged Dawn to come clean about a harbouring secret she is keeping. She also told Shane to let his marriage go. He ended up serving Natasha with divorce papers; she eventually signed them. Cassie and Shane shared a surprise kiss, but she apologized to him for kissing him. On New Year's Eve, Shane saw Cory and Natasha kissing so he went up to Cassie and kissed her passionately.

Lukas continued to tell Craig and Donovan that he couldn't come out to Frederick, scared of his father's reaction. Finally, Lukas told Andy that he was going to leave town so he wouldn't be hurting the two men anymore. Andy then revealed to Craig and Donovan that Lukas left town. While Lukas was away, Craig pursued Donovan. Donovan finally gave in and the two became lovers. They went to Santa Barbara together, and were shocked to see Lukas there. Craig scolded Lukas for running away and not telling Frederick the truth. Donovan and Andy defended Lukas to Craig, who felt on the outside. After the trip, Donovan was floored to see Lukas back in town. Lukas revealed that he was ready to come clean with Frederick. Lukas told Frederick the truth; only Frederick refused to accept it and threatened to disinherit Lukas if he didn't get help. Lukas was shocked. By New Year's Eve, Lukas told Donovan that he still loved him.

Frederick was visited by almost everyone in town and was seemingly threatened before he was shot by a mysterious assailant. A new cop, Simona Lopez, investigated and realized that Lukas, Andy, Donovan, Craig, Andrew, Robbie, Victoria, Meggan, Jeff, Leah, Paige, Eva, Dominick, Felicia, Tyler, Trenyce, Chris, Vinny, Jemma and Daisy were all suspects. Frederick opened his eyes and asked for Lopez again. On New Year's Eve, someone snuck into Frederick's hospital room and smothered him, which left him dead.

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