Episode 06 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time:
-Robin revealed to Robbie and Leah that she's pregnant; and she and Leah are sisters! Shane confirmed the sisterly connection
-Jackson was arrested; but he escaped -Natasha and Meggan comforted Kim, who admitted she was raped
-Cory and Natasha put the finishing touches on the wedding; Adam vowed there would be no wedding
-Chris told Daisy they should ask Vinny for support in her Major quest
-Victoria was being released

Scene 1
Setting: St. Joseph's Church

Natasha enters the church. White candles and white roses fill the church.

"It’s so beautiful" she says to herself, as she wipes a tear away. Meggan enters the church, and walks up behind Natasha.

"It looks beautiful" Meggan says.

Natasha turns to Meggan and hugs her. "Thank you so much Meggan, for agreeing to be my maid of honor" Natasha says. "I know it was last minute"

"No problem" Meggan replies, exiting from their embrace. "I know Kim wasn’t up to it right now"

The girls head off to the bridal room.

Robbie enters the church with two people. "Natasha must be in the bridal room" Robbie says. "She will be floored with you guys being here"

Robbie takes his two guests to the bridal room. Robbie knocks on the door. Meggan opens it. "Robbie! What are you doing here?"

Robbie and his two guests enter the small bridal room. "Where’s Natasha?" he asks.

"Robbie? Is that you?" Natasha calls.

"Yeah, sis! Where are you? I have a surprise for you" Robbie replies.

"I’m coming..." she says. Natasha comes out from the washroom, and sees her mother and father, Sofia and Bob. "Mom! Daddy!" Natasha cries.

"Yes, dear. We are home" Sofia says, hugging her daughter.

"I’m so glad you could make it" Natasha says

"You don’t really think we would miss our baby getting married, did you?" Bob replies.

Natasha turns to Robbie. "Thanks for the surprise" she says, hugging her brother.

"Anytime. I wish you and Cory the best. You know that" Robbie says.

"I do. I love you guys so much" Natasha says, wiping another tear away.

"Listen, I have to go. I will catch you all later" Robbie says.

"I’ll come with you" Bob says. "Leave the women to do their, well women things" Bob laughs.

Sofia hugs her daughter again, as the men leave.

Scene 2
Setting: Victoria and Shane’s house

Victoria slips on a pink spaghetti strapped dress. Shane enters the bedroom, looking for his tux jacket.

"Wow, you look good" Shane says, coming over and kissing his wife.

"Thanks. You look very handsome" Victoria says, feeling a little tense around her husband.

"Victoria, are you alright?" Shane asks her.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" Victoria responds quickly.

"You just seem upset, or tense"

"I’m fine" Victoria says, walking out of the bedroom.

Scene Three
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s house

Leah is getting ready for the wedding, when she hears the doorbell ring. She races down the stairs, and opens the door, to find Robin.

"Robin, what do I have the pleasure?" Leah says sarcastically.

"Leah" Robin says, pushing her way into the house. "Where’s Robbie? I need to see him. It’s about our baby" Robin says, putting her hand on her stomach.

"In case you’ve forgotten, it is Robbie’s sister’s wedding day. He is with Natasha and his parents"

"What? Bob and Sofia are back in town?" Robin asks worried.

"Did you think they would miss Natasha’s wedding? You are dumber then I thought" Leah replies.

"Very funny. How long are they in town for?" Robin continues to press Leah.

"I don’t know" Leah begins. Robbie enters the house, interrupting the conversation.

"Robin. Leah. What’s going on? Do I have to break something up?" Robbie asks

"Robin just stopped by." Leah reports.

"Robbie, I was hoping I could go to the wedding with you. Because of the baby" Robin says, getting teary.

"On God. You’re quite the actress Robin" Leah snaps.

"Ladies, please" Robbie says. "Robin, were you even invited to the wedding?"

"Yes!" Robin replies, handing Robbie her invitation.

Leah pulls Robbie aside. "I think we should take her with us" Leah tells Robbie.

"What?! I can’t believe you’re saying this" Robbie says

"I know. But it will give a chance for Bob and Sofia to meet her. She is carrying their grandchild"

"Are you sure baby" Robbie questions.


They hug. "Robin, you can come with Leah and I" Robbie says.

Robin doesn’t even crack a smile. "Great. Sofia Calimo is in town" Robin thinks to herself.

Scene Four
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church; the Bridal Room

Meggan and Natasha are in the washroom, putting on Natasha’s wedding dress.

"Almost done" Meggan says, zipping up the dress. "Done" she smiles. "Natasha, you look so beautiful"

"Thank you Meggan" Natasha says. Natasha turns, and knocks her purse on the floor. An old picture of Adam falls on the ground. Meggan spots the photo.

"Who is this? Meggan asks.

Natasha remains silent.

"Well! Natasha?!"

"It’s Adam Black. He was my husband"

Natasha tells Meggan the story of her and Adam.

Scene Five
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Guests slowly start to arrive at the church for the wedding. A lurching Vinny is about, as Shane and Victoria arrive. Victoria quickly spots Vinny. Their eyes lock. Victoria turns to her husband.

"I’m going to mingle" she says, leaving. She walks through the church, and goes outside in the garden. Vinny soon arrives.

"You’re looking well" Vinny states.

"Oh Vinny! I’m so happy you came to say ‘hello’ to me" Victoria smiles.

"I know you were in the hospital. I just came to see how you are" Vinny replies, getting a tad nervous.

"Cut the crap Vinny. I remember. I remember everything" Victoria replies.

"I have no idea what you are talking about" Vinny says, turning to leave.

"It was you! You shot me! Because I know..." Victoria begins

"Shut up!"

"Ah! I see I’ve struck a nerve" Victoria laughs.

Suddenly Shane arrives.

"What’s going on?" he asks Victoria.

"Nothing. Vinny and I were just saying hello" Victoria says, beginning to walk to Shane. Victoria turns to Vinny, "We will talk at the reception. Hopefully we can talk before I talk to your wife, Meggan the police officer" Victoria winks a Vinny.

Victoria and Shane enter the church again.

"Damn you Victoria! I should have killed you when I had the chance" Vinny says to himself.

Scene Six
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church; the Bridal Room

Natasha finishes her story to Meggan.

"Please Meggan, don’t say anything" Natasha pleads.

"I won’t. I promise" Meggan says.

"Anyway, enough of that!" Natasha says, turning and going back.

Sofia sits on the sofa. "What took you so long?" Sofia asks.

"You know Mom, everything had to be perfect" Natasha says.

Sofia looks at her daughter, and gets a little teary. "My baby is getting married!" she cries. Mother and daughter embrace.

Scene Seven
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church; The Groom’s Room

Cory finishes buttoning up his shirt. Robbie and Bob enter the room, already dressed.

"How’s the groom doing?" Robbie asks.

"Great. How’s the best man?" Cory asks Robbie.


Cory finishes, and puts on his coat. He turns, and sees Bob.

"Oh! Mr. Calimo. I didn’t know you and your wife had arrived" Cory said, shaking Bob’s hand.

"Yes. We surprised Natasha" Bob announced.

"I bet she loved that" Cory smiled.

They men continued to make small talk.

Scene Eight
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

More and more guests arrive at the wedding. Adam arrives, but remains unseen. He lurks in the garden, hoping no one will see him.

"I’ve got to find a way to stop this wedding" Adam mumbles to himself, as he comes across a silver box on the side of the church.

"Perfect" he smiles, as he opens the box.

Scene Nine
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Robbie gathers Bob and Sofia to see Leah.

"Leah, darling!" Sofia says, hugging her daughter in-law.

"It’s so wonderful to see you" Leah tells Sofia.

They exit from their embrace, allowing Leah to embrace Bob. "Leah, you seem to get more beautiful every time I see you" Bob says, kissing her on her forehead.

"Thank you Bob. Europe seems to have done you both well" Leah smiles.

"So, when can we expect our first grandchild?" Sofia muses.

Leah becomes quiet.

"Did I say something wrong?" Sofia asks, puzzled.

"No, Mom. It’s just that..." Robbie begins. "...it’s just that. I cheated on Leah."

"You did what?!" Bob asks.

Sofia hugs Leah, who has begun to weep.

"It gets worse. She’s pregnant" Robbie confesses.

"Robert JR. What a mess you have created" Bob says, disappointed.

"Yes, indeed." Sofia adds. "Well, who is she? I want to talk to your mistress"

Robbie grabs a passing Robin.

"Robin Navy!" Sofia yells. "You tramp!"

"Mom!" Robbie says. "Calm down. It’s not all Robin’s fault."

Meggan interrupts the group.

"Guys, the wedding is about the start"

"Thank you Meggan" Sofia says. "Robin, we’ll continue this later"

They take their seats.

Scene Ten
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Adam opens the silver box, and finds the power lines. He reads the different lines, until he finds the main church access.

"Oh well" Adam says, cutting the wire.

Scene Eleven
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

Cory and Robbie take their place at the front of the alter. The wedding march begins. Meggan begins to walk down the aisle, when suddenly the power goes off! A panic arises in the crowd.

"Everyone stay calm" Meggan says, walking back to a frantic Natasha.

"What’s going on?!" Natasha asks.

"It’s alright Natasha. The power has gone out. We have some more candles. It will be romantic. Getting married in candle light"

"Thank you so much Meggan," Natasha says. "I’m going to wait in the bridal room, so Cory doesn’t see me" Natasha says.

Meggan returns to the main room, and the announcement that the wedding will proceed in candlelight.

Meggan returns to the entrance, and spots Adam, who has entered the church.

"Wait, it couldn’t be!" Meggan whispers to herself, remembering the photo that she saw of Adam. "It is!" Meggan says.

Meggan grabs Adam, and opens a closet. She throws in him the closet, and locks the door.

Scene Twelve
Setting: St. Joseph’s Church

The wedding re-starts. Cory and Robbie take their spot at the alter. Meggan walks down the aisle, as the wedding march begins. After Meggan arrives at the alter; the guests stand, as a radiant Natasha arrives. She slowly walks down the aisle, looking at her family and friends. She finally arrives at the alter, and hands Meggan her bouquet. She takes Cory hands.

"You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen" Cory whispers to her.

"I love you Cory"

"Ditto" he says.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the coming together of Natasha Calimo and Cory Calvin" Father Murphy begins.

Father Murphy continues the ceremony. Outside, in the corridor, in the closet, Adam tries to escape.

Back inside, Cory and Natasha say their vows to each other.

"Do you Cory promise to love, honor and cherish Natasha in goodness, sadness, sickness and in health?" Father Murphy asks.

"I do" Cory says

"Do you Natasha promise to love, honor, and cherish Cory in goodness, sadness, sickness and in health?"

"I do" a weeping Natasha replies

"The rings please" Father Murphy says.

They couple exchange rings.

"By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride"

Cory lifts Natasha’s vail, and kisses her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, I present Mr. and Mrs. Cory Calvin!" Father Murphy says.

Back in the corridor, Adam escapes from the closet, and realizes he’s too late.

"It won’t last. That is a promise I can keep" Adam says.

Scene Thirteen
Setting: Wild Night

The wedding guests arrive at Wild Night, for the wedding reception. Vinny arrives and starts to look for Victoria. He spots the doctor across the club.

"Victoria. We need to talk" Vinny says, grabbing her arm.

"Yes we do" she smiles.

Scene Fourteen
Setting: Wild Night

Robin goes over to get some punch. Sofia sneaks up on her.

"I think it’s time we get some things straight Ms. Navy" Sofia says, indicating her power.

"Mrs. Calimo. Couldn’t this wait?" Robin pleads.

"No! Let’s go upstairs, to the office" Sofia says.

Robin begins to walk, worried about Sofia.

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-Meggan tells Natasha about Adam
-Sofia comes to a shocking realization about Robin
-Leah spots Robbie and Robin in an embrace
-Daisy and Chris prepare to ask Vinny for assistance
-Jackson stalks Kim

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