Episode 04 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene One
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Kim is alone in her apartment, after Meggan had to go back to the station to get a 24-hour guard for Kim’s apartment.

Kim [worried]: I wonder where Meggan is so long. I hate being in here alone.

Suddenly Kim gets an idea.

Kim: Maybe I should call Natasha and ask if I can stay with her.

Kim goes to the phone and tries calling Natasha.

Kim: No answer. She must still be at work.

Suddenly Kim gets a chill.

Kim [chilled]: It’s cold. Maybe I will have a hot bath.

Kim walks over and shuts the window, where Jackson escapes. She heads into the washroom and runs the hot water. As the water is running, Kim strips off her clothes.

Meanwhile, Jackson appears outside Kim’s apartment door. He hears the bath water running, and tries to open the door.

Jackson: Damn! It’s locked. Oh well!

Jackson pulls out a key from his pocket. He quietly unlocks the door. He enters the apartment. Meanwhile, Kim enters the hot bathtub. She shuts off the water. As Kim lays in the hot water, she shuts her eyes. Jackson appears at the bathroom door, and watches Kim bath.

Scene Two
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, The Waiting Room

Cory has arrived and overheard Shane ask Natasha if she was married before.

Cory: Yes, Natasha. I am interested in knowing the truth too.

Shane: I think I’ll leave you guys alone.

Shane walks up to Natasha and hugs her.

Shane [whispering in Natasha’s ear]: Sorry about this.

Natasha [back to Shane]: Don’t worry. I had to tell him sooner or later.

Shane: Later Cory.

Cory: Shane.

Shane leaves.

Natasha: Cory, I can explain.

Cory: Were you married?

Natasha [sitting down]: Come sit. I can explain, honest.

Cory sits next to his fiance.

Natasha [taking Cory’s hands]: I was married. You have to understand some things though. I was very young. I was in law school. I had many boyfriends in that time. Adam was just very smooth Cory.

Natasha begins to shake.

Cory [concerned]: Natasha? Adam who? What did this Adam do to you?

Natasha [shaking, and weeping]: Adam....Adam Black. He was so nice Cory. Until we got married. He changed.

Cory: How?

Natasha [quivering]: He....he....hit me.

Cory [overwhelmed]: What? That bastard. I’ll kill him!

Natasha [pulling herself together]: No! Cory! It’s over. I got the married annulled. I haven’t heard from him again. I’ve moved on.

Cory [taking Natasha in his arms]: I wish you would have told me. I had no idea.

Natasha: It’s over now. There’s nothing we can do.

Meanwhile, across town, at The Towers, a man enters the apartments. The front guard is there, and stops the man.

Guard: Can I help you with something?

Man: Yes. I am the new resident on floor 12. Name is Black. Adam Black.

Scene Three:
Setting: The Towers, Floor Three, Robin’s Apartment

A jaded Robin arrives at home, after witnessing Robbie and Leah’s reunion.

Robin [angry]: Damn him! Dame her! Leah gets weepy and Robbie rushes to her side. As if she can’t take care of herself. Boo hoo! Poor little Leah. Always a victim. ‘Oh, I fell down the stairs! Help me Robbie!’ The bitch. I will get Robbie back Leah...I promise. I just need a plan. What to do, what to do.

Robin paces around her apartment. Suddenly it draws on her.

Robin[thrilled]: That’s it! I know exactly how to get Robbie back.

Scene Four
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, The Lobby

Robbie is helping Leah walk to the front desk, as she is preparing to check out.

Robbie: Do you have everything?

Leah: I think so. Let’s go, I just want to get out of here.

They being walking. Suddenly they run into Shane.

Robbie: Shane! How’s Victoria?

Shane: The doctors expect her to pull through. We are hoping she wakes up today.

Leah [hugging Shane]: That’s great Shane. I’m so happy for you.

Shane: Thanks. Sorry about your loss as well.

Robbie: Thanks man. Give Victoria our best.

Shane: I will.

Shane progresses to Victoria’s room. He enters her room. Dr. Benton is in with her.

Shane [quietly]: Craig, how is she?

Dr. Benton: Good Shane. She’s stabilized. She could awake at anytime.

Shane: Thanks.

Shane sits next to his wife, as Dr. Benton leaves.

Shane [taking Victoria’s hand]: Victoria? If you can hear me, please now I am here for you.

Suddenly Victoria stirs.

Shane [excited]: Victoria?.....Victoria?

Finally, Victoria opens her eyes!

Shane [overjoyed]: Victoria! God, I’m so happy you’re awake.

Victoria [weakly and slowly]: S-Shane? W-w-where, am I?

Shane: TPGH. You were shot.

Victoria becomes upset.

Shane: Stay calm, please. You are alright now. You will be 100%.

Victoria becomes calmer.

Shane: Victoria? Do you remember what happened?

Victoria nods her head no.

Shane: You were at the Calimo cabin. Do you remember that?

Victoria nods her head yes. Suddenly Victoria sees a white flash.


Victoria: Whose there?

Vinny: It’s me Victoria

Victoria: Vinny! What do you want? Why are you doing this to me?

Vinny: You know too much Victoria. I can’t let you leave here knowing everything you do.

Victoria: Vinny, please! I’m sure we can work something out.

Vinny: No! No! No! Victoria no!

Victoria: Vinny please

Vinny: I’m sorry Victoria. I’m so sorry.

Vinny gets a little teary, as he points his gun down towards Victoria.

Victoria: Vinny! No! Please!

Vinny pulls the trigger

[End Flash]

Victoria becomes agitated.

Shane: Victoria! Please calm down!

Suddenly Victoria’s eyes roll back into her head, and she goes into shock. Shane gets up from his chair, and opens the door.

Shane [franticly yelling]: Nurse! Nurse come quick!

The nurse quickly comes into the room, and sedates Victoria. She falls back asleep.

Scene Five
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment.

Kim gets out of the bath, putting on her robe, unaware Jackson is in her apartment once again. Kim ties the robe, and leaves the bathroom. She is walking in the hall, when Jackson comes from behind her and covers her mouth with his hand. Kim gasps.

Jackson [furious]: You bitch! You are going to pay for escaping.

Jackson releases Kim’s mouth, and pulls her around.

Kim [scared]: Jackson, please let me go! The police should be here any moment.

Jackson [yelling]: Stop lying! You have lied to me my entire life! You are going to pay.

Kim [begging]: Please don’t hurt me Jackson! Please!

Jackson slaps Kim, and pushes her to the ground. He gets on top over her, and holds her arms down with legs. With his arms, Jackson unbuckles his belt. He undoes his pants, and quickly unties her robe. He begins kissing her all over her body.

Kim[crying]: Please Jackson...don’t. Please stop! Please stop! No! No!

Scene Six
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, an examination room

Robin lays on the hospital coat, waiting for her doctor to enter. A nurse enters.

Nurse: Dr. Glubbs will be a few minutes, he is visiting his wife.

Robin: Alright, thank you.

The nurse opens Robin’s file.

Nurse: Hmmm...that’s weird.

Robin [curious]: What’s that?

Nurse: Well, you have the same blood results as another one of Dr. Glubbs patients.

Robin [confused]: Excuse me?

Nurse: Do you have a sister?

Robin: Not that I know of.

Nurse: You don’t know?

Robin: My mother was involved with a married man. I have no idea who he is!

Nurse: Interesting.

Robin [anxious]: What? What do you know? Who can be my sister! Whose blood results are the same as mine?

Nurse: Mrs. Calimo. Mrs. Robbie Calimo.

Robin [stunned]: What did you say?

Scene Seven
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, Victoria’s room

Victoria remains unconscious, as she sedative does it’s work. However, in her sleep, Victoria continues to remember before the shooting.


Victoria arrives at the Calimo Cabin. She spots Vinny’s car.

Victoria: Good Vinny is here. I have to stop him from hurting Meggan!

Victoria enters the cabin. She comes face to face with Vinny in the living room.

Vinny [stunned]: Victoria! What are you doing here?

Victoria [confidently]: I am here to stop you Vinny Victors. I will not let you hurt Meggan.

Vinny: What are you talking about?

Victoria: I heard everything! You had a meeting on the docks last night. I was walking home. I heard your plan to kill Meggan! I won’t let you! I won’t!

[End Flash]

Victoria stirs.

Victoria [mumbling in her sleep]: Vinny...no Vinny, no!

Scene Eight
Setting: The Towers, Floor Twelve, Adam’s apartment

Adam arrives at his new home. As he is unpacking, there is a knock on the door. It is the super.

Super: Mr. Black! I assume everything is alright with the apartment.

Adam: Yes. It is wonderful. The entire floor, as one apartment. It’s great.

Super: Yes, everyone loves the Towers.

Adam: Just one question before you go?

Super: Sure.

Adam: Who gets the honor of having the Penthouse that I wanted so much?

Super: A young couple. Calvin. Cory Calvin, and Calimo. Natasha Calimo. Is that everything.

Adam [stunned]: Yes, thank you.

The super leaves.

Adam: Well, well, well. Natasha living in Twin Peaks. What a small world.

A smile appears across Adam’s face.

Scene Nine
Setting: Daisy’s office

Daisy is sitting in her office, looking over some reports for Mayor Higgins. Suddenly her phone rings.

Daisy: Hello.

Mayor Higgins: Daisy. Hello.

Daisy: Mr. Mayor. Can I help you with something?

Mayor Higgins: No, not really. I am just letting everyone in office know that I will not be re-running for election. If you are interested, you can run. You have the skills, and reputation.

Daisy [overwhelmed]: Oh wow! Mr. Higgins, I had no idea you were not running again.

Mayor Higgins: Yes, well, Mrs. Higgins would like to travel. Yes, well, think on Daisy.

Daisy: I will. Thank you!

Daisy hangs up the phone, and laughs.

Daisy [joyfully]: Yes! I have wanted this for so long!

Scene Ten
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s House

Robbie and Leah arrive at home from the hospital.

Robbie [opening the door for Leah]: Welcome home baby!

Leah: Thanks, it’s good to be home.

The couple kiss, as Robbie shuts the door. Suddenly someone clears their throat. Robbie and Leah look up and are stunned to see Robin.

Robin [joyfully]: Welcome home Leah!

Robbie [frustrated]: Robin? What the hell are you doing here?

Robin: I have news, that you both need to hear.

Leah: I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.

Robin: Trust me, you want to know this.

Robbie [mad]: Fine! Spit it out, and then leave.

Robin [smugly]: Fine. Well, it appears that Robbie and I will have to be spending a lot of time together; and Leah, well, we are closer then you think.

Leah: What the hell are you talking about?

Robin [laughing]: I’m getting there. I’m pregnant! And Robbie’s the father.

Robbie [stunned]: What?!

Robin: Oh, and one more thing. Leah, I’m your sister.

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