Episode 1029
In My Own World
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 21, 2024

Episode Theme song: "DND" Zyah Belle

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Donovan, Lukas, Meggan and Sergio followed Jasper back to his apartment in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Jasper, realizing they were closing in on him, planned to escape via his fire escape
- Andy and Nicholas buried Clayton's body, unaware his hand emerged from the grave
- Sophie continued to have a crush on Max
- Andrew and Daisy tried to leave the casino, but were stopped by Antonio's goons
- Jeff tried to speak to Ethan and Bryce, but they told their father they needed time
- Will, Eva and Abby met with a specialist, hoping that she could help with Dominick's coma
- Adam proposed to Helen again, who accepted

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Donovan stands in the hallway of the apartment building that Jasper lives in with Meggan, Lukas and Sergio behind him. He's been banging on the door, hoping that Jasper will let him in, to no avail so far. After seeing Jasper at the Palm night club, Donovan and the gang started to follow the former nanny, who bolted from the club. They chased him to the apartment and are desperate to get inside as they hope that Olly is inside with Jasper.

"Start kicking the door down," Lukas suggests to his estranged husband. "He's not going to open the door."

Donovan uneasily looks back at Sergio, who nods back to him in support of Lukas' idea. "Alright Jasper, if you're not opening the door, we are going to knock it down!" Donovan yells out, hoping that Jasper will change his mind. Donovan starts kicking the door handle with some loud grunts. After five kicks, the door opens and the crew rush into the apartment.

Sergio, immediately, sees that the window is open and rushes over to it, where he can see Jasper rushing down the fire escape. "Hey stop! Police!"

But Jasper doesn't stop so Sergio rushes out of the door and to the staircase, desperate to apprehend the kidnapper.

Lukas and Donovan look around the apartment until they see the small play pen. Together, they race to the play pen and see Olly fast asleep.

"Oh my God," Donovan says as he gets tears in his eyes. "Olly, it's really him!"

Lukas picks up his son and holds him while Donovan comes up to them and they have a three-way hug, as they are thrilled to, finally, have their son back. Meggan watches as her brother embraces her son and gets a smile on her face.


Robertson Enterprises

Jeff opens the door to Leah's office at Robertson Enterprises and moves inside as he sees his former wife sitting behind her desk with some files in front of her. He can't help but wonder if she is feeling any better about their current situation; they just found out that Bryce is really Noah and that Ethan is their long-lost son. It has been a lot to handle to know that the son they thought died all those years ago is actually alive and well; and to find Noah at the same time as Ethan, is almost unbelievable. Combined that with Felicia's death, he knows that Leah has been put through the ringer lately.

"How are you feeling this morning?" he asks her as he moves up to the desk.

Leah looks up and sees him approaching her. "As well as to be expected," she sighs back to him. "I had hoped that all of this would go so differently; after finding our sons, I had hoped that they would welcome us into their lives with open arms. Instead, it feels like they are pushing us away."

"Yea, I even thought last night when I saw them at the Pink Flamingo that they might be receptive."

"And? You came back to the table and didn't say much," she recalls to him.

"It was more of the same," Jeff sighs back to her. "They claimed that they needed more time to wrap their heads around what had happened."

"I just can't help but be thankful that Frederick is dead," Leah hisses to her ex-husband. "Because if he was alive, I'd kill him myself for all the pain he has caused. My father being burnt to a crisp is exactly what he deserved."

The Pink Flamingo at the River Rock Casino

"I'm glad that we were able to catch you before you went into work this morning," Adam smiles over to Dawn as he and Helen sit next to one another at a table in the restaurant. "Are you sure you don't want to eat anything?"

"I'm positive," Dawn nods back to his father. "I was actually here for breakfast with Cheresa, Trenyce and Chris; they wanted to celebrate with Cheresa for getting new her job at the hospital."

"Oh, how lovely," Helen replies to her daughter. "Cheresa must be over the moon with new job."

"She is," Dawn tells them. "I couldn't be prouder of her myself."

"It looks like we have good news all around," Adam chimes in. "Your mother and I, we also some news."

Dawn arches her eyebrow back to them, wondering what is going on now. The last she heard, Helen told her that Adam proposed to her but she turned him down. "What's up now?"

Helen and Adam look at one another with a grin on their faces. "Well, your father paid me a visit on Valentine's Day and he made me realize that he does love me," Helen looks back at Dawn. "And so, I accepted his marriage proposal. We are getting married!" Helen says as she flashes the diamond ring on her hand to her daughter.

Dawn gets a huge smile on her face before she stands up and rushes to hug her parents. "I'm so happy for both of you," she tells them as they embrace. "This is what I've been waiting for."

"I know kiddo," Adam holds her for a moment while he makes eye contact with his fiancé. "This is what we've wanted too. And this time, nothing will separate us again."


Antonio steps off the elevator on the second level of the casino and moves towards Andrew's suite. He heard from two of his men that the previous night, Andrew and Daisy attempted to leave the casino. He wants to remind them that they are still under his control because they owe him money that he gave them. He will not allow them to leave without getting full payments; of course, the way his system works, they will always be indebted to him. He smirks to himself at the thought; he realizes, however, that he will need to find new ways of using them within the organization so they can be valuable.

He knocks on Andrew's door and within a few seconds, Andrew appears. "What the hell do you want?" Andrew asks him quickly as Antonio moves into the suite, where he sees Daisy standing with a cup of coffee.

"Oh good, you're both here," Antonio chuckles to them. "This will save me from having to have this conversation twice."

"Say what you have to say and then leave us in peace," Daisy replies to him before she takes a sip of her coffee.

"I heard that you two tried to leave the casino last night," Antonio glares at them. "I'm here to remind you, both of you, that you belong to me until your full payments have been processed. So, if you think about leaving again, it will not end well."

"You can't keep us here forever," Andrew spits back to him, growing fed-up with Antonio's orders. "We live in a free country, in case you have forgotten."

Antonio chuckles back to him. "Like I said, until your loans are paid in full and have been processed, you will not leave this casino. I will not remind you again in this friendly manner. I trust that I have made myself clear? Perfect, I'll see myself out."

Once the door closed, Daisy looks at Andrew with a worried face. "What are we going to do?"

"We need to get Vinny's money," Andrew replies to her quickly. "That might be our only way out of this mess."


Max opens the door to the main office at Roboto and moves inside. He has a million things to do as the company continues to prepare for the collaboration with Rockwell Mining. He hopes to main some good traction on the workload that he currently has.

As he sits down at the main desk, he happens to see Sophie sitting on one of the sofas in the office. "Oh Sophie, hi," he says as he sits down. "I didn't even see you there."

Sophie moves a piece of her long blonde hair behind her ear. "I was just being quiet over here, I guess."

"Is everything alright?"

"I'm fine," she nods back to him. "Just trying to get some of these marketing ads done for the collaboration with Rockwell Mining."

Max watches her and sees her eyes fill with water. Immediately, he moves over to her and puts his arm around her neck. "Hey, it's okay to not be okay, you know? What's going on?"

Sophie wipes her eye dry. "It's…it's just this drama with my Mom, it's still going on and I have no idea how to move on from it."

"Can I give you some advice?" Max asks her as she looks at him and feels her heart skip a beat as she thinks about how handsome he looks. She nods back to him. "You're also going through the loss of your father; that, in of itself, should be reason for you to try to put your relationship back together with your mother. One day, Natasha, she won't be here either. Do you really want to regret wasting all this time over something that might be small in the grand scheme of things?"

Sophie shrugs back to him. "I suppose that's a good point," she reveals to him. "It's just hard, you know? How do you trust again after you feel like they betrayed the trust? And, why does it feel like everyone is moving on from my Dad's passing and I'm…I'm stuck?"

"You're not stuck," Max grabs her hand and squeezes it. "You're grieving; everyone grieves different and at a different pace. You're doing what you need to do to move on, it's okay if you feel like you're not moving along at the pace of others. That's natural."

Sophie gets a sly grin on her face. "You're so smart, you know that?"

Max chuckles back to her. "I don't know about that, but I hope I was able to help you."

"You did," Sophie smiles back to him as they lock eyes. "You really did."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Please, doctor, don't keep us waiting any longer," a nervous Abby asks Stephanie Clarke as they sit at a table in one of the meeting rooms in the hospital with Eva and Will. They are meeting with the specialist to see if she will be able to help Dominick come out of his coma; Stephanie was just about to tell them her thoughts on his case. "Do you think you can help get Dominick out of his coma?"

"I do," Stephanie purses her lips together. "There are some new techniques that I have studied that I'd like to try with Dominick."

"What are these techniques?" Eva asks her with an arched eyebrow.

"One of them is using the power of voice and suggestion," Stephanie tells them. "We would get vocal recordings of people that Dominick loves and get them to encourage him to wake up. At the same time that he is listening to the recordings, I would move his legs, lifting them and stretching them. This combination has proven successful in the past."

"I see," Eva nods back to her. "As Dominick's wife, I think this is a great idea. I'd like to proceed."

"Perfect," Stephanie nods back to her. "I'll give you some of the details for the recordings; if you could get Dominick's family to record the scripts, that would be a great start."

"I'll do that," Eva smiles back to her. "What else do you need from us?"

"Funny you ask," Stephanie replies to them. "Because I will need your help, Will. You are a nurse here, yes?"

"I…I am," Will says in surprise that she needs his help. "What can I do?"

"You can support me with the rehabilitation," Stephanie reveals to him. "The movement of legs and arms while Dominick listens to the vocals. What do you say?"

Will gulps as he looks back at Eva and then at Stephanie. He knows that if he helps Dominick come out of his coma, he could lose Eva forever. However, if he doesn't help, he could also lose her. The last thing he wants is to lose the woman that he just got back.

"I'll…I'll have to think about it," he admits to everyone. "Why don't you focus on getting the recordings and I'll give this some thought."

"Alright," Stephanie tells him. "Just don't keep me waiting, because if you won't help me, I'll have to locate a nurse that will."

The Young Mansion

"How was your breakfast with Robin?" Andy asks Nicholas as he pours himself another cup of coffee in the living room of the Young mansion.

Nicholas sighs back to him as he recalls how Robin admitted to him that she thought he looked awful; of course, he knows that it is because he didn't have a great sleep the previous night because Clayton came to the mansion to confront them over the DNA test that proved he wasn't a Wilkins. Clayton became unhinged, and he tried to attack Nicholas with a fire poker. Andy dropped a vase over his head, which knocked him out, but while Clayton fell to the ground, the fire poker stabbed him and killed him. Andy was worried that no one would believe them that Clayton's death was an accident, so they took the body and buried at the Victors mansion.

"She noticed that I looked tired," he finally replies to Andy. "I couldn't tell her why, and I hated lying to her."

"I know babe," Andy says as he moves to the sofa. "This will pass over soon enough."

"The carpet is at the cleaners?" Nicholas asks him as he notices the floor in the living room is bare.

Andy shakes his head no. "I…I had it burnt," he reveals to him. "There was a blood stain, I didn't think it was worth answering questions about how the blood got there."

"This is a nightmare," Nicholas whispers back to him.

Before Andy can respond, the doorbell rings. "I'll get it, okay?" Andy tells him as he stands up and moves into the foyer. He opens the door and sees Madeline standing on the other side. "Maddie, hi."

"Hey, can I come in?" she asks as she moves into the foyer, as Nicholas appears from the living room. "Hey Nicholas."

"Morning," Nicholas replies to her. "What's going on?"

"It's Clayton," she reveals to them as the men look at one another.

"What about him?" Andy asks with a gulp.

"I…I think he's disappeared," Madeline uneasily tells them.

"Why do you think that?" Andy asks again, as Nicholas feels the blood drain from his face.

"I haven't heard from him; I've sent him a few texts and he hasn't responded. He even checked out of the hotel last night," she informs them. "I think he left town and I doubt we will ever see him again."

Andy looks at Nicholas, who runs his hand through his hair. "That…that might be for the best," Andy tells her. "After all the secrets and lies, maybe never seeing Clayton again is the best thing for all of us."

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Sergio rushes out of the front of Jasper's apartment building and races to the back alley, where he can see Jasper finishing climbing down the fire escape.

"Stop, police!" Sergio shouts at Jasper, who reaches the ground and looks over at the cop.

"Damn it," Jasper whispers to himself, as he feels panic start to set in. "I can't go to jail. I can't!"

He starts to rush away from Sergio, who starts to chase him. Jasper weaves through the alley and turns his head to see where the police officer is. Sergio stops in horror as Jasper rushes into the road without looking, as his head is still looking behind him. Suddenly, a fishing truck hits Jasper and his body flies through the air until it hits the ground in a loud thud! People start to scream at the sight of Jasper's body covered in blood on the cement.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Kim and Robbie share news with Greg and Madeline
- Leah sees something surprising
- Cheresa has her first day at General Hospital

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