The year started with Simona Lopez investigating Frederick's murder, as he was smothered on New Year's Eve. Felicia, Dominick, Leah, Paige, Meggan, Jeff, Victoria, Robbie, Tyler, Eva, Daisy, Vinny, Chris, Trenyce, Jemma, Lukas, Donovan, Andy, Craig and Andrew were all questioned as Lopez had video footage of each of them visiting Frederick the night was shot. After the questioning, Lopez's top two suspects were Chris and Lukas. Chris, however, moved to the front of the line because Andrew revealed that he heard Chris threaten to kill Frederick months earlier. Lopez then caught Chris throwing away his gun; he claimed he didn't want it in the house anymore. Test results proved, however, that Chris' gun was used recently and it uses the same kind of bullets that shot Frederick. Chris was arrested.

Meggan and Lukas, meanwhile, did actually mourn their father, despite everyone else claiming that they hated him. Felicia showed up to his memorial service as well, while Daisy struggled to come to terms with the fact that Frederick raped Jemma, which resulted in her and Danielle being born. The new found siblings struggled to be a family unit.

Trenyce stood by Chris' side while he was in jail. Chris, however, was upset that Helen didn't come to see him. Barbara, meanwhile, was telling Helen that the Chris was guilty and she should dump him. Trenyce then learned that Andrew told Lopez about Chris threatening Frederick and told Andrew that he has to stop hurting people who loved him. Natasha, meanwhile, was able to prove that Chris had an alibi the night of Frederick's murder, and Chris was released from jail. Chris confronted Andrew about what he revealed, but Andrew told Chris off.

Lopez, still needing a conviction, went after Lukas next. She discovered his finger prints on the Richardson gun. She also found a pair of gloves that Lukas was hiding that had gun residue on them. Lukas vowed that he never killed his father, but he was arrested the night of the ice storm. Earlier, Donovan confessed to Andy that he was worried that Lukas would react badly if he knew that he and Craig had become lovers while they dated. Andy encouraged his friend to come clean, but Donovan asked Craig to keep quiet. Craig told Donovan that Lukas should already know, but agreed to keep mum. Shortly after, Donovan and Lukas reunited. Donovan stood by Lukas when he was arrested. At his trial, Lois Kam got Donovan to admit on the witness stand that he and Craig were in bed the night Frederick was shot. Lukas was gutted. Meggan and Lukas also took the stand, but Lukas was found guilty. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison. In jail, Lukas befriend Will Coutts, after Will saved him from Tony, a bully in jail who wanted to make Lukas his bitch. Meggan and Donovan, meanwhile, worked over time trying to find something that would set Lukas free. They were shocked, however, when they learned that Lukas had been attacked in jail. They visited him and saw Lukas badly beaten up. Lukas refused to turn in Tony for the crime as he thought it would get worse in jail before it got better. Shortly after, Tony approached Lukas again and was about to rape him, when he was saved by two guards. At the same time, Vinny learned that Jemma was the one who killed Frederick and Lukas was released. Following his return to Twin Peaks, Lukas dumped Donovan because he was embarrassed by Donovan's on stand confession. Craig told Lukas to grow up, as Donovan was shattered but Lukas held his ground. After being rejected by Lukas a couple more times, Donovan and Craig kissed on New Year's Eve and ended up in bed. Lukas, meanwhile, was determined to move on with his life and kissed Andy. They ended up in bed together on New Year's Eve.

Chris lashed out at Helen for not visiting him when he was in jail and soon realized that it was because she thought he was guilty. Helen admitted that she believed this, but pleaded for Chris to forgive her. Chris was skeptical, but they grew closer again during the crisis of the ice storm. Trenyce, meanwhile, confessed to a comatose Jemma that she had fallen for Chris. Trenyce also reached out to Andrew and asked him to support the family while they were going through Jemma's crisis. To her surprise, he did but he still held his grudge against Chris. After Jemma passed away, Chris and Trenyce went to Meggan to ask her help to try to locate their biological child again. Andrew learned and wondered if he could prevent them from finding the child. Andrew and Paige, meanwhile, clashed the first few times they met. However, they bonded during the ice storm and soon shared some kisses. Donovan convinced Trenyce to tell Chris how she felt about him. Trenyce was nervous, but agreed to. She was surprised when Chris told her that he cared for her as well. They made love and Adam agreed to end his relationship with Helen. Andrew learned this and put a plan into motion. The night Chris was going to dump Helen, he drugged their wine and they passed out. In the morning, they woke up naked and in bed next to one another. They couldn't remember what happened, but assumed that they had sex. Trenyce arrived and was shocked by the scene. Helen was crushed to learn that Chris was going to dump her so she walked out. Trenyce slapped Chris, thinking he was back to his two timing ways. Andrew, meanwhile, was thrilled, which caused Paige to wonder why he was so happy.

Natasha was peeved to learn that Shane kissed Cassie on New Year's Eve. She confronted them, but they told her to butt out of their lives. Cory tried to tell Natasha to let it go, but she maintained that she couldn’t let her son be around Cassie. She soon confronted Cassie again; Cassie walked away from her and when Natasha went after her, she slipped and fell on the ice. At the hospital, Natasha was gutted to learn that she couldn't have any more children. Cory told Natasha that it didn't matter to him and showed his support by proposing to her. Cassie was annoyed, however, when Shane and Cory thought that she was responsible for Natasha's accident. Natasha cleared Cassie of any wrong doing. To make it up to Cassie, Shane asked her over to dinner. At the dinner, they were alarmed when they heard Jacob wheezing. They rushed him to the hospital; Shane and Natasha were devastated to learn that Jacob had developed a lung infection that had collapsed his left lung. If he didn't receive a lung transplant, the infection would spread to his right lung and he would die. Natasha blamed Cassie, but soon focused her energy on her son. Craig informed the parents that the likelihood of a donor was slim because of Jacob's young age. Cassie, meanwhile, started telling Cory that this crisis could push Shane and Natasha back together. Soon, Jacob took a turn for the worse. Natasha and Shane made the difficult decision to pull the plug on their son, as they wanted him to die with dignity.

Kim was reeling after sleeping with Tyler on New Year's Eve. She told him that she slept with him for the last time and did what he asked, so now he was to keep quiet to Bob that she gave him and Robertson Enterprises the formula for the facial cream. Tyler, however, was determined to make their family with Blake work. Kim slapped him and told him that she wouldn't leave Bob to be with him. Bob, meanwhile, wondered why Kim was acting so oddly. Andy didn't know any information for Bob. Kim finally told Tyler that she would rather tell Bob the truth than be with him. The night of the ice storm, Kim confessed her affair with Tyler to Bob and that she was the one who leaked the formula. Bob was livid and told Kim that they were over because he wouldn't forgive her for her lies. Kim was crushed and grabbed Blake to leave the hospital (they were visiting Natasha & Jacob). Kim was driving home in the ice storm when a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck t-boned her car and pushed her car into Jemma, who was standing outside the Pampa Grill. At the hospital, Kim had a minor injury but she and Tyler learned that Blake had gone braindead. Kim refused to believe that her son was gone forever and refused to accept it. Shortly after, Andy saw Natasha and Shane suffering and realized that Kim and Tyler could make things right if they donated Blake's lungs to a dying Jacob. Kim refused at first, but after talking to Tyler, she agreed. Just as Natasha and Shane were about to pull the plug on Jacob, Kim and Tyler revealed that they would donate Blake's lungs. Natasha and Shane were shocked. The transplant happened: Jacob received Blake's lungs. In the aftermath, Tyler and Kim both grieved the loss of their son. Eva, meanwhile, learned that it was a Robertson Enterprises semi-truck that hit Kim's car. She confronted Dominick, who swore that it was an accident. Tyler overheard them talking about it at Blake's memorial and was livid. He confronted his father, just as Kim entered the room. Kim slapped Dominick and Tyler disowned his father, who was left shattered. Kim vowed revenge on Dominick. Bob, meanwhile, told Kim that she wasn't alone in her grief and offered her to keep living at the mansion. Kim agreed. Shortly after, Kim went to the boutique and started it on fire as a way to get revenge on Dominick, unaware that Felicia was inside. Following the fire, Bob realized that Kim started the blaze and they made love. Andy was unnerved by their reunion, but Kim told him that Bob was good for her. Bob worried, however, that when Felicia woke up, she would be able to spill that Kim started the fire. Kim suggested that they brainwash Felicia into thinking she started the fire, the way Frederick had brainwashed her. Bob thought it was brilliant; he broke into Felicia's hospital room and planted a device that whispered to Felicia that she started the fire.

Daisy struggled with forgiving Jemma for keeping the truth about how she was conceived and who her parents are. Daisy was then shocked to learn that Frederick passed away as she never got to know her biological father. Vinny encouraged her to forgive Jemma, but Daisy insisted that she needed more time. Vinny visited Jemma at her hotel room, and thought it was odd that she had to "clean up" before he could come into her room. Shortly after, the ice storm hit. Jemma finally lashed out at Daisy for not moving on with her life. Needing to get some air, Jemma went outside and was then pegged between the Pampa Grill and Kim's car following the car accident. Daisy and Vinny called for help and rushed Jemma to the hospital. There, Daisy was devastated to learn that Jemma had fallen into a coma and likely wouldn't wake up because her internal organs were failing. Daisy refused to accept that Jemma was going to die because she just found her mother again. Vinny decided to bring some of Jemma's belongings to her room but Daisy refused to let him as she believed Jemma would wake up. Trenyce, Chris, Andrew and Vinny supported Daisy as Jemma remained in her coma. Simona Lopez, then, discovered that a piece of Jemma's hair had been found in Frederick's hospital room. Daisy refused to think that Jemma could have had something to do with Frederick's death. Vinny, meanwhile, continued to suspect something was going on with Jemma. He finally went into Jemma's room and found black clothing in a garbage bag. He turned it over to Lopez, who found DNA evidence that Jemma had killed Frederick. When Simona arrived at the hospital, Jemma went into cardiac arrest and died. Daisy lashed out at Vinny and Simona for killing her mother. Lukas, meanwhile, was saved from jail and struggled to have any sympathy for Jemma, which caused friction between Daisy, Meggan and Lukas. Daisy and Tyler, meanwhile started to grow closer as they were struggling with their grief following the ice storm. As she pushed Vinny away as she blamed him for Jemma's death, Daisy and Tyler shared a couple of stolen kisses and then almost made love.

Dominick and Eva were both questioned in Frederick's murder to start the year. Eva worried about Felicia being questioned as she wondered if the stress would cause her to go off her medication. Eva also feared that the truth about her helping Frederick brainwash Felicia would be revealed. Simona, meanwhile, discovered a note in Frederick's office that read "Eva Knows". Dominick told the detective he had no idea what it was about and when he confronted Eva, she seemingly covered. Leah had a memory flash of being in Santa Barbara, where she overheard Frederick and Eva talking on the telephone about the brainwashing, however. Leah revealed all to Dominick, who confronted his wife. Eva tearfully admitted the truth. Dominick told Felicia, who slapped Eva. Dominick told Eva he didn't know if they could make their marriage work. During the ice storm, Eva worried about Dominick and Felicia as they learned about Blake. Dominick and Eva grew closer after Blake died. Then, Eva learned that it was a Robertson Enterprises truck that hit Kim's car and confronted her husband. He told her that it was an accident; she supported him and together, they grew closer. When the truth about the semi-truck came out, Tyler and Felicia lashed out at Dominick. Eva continued to worry that Felicia was off her medication, which she was. Felicia went to the boutique and started smashing jars of the facial cream. Some scaffolding came lose and knocked Felicia out cold, just as Kim set the place on fire to get revenge on Dominick. Felicia was saved, but Simona believed that Felicia started the fire, which Dominick refused to believe. The family then learned that Felicia was off her medication, so Eva tried to tell Dominick that Felicia would be responsible. When Felicia woke up, she couldn't remember because of her head injury. Shortly, though, she remembered someone being outside of the boutique. Bob and Kim, meanwhile, decided to brainwash Felicia into thinking that she started the fire.

Following the transplant, Shane and Natasha learned about a rehab facility in New York that Jacob should attend. Natasha was skeptical at first because she didn't know if she should travel with Jacob after he just had his transplant, but she decided to go. Shane and Natasha went to NYC; while gone, Cassie continued to tell Cory that this situation might push Shane and Natasha back together. Cory refused to listen to her. In NYC, however, Shane and Natasha did almost kiss but they stopped. When they returned home, Cory asked Natasha what happened; she said nothing. Cory admitted to her that Cassie was feeding his head with the information. Natasha wondered why Cassie would do that. Shortly after, Cory and Natasha remarried in a simple ceremony. Cassie, meanwhile, realized that her relationship with Shane was causing Natasha discomfort, so she decided to keep pursuing Shane to stick it to Natasha. Natasha, meanwhile, wondered if Cassie was using Shane. Cory pleaded with his wife to let it go, as he surprised her by revealing that he wanted to have a baby with her, so he put their name on the adoption wait list. Natasha was thrilled.

Leah struggled with her memory loss at the start of the year. Victoria slowly grew fed up with Robbie pretending to be Leah's loving husband. Jeff and Meggan, meanwhile, grew closer as he supported her when Frederick died. Leah's memory came back completely during the ice storm, as the ordeal with Blake made her think of Noah. Paige was thrilled that her mother could finally remember her. Leah revealed to Jeff and Robbie that her memory was back. Robbie told Victoria that Leah's memory coming back would mean that they would be together. Leah, however, announced that she still felt the way she always had: she was in love with Robbie. Jeff agreed to divorce Leah; Meggan was thrilled that she would be with Jeff finally. Victoria, meanwhile, dumped Robbie as she grew tired of being his second choice. When Jeff and Leah went to the Judge to end their marriage, he refused to grant the divorce as Leah was presumed dead too quickly after they got married; they were ordered to make their marriage for 6 months. Robbie went back to Victoria, who told him that they were over for good. Victoria turned to Shane for support, and they ended up sharing a kiss on New Year's. Jeff and Leah, meanwhile, grew closer while living together. Jeff, however, couldn't stop thinking about Meggan. They ended up making love. Leah, then, realized that she had to make a choice between Robbie and Jeff for good. Meggan, meanwhile, was devastated when Jeff told her that their love making was a mistake because he does love Leah. At the same time, an old school friend, Brad Lawson, arrived in town and reconnected with Meggan. He made it clear to Meggan that his school crush on her had never left. Leah then announced that she wanted to stay with Jeff. Robbie left gutted, having lost both Leah and Victoria. Jeff and Leah reunited and made love, just as Meggan and Brad learned that Meggan was pregnant.

Robin told Max, who had kissed her on New Year's Eve, that that they should only be friends because she didn't see him that way. Max, who was in lust with the older former model, was crushed by what she said. He refused to give up, however, and they did grow closer while working together at Robertson Enterprises. Adam and Robin, meanwhile, also grew closer and ended up making love. Adam professed his love to Robin and they grew closer during the ice storm. Adam asked Cassie if she thought Max had a crush on Robin, but she said no. Cassie did, however, tell her son to go after the girl that he liked. Shortly after, Max overheard Adam reveal that he was planning to propose to Robin. Max realized that he had to do something to stop the proposal. The day of the Christmas ad campaign photo shoot, Max rigged some scaffolding to fall on to Adam, to prevent him from meeting Robin. Max was horrified when more scaffolding fell on Adam than he realized. He raced out of the boutique and saw Robin, who asked him what was wrong. He covered. Leah and Jeff found Adam and rushed him to the hospital, where he had internal bleeding. Adam survived surgery and didn't have any major issues, except that he was left impotent. Robin continued to question Max about the accident, and his story changed a little, which is cause for concern for her. Max, at the same time, was relieved that Adam wasn't seriously hurt. Adam broke things off with Robin, telling her that he had to focus on Dawn, but in reality he didn't want to be with her because of his inability to make love to her. Robin was confused by the break up. Max kissed her again on Christmas, which shook Robin. Helen, meanwhile, learned about Adam's condition and told him to be honest with Robin.

Dawn and Shelley grew closer and ended up lovers. Shelley told Dawn that she should come out to her family, but Dawn wasn't ready too. Shelley told Dawn that she would support her when she was ready to reveal she was a lesbian. During the ice storm, Dawn was startled by the amount off and realized that she had to tell her family the truth. She held a family meeting and told Adam, Helen, Max and Barbara about her sexuality. Adam and Helen supported their daughter, but Barbara refused to accept the truth. She found a bible camp that she suggested Adam and Helen send Dawn too. Wanting to appease Barbara, Helen convinced Adam to do it. Andy told them that regardless of what happens, Dawn will be a lesbian when she gets back. Dawn was livid to learn that her parents were sending her away. At the summer camp, Dawn met Cheresa Lawson, another lesbian. She also met Jonah, who was assigned to be her life coach. During some coaching sessions, Jonah told Dawn that he could help her "clear the fog from her head". Dawn told Cheresa, who became a good friend, that she didn't trust Jonah. Barbara, meanwhile, had nightmares about Dawn being in danger. Back at the camp, Dawn slowly warmed up to Jonah. During a heatwave, he asked her back to his cabin for ice cream. Dawn went and Jonah ended up raping her. In the aftermath, Dawn left the camp and went home. She was distant to Adam, Helen and Barbara. Dawn did confess her attack to Shelley, who convinced her to go to the hospital to get checked out. Seeing Dawn brought up past memories for Victoria, who was her doctor. Victoria and Kim got together and told Dawn that they were past victims and that it would get better. Dawn thanked them. Shelley, meanwhile, revealed to Helen and Adam what happened. They were crushed. Dawn embraced them but then lashed out at them for sending her to the camp. Barbara was also devastated to learn about the rape but Dawn wasn't ready to make amends with her family. Shortly after, Jonah showed up on Barbara's doorstep. She pulled the family gun on him; Dawn arrived and convinced her not to shoot Jonah, but he went to grab Dawn and Barbara killed him! Barbara was arrested, even though Helen claimed it was self-defense. Dawn was rattled to her core and collapsed. Shelley took her to the doctor and Dawn was shocked further to learn that she was pregnant. Shelley suggested she abort the baby.

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