Episode 05 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Scene One
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s house.

Just as Robbie and Leah hear Robin’s news of her pregnancy, she lets out another bomb.

"Oh, and one more thing. Leah, I’m your sister!" Robin reveals. "We are family."

A stunned Leah begins to get tears in her eyes. "You are a liar!" Leah yells. "We are not family!"

Robbie takes his wife to the sofa. "Sit Leah. Please try to remain calm. I don’t want you to have a relapse." he tells her softly.

"I’m trying Robbie, but she’s lying. We can’t be sisters!" Leah sobs.

Robbie stands up. "OK, Robin. We’ll hear you out. How are you and Leah sisters?"

Robin walks over to the sofa, and sits across from Leah in a chair. "I was at the hospital today, and Shane Glubbs’ nurse noticed that my blood matched Leah’s. I didn’t know what to think. Perhaps there was a mix up in the files. But then I realized it was truth"

"How?" asks Leah

"My mother told me that my father was a rich, married man. Your father was a rich, married man" Robin explains.

"That’s what your basing this on?! Robin, there are thousands of rich, married men!" Leah yells.

"Leah! Please stay calm" Robbie says. Leah puts her hands over her face. "Robin, I think you should leave."

"But...the baby!" Robin says.

"I will come by your place later and talk to you" Robbie says.

Robbie walks Robin to the door, and she leaves. Robbie goes back to Leah, who is still weeping on the sofa. "Leah, baby. We can get the truth, if you want it"

"I do. I need to know" Leah weeps.

"OK. Let’s go back to the hospital" Robbie says.

Scene Two
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Silence fills Kim’s apartment. In the hallway, Kim’s torn robe lays on the floor. On the sofa, Jackson lays, proud of himself. In the corner, Kim’s wrapped in a blanket, with a stoic look on her face. A thousand things race through Kim’s head.

"Why me? Where is Meggan? She said she shouldn’t be long! This is Meggan’s fault! No, it’s my fault! I shouldn’t have escaped! I feel so...so...dirty’ Kim thinks. Suddenly, Kim hears a noise. She slowly turns her head, and looks out the window. Meggan is back! With two more police guards. Kim makes no movement. After a few minutes, there is a knock on the door. Jackson gets up.

"Help! Come in!" Kim yells.

Meggan enters the apartment. She pulls out her gun. As soon as she spots Jackson, she aims her weapon at Jackson.

"Freeze! You’re under arrest" Meggan announces, as she handcuffs Jackson and reads him his rights. Meggan gets the other two guards to take Jackson to the station.

"Kim? Kim? Where are you?" Meggan asks, looking around the apartment.

"Down here" Kim says softly.

Meggan finds Kim, and rushes to her side. Meggan puts her hand on her back.

"Kim? What is it? Why are you trembling" Meggan asks. When Kim doesn’t respond, Meggan gets up. She walks to the hallway, and sees Kim’s torn robe.

"My God. What did that bastard do to you?" Meggan asks.

Scene Three
Setting: Wild Night

Cory has arrived at Wild Night. The night club is closed, but Cory is stalking and preparing for the up coming night. Natasha enters, and slowly walks up on her fiance.

"Surprise!" Natasha says, startling Cory. Cory turns, and kisses Natasha.

He pulls away from her mouth "I forgot to do that this morning" he smiles.

"I know you did" Natasha replies. They kiss again. Natasha pulls back. "I wish I had time for a quickie, but I don’t" she laughs.

"Come on Nat! You’re killing me!" Cory smiles.

"I think you’ll live. Plus, I’ll make it up to you later" Natasha shares.

"OK, you win. What’s up? Besides the obvious!" Cory laughs. Natasha hits his arm.

"Behave! Now, I have everything ready for the wedding. Have you finished your part of the plans?"

"Everything’s set."

Outside the club, Adam is walking. He hears voices, and opens the door a little. He overhears Natasha and Cory planning the wedding. Adam shuts the door.

"It won’t happen. There will be no wedding" he says, as he continues.

Meanwhile, inside, the couple continue to finish the last minute touches. Suddenly Natasha’s cell phone rings.

"Natasha Calimo" she answers.

"Natasha. It’s Meggan. I need you to come over to Kim’s right away"

"Sure. What’s up?"

"You’ll find out when you get here"

Natasha hangs up the phone. "I have to go. Some things up with Kim"

"I hope nothing serious" Cory says. He kisses her good-bye, and she departs.

Scene Four
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Department

The two police officers arrive at the police station with Jackson in tow. They sit Jackson in a empty room. They both leave.

"Damn! I won’t stay in here. Kim will pay for this." Jackson murmurs to himself. His talk with himself is interrupted by the two cops, who return to the room.

"Please follow me" one of them says.

Jackson gets up and follows the cop. He arrives at a center.

"Please give me your hands" the cop instructs.

Jackson places his hand-cuffed hands on top of the table. The cop takes Jackson’s left thumb, and places it in ink.

"What are you doing?" Jackson asks.

"You’ve been arrested. We are getting your prints and mug shot"

Jackson rolls his eyes, and thinks "This won’t last. Think! How can I get out?"

Scene Five
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robbie and Leah arrive at the hospital.

"I hope we can get to the truth Robbie" Leah says, as they enter the hospital.

"I know we can" Robbie assures his wife.

The couple arrive at the elevator. They enter, and head up to Shane’s office.

As they arrive at Shane’s office, they encounter Shane’s secretary.

"Is Shane in?" Leah asks.

"Yes, I will tell him you guys are here to see him"

Robbie and Leah enter the office. As they shut the door, Shane hangs up the phone from his secretary.

"Robbie, Leah? What’s up?" Shane asks.

"We need to know the truth" Leah says, sitting down.

"OK, truth about what?"

"Robin stopped by earlier" Robbie starts. "She said her and Leah are sisters. And she said your nurse told her!"

"What?!" Shane asks stunned.

"Shane, please. I need to know" Leah explains.

"I have Robin’s DNA. We can look at your DNA and compare" Shane says.


Shane turns on his computer and goes into the his files.

"Just one second" Shane says.

After a few seconds, Shane views two files.

"My God" Shane says.

"What? Shane! What is it?" Leah asks eagerly.

"The DNA...they match. You and Robin are sisters!"

Scene Six
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Meggan walks over to Kim, who is still in the corner.

"Do you want tea? I’m going to make tea" Meggan tells her.

"Thank you" Kim whispers in return.

Meggan enters the kitchen and puts some water on the stove. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Meggan goes to the door and finds Natasha.

"I’m so glad you came" Meggan says.

"What happened?" Natasha asks.

"I don’t know. Kim’s been sitting there forever"

Natasha walks over to her friend and kneels down beside her. "Kim...Kim?" Natasha says. A distraught Kim looks up and sees her friend. With tears in her eyes, she grabs Natasha and hugs her. "Everything is ok now." Natasha assures her friend.

Natasha looks back at Meggan, and mouths the words "Bedroom". Natasha takes Kim into the bedroom. Meggan returns to the kitchen to prepare the tea.

In the bedroom, Kim sits on the bed. Natasha sits next to her.

"Kim, can you tell me what happened?" Natasha asks softly.

Kim again begins to get teary. "It was Jackson" Kim says, trembling. "He...." she breaks out in tears.

"It’s ok. He can’t hurt you anymore" Natasha assures Kim.

"...he raped me" Kim says, covering her face with her hands.

Natasha is stunned. "My God" she whispers, as she hugs her friend. "Everything is fine Kim. He will never hurt you again"

Suddenly Meggan enters with the tea. Meggan hands Kim a cup. Natasha gets up and takes Meggan outside.

"He raped her. That bastard raped Kim!" Natasha says.

Meggan is stunned. "We need to get her to the hospital"

Natasha returns inside to Kim. "Kim, Meggan would like to the hospital...to have you checked out"

Kim puts her tea cup down, "No, please Natasha no."

"Kim, it will help"

"No!..." Kim cries, as Natasha sits next to her "I can’t. I can’t be touched like that. I can’t. I can’t feel so embarrassed. I should have stopped him. I can’t. I can’t" Kim cries.

Natasha hugs Kim, again. "OK, Kim."

They break their embrace. "Why don’t you try to sleep" Natasha says.

Scene Seven
Setting: Chris and Daisy's House

Chris pulls the backed macaroni from the oven and places it on the table.

"Daisy should be here for lunch anytime" he says to himself. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. "Ah, perfect timing" he says, as he walks to the door.

Daisy enters. "Hey baby" she says, kissing him.

They break from the kiss, and sit down for lunch.

"I have great news" Daisy says, eating the macaroni.

"What is it?" he asks.

"I’m running for mayor!"


"Yeah, Higgins is stepping down. He told me I should run"

"Daisy, this is great. Your dreams are coming true!" Chris says, coming over and hugging his wife.

"I know. I am so happy"

"First thing we need to do is find a sponsor" Chris says, returning to his seat.

"I thought of the Calimo’s." Daisy said.

"I don’t know. Natasha and Robbie really can’t commit to one party like that with their jobs. And Bob and Sofia aren’t in town"

"Well, who does that leave?"

"I don’t want to tell you" Chris starts "but, you need this."

"OK....who?" Daisy says, losing her patience.

"Vinny. Vinny Victors"

Daisy remains silent.

Scene Eight
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Department

Jackson is placed in his waiting cell. Outside his cell, there is a bared window. A guard sits outside Jackson’s cell. His chair facing the cell across from Jackson, which is empty.

Jackson lays on his bed. Soon, he hears the guard snoring.

"Finally, he’s asleep." Jackson murmurs to himself. "I need to find a way to get out of here."

Jackson suddenly gets an idea. He rolls over, and kneels down on the floor. He crawls under the bed. He sees the bed is made from old, rusted metal bars.

"Perfect" he says, as he starts to rip a rod off the bed frame. He soon has a rod in his hand. He quietly stands on the toilet and bends the bars of the window. He bends them enough so a person could crawl through them.

He then walks over, and realizes that the guard is still asleep. Jackson, also notices a security camera directly above the guard. Jackson looks down, and spots the guards keys on his belt. Jackson grabs the rod and hits the guard over the head. The snoring stops. Jackson checks his pulse, he’s still alive. Jackson grabs his keys, and unlocks the cell. Before he exits, he grabs the guards hat, and places it over the security camera. Jackson leaves the cell, and goes to the window. He opens the window, and leaves the police station.

Scene Nine
Setting: Twin Peaks Hospital, Victoria’s room

Dr. Benton is in with Victoria.

"Craig, I’m feeling so much better. I am ready to go home" Victoria tells him.

"I don’t know Victoria. I think you should stay a while longer"

"Craig! Please! I need to go home. I need to be at home. I’m a doctor, Shane’s a doctor. If anything goes wrong, we will know what to do."

"OK, fine Victoria. You can go home"

"Great" Victoria says.

Dr. Benton leaves the room.

"Great. This means I get to go to Natasha and Cory’s wedding. Vinny will be there. I need to see Vinny" Victoria smiles.

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