Natasha was left reeling from Jacob's revelation that he was engaged to Cassie. Natasha warned her son not to get involved with her, but Jacob stood ground with her and maintained that he loved Cassie. Cassie, meanwhile, was reunited with Max, who was put off by the fact that his mother's fiancé was his age. Max supported his mother, none the less, but warned Jacob about hurting Cassie. Jacob and Cassie grew closer despite reservations from Shane and Cassie. Shane even offered to pay off Cassie to get her to leave Jacob but she refused. Cassie supported Jacob once Bob passed away. Soon after, their wedding day arrived. Jacob was bummed that Shane and Natasha didn't show. As the ceremony began, Jacob's parents stopped the wedding and told their son that they would rather be there and support him vs. missing the wedding. Jacob was thrilled as was Cassie. Jacob then shocked everyone by revealing that he never planned on marrying Cassie: he had been using her to get revenge for all the horrible things that she had done to his family over the years! Cassie was crushed and left. She trashed her hotel room and sought comfort from Max. Shane and Natasha, meanwhile, were thrilled with Jacob. Cory, however, was not pleased with Jacob and racked him over the coals. Jacob started to feel bad and tried to apologize to Cassie, who vowed revenge on him.

Natasha, also, was dealing with Bob's coma. She, and Robbie, continued to blame Kim for Bob's accident as they believed she was having an affair with Greg. Kim maintained her innocent. The Calimo's also felt pressure from Simona as she wanted to press charges against either Kim or Bob for starting the fire at the boutique. Tyler and Dominick continued to press the detective to make an arrest. The Calimo's pleaded for Simona to wait until Bob was healthy, but she got an arrest warrant for Bob. Cory, meanwhile, was able to spy some close moments between Brooke and Robbie and figured out that they were having an affair. He warned Brooke that the truth always had a way of coming out. Brooke ended her affair with Robbie. Kim, meanwhile, went to visit Bob. He woke up from his coma and pleaded with his wife to tell everyone that he started the fire. He fell back into a coma and started seeing Sofia in heaven. Kim told Natasha and Robbie about Bob's confession, but they didn't believe her. Then, Simona announced that she was going to arrest Bob. During all the fighting, Bob flat lined and passed away. The Calimo's were rocked to their cores over his death. Dominick, Tyler & Felicia felt cheated of justice from the fire. Robbie and Natasha continued to believe that Kim was lying about Bob's confession, but Simona closed the case. Shortly after, Bob's will was read. Robbie and Natasha were horrified to learn that Kim was left the Calimo mansion, 1/3 of Bob's money and guaranteed a job for life at Roboto. Thinking that Kim was still the cause of Bob's death, they agreed to contest the will. Cory tried to tell them not to go through with it and this caused tension between Cory and Natasha. In court, Kim dragged her step children through the mud; they in turn did the same. Kim was left feeling helpless and kissed Greg. She quickly told him that they could only be friends. Robbie and Brooke, however, ended up in bed again. She told him that they couldn't be any more than friends. Cory, meanwhile, continued to think that Kim was deserving of everything Bob left her and he went to her and provided her with reasoning that she could still win the case. The next day before the Judge was about to make his ruling, Kim announced that Robbie was sleeping with Brooke! Robbie and Natasha were horrified at the admission and ended up losing the case; Kim was able to get everything that Bob left for her. Robbie realized that Cory was the one who told Kim the truth and punched him. He then told his sister what Cory had done; Natasha slapped her husband. Shocked by her behaviour, Cory moved out and told her he wanted a divorce. On Christmas Day, Natasha saw a close moment between Cory and Sophie and realized she still loved him. Kim, meanwhile, hired Cassie at Roboto, which annoyed both Robbie and Natasha. Together they started to work on a secret project, while clashing with Natasha at the office.

Helen continued to plead with Brandy, Victoria's alter ego, to let her out of the coffin as she was buried alive. Brandy refused. Shane continued to suspect that Victoria's egos were back after he confirmed that Craig was misdiagnosed with HIV. Craig confronted Brandy, who covered and claimed it was a mix up at the lab. Shane told his concerns to Eva and Donovan, who didn't want to believe it. Helen, then, told Brandy that her water supply was running low. Brandy agreed to refill her water. Shane, Eva and Donovan confronted Brandy and asked her to go to the Calimo cabin with them so they could get to the truth. Knowing that if she refused, it would make her look guilty, Brandy agreed. At the cabin, however, Brandy ran into Brett. Brett had left town and was going to stay at the Victors mansion, but it got late and he was tired so he stopped at the cabin. Brandy remembered how Dave shot her at the cabin years later and lost it on Brett, thinking he was Dave. She pulled a gun on him just as Shane, Donovan and Eva arrived. Eva begged her daughter to put the gun down; Brandy then revealed herself stunning her friends and family. Victoria re-emerged briefly but Brandy took control and realized she had to kill all of them since her secret was out. She went to shoot Brett, but the bullet got lodged and ended up shooting Brandy herself! They raced to the hospital, where Victoria fell into a coma.

Dawn, meanwhile, continued to struggle with the loss of her mother, grandmother and baby all within a year. Shelley and Cheresa supported her but Dawn secretly started popping anti-depressants. She continued to pop the pills when Adam and Robin decided to get married, hoping to bring some happiness to their lives. Shane, following Victoria's shooting, wondered whom else Brandy hurt while in control of Victoria. On the day of Robin and Adam's wedding, Shane went to Victoria's condo and found a shrine of people Brandy wanted to hurt, including Helen. Then, he found the walkie-talkie that Brandy was using to communicate to Helen with. Shane could hear faint breathing and a cry for help. Shane panicked and raced to the church, where he stopped Adam and Robin's ceremony with the theory that he believed Helen had been buried alive. Adam, Max, Shane, Dawn and Robin raced to the gravesite and dug up Helen's grave. She was alive but unconscious. Dawn and Adam rejoiced, which caused jealousy for Robin. Helen soon awoke and wanted to press charges against Victoria. Eva made a passionate plea to Helen stating that if Victoria went to jail she would never get healthy. Helen agreed to not press charges. Victoria woke up from her coma and went away to get better. Helen reunited with Adam and Dawn, who was still popping her pills. Helen admitted to Adam that she still loved him but he told her that he was with Robin. Robin, meanwhile, wanted to get married still. After Dawn was found passed out on a bench on the pier while Cheresa almost drown, Adam told Robin that his daughter had to be his top priority. Robin was upset. Dawn agreed to get help with her addiction and soon was telling Helen she wanted her parents to get back together. On New Year's Eve, Helen revealed to Robin that she cured Adam of his impotence.

Meggan and Brad were stunned to learn that Cheresa was Trenyce and Chris' biological daughter. Meggan wanted to tell the parents the truth but Brad convinced her to wait until he had a moment to discuss with his parents to find out what, exactly, had happened. Meggan agreed but didn't feel right about it. Brad went to see Brooke and Greg and told them that he knew that Cheresa was bought from the black market. Greg told their son that they would tell him the truth as long as he promised to never repeat it. Brad agreed knowing that he needed the truth. Brooke tearfully explained that she and Greg tried to have another child but was told that she couldn't have anymore, so they tried to adopt. After coming in as the parents "second" choice multiple times, Brooke was dejected and then was offered a baby from the black market, so she purchased it. She came home with Cheresa and the family was thrilled. Brad was stunned and agreed to not say anything. He kept Meggan at arms bay but finally told her the truth. She vowed to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth, claiming that Brooke's involvement could be kept quiet but Brad didn't believe so. He blackmailed her into silence by threatening to reveal to Jeff that he is really Logan's father, not Brad. Meggan kept quiet but dumped Brad and kicked him out of her life. Brad was upset but realized that he was doing the right thing for his family.

Greg continued to flirt with Kim, despite Bob being on death's door. She told them that they could only be friends, he accepted that. Brooke, meanwhile, continued to sleep with Robbie. Finally, she told him that they were over and that she had to put her family first. They ended up sleeping together one final time. Greg and Brooke realized that they needed to make their marriage work and they made love in hopes of putting their relationship first, which they did. The children were happy with their parents. After Kim exposed Robbie and Brooke's affair in court, Robbie told her that she needed to be honest with Greg as the court documents were of public record and anyone could read them. Brooke nervously prepared to tell Greg the truth, who was absolutely devastated. He lashed out at his wife and told her they were over. Greg went home where Abby, Brad and Cheresa had planned a family dinner. Greg threw the table in the air and revealed their mother's affair. The Lawson children were devastated. Greg then told Brooke he was moving out after the kids lashed out at Brooke. Dawn, who had been stoned on anti-depressants, took Cheresa for a walk on the pier. Dawn fell asleep on a bench while Cheresa went closer to the water. Cheresa slipped, fell and was knocked unconscious before she slipped into the river! Max and Paige found Dawn and Cheresa; Max saved Cheresa's life, but she was placed on a ventilator to help her breath as she was under the water too long. Brooke, Greg, Abby and Brad rallied around her, despite the high tensions in the family. Abby was furious when her parents continued to fight as Greg blamed Brooke for Cheresa's accident and had her served with divorce papers. They all learned that Cheresa would likely die; Meggan overheard this and realized that she had to tell Chris and Trenyce the truth before it was too late. Brad warned her against it, but Meggan stood tall and told Chris and Trenyce the truth; they were stunned. Brad, then, warned his parents of what was about to happen. Greg vowed to keep his daughter safe. Chris and Trenyce lashed out at Brooke for what she had done and a fight broke out in Cheresa's hospital room. She flatlined but was saved. Chris called Simona and had Brooke arrested for fraud. Greg was livid when she called Robbie to bail her out. Cheresa woke up and soon got better. Chris told Dawn to stay away from Cheresa. On Christmas Day, Cheresa chose to spend the holiday with Brooke and Greg over Chris and Trenyce. Greg offered to help Brooke with her charges but he made love to Kim on New Year's Eve.

Lukas continued to support Craig during his illness and was horrified when Shane confirmed that he didn't actually have HIV. Lukas and Craig wanted Victoria to lose her medical license, while Donovan insisted that Victoria was innocent. Once Victoria's alter egos were exposed, Donovan realized that they were right: Victoria was responsible. Craig was able to move on as he realized that Victoria was unhealthy. Lukas still held a grudge. Lukas and Craig seemingly grew closer and they almost kissed. When Lukas got home, Donovan had surprised him with a romantic evening, where he proposed. Taken aback, Lukas said no. Donovan was crushed and seeked supported from Nicholas and Andy. Craig told Lukas not to be a fool with Donovan. Taking that into mind, Lukas surprised Donovan with a hot air balloon ride, where he proposed to Donovan. Donovan accepted and they planned their wedding. Lukas, however, was put off when he learned Victoria was coming home. Craig encouraged his friend to support Donovan, and they shared a couple of kisses. Soon after, Donovan and Lukas went to Caldwell's Mountain Ski Lodge to get married. After the wedding, Lukas went skiing with the Gravity merchandize with Craig; an avalanche struck and they were presumed dead, leaving Donovan devastated. In fact, they were alive as Lukas pulled them to safety in a cave on the side of a mountain. Craig was running a high fever, so Lukas crawled into the home made bed with him and they ended up having sex. In the morning, Craig was better but couldn't remember the previous night. Lukas and Craig were saved, which thrilled Donovan and Meggan.

Abby and Max agreed to work together to break up Andrew and Paige, who continued to grow closer and eventually made love for the first time. Abby went to see Andrew and told him that she wanted to change her life so she was thinking of going to school. Andrew told her he was thinking the same thing. Abby texted Max and told him to bring Paige to Andrew's. Abby kissed Andrew, which Paige happened to see. Andrew pulled back and told Abby that he cared for Paige and they would never be more than just friends. Abby was crushed. Max, meanwhile, comforted Paige, who believed that Andrew was cheating on her. Paige dumped Andrew without explanation. Andrew tried to get her to open up, but Paige refused. Paige and Max grew closer and started to share some kisses. Andrew saw them kissed and was pissed. Chris suggested that Andrew go to school, just so he could meet other women. Andrew and Abby applied and got into Twin Peaks University together. Chris stunned Andrew by revealing that his sister, Albertinah, is teaching at the university. Sure enough, Albertinah was Abby and Andrew's world history teacher. There was an instant attraction between Albertinah and Andrew. He asked her extra help on an essay and kissed her; she told him they could be nothing more than friends. Abby was upset when she didn't get a good grade on the paper, so Andrew offered to tutor her. They grew closer but Andrew maintained that they would only be friends. Albertinah and Andrew, meanwhile, had sex. She told him it couldn't happen again as she could lose her job. Andrew confessed to Abby, who threatened Albertinah by going to the school board if she didn't stay away from Andrew. Albertinah told Andrew, who lashed out at Abby. He told her to stay out of his life. Later, Andrew overheard Max and Abby talking about their plan and realized what they had done to him and Paige. He exposed them on New Year's Eve, which left Paige devastated.

Robin started to notice Paige and Max growing closer and grew concerned as she knew what Max was capable of since she knew the truth about Adam's accident at the boutique. She revealed her concerns to Leah and Jeff, who noticed Max and Paige's relationship budding. They expressed their concerns to Paige, who told them that they were just friends. However, once the parents saw their daughter kiss Max, they told that she couldn't see Max after Robin told them the truth about the accident. Paige refused. Jeff told her that she would follow their rules as long as she lived under their roof. Paige stunned them by moving out. They then cut their daughter off from her trust fund. Jeff and Leah were horrified when Dominick gave Paige money; they quit Robertson Enterprises and feuded with Dominick. Felicia was horrified that the family was fighting. After Max saved Chersea's life, Leah and Jeff warmed to him and agreed to let Paige see him. The family reunited. Felicia, however, noted that Leah was still keeping a secret from Jeff and told her daughter to come clean. Jeff walked in and asked what secret. Leah finally admitted that she knew that Logan was really Jeff's son! Jeff was livid with his wife and walked out on her. Jeff sued Meggan for full custody and wanted a divorce from Leah, who tried to get her husband to understand. Paige was horrified to learn of her mother's lies.
Nicholas and Andy continued to fight their attraction and shared a few stolen kisses. Nicholas finally told Andy that nothing could happen and Andy accepted that. Soon, Nicholas learned that St. Joseph's was going to get a grant from the city to help with a restoration renovation. To celebrate, Nicholas planned a gala and invited the Arch Bishop. At the gala, Nicholas was stunned to see Melissa and Phil, who arrived to support their son. The Bishop, however, was rude and cold to Nicholas and told him he didn't have a future with the church. Distract, Nicholas sought comfort from Andy and they ended up in bed together. Melissa, meanwhile convinced the Bishop that he was too hard on Nicholas and convinced him apologize. They walked in on Andy and Nicholas having sex! The Bishop denounced Nicholas from the church and kicked him out. Nicholas was devastated. Melissa and Phil left town but warned Nicholas to stay away from Andy. Nicholas pushed Andy away, despite both of them still having feelings for each other. Nicholas grew deeper into a depression and found his hand gun. Andy encountered Nicholas and convinced him to get therapy. Soon after, they reunited and made love. Melissa and Phil returned and Melissa vowed to keep Andy away from her son.

Vinny continued to plot revenge on Daisy and Tyler for their affair. Trenyce got wind of his plan and told Daisy, who confronted her ex-husband. He told her that he wouldn't do anything, and she believed him. Daisy and Tyler continued to grow closer and he got her a job at Robertson Enterprises, while Dominick planned a winter/ski line at Robertson. Vinny, meanwhile, learned that Brett was getting out of jail. He was stunned when his twin showed up on his doorstep and announced that he was a changed man. Vinny told Brett to go to hell. After Brett was held at gun point by Victoria, he realized he needed to leave town. He told Vinny he was moving to LA. Shortly after, Vinny visited Brett in LA and learned that Brett was designing for a local designer. Vinny then went to Dominick with some winter/ski line designs. Dominick was impressed and hired him on as a consultant. Daisy thought it was odd that Vinny suddenly had an interest, and talent, in design but he covered by saying he was inspired after she left him. In truth, Vinny had secretly bought Caldwell's Mountain Ski Resort and was holding Brett hostage in the basement. He threatened to kill his twin if he didn't continue to create designs to pass off as his own. At the Gravity launch, Daisy saw Vinny slinking around and thought it was odd. The launch was a huge success. Afterwards, Vinny and Daisy went skiing in some of the merchandize, which upset Tyler as he was going to propose to her. On the ski hill, Daisy and Vinny were caught in an avalanche and were presumed dead! Tyler was devastated. In reality, Vinny and Daisy were alive and he was holding her hostage with Brett as a part of his revenge for her affair.

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