Episode 01 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene 1
Setting: Robbie and Leah Calimo’s house

Robbie Calimo hears his alarm clock go off. He reaches out from his bed and hits the snooze button. He looks over at his wife, Leah Robertson Calimo. He kisses her on her cheek, and she awakes.

Robbie: Good morning beautiful

Leah: Hi. How’d you sleep?

Robbie: Great. I was tired though.

Leah: I’m not surprised, we had a good workout before we went to sleep!

Robbie kisses his wife, and moves his hand under the covers. His finger quickly starts entering her.

Leah: Oh Robbie....

Things begin to get more intimate, but the alarm clock goes off again.

Robbie: Ahh!

He reaches and shuts off the ringing clock.

Robbie: I guess we’ll wait for later.

He smiles and kisses his wife, their tongues meeting.

Leah: I guess we have a date.

Robbie gets up, and grabs some clean boxers from the dresser. He heads to the bathroom and starts the shower. He climbs in. The steaming hot water covers his hairless chest. Suddenly the shower doors open. A naked Leah enters the shower, and places her hands on her husband’s chest.

Leah: Maybe we don’t have to wait until tonight after all.

Robbie moves in and kisses his wife. He lifts her against the wall, they quickly begin to make hot, passionate love. Soon, Robbie and Leah reach their climaxes.

Robbie: God, I needed you Leah.

Leah: Oh baby, I needed you too. I hope your not late for work though.
Robbie: It was worth it, if I am.

Robbie smiles at her, and prepares to leave the shower. He gives her one more quick kiss.

Robbie: See you when I get home.

Leah: I love you.

Robbie: Love you baby.

Scene Two:
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Vinny Victors walks around the Calimo cabin, pacing. He has a worried look on face.

Vinny: Damn! Fuck! Victoria knows too much. I have to get rid of her, while I have the chance. Think about Vinny! What are the chances that Victoria showed up here? It was a sign. A sign that this is my chance to get rid of the nosey little bitch. I have to do it now. I have to.

Vinny walks over to the desk, and opens the top drawer. He picks up his gun.

Vinny: Good, I loaded it. It’s time to take control.

Vinny walks towards the kitchen. He walks through the large kitchen and leaves through the back door, which connects to the garage. He turns on the garage lights, and he proceeds to a large square in the corner. The square lifts up, revealing stairs leading down to a cellar. Vinny heads down.

The cellar is dark. Vinny can hear some rats running. He quickly finds the flash light, and he turns it on. He pans the light around the room. Suddenly he spots a hand, with blood on it. He walks over to the hand, and pans the light on the body.

Vinny: Victoria is still knocked out. I must have hit her good and hard with the back of the gun.

Vinny bends down and puts his fingers to her neck.

Vinny: Shit, she’s still alive.

Suddenly Victoria stirs. She finally awakes.

Victoria: Where, where, am I?

Victoria’s eyes take a beating from the bright light.
Victoria: Whose there?

Vinny: It’s me Victoria

Victoria: Vinny! What do you want? Why are you doing this to me?

Vinny: You know too much Victoria. I can’t let you leave here knowing everything you do.

Victoria: Vinny, please! I’m sure we can work something out.

Vinny: No! No! No! Victoria no!

Victoria: Vinny please

Vinny: I’m sorry Victoria. I’m so sorry.

Vinny gets a little teary, as he points his gun down towards Victoria.

Victoria: Vinny! No! Please!

Vinny pulls the trigger. A bullet enters Victoria’s lower chest. Red blood begins to pour from her chest. Victoria lays in a pool of blood, as Vinny walks off. Vinny drops the flashlight, and heads back upstairs. A distraught Vinny leaves the cellar door open. He gets into his car, and takes off.

Scene Three:
The Towers, Natasha and Cory’s Penthouse

Natasha Calimo is getting ready for work. Her lover, Cory Calvin has already left for Wild Night already. Suddenly there is a knock on her door. Natasha opens the door, to her best friend Kim Reeves.

Natasha: Kim! You’re home! Come in!

Natasha hugs her best friend.

Kim: It’s so good to be home, and to see you again.

Natasha: Tell me everything. How was the conference with publishing company?

Kim: They are done to the final two choices. Me and another woman!

Natasha: My God! I’m so happy for you. You will get it, hands down. Coffee?

Kim: I hope I get it.

Natasha passes her a cup of coffee.

Kim: Thanks for the coffee. Now that you know about my trip, what’s new with you and Cory? Any big news to tell me?

Natasha: No, nothing too new. Why?

Kim: Why?!! You mean he still hasn’t proposed? What’s wrong with him?

Natasha: I don’t want to rush him into anything Kim.

Kim: Rush? You’ve been together for 3 years already!

Natasha: I know. I have a feeling it will be soon though.

Suddenly Natasha’s pager goes off.

Natasha: Ah! I have to go. I have a client waiting.

Kim: Duty calls. I understand.

Natasha: I love you! I’m so glad you’re back. We will have to get together for a real girl chat.

Kim: I’m just 14 floors down!

Scene Four:
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Dr. Shane Glubbs is in his office at the hospital. His secretary buzzes him that his patient his here. Leah enters.

Shane: Leah! I didn’t realize you were my patient.

Leah: I made the appointment after Robbie left this morning.

Shane: Why? What’s going on?

Leah: I think I may be pregnant, but I need to know for sure.

Shane: Oh! I thought it was something serious. We can run a few tests and find out for sure.
Leah: Thanks Shane.

Scene Five:
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Department

Robbie arrives at the TPPD, and heads to his office. Once there, the phone rings.

Robbie: Calimo

Robin: Robbie! It’s Robin. I’m at home. Can you come over now?

Robbie: Yeah, what’s up?

Robin: Come over, and find out

Robbie: I’m on my way.

Scene Six:
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Kim arrives at her front door, after visiting Natasha. She unlocks her door, and enters her dark apartment. She switches on the light. She quickly notices that her living room window is open.

Kim: What the hell? I didn’t leave my window open!

Suddenly Kim hears something from the other room.

Kim: Oh my God! I think someone’s in my apartment.

Kim walks quietly over to the phone, and begins to dial the number. Suddenly a hand covers her mouth with a rag. Kim passes out. The intruder hangs up the phone, shuts the door, and places Kim in a large cage.

After a few moments Kim awakes.

Kim: What the fuck? Who did this to me?

Suddenly the intruder enters the room.

Intruder: Hello Kim.
Kim: Who are you?

Jackson: My name in Jackson McQuillan. Remember me?

Kim gets a horrified look on her face.

Scene Seven:
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Leah: Are you sure Shane?

Shane: Yes. The results are 100% positive.

Leah: My God. I can’t believe it. This is between you and I, right?

Shane: Yes, of course. But you need to tell Robbie. Something this serious...

Leah: I don’t know if I can Shane. But this is my problem. Thank you.

Leah leaves.

Shane: Oh Leah. You have to tell Robbie.

Scene Eight:
Setting: The Towers, Floor Three, Robin’s apartment

Robin Navy is wearing her robe, waiting for Robbie to arrive. Finally the door bell goes. Robin opens the door, to see Robbie.

Robin: Finally!

Robbie: I got here as soon as I could

Robbie enters the apartment.

Robin: Sit, please.

Robbie: What’s up Robin?

Robbie sits on the sofa. Robin comes closer to him, and unties her robe, revealing a sexy red lace bra and panties.
Robbie: Wow.

Robin: You like?

Robbie: God yes.

Robin sits on his lap, and kisses him.

Robin: I need you Robbie. I need you so badly.

They continue to kiss. His hands move around and unbutton her bra. His hand goes over top of her breast.

Robin: Fuck me Robbie. Please fuck me.

Robbie: With pleasure.

Scene Nine:
Setting: Legal Firm, Natasha’s office

Natasha races into her office. Her secretary tells her she has a client waiting for her in her office. Natasha opens her office door.

Natasha: Sorry I’m late.

Voice: It’s alright.

Suddenly Natasha looks around. Her office is lit in candles. Cory is standing with roses.

Natasha: Cory! What is this.

Cory: Lunch, with my beautiful girlfriend.

Cory walks up to Natasha and kisses her.

Cory: Will you have lunch with me?

Natasha: You have to ask?

Scene 10:
Setting: Roboto, Leah’s office

Leah is sitting at her desk, thinking about her test results. Robbie arrives.

Robbie: Leah. Leah? Earth to Leah

Leah: Oh Robbie. Sorry. I didn’t hear you come in.

Robbie: Where were you just now? You looked a thousand miles away.

Leah: I was just thinking of something.

Robbie: Must have been deep. Want to share?

Leah: No. It’s business. So, what brings you by?

Robbie: Just wanted to tell you I love you.

Leah gets up and walks over to her husband, and hugs him.

Leah: I love you too. I can’t believe I married the most wonderful man in the world.

Leah looks up, and is startled by something.

Robbie: Leah? What is it now?

Leah: What is that?

Robbie: What?

Leah: This?

Leah points to some red lip stick on Robbie’s white collar.

Leah: Why do you have lipstick on your collar?

Robbie: Oh. I, um. It must have been, um, one of the new gals at work. She was fixing my collar.

Leah: And she got lipstick on it?

Robbie: Um. Yeah. She thought I cut myself shaving. But I didn’t.
Leah: Oh. I don’t know why I’m so jealous. You would never cheat on me.

Scene Eleven:
Setting: Legal Firm, Natasha’s office

Natasha and Cory finish dinner. They being to dance.

Cory: I love holding you in my arms.

Natasha: I love being in your arms.

Cory: I want this to last forever.

Natasha: Me too.

Cory: Really?

Natasha: Yes. I love you Cory.

Cory: OK. Here it goes.

Cory bends down on one knee and pulls a ring box out of his pocket.

Cory: Natasha Calimo, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

Natasha begins to cry.

Natasha: Oh God, Cory yes! Yes! I will marry you.

Cory places the ring on Natasha’s finger and kisses her.

Scene Twelve
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s home

Leah arrives at home. Suddenly the door bell rings. She heads over to get it. She opens the door to find Robin.
Robin: Leah. I’m glad you’re home. We need to talk.

-To Be Continued-

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