Simona Lopez

Representation: Alicia Coopola
On Series Since: 2017 - Present
Full Name: Simona Lopez
Profession: Police Detective
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Simona Lopez comes on the series to investigate the shooting of Frederick Richardson.

Simona investigated Frederick's murder investigation and determined that Chris and Lukas were the prime suspects. Evidence against Chris mounted, so she arrested him. He vowed that he was innocent. Shortly after, Natasha was able to prove his innocence, so Chris was released. Simona, then, found evidence against Lukas and had him arrested. Lukas was charged and convicted of the murder. // Shortly after, Simona learned that there was new evidence: a piece of Jemma' s hair was found on the pillow of Frederick's hospital room. Daisy refused to answer any questions for a comatose Jemma, but Vinny soon arrived with some clothing he found in Jemma's hotel room. Simona had evidence that Jemma killed Frederick. When she arrived at the hospital, Daisy refused to believe the truth and Jemma died. Lukas was released from jail. Later in the year, Simona had to investigate the fire at the boutique. She believed Felicia may have been the fire started, but Felicia had memory problems because of the head injury she received.

Simona was pressed to make a charge stick in the fire at the Robertson Enterprises boutique. She wanted to question a hospitalized Simona, which upset Dominick. Eva encouraged her husband to let Simona do her job. When Felicia finally awoke, she confessed to starting the fire! Simona suggested to Dominick that instead of jail time, they send Felicia to Raven's Meadow. Dominick agreed. Months later, Tyler discovered the device that Bob and Kim used to brainwash Felicia into believing she started the fire and they demanded that Simona arrest Bob. Bob, however, was in a car accident and remained in a coma. Kim refused to allow Simona anywhere near Bob, who obtained an arrest warrant for his pending arrest.

Simona was pressed by Dominick and Tyler to get an arrest warrant for Bob and Kim for their roles in the fire at the Robertson Enterprises boutique but she told them that her hands were tied until Bob would come out of his coma. Kim soon admitted that Bob woke up and confessed; so Simona issued an arrest warrant which annoyed the Calimo family. Later, Simona was called by Helen as she wanted to press charges against Victoria for burying her alive. Eva convinced Helen to not press charges but instead allow Victoria to get the help she needed. Simona arrested Brooke for fraud after Chris told her that Brooke bought Cheresa from the black market. Later, Simona was used to help find survivors from the avalanche on Empress Mountain.

Simona continued to be present with any and all police matters. She agreed to drop the charges against Lukas after Craig wanted to end the rape charges. Later in the year, she was horrified when Cheresa and Dawn found Shelley dead. Simona worried that the killing was the sign of a serial killer.


Simona continued to investigate the Rose Peddle killer and felt the heat from the Lawson family after Brad's death on New Year's Eve. She tried to piece together the connection between Shelley and Trenyce, since she was the intended victim on NYE, but she struggled. She then realized that if she could find someone who was purchasing pink rose peddles, she might be able to track down the killer. Meanwhile, Dominick went to Simona to investigate Max's inheritance. She questioned Max, who said she could dig all she wanted. Because of a cover up by Cassie, his inheritance came back legitimate. Dominick and the Calimo's were upset. Eva, then, went to Simona and suggested that Victoria might be the killer if she had split again. Victoria's alibi cleared herself, however. Eva, then, saw Felicia acting crazy and wondered if she was the killer if Felicia was off her medication. She gave this theory to Simona, who went to question her. Dominick covered for his ex-wife, however. Shortly after, Brooke turned up dead and Greg revealed that she was the killer! Greg was arrested for killing Brooke and Simona announced he would face trial as a result.

Simona investigated baby Olly's disappearance but wasn't able to find any leads. She was also involved with Dawn's hit and run and figured out that Dale was the one that hit her. She told Helen what she learned, and later cleared Adam and Helen from Dale's death. Later, Simona told Greg that she caught Tara, the woman who shot Kim.

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