Representation: Sloane Stephens
On Series Since: 2022 - Present
Full Name: Tara
Profession: Criminal
Martial Status: Single
Previous Relationships: None
Family Ties: None



Tara was hired by Robbie to scare Cheresa after the young model accepted a job at Robertson Enterprises instead of Roboto. Robbie wanted to ensure Cheresa didn't do another modelling gig at Robertson. Tara sent Cheresa some creepy "fan" notes and wanted to take their plan into a higher gear. Robbie told her to wait but Tara ended up kidnapping Tara and taking her hostage! She demanded more money from Robbie to keep Cheresa safe; Kim realized that Tara had taken the young model to the Lawson storage locker and told Robbie and Greg. The men raced to save her but Kim also arrived. Tara heard them and took them all hostage. Robbie and Tara fought for the fun, which resulted in some boxed in the locker room falling down on top of Kim! In the midst of this, Tara escaped and went on the run.

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