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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Brooke and Greg's divorce was finalized
- Robbie learned that Greg and Kim were sleeping together
- Donovan and Lukas reunited
- Chris told Trenyce he wanted nothing to do with her after he learned of her affair with Brad
- Andy told Nicholas he was moving back into his condo after he had another sighting of Reese
- Shane almost told Adam that Robin is pregnant
- Brad and Meggan told Victoria to slip Vinny a slipping pill so they could investigate the secret passage she found in the Victors mansion

The Victors Mansion

Vinny peers over to Victoria, who is at the bar making two drinks for them. He is glad that they finally have some time alone together because he has been wondering if she did find the secret passage way in the study on the second level of the home. If she did find the passage way, he knows that he has to make sure that he can cover his tracks because he doesn't want her to find Brett and Daisy, who are still being held hostage in the dungeon. He has to act quickly, he realizes.

"It's nice that we have some time together," he finally tells his lover. "It seems like you have been heading into the city more and more lately to see Eva and Donovan. This gives us some time to talk."

"It's true, I have," Victoria replies to him as she pours a brandy into a glass. As soon as she sets the decanter down, she breaks open a small pill and hours the some white powder into the glass. She gives it a quick stir and takes a deep breath; she hates that she is about to drug Vinny with a sleeping pill, but she knows that she, Brad and Meggan have realized that this is the way for them try to figure out what is really going on the secret passage way she found. "My mother is having a difficult time with Dominick right now and Donovan is just putting his marriage back together. They have supported me so much, that I thought I should be there for them."

"That's very kind of you," Vinny says as he accepts the brandy. "That's one of the reasons I care so deeply for you, Victoria."

Victoria uneasily smiles back to him as she thinks about the drugs in his drink. "Why is that?"

"You're so thoughtful and kind and wouldn't hurt a fly," Vinny winks back to her.

"I suppose we could toast to that?" She suggests, realizing that they haven't taken a sip of their drink yet.

"Absolutely," he says as their glasses hit one another and they both take a drink. Victoria watches as Vinny takes a larger sip than she does.

"This really is lovely brandy," Victoria tells him. "One of my favorites."

"Mine too," Vinny chuckles back to her. "That's why I bought so many cases of it."

"Then drink up, there's plenty more where it came from," she laughs back to him as she notices him take another sip of the brandy.


Robbie opens a file as he sits behind the main desk of Roboto and quickly tries to scan it. His mind, however, is not on the file in front of him. He still can't believe that Kim's plan to hire Will to seduce Eva worked so quickly; what's worse, was Natasha's reaction to hearing that her mother's marriage might implode now as a result. He hates that Natasha could get hurt in all of this when she really had nothing to do with it. He then thinks back to learning about Kim being involved with Greg; he looks over at the sofa and recalls how he and Kim shared a kiss a few weeks earlier.

"I have to stop thinking about that," he whispers to himself. "She has proven herself to be untrustworthy; first with this Greg situation and now with Eva."

He stands up and moves to the bar to pour himself a drink. "I just can't stop thinking about that damn kiss," he admits to himself, as he thinks about the lip lock he and Kim shared in the very office he is standing in.

He turns when he hears a knock on the office door and sees Brooke appear. "Brooke, this is a surprise. What brings you by?"

Brooke looks at her former lover and purses her lips together. "Would you believe I was in the neighborhood?"

"No considering this place is nowhere near your house," Robbie chuckles back to her. "Seriously, what's going on?"

"My divorce to Greg is final," Brooke reveals to him as she moves closer to him. "I'm a free woman and Greg, well, he's a free man."

"I don't know if I should congratulate you or tell you how sorry I am," Robbie replies to her as he thinks about how back and forth her marriage went for years. "Whatever you need, I am here for you Brooke."

"Thank you," Brooke nods back to him. "The truth of the matter is, my marriage to Greg ended a long time ago. I don't know why we held on for so long."

"You have a long history together and children," Robbie replies to her. "To me, it's only natural to want to hold on to something precious like a marriage."

"You're kind for saying so," she moves closer to him. "Now that I am free," she purrs as she puts her hands on his chest. "We could pick up where we left off?"

Robbie uneasily chuckles back to her as he removes her hands from his body. "I'm sorry Brooke but that's not going to happen."

"You don't mean that," she insists. "You've always wanted me."

"I did," Robbie nods back to her. "Until you were on the witness stand in court and you admitted to still having feelings for Greg. That's when it ended for me, Brooke. I don't mean to hurt you, but you and I, we are over, for good this time."

The Pampa Grill

"Your text made it seem like getting together was urgent," Kim purses her lips together as she sits across from Greg at the back table of the restaurant. She picks up her glass of white wine and takes a sip of it as she looks over at her lover.

"I hadn't seen you in a few weeks," Greg replies to her quickly. "I thought it was long overdue that we get together, maybe even go back to my hotel room?"

Kim chuckles back to him. "It has been awhile since we had that kind of a meeting," she winks back to him. "I take it that things are finally calm with you and your family?"

"Brooke's trial is over and she is doing her community service," he says back to her. "And, our divorce was finalized. It came through just the other day."

"Oh wow," Kim replies in surprise. "I didn't realize it would happen that quickly. How are you feeling about that?"

"To be honest, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders," he admits to her. "Brooke and I had been toxic to one another for years. This is the best thing that could have happened to us."

"Well then," Kim raises her glass. "Let's toast to that, finish our drinks and get out of here?"

"You read my mind," he winks back to her as lust fills his eyes.

One Day House

Lukas and Donovan sit in the waiting room of the One Day House, where they are going to meet with one of the adoption agents. While Nicholas opened the One Day House as a half-way house, it has already expanded and opened an adoption service center, which moved out of Twin Peaks hospital. Donovan is trying not to be too nervous about the meeting but he doesn't know how or what all the details of the adoption process will look like.

"You're twiddling your thumbs," Lukas notes to his husband. "I can tell that you're nervous."

"I am," Donovan looks over at him and nods his head back. "Now that we are back together and solid, I just want everything to go smoothly."

"Don't worry," Lukas puts a smile on his face. "I think everything will be just fine."

Across the room, another couple is sitting next to one another. The man is reading a magazine and the woman looks at Donovan and Lukas before she pats her husband on the shoulder.

"Isn't that… you know?" she asks him as Lukas looks over at her. "The guy who was charged with raping that other man?"

The husband looks over at Lukas and then Donovan, who blush back to them. "Yea, that's. Guess he got off?"

"I'm so sorry," Lukas whispers to Donovan, who stands up and rushes out of the room, unable to hear the conversation of his husband being charged with rape for a second longer.

The Sugarbowl

"I can't stay long, I have another appointment," Brad looks over the table that he is sharing with Trenyce, as he thinks about how he has to get to the Victors mansion to help Victoria and Meggan search the Victors mansion.

"That's okay," Trenyce smiles back to him. "I really just wanted to see you to thank you for everything you've done in your search to find my Aunt Daisy. It means so much to me."

Brad smiles back to her. "I appreciate that a lot," he nods to her. "After our fling, I was worried that I had ruined any chance of a friendship with you."

"Not at all," Trenyce shakes her head back to him. "I know what happened between us hurt a lot of people but we wouldn't have ended up in bed together if we didn't enjoy each other's company."

"And find each other attractive," he adds in as she blushes. "Sorry, I crossed a line there."

"Nah, it's fine," Trenyce admits to him. "We still have to figure out how we can make this right with Cheresa, though."

Brad shrugs back to her. "I know it's not want you want to hear but Cheresa is a big girl; adults can have sex, it's a part of life. She needs to get over it."

Trenyce chuckles back to him. "I wish it was that easy."

"It can be, if she wants it to be."

At the doorway of the coffeehouse, Chris enters and immediately sees the two of them together in the back booth laughing with one another. He immediately feels his blood boil at the sight and turns around and leaves the Sugarbowl.

"Damn you Trenyce," he grits his teeth together. "Damn you to hell."

The Tower's; Floor One; Andy's Condo

"I wish this wasn't the answer," Nicholas says as he puts a box of Andy's things down on the kitchen counter of the condo that Andy has owned for years. Nicholas looks at his lover and realizes that he is about to say goodbye to him for the time being; after having another vision of Reese, Andy told him that he had to move out of the Young mansion. Nicholas, of course, doesn't want this to occur, but he hasn't been able to change Andy's mind.

"I know you don't babe," Andy replies to him as he drags his suitcase behind him. "But, like I told you, I have to do this for my sanity. I don't know what it is about the mansion but I never heard that weird noise or saw Reese when I was here."

"It just feels like we are moving further apart instead of being closer together," Nicholas sighs back to him. "That's the part that I hate."

Andy comes up to him and pulls him into a kiss. He looks into Nicholas' eyes when their lips part. "You have to know that this isn't a reflection of you or how I feel about you," he tells him. "I just need to get my head on straight again. You have to admit that seeing your dead spouse doesn't exactly sound normal?"

Nicholas chuckles back to him. "You win that battle," he winks back to him. "I know you've been struggling for some time and if you feel like this will help you, then I support you. I still don't have to like it, though, do I?"

Andy smirks back to him. "No, and it's sweet that you don't want our living arrangements to change. Who knows, maybe you'll move in here when it's all said and done?"

Nicholas laughs back to him. "Come on, let's go get the rest of your boxes."

Adam's Townhouse

"Shane," Robin opens the door to the townhouse and sees her doctor standing on the other side. "This is a surprise. What brings you by?"

Shane uneasily looks back at her as he knows that he is keeping her secret for her: she is pregnant, likely with his children, which they discovered after she fell down the stairs at Helen's house. Shane agreed to keep the secret but he hasn't been able to stop thinking about the fact that he almost let it slip to Adam that Robin might have had some morning sickness.

"Is Adam home? I'd like to talk to you, if I could," he finally replies to her as she lets him in the home, as Adam is away.

"He's out right now," she tells him, wondering what it is that he needs to discuss. She just hopes that he doesn't the truth about the baby to come out yet. "What's going on?"

"I almost let it slip that you're pregnant to Adam the other day when he was picking up your prescription."

"You did what?" Robin gasps back to him. "Shane, please, you have to be more careful!"

"I know, I know," he shrugs his shoulders back to her. "I guess I need to know what you're plan is here, Robin? You can't keep this baby a secret forever. You're going to start showing any day now."

"I just need time to figure out how to tell Adam that I'm pregnant," she replies to him quickly. "And, that you're the father. He's going to lose it, Shane!"

"I don't want to cause trouble," Shane admits to her quickly. "But, we have to tell him sooner rather than later. I've agreed to keep this secret, but it has a timeline on it Robin. You have to tell Adam the truth. You have too."

"I know I do," Robin nods back to him. "It's complicated, you know that."

Shane grabs her hand and looks into her eyes. "I hate to do this Robin," he says back to her. "But, you have 48 hours to tell Adam the truth, or I will."

The Lawson Estate; Greg, Brooke, Brad, Abby & Cheresa's Home

Brooke swings the door to the master bedroom open and rushes inside. She tries to take some deep breathes to calm her racing heart down as she can't believe that Robbie just rejected her. She had hoped that since her divorce to Greg was finalized, she would be able to reunite with Robbie; instead, he told her they were over for good.

"Damn it!" she yells in frustration. "Greg wants nothing to do with me; Robbie wants nothing to do with me; Abby is giving up her child for adoption; Brad and Cheresa are busy with their own lives," she pauses to gasp for air. "It seems like there's no place left for me here. There's only one thing left to do."

She moves over to her purse and grabs her phone. "This is Brooke Lawson, I want to be on the next flight out of Twin Peaks," she says into her phone. "No, I don't care the destination; just get me on the first flight!"

The Pampa Grill

Robbie opens the door to the restaurant and scurries inside. He is desperate for a drink after his encounter with Brooke; a few weeks ago, he would have longed to have her admit that she wanted another chance with him but after everything that happened at her trial, he knows that he would be a fool to go back with her now. Still, the conversation wasn't easy to have as she clearly had hoped that they would reunite. He hated seeing the pain in her eyes after their conversation.

"She'll get over it," he whispers to himself. "She always does."

As he looks into the restaurant wondering if he should move to the bar, he happens to see Kim and Greg stand up from their table together. Greg leans over and kisses him on the lips before the leave together. Robbie shakes his head back to himself.

"Why does it bother me that they are together so much?" he asks himself. "Damn it Robbie, get yourself together! She's your stepmother for crying out loud!"

The Victors Mansion

Victoria arches her eyebrow as Vinny lets out a loud yawn and moves over to the sofa. He sits down and sets his brandy, which is now empty, on the coffee table.

"You look exhausted Vinny," Victoria observes to him. "Did you get a good sleep last night?"

"I thought I did," he stretches out. "But, I can't keep my eyes open. I think I'm going to have to have a nap?"

"Then you should," Victoria tells him. "Rest your eyes, Vinny. I'll be here when you wake up."

Victoria looks at Vinny, whose eyes have closed. She moves up to him and pokes his shoulder, but he doesn't move. Soon, a soft snore can be heard coming from his mouth.

"Perfect," she whispers to herself as she rushes out of the living room and moves into the foyer. She opens the front door of the house and sees Meggan and Brad standing on the other side of it. "Great timing, he just passed out," Victoria tells them.

Meggan looks back at Brad and then over at Victoria. "Okay," she replies. "We don't have much time. Let's go to this secret passage and see exactly what Vinny is hiding."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Andy and Kim reconnect
- Natasha lays down the law
- Cory gets a new gig

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