Episode 07 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time:
-Robbie surprised Natasha with their parents, Bob and Sofia, on her wedding day
-Natasha and Cory married!
-Victoria felt tense around Shane
-Victoria told Vinny she would keep mum about the shooting, if he gave her $1 million
-Adam attempted to crash the wedding, but Meggan locked him in a closet
-Sofia learned of Robbie and Robin; she confronted Robin

Scene 1
Setting: Wild Night; upstairs in Cory’s office; the Wedding reception

Robin and Sofia arrive at Cory’s office, upstairs from the wedding reception.

"We can go in here to talk" Sofia says, opening the door, for Robin.

"Are you sure? This is Cory’s office" Robin says, shaking

"And Cory is my son-in-law. He won’t mind. I know he won’t" Sofia smiles. "Is something wrong Ms. Navy? You seem to be trembling" Sofia smiles.

"No, nothing is wrong. I just....got a chill" Robin lies.

"Yes, well, I think we should discuss this, situation" Sofia continues. "You know, you sleeping with my son"

"Mrs. Calimo, please. I think we should go downstairs" Robin says, turning to leave.

"Not so fast Robin" Sofia says, grabbing her arm. "You’re not leaving, until we finish our talk" Sofia says.

Scene 2
Setting: Wild Night; out back, in the alley; the wedding reception

Victoria and Vinny enter the alley, behind Wild Night. Victoria covers her shoulders with her shall, as the fall evening chills her.

"What do you want" Vinny finally says

Victoria starts to laugh. "Well, you sure cut to the chase"

"Cut the act Victoria. You know I shot you. What do you want for your silence"

"What makes you think I can be bought?" Victoria teases

Vinny looks at her "If you couldn’t be bought, I would be in jail right now."

Victoria looks at him back. "Fine. I want 1 million dollars. Or I go to Robbie with the truth"

Victoria walks past Vinny and enters the club.

"1 million dollars! Damn you Victoria. You won’t get away with this"

Scene 3
Setting, Wild Night, the wedding reception

Natasha and Cory finally arrive at the reception. The guests cheer as they enter. Cory grabs two glasses of champagne.

"Can I have everyone’s attention please!" Cory yells. The crowd quiets down. "I want to thank everyone for joining Natasha and I on this wonderful day. To my beautiful wife" Cory says, lifting his glass in the air. He and Natasha take a sip of their drink, and then kiss.

The reception continues, as people dance. Meggan comes up to Cory and Natasha; interrupting a kiss between the newly weds.

"Excuse me. Natasha, could I borrow you for a second?" Meggan asks.

"Sure." she says. Natasha kisses Cory "Be right back"

Scene Four
Setting: Wild Night; upstairs in Cory’s office; the Wedding reception

Sofia grabs Robin’s arm, preventing her from leaving the office.

"Mrs. Calimo, please let me go" Robin begs.

"I don’t think so Ms. Navy. Perhaps it would be a good reminder to know that I have control over you. You work for me at Roberto, remember?" Sofia explains.

"Oh, great! Now you’re bringing my job into our personal lives?"

"If I need to. There are a million chemists around Ms. Navy"

"None as good as me" Robin snaps back.

"Sit down Ms. Navy" Sofia instructs, pointing to the sofa.

Robin sits. Sofia sits next to her. "Now, I would like to see your doctor files" Sofia says.

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me. I want to know everything about the child. Due date, and that sort of information"

"I don’t think so. You have no right Mrs. Calimo" Robin snaps. Robin gets up, but Sofia grabs her again. "Let me go" Robin yells, jerking her arm, causing Sofia to fall back on the sofa. Robin leaves, slamming the door.

"Interesting. She doesn’t want anyone to see the hospital records." Sofia says to herself. Sofia sits in silence for a moment, and then in dawns on her. "Of coarse! There is no baby!"

Scene Five
Setting: Wild Night, the Wedding Reception

Victoria arrives at the buffet table. Shane arrives, and surprises his wife.

"Having a good time?" he asks, putting his arms around her.

"I suppose. The food’s good" she says, putting some chocolate into her mouth. "Hmm...so good. You should have some" Victoria says walking off.

"Well, that went well" Shane mumbles to himself.

Scene Six
Setting: Wild Night, the Wedding Reception

Meggan takes Natasha to a corner.

"What is it Meggan? You look so serious" Natasha says, with a huge smile on her face.

"There’s a problem, Natasha. I don’t think the power going out at the church was an accident"

"What? What are you talking about" Natasha says, getting worried.

"Adam Black. I saw him. He was at the church"

"Wait, Adam? No. No! It can’t be!" Natasha says, panicking

"It was him. I’m sure."

"Why didn’t he stop the wedding then? What happened?" Natasha asks, frantically

"I locked him the closet. He was gone by the time the ceremony was over. He’s in Twin Peaks Natasha."

"My God, my God" Natasha says to herself.

Cory arrives, interrupting the girls.

"Am I interrupting something?" Cory asks, looking at Natasha he realizes that she’s upset. "Natasha, what is it?"

Natasha rushes into Cory’s arms, crying. "He’s back Cory. Adam’s in town"

Natasha and Meggan tell Cory about Adam returning.

Scene Seven
Setting: Wild Night; upstairs in Cory’s office; the Wedding reception

Robin is preparing to go downstairs, when Robbie arrives.

"Robin, you’re shaking. What’s wrong?" Robbie asks

"You’re mother. She confronted me" Robin sobs.

"Oh God" Robbie says, talking her in his arms, hugging her. "What did she say"

As Robin reveals all to Robbie, Leah arrives, and spots Robin in her husband’s arms.

"Excuse me, am I interrupting?" Leah asks.

"No. Robin’s just upset with my mother. I’ll go talk to her" Robbie says.

"No, I’ll go" Leah says. "Robin needs you"

Robin is stunned that Leah is allowing Robbie comfort her.

"Take me home Robbie, please" Robin asks.

"Fine. Let’s go" Robbie says, leading Robin down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Leah enters Cory’s office, and finds Sofia.

"Sofia, what happened between you and Robin?"

"I think I’ve discovered a secret Leah" Sofia smiles.


"Ms. Navy’s pregnancy. It’s a fake"

Leah is floored. "What!? No way. You must be wrong Sofia"

"I don’t know." Sofia says, looking at her watch. "Oh my, look at the time. Bob and I have to catch our flight"

"You’re leaving?!"

"Yes darling. Bob has business tomorrow morning. But heed my warning: research this ‘pregnancy’" Sofia says, hugging Leah.

"I will. See you at Christmas"

Sofia leaves.

Scene Eight
Setting: The Towers, Floor One, Kim’s Apartment

Kim walks up to her front door, and looks at her newly installed security system. Kim signs a deep breath.

‘Finally I feel safe’ Kim thinks to herself, as she hears the screeching of the kettle in the kitchen. Kim walks into the kitchen and takes the kettle off the stove. She pours herself a cup of tea. Just as she is taking the first drink, she hears a loud crash, and the buzzing of her alarm system begins to go off.

A scared Kim grabs a knife, and slowly makes her way to the living room. She opens the door slowly, and sees the empty room. She walks over to the alarm system and turns it off. She turns around, and notices a broken window.

"What the hell happened?" Kim asks out loud, as she walks over. Arriving at the window, she sees a rock on the ground. She picks it up, and finds a note. She opens the paper. The note reads "I’m Coming!"

Scene Nine
Setting: The Towers; Floor Three; Robin’s Apartment

Robin and Robbie arrive back at her apartment.

"Thank you for bringing me home Robbie." Robin says, with a smile.

"Your welcome." Robbie says, turning to leave.

"Robbie, please stay. I could fix you a drink. I was hoping we could talk"

Robbie turns to Robin "Fine Robin. But let’s make it quick. I want to get back to the reception"

Robbie walks over to the sofa, and sits down.

"Can I at least go change? This dress is uncomfortable" Robin smiles, as she makes a drink at the bar. A sly Robin adds a white powder to Robbie's drink.

"Hurry back" he says, recieving the drink.

Scene Ten
Setting: Wild Night; the Wedding Reception

Meggan and Natasha finish telling Cory about Adam being back in town. A shaken Natasha remains in her husbands arms.

"Don’t worry Nat. I will protect you" Cory vows. "He will probably be gone when he get back from our honeymoon."

"I hope so Cory."

Natasha pulls away from the embrace. "I just want to forget about Adam Black" she states "This is our wedding day; let’s be happy"

Bob and Sofia arrive, interrupting.

"Mom, Dad, what’s going on?"

"Honey, we have to go. Our flight leaves soon" Sofia says

Natasha begins to get teary "Thank you for being here on my wedding day Mom" Natasha says, hugging her mother.

"Do I get a hug to" Bob smiles

Natasha hugs her father

"We love you so much Natasha. Be happy" Sofia smiles.

"And Cory, take care of our daughter....or else" Bob says, shaking Cory’s hand.

"Yes sir" Cory replies.

Scene Eleven
Setting: Wild Night, the Wedding Reception

Shane finds Victoria sitting in the corner of the club.

"Do you want to dance or something?" he asks his wife.

"No Shane, I don’t. Please stop treating me like I’m so flower that will fall apart when you’re not around. I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself" Victoria snaps, walking off.

Shane wonders what he did to his wife.

Scene Twelve
Setting: Wild Night, the Wedding Reception

Daisy and Chris nimble on some food. Suddenly, Chris spots Vinny.

"Hey, there’s Vinny. How’s our chance to ask him to donate money for your major run"

"Gee, Chris. I still have some reservations about this" Daisy says.

"Can you think of anyone else?"

Daisy remains quiet.

"That’s what I thought. Come on" Chris says, pulling Daisy’s arm.

The couple arrive at Vinny’s table.

"Mr. Victors, can we have a moment of your time?" Daisy asks.

"Make it quick" Vinny says, indicating for Daisy to sit.

Daisy looks at Chris and without saying anything indicates for him to leave.

"Now that we alone, we get to business" Daisy beings. "I don’t know if you are aware Mr. Victors, but I work for Major Higgins."

"I don’t care about your profession Ms. Davenport"

"Yes, well, I will be running for Major when Higgins steps down later this year. And, I was hoping that you, Mr. Victors, would be interested in sponsoring me."

"Sponsoring you?" Vinny laughs. "Define sponsoring"

"All you have to do is donate money to help with the..."

"No." Vinny cuts her off.

"Excuse me?" Daisy asks, shocked.

"You heard me. No. Now get away from me, unless there’s something else"

"No, nothing" Daisy says, slamming her chair down.

Daisy rushes outside, into the alley behind Wild Night, and begins to cry.

"Damn you Vinny! Damn you!"

Scene Thirteen
Setting: Wild Night; The Wedding Reception

Cory and Natasha get everyone’s attention.

"Ladies, please gather. I am throwing the bouquet" Natasha smiles.

Single women gather, as Natasha tosses the bouquet. Victoria, who is near by catches the bouquet. Everyone is stunned; especially Shane, but no one says anything.

"Guys, I will throw the garter" Cory says, as he removes Natasha’s leg garter.

Cory throws it out; and Vinny snags it. Meggan isn’t impressed.

"We want to thank everyone for coming to our wedding. We love you all so much" Natasha says.

"But we are ready for the honeymoon. At least I am" Cory laughs.

The couple leave the club, and enter a limo waiting for them.

Scene Fourteen
Setting: Wild Night; the Wedding Reception

Victoria spots Vinny entering the alley behind Wild Night. She follows him.

"Here’s your money, in cash" Vinny says, handing Victoria a briefcase.

"Cash? Very amusing Vinny" Victoria says. "But thank you. I will see you soon. Perhaps for more money"

Victoria begins to walk away, but Vinny grabs her.

"I don’t think so Victoria. This is it. No more cash."

"Don’t tell me how much cash Vinny. Remember I know, everything. I am in control" Victoria says, leaving.

Scene Fifteen
Setting: The Towers; Floor Three; Robin’s apartment

Robbie sits on the sofa waiting for Robin to return. He slips on his vodka. Suddenly Robin emerges in her red silk robe. She stands above him.

"Finally you’re back"

"How’s your drink?" she asks, with a devilish smile, knowing that she drugged his drink.

"Almost gone" he says, finishing the drink

Robin unties the robe, and reveals a sexy red lingerie. Robin crawls on top Robbie, and kisses him. He puts his hands on her back.

"I’ve missed you Robbie" she says, as he begins kissing her neck. Robin looks up and reaches for a remote control that is sitting on an end table behind the sofa. She hits record. She sits the remote down. She kisses Robbie passionately. She stands up, and helps a groggy Robbie take off his shirt. She lays on the sofa, as he crawls on top of her.

Outside the door, Leah arrives, and prepares to knock on the door.

Next on One Day At A Time
-Robin sets Robbie up for a fall
-Natasha and Cory make love on their honeymoon
-Vinny crosses one to many people

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