Episode 02 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene One
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, Shane’s Office

Shane looks at his watch again. He wonders where Victoria is. He picks up the phone and dials her office number. No one responds. Shane continues to worry about his wife. Finally, Shane gets a hold of Victoria’s secretary.

Secretary: Dr. Franky’s office, how may I help you?

Shane: Dina, it’s Shane.

Dina: Hello Dr. Glubbs.

Shane: Hi. Is Victoria around?

Dina: Oh, I’m afraid not. She didn’t show up today. I was left a memo telling me that she went to the Calimo cabin.

Shane: The cabin? Did she say why?

Dina: No, the memo just says, she has some things to take care of.

Shane: Thanks Dina.

Shane hangs up the phone, relieved that he knows where Victoria is. He quickly attempts to call the Calimo cabin. When no one answers, Shane tries to call Victoria’s cell phone. Again, no <br>answer. Shane comes to the conclusion that Victoria shut off the phones, and decides to surprise her for dinner.

Scene Two
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s home

Leah hears the doorbell. She opens the door to find Robin.

Robin: Leah. I’m glad you’re home. We need to talk.

Leah: Robin, what do you want?

Robin: I need to talk to you. It’s important.

Leah: Can this wait? I am getting dinner ready for Robbie.

Robin: That’s what I need to talk to you about. Robbie.

Leah: You’re not making sense Robin. What do you have to tell me about my husband?

Robin: I’m getting to that. Can I come in.

Leah moves from the door, allowing Robin to enter.

Robin: Thank you.

Leah: Whatever. Make it fast.

Robin: I just think it’s time you know...

Robin is cut off by the phone ringing.

Leah: Excuse me.

Leah races up stairs to get the phone. Robin follows her. At the top of the stairs, Robin looks at a picture of Leah and Robbie on their wedding day.

Robin: You look so happy Robbie. I feel so terrible for doing this to you, but Leah has to know. She has to know that we are having an affair. I have fallen in love with you, and I think you with me. When I told you I needed you, you were there.

Suddenly Leah reappears.

Leah: What are you doing? Put that down!

Robin: Sorry. You looked beautiful.

Leah: Thank you.

Robin: Too bad Robbie isn’t taking his vows seriously.

Leah: What the hell are you talking about Robin?

Robin: Robbie and I are...

Leah: What! Just spit it out!

Leah moves closer to Robin

Robin: ...we are having an affair! He makes love to me every morning after leaving you.

Leah: You lying bitch!

Robin: No, it’s the truth. And you know what? He likes it, just as much as I do! I love him! And he loves me too.

Leah slaps Robin.

Robin: Why you little...

Robin lunges at Leah. Leah falls to the ground, as Robin crawls on her and the two begin to fight! Leah pulls Robin’s hair, dragging Robin off her body. Leah sits up, but Robin pushes her back, causing Leah to fall down the stairs! Robin watches as Leah’s unconscious body hits the ground.

Robin: Leah!?

Robin races down the stairs.

Robin: Leah?! Can you hear me? Oh my God...I think I’ve killed her!

Suddenly Robin hears Robbie’s car pull up in the drive way. Robbie enters the house.

Robbie: Leah! Baby, I’m home!

Robin: Robbie! In here! Quick!

Robbie: Robin?...what the....

Robbie enters the living room, and finds Robin leaning over Leah’s body.

Robbie: Leah? What the hell happened Robin?

Robbie checks Leah’s pulse.

Robbie: Robin call 9-1-1 now!

Robin gets up and dials the number one the phone.

Robbie: Leah? Can you hear me? Baby, it will be all right.

Robin: They’re on their way.

Robbie: What happened?

Robin: Not now. We have to make sure Leah is alright.

Scene Three
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Kim is stunned when the intruder, who has locked her in a cage, says his name is Jackson McQuillan.

Jackson: What’s wrong Kim? Cat got your tongue?

Kim: Jackson McQuillan? Where have I heard that name before. Wait...I went to High school with Jackson. On my God...

Jackson: The one and only.

Kim: Why are you doing this to me?

Jackson: You don’t know?

Kim [scared]: No! Please tell me.

Jackson: Oh simple Kim. You always were a simple minded creature. You see, I’ve changed since High School. I’m no longer a geek, with no friends.

Kim: I was always your friend, Jackson.

Jackson laughs.

Jackson: You! My friend? Hardly. You were the one who turned me down for the Prom. You were the one who torn my heart out. You knew I loved you, and you threw me away like yesterday’s trash. You are a cold, heartless bitch.

Kim: Jackson...I had no idea you felt this way.

Kim begins to cry.

Kim [weeping]: I’m sure if you had told me this, we could have dated.

Jackson [yelling]: STOP LYING TO ME!

Kim: I’m not lying. Please Jackson, let me out, and we can talk about this. Please.

Suddenly the phone rings. A frantic Jackson puts his hands over his ears.

Jackson: There’s too much noise! Make it stop! Stop the noise!

The phone continues to ring. Jackson picks up a gun and shoots the phone! The phone goes silent.

Jackson [relieved]: There, isn’t that better?

Scene Four:
Setting: The Calimo Cabin

Shane’s car arrives at the Calimo cabin. He drives into the garage, and spots Victoria’s car.

Shane: Good Victoria is here.

Shane exits the car, and quickly notices the cellar down open. He walks over, and notices a dim light

Shane: Hello? Vicky are you down there? Hello?

Shane begins to go downstairs. He arrives downstairs. He can barely see in the dim room. Finally he finds the flashlight. He bends down, and sees his wife’s bloody body.

Shane: Victoria?! Oh my God! She’s been shot.

Shane picks up his wife and carries her upstairs. Once there, he lies on down the sofa in the living room. He races to the phone and calls for help.

9-1-1 operator: 9-1-1, how many I help you?

Shane: Yes, this is Dr. Shane Glubbs from TPGH. I am at the Calimo Cabin. My wife has been shot. I don’t know when, or how much blood she has lost, but I need help out here ASAP.

9-1-1 operator: Yes, Dr. Glubbs right away.

Shane hangs up the phone, and tends to Victoria.

Shane: Don’t worry Vic, help is coming.

Shane puts a towel over the bullet hole, to try to stop the bleeding. Shane begins to cry.

Shane: I will find out who did this to you, and make them pay. I promise.

Shane moves in and kisses his wife on the lips.

Shane: Please be ok. Please.

Scene Five
Setting: Meggan and Vinny’s house

Meggan wonders where her husband, Vinny, is.

Meggan: Try to stay calm Meggan. Just because he hasn’t been home all night, doesn’t mean he’s not ok. Why doesn’t he call? Maybe I’ll try his cell.

Meggan walks over to the phone and begins to dial Vinny’s cell number. Suddenly Vinny walks in!

Meggan: Vinny! Where have you been?

Meggan hangs up the phone and hugs her husband.

Vinny: I’m alright Meggan. I’ve told you that you don’t have to worry.

Meggan: I know what you’ve said, but I can’t help but worry about you. Especially when you don’t call. Where were you?

Vinny: I had to take care of business.

Meggan: What business? What are you talking about?

Vinny: Meggan, I’ve told you, I can’t tell you everything I do. It’s just the way it works.

Meggan [fed-up]: Vinny, I’m tired of this! You can never tell me anything! Why? Because you can’t. You choose not to trust me! What is our marriage without trust Vinny? I’ll be at Natasha’s. Please call me when you have an answer.

Meggan leaves. Vinny quickly pulls out his gun.

Vinny [uneasily]: God, what have I done?

Vinny walks into the bedroom and hides the gun in a shirt. He places the shirt in the top shelf of the closet.

Scene Six
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie and Robin arrive at the hospital to see Leah, who was admitted earlier. Robbie goes to <br>the front desk and asks about his wife. Robbie is given permission to see Leah. Robbie enters Leah’s room. A nurse is in with Leah. Leah is still unconscious.

Robbie: Nurse, how is she?

Nurse: She should be fine. I’m sorry about your loss though.

Robbie: Loss? What loss?

Nurse: The baby. It died.

Robbie: Baby? What are you talking about?

Nurse: You didn’t know?

Robbie: Know what?

Nurse: Leah was pregnant. She learned today from Dr. Glubbs.

Robbie is shocked. He begins to get teary.

Nurse: I’m sorry. I thought you knew.

Robbie: Thanks. May I sit with her?

Nurse: Yes.

The nurse leaves.

Robbie: Leah. Can you hear me? Oh baby, I’m so sorry. I wish you would have told me.

Suddenly Leah stirs. She opens her eyes.

Leah: My baby? How’s the baby?

Robbie remains silent.

Leah: Robbie? What happened to my baby?

Scene Seven
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane arrives at the hospital, with Victoria in tow. Another doctor, Dr. Benton, is on hand and takes Victoria into surgery. Shane waits in the waiting room, praying for his wife.

Scene Eight
Setting: The Towers, The Penthouse, Natasha’s apartment

Meggan arrives at Natasha’s apartment.

Natasha: What’s going on? You seem upset.

Meggan [fed-up]: Same old, same old Nat. Vinny is keeping things from me.

Natasha: I’m sorry. I could talk to him if you would like.

Meggan: No, don’t do that. It will just make him more upset.

Natasha: OK. Hey, I hope you know you can stay here, until you want to go home.

Meggan: Thanks Natasha.

Suddenly Natasha’s doorbell goes. Natasha gets it. Chris and Daisy arrive.

Natasha: Chris, Daisy! You’re back! How was LA?

Daisy hugs Natasha. They enter.

Daisy: LA was great! We had such a good trip. Meggan! How are you?

Daisy hugs Meggan. Chris enters and does the same.

Meggan: I’m good. Great to see you guys.

Chris: Thanks. You too.

Natasha: Alright you too. What’s up? You seem very mysterious.

Chris [looking at Daisy]: You want me to tell them, or do you want to?

Meggan: Tell us what?

Daisy: We got married in LA!!

Natasha: What? This is great news! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

Natasha and Meggan hug both Chris and Daisy.

Natasha: Well, while we’re on the subject of good news, I have some myself. Cory and I are engaged!

There are some more congratulations.

Scene Nine:
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Shane gets word that Victoria is out of surgery.

Dr. Benton: Shane. Victoria survived surgery.

Shane: Thank God. How is she?.

Dr. Benton: It’s touch and go. But it doesn’t look good.

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