The year began with Bob and Kim wondering about Felicia and what she would or wouldn't remember about the night of the fire. Bob went to Felicia's room and planted a device that repeated the words "Felicia, you started the fire". Kim, meanwhile, saw Tyler and asked him to work at Roboto. He wasn't sure how Bob would feel about it, but Kim pressed him to think about it. Tyler, then, went to the hospital and was with Dominick and Eva when Felicia awoke; she claimed that she started the fire at the boutique. Dominick refused to believe it, but Eva convinced him that she was guilty. Bob retrieved the device and agreed to hire Tyler. Simona told Dominick that because Felicia was off her medication at the time of the fire, she should be sent to Raven's Meadow; If Dominick agreed, no charges would be put against Felicia. After discussing with the family, Dominick agreed and Felicia was sent to the hospital. There, Greg Lawson treated her. Dominick was worried when Felicia began having nightmares about seeing someone outside the boutique the night the fire happened. Greg believed that she was confusing reality with her subconscious. Kim, meanwhile, started to flirt with Greg in hopes of getting information about Felicia from him so she could keep Bob in the loop about what was happening. Greg became smitten with Kim, but refused to share any information about Felicia with her. Kim continued to push the envelope and they shared some kisses. While she was alone in his office, she would read Felicia's file. She then suggested to Greg that he use electroshock therapy on Felicia; he presented the idea to Dominick, who agreed, much to Eva's horror. Bob, then, proposed to Kim and she accepted. Andy, Natasha and Robbie were all concerned about the marriage because of their history together, but they ended up getting married again. After Dominick visited Felicia, and she was seemingly getting better, he called off the electroshock therapy. Tyler, meanwhile, found the device that Bob used to brainwash Felicia and wondered what it was. At the same time, Bob saw his wife kissing Greg and threw her out. She pleaded with him to forgive her, as she explained why she was flirting with Greg. Bob agreed to forgive her, however Robbie and Natasha saw them fighting and then Robbie saw Greg and Kim share another close moment. Tyler, at the same time, heard what was on the device and was horrified. He confronted Bob, who denied everything. Dominick came to his son's defense and was shocked that Bob brainwashed Felicia. Bob left the scene was involved in a car accident with Helen. He fell into a coma, as Tyler and Dominick went to Simona and told her the truth. Simona tried to question Kim, but she placed the blame on the Robertson's. Simona believed the Robertson's and had Felicia released from Raven's Meadow. Robbie and Natasha, meanwhile, blamed Kim for Bob's problems since they didn't want their father to remarry her in the first place.

While working at Roboto, Tyler came up with the idea of a line that focused on the younger generation. Inspired by "Big Brother", he suggested that they hold a modelling contest for guests to stay in the Calimo guesthouse all summer. Kim and Bob loved the idea, and the Gen Next House was planned; the line was a huge success, despite the drama at the end of the summer. Once Tyler learned about Bob brainwashing Felicia, he quit Roboto and made amends with Dominick. He went back to work at Robertson Enterprises.

Andrew and Paige grew closer, despite her having questions surrounding the night that Chris and Helen shared together that they couldn't remember. Andrew continued to tell Paige to drop it. Andrew, meanwhile, confided in Cheresa that he wanted to have sex with Paige, but Cheresa told him not to pressure her. Paige told Andrew that she would be ready when she would be. After Jeff and Leah remarried, Paige was thrilled and grew closer to Andrew. He finally snapped at her, however, when she couldn't drop the Chris/Helen night. Paige agreed to drop it, but thought it was odd. To make it up to her, Andrew surprised her with a date night, where they made love for the first time. In the aftermath, Paige found the pills that Andrew used to drug Chris and Helen; she confronted him and he admitted the truth. She was horrified and called Helen, Chris and Trenyce together and demanded that he tell the truth. Trenyce, meanwhile refused to forgive Chris for his indiscretion with Helen, despite both of them telling her that they couldn't remember. Trenyce even admitted to Chris that she still cared for him, but couldn't get over the hurt. At Paige's, they demanded to know what was going on. She was about to reveal the truth when Andrew showed up, and pleaded with her not to say anything. She told him to be honest or she would be, so Andrew revealed that he drugged Chris and Helen into believing they had sex. Helen told him to stay away from him her and left. Chris and Trenyce lashed out at him and filed a restraining order against him. Paige then dumped Andrew, which left him crushed. They soon placed back together, however, as they were both cast in the Gen Next House, with Abby, Max and Chersesa.

Dawn struggled with coming to terms with her pregnancy. Shelley encouraged her to have an abortion if she didn't want to raise Jonah's baby. Dawn finally agreed and Shelley took her to a clinic to have the procedure completely, but she learned that she was too far along to have the procedure. Dawn was further upset by this. Cheresa suggested to her friend that she give the baby up for adoption - since she was adopted too. Dawn agreed to the idea, but realized that she had to tell her family about the baby. Helen, meanwhile, learned that Barbara was going to be released from jail because Dawn filed a medical report confirming that she was raped by Jonah, so Barbara shot and killed him in self-defence. Barbara returned home, and encouraged Helen to reunite with Adam, who was still pushing Robin away because of he was impotent. Dawn then got the family together and announced that she was pregnant and was going to put the child up for adoption. Adam, Helen and Barbara all supported her, despite Barbara feeling guilty for the situation. Barbara began having nightmares about Jonah. Dawn, meanwhile, went to a counselor who agreed to set up the adoption. Shortly after, Dawn learned that there were potential parents in Twin Peaks and she agreed to meet them. At the meeting, Dawn was floored to see Cory and Natasha! Dawn learned that the couple were trying to adopt; remembering Natasha's torrid affair with Adam, Dawn refused to give her the baby and ran out. Natasha tried to convince Dawn to give her the baby but Dawn stood her ground, which Barbara supported. Natasha, under Cory's advice, agreed to not pressure Dawn and instead offered to help her. Natasha even offered some of Jacob's baby clothes to Dawn. At Bob and Kim's wedding, Dawn and Barbara went for a walk together and Barbara realized that Dawn was starting to come around to Natasha, which annoyed Barbara. Natasha arrived at the guest house, just as Barbara pulled her gun on Dawn. Natasha tried to talk Barbara out of doing anything drastic, but images of Jonah came flooding back to Barbara and she shot both Dawn and Natasha! They were rushed to the hospital; Barbara was arrested. Both Natasha and Dawn survived, but Dawn lost her baby. She was devastated. Natasha, meanwhile, was floored to learn she was 8 weeks pregnant! Dawn and Natasha shared a close moment. Cheresa, then asked Dawn to join the Gen Next House, but she refused telling her friend she needed time to get over everything that happened to her.

Robin was upset with Adam as he continued to push her away, not realizing he was impotent. Max, meanwhile, continued to try to get close to Robin, despite her telling him that she only wanted to be friends. Robin, however, suspected that Max might have known more than he was saying about the accident at the boutique the previous fall. She hired Brad to see if he could uncover the truth. Brad pretended to befriend Max to get the truth from him, and soon enough, Max confessed everything that he did to Adam, and Robin overheard on a wire. Helen, meanwhile, encouraged Adam to come clean with Robin about his medical condition but he told her he couldn't. They grew closer and ended up making love, which made Helen think she cured Adam's impotency. Robin wanted to tell the Adam the truth, but Dawn was shot so she waited until Dawn was in the clear before she revealed the truth to Adam. He confronted his son, who admitted it but told his Dad he was sorry. Robin fired Max and Adam disowned him. In the aftermath, Adam and Robin got back together, which upset Helen as she wanted to get back together with Adam. He told her that their night together was just a moment in time. Helen was further upset when Simona revealed that Barbara had to go to Raven's Meadow because after shooting Dawn, she became catatonic. At the hospital, Felicia befriended Barbara and took her under her wing. Adam and Robin, meanwhile got engaged, which upset Helen further.

Kim hired Max to be the official photographer of Gen Next House and he joined the cast. Brad and Cheresa were revealed to be siblings, and their sister Abby, who was an aspiring model, also joined with Paige and Andrew, who had just broken up. The kids went into the house and there was tension between Andrew and Paige. Abby, who had a crush on Andrew, asked Max to pursue Paige. Max, who liked Paige, agreed and they started to grow closer, as Andrew kept telling Abby he didn't want a relationship with her. Cheresa tried to keep the peace in the house. Soon, at the Summer Send-Off Dance, the kids got drunk and passed out. Andrew was walking outside and he slipped on some water and was knocked unconscious and fell into the pool. Cheresa jumped in and saved his life. The Gen Next House ended, and while Bob and Kim were worried about Andrew's near death experience hurting sales, it was actually a huge success. At the hospital, Trenyce and Chris mended fences with Andrew and they agreed to move forward, dropping the restraining order. Abby, meanwhile, was dismayed to see Paige and Andrew reunite. They made love, while Abby asked Andrew to help her break them up. He agreed.

Andy and Lukas woke up together after having sex on New Year's Eve. Lukas assumed that it meant that he and Andy would get together, but Andy told him that he wasn't ready for a relationship yet because of Reese. Meanwhile, Donovan and Craig woke up together, and Craig assumed that he and Donovan would be together. Donovan gently told him that he still had feelings for Lukas, which upset Craig. Craig saw Andy and Lukas together and assumed that they were a couple now, which he told Donovan. Donovan was crushed that he lost his chance with Lukas. Andy, meanwhile, realized that Lukas and Donovan still had feelings for one another and arranged a romantic night for them. At the dinner, they spoke and realized that they did still love one another and they reunited and made love. They told Craig their news, who lashed out at them, which Victoria overheard. Donovan and Lukas stayed united, while Craig booked a trip to Vegas to forget his worries. There, he hooked up with a guy named Chip. In the morning, Craig was horrified to realize that he had unprotected sex. A few months later, Chip returned to Twin Peaks and revealed to Craig that he was HIV positive. Craig was shocked and went to Victoria to get tested. By this time, Brandy, Victoria's alter ego was in control of her mind, and she recalled how Craig was rude to Donovan, so she lied to Craig about him being HIV positive. She drugged him to "treat" his HIV and Craig fell very ill, concerning his friends. While comforting an ill Craig, Donovan felt like Lukas and him still had a connection. Craig then took a turn for the worse, and while visiting him, Lukas admitted that he still had feelings for his ex. Lukas also told Donovan that he thought Victoria was responsible for Craig's illness.

Leah choose to be with Jeff on New Year's Eve, which upset Robbie. Jeff, meanwhile, was thrilled. At the same time, Brad asked Meggan what she was going to do about the baby she was carrying. She admitted that she didn't know, but Brad encouraged her to tell the father the truth. Just then, Jeff arrived to tell Meggan his news. Before Meggan could tell him about the baby, Jeff announced that he and Leah had gotten back together. Devastated, Meggan hid her pregnancy from him. Jeff went home to Leah and they agreed to renew their vows. Meggan, meanwhile, asked Brad to be the father of her baby. Because he was in love with her, Brad agreed. He told his (and Abby & Cherea's) parents, Brooke and Greg, the news and they were thrilled. Everyone was rather surprised that Brad was the father of her baby, but Meggan insisted that it was true. On the day of his wedding to Leah, Jeff learned that Meggan was pregnant and he went to confront her. She lied to him that that the baby was Brad's not his, and Jeff believed her. Leah, meanwhile, didn't understand why Jeff was so late and called the wedding off. When he finally arrived, Jeff apologized and they got married. Shortly after, Leah learned that Meggan was pregnant and when she relayed the news to Jeff, he wasn't surprised. Leah put it together that Meggan was the reason that Jeff was late to the wedding, and he admitted it to be true because he thought he could have been the father. Leah walked out on her husband and confronted Meggan, who told Leah to stay with her husband. Leah forgave Jeff for his affair since they weren't really together at the time. Brooke, meanwhile, saw a close moment between Jeff and Meggan and told Brad. He guessed that Jeff was the father, and Meggan tearfully admitted that it was true. Brad kissed her and vowed to keep her secret. They agreed to a weekend getaway at the Calimo Cabin, just as Leah and Jeff did the same. Meggan and Leah arrived first, and were shocked to see one another. When Meggan learned that Jeff was coming, she went into labour! Leah helped deliver Meggan's son, Logan, but while delusional Meggan kept mumbling Jeff's name, which caused concern for Leah. She wondered if Meggan was lying about Logan's father, so she had a DNA test run; she learned that Jeff is really Logan's father! Leah's conscious was getting the best of her, but she decided to keep the secret in order to keep her family together.

Brad and Meggan, meanwhile, were contacted by Trenyce and Chris again to locate their child, after they got back together once Andrew's lies were exposed. Brad went to Brooke to ask about Cheresa's adoption, and Brooke calmed up, making Brad question what was happening. They agreed to look into adoption agencies in and around Twin Peaks, since it was likely their child was adopted. They also wanted to obtain DNA from either Chris or Trenyce, which they obtained from a Kleenex. Meanwhile, Brad also obtained a Kleenex from Cheresa by accident and assumed it was Trenyce's. They had the kleenex's tested and Meggan learned that Cheresa was Chris and Trenyce's biological daughter! Cherea and Dawn, meanwhile, kissed before Helen "died".

Robbie, after losing Leah, tried to get back together with Victoria, but she refused to take him back. After multiple times of trying, Victoria snapped at Robbie and told him it was over. He was crushed. Natasha, meanwhile, told Cory that she had to prove that Cassie was using Shane, despite his protests. Cassie decided to throw Shane a birthday party. Natasha confronted her rival, and got her to admit that she was using Shane, unaware that Natasha recorded their conversation. At the birthday party, Natasha exposed Cassie, and Shane threw her out. Robbie and Cassie ended up at Wild Night together and they had sex! Cassie told Robbie that they couldn't have their affair because of Natasha, but he wanted her. At Bob and Kim's wedding, Natasha learned the truth about their affair and was horrified. Cassie left town. Bob suggested to Robbie that he find a new path, and he decided to run for mayor of Twin Peaks. He hired Brooke as his campaign manager. Victoria, meanwhile, left Shane's birthday party and went for a walk on the pier, where she was attacked and almost raped but Shane saved her. The near rape, and Robbie's treatment of her, left Victoria very weak and soon, her multiple personality, Brandy, returned. Brandy falsely diagnosed Craig with HIV. She also got a second job at Raven's Meadow to keep herself busy, so she wouldn't have to see Victoria's friends and family. Shane told Eva he was worried about Victoria, but Brandy was able to cover with Eva. At Raven's Meadow, Brandy told Greg that they should use electroshock therapy on Barbara, who was still cationic. He agreed. Felicia, meanwhile, overheard Brandy tell Barbara that she would pay for sending Dawn to the bible camp, which lead to Dawns' rape. Felicia tried to tell Dominick and Greg that Barbara was in danger, but no one listened. Brandy, meanwhile, started Barbara's electroshock therapy and increased the amount required. Shortly after, Helen and Bob were in a car accident and Brandy looked after Helen. Brandy revealed to a shocked Adam and Dawn that Helen died from her injuries. After her memorial service, however, Brandy revealed that she buried Helen alive! Helen pleaded with her to let her out, but Brandy refused since Helen also sent Dawn to the bible camp. Brandy, meanwhile, gave Barbara more electroshock therapy but she flat lined! Brandy tried to cover up Barbara's death, unaware that Shane had re-tested Craig's blood and learned that he wasn't HIV positive at all. Shane wondered what was going on with Victoria, and then overheard Donovan admit to Lukas that Victoria used to have multiple personalities.

Vinny fought to get back into Daisy's good graces and slowly it seemed to be working. However, Daisy grew closer to Tyler and they ended up having sex with one another. In the aftermath, Daisy told him it was a mistake, but they ended up in bed together again. Daisy, meanwhile, told Vinny that they had to focus on work since it was an election year. Vinny hired Lukas to help with the campaign, which annoyed Daisy since she and Lukas weren't getting along. Lukas, and Kim, saw Tyler and Daisy together again, and Kim took a picture of them kissing. Lukas, meanwhile told his sister to think about her future. Daisy told Tyler it was over, for good this time. Robbie, meanwhile, decided to run against Daisy and they were neck and neck going into the election. On the day of the election, Kim leaked the picture of Daisy and Tyler kissing as he was getting to close to uncovering the truth about Felicia's brainwashing. Trenyce was with Vinny when he learned the truth - he was livid and confronted his wife. She admitted it but told him it was over. Vinny demanded a divorce. Vinny then confronted Tyler and punched him. Daisy was devastated when Robbie won the election, and she received divorce papers from Vinny. Daisy pleaded with Vinny to give her another chance, but he refused and told her that he was going to get revenge on her. She worried about what that could be. Tyler, meanwhile, kissed Daisy and told her that they could be together now.

Bob offered to buy Wild Night from Cory, he refused. Natasha encouraged him to sell since they were going to have a baby. Robbie, then, asked Cory to use the office as his campaign office; Cory agreed. Brooke and Robbie, meanwhile, grew closer as her marriage to Greg was in shambles since he never got her a previous affair that she had. Brooke and Robbie ended up in bed together, which Cory saw, and then agreed to sell the club as he was worried about it's reputation when their affair was exposed. After Helen's accident, Brooke told Robbie that she had to make her family work; she and Greg, despite his flirtation with Kim, agreed. Natasha then gave birth to a baby girl, named Sophie. Natasha and Shane were worried when they hadn't heard from Jacob, but Natasha then got a text from her son telling her he was engaged. Jacob returned to Twin Peaks following Bob's accident and was reunited with his parents. On Christmas Day, Jacob shocked his family by revealing his fiancé: Cassie Nova!

Andy learned that Father Murphy wanted to retire. Father Murphy asked him to write a series of articles in the Sun to show that the church was in financial despair and needed assistance. Andy, then, learned that he was going to inherit more money from Reese's estate; he agreed to donate a portion of the money to St, Joseph's. Robin, meanwhile, learned that her father brother, Nicholas, was coming to town. She reunited with her brother, who revealed that his partner, Jarrod, died from HIV and as a result, he became a priest and he was going to take over St. Joseph's. When Andy and Nicholas met, there was an instant attraction between the two of them. They ended up sharing a kiss, but Nicholas told him that nothing could ever happen as he was a priest now, however they both still longed for one another.

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