Representation: Sandra Benard
On Series Since: 2017 - Present
Full Name: Shelley Hamilton
Profession: Bartender
Martial Status: Sex, Dawn Black
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Shelley is a bartender at Barcode. She found Dawn living on the streets and offered to take her in, Dawn accepted. Shelley and Dawn grew closer as Shelley revealed that her family abandoned her after she came out to them as a lesbian. Shelley convinced Dawn to reach out to her parents, as their friendship grew stronger.

Shelley continued to let Dawn stay with her while Dawn figured things out. Shelley admitted to Dawn that her parents disowned her when she came out of the closet, but she told the young girl that things had changed. Soon, they shared a kiss and made love. Shelley wasn't aware that Barbara spied her and Dawn together and then questioned Dawn about their relationship. Soon after, Dawn came out to her family; Barbara refused to accept it. Shelley, meanwhile, was proud of Dawn for finally being honest with her loved ones. They continued to have a sexual relationship, which allowed them to grow closer. Shelley told Dawn that going to the bible camp wouldn't be a bad thing, as long as she had a positive attitude. After Dawn left, Shelley told Andy that she hoped Dawn would be okay. Soon after, Dawn returned home early and revealed to Shelley that Jonah had raped her. Shelley convinced Dawn to go to the hospital to get checked out to ensure she was physically okay. At the hospital, Shelley saw Helen and revealed to her what had happened to Dawn. Shelley supported Dawn throughout the rape, and was then shocked when Dawn revealed that Barbara had shot and killed Jonah. Shelley rushed Dawn to the hospital after she collapsed; they learned that Dawn was pregnant with Jonah's baby. Shelley suggested that Dawn have an abortion, which Dawn agreed to.

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