Dr. Bryce Barty

Representation: Robert Scott Wilson
On Series Since: 2021 - Present
Full Name: Dr. Bryce Barty
Profession: Doctor
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Bryce is a doctor at Twin Peaks General Hospital. Vinny blackmailed him into helping him alter a DNA test to convince everyone that he is Brett, not Vinny. Vinny also threatened to expose who Bryce is working for if he didn’t help him arrange a baby switch with Chantel and Abby’s babies. Chantel gave birth to a stillborn but Bryce gave him to Abby and told her that her child died; in reality, her baby was alive but was adopted by Lukas and Donovan.


Bryce was revealed to be Victoria's doctor at Raven's Meadow and he was still being blackmailed by Vinny. Vinny told Bryce to tell Victoria that she split again, so he did. Victoria didn't believe it at first, but after she had a breakdown at Eva's memorial service, she realized she needed help and she checked herself into Raven's Meadow. There, Bryce changed her drugs and continued to follow Vinny's orders. Victoria, however, overheard him talking to Vinny about the Chief of Staff and questioned him. He kept mum, but secretly was crushing on Victoria.

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