Episode 08 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Sofia confronted Robin, and wondered if the pregnancy was a fake
-Vinny rejected Daisy’s plea that he support her in her quest of major
-Vinny gave Victoria $1 million for her silence
-Cory and Natasha left on their honeymoon
-Bob and Sofia left town
-Robin drugged Robbie, and they began to make love. Robin is recording it, and Leah arrived at Robin’s apartment

Scene One
Setting: Wild Night; the Wedding Reception

Daisy remains outside, in the alley behind Wild Night. Daisy cries as she realizes the fool she made of herself, a few moments earlier.

"To think, Vinny Victors would help me" Daisy weeps. "Damn him! Damn him!" Daisy kicks an empty box in anger.

Meanwhile, inside Wild Night, Chris looks for his wife. He finally finds her outside.

"Hey, hey, there you are"

Daisy turns to Chris; her eyes wet from tears.

"Daisy? What is it? Why are you crying?" Chris asks, taking his wife in his arms.

"Vinny said no. That bastard said no" Daisy said, no longer crying, but very angry.

"He said no! Damn! He will pay for this" Chris says to himself.

Scene Two
Setting: Wild Night; the Wedding reception

Victoria returns to Wild Night. She looks around, and spots Vinny in the corner, sitting alone.

"Perfect" she smiles, walking over to Vinny. "Vinny, I’m glad you’re still here"

"Victoria. Great. This night keeps getting better and better"

"I need more money Vinny. Now"

"What?! How the hell did you spend $1 million in a half hour?"

"Easy. Things are not cheap today. In today’s economy...."

"Shut up Victoria! Just shut up!" Vinny yells.

"When do I get my money"

"Never. I told you, no more money. Now get away from me"

Vinny gets up and leaves. Victoria is stunned. "I don’t think so Vinny. I am in control here!" she whispers to herself.

Scene Three
Setting: The Towers, Floor Three, Robin’s Apartment

A drugged Robbie crawls on top of Robin, and begins kissing her passionately. He looks up and thinks he sees his wife.

"I love you Leah" Robbie whispers, to a horrified Robin. Their lust is interrupted with a knock on the door. Robin gets up off the sofa, as Robbie passes out.

"Robin, it’s Leah" Leah calls from outside.

Robin quickly takes off her clothes, and grabs Robbie’s shirt. She puts Robbie’s shirt on, and covers Robbie’s feet to his waist [as he is still wearing his pants] with a sheet.

Robin opens the door.

"Leah? What is it?"

"What the hell is going on?" Leah says. A stunned Leah enters the apartment and sees Robbie. "You bitch!" Leah says, as she runs out of the apartment in tears.

Scene Four
Setting: Wild Night, the Wedding Reception

With Cory and Natasha gone, many guests begin to leave. Meggan spots Vinny, and heads over to see him.

"Can we talk?" she asks

"Here we go again" he snaps "’Vinny stop lying to me; Vinny I want a divorce’" Vinny says in a low girly voice, as to pretend he’s Meggan

"I see you’ve got your humor back" Meggan smiles, as she sits next to her husband. "Or perhaps you’re in a bad mood"

"Bad mood."

"Ah. Weddings are suppose to be happy; and make everyone happy"

Vinny doesn’t respond. He just waves down a waiter and indicates he wants another drink.

"Vinny. I want to talk about the divorce. I don’t want..."

"I want a divorce Meggan" Vinny cuts her off; getting his new drink.

Tears fill Meggan’s eyes "But, I was going to say...."

"I don’t care what you have to say. Don’t you get it? I don’t care!! You wanted a divorce. Know I want a divorce" Vinny yells, but without causing a scene.

Meggan gets up and slaps Vinny across the face. "Go to hell Vinny Victors"

Meggan walks off. "I’m already there" Vinny mumbles to himself.

Scene Five
Setting: The Towers; Floor 3; Robin’s apartment

A pleased Robin locks the door, as she realizes she may have just won Robbie. Suddenly she turns, and sees the video camera.

"I have to get that tape and destroy it. It proves we didn’t have sex" Robin says to herself, and she hits the stop button on the remote control.

Robin walks into the kitchen and grabs a chair. She returns to the living room, and puts the chair up against the wall. Just as she is about to get on the chair, Robbie stirs.

"Leah?" he calls out.

Robin walks over to Robbie, and she sits beside him. She strokes his hair with her hand; he opens his eyes.

"No, it’s Robin" she smiles.

Robbie quickly gets up. "Where am I?" he asks confused.

"At my house. It was wonderful"

"What was wonderful?! Why are you wearing my shirt?"

"Oh, you want to play do you?" Robin says, kissing him.

Robbie pulls her off him, "What the hell is going on Robin?"

"We made love. You wanted to make love to me" Robin says.

Robbie pushes Robin off him, and he gets up.

"Damn it Robin! What did you do to me? I thought you were Leah!" Robbie yells.

"You knew it was me. You wanted me! And Leah knows everything!"

"What? You told Leah?! You bitch!"

"Calm down. Leah showed up and saw you. I didn’t lie"

"God, I have to find her." Robbie says. "Give me my shirt"

Robin takes off his shirt, revealing her naked body. "Sure you don’t want to stay?" she smiles.

"Positive" he says, buttoning up his shirt.

Robbie leaves. Robin puts on her robe, and walks over to the chair. She climbs on the chair, and reaches up for the video camera. She opens it, grabs the tape, and gets down. She places the tape on her desk, as she returns the chair to the living room.

Scene Six
Setting:Wild Night; The Wedding Reception

Vinny sits alone in Wild Night; as all the guests have left for home. In the corner of the club, Vinny sips on another drink.

"Will there be anything else Mr. Victors?" a waiter asks

"No. Go home kid." Vinny replies.

The young waiter leaves the club, leaving Vinny in total silence. Vinny slams his drink down, and heads upstairs to the offices.

Scene Seven
Setting: A Hotel Room; Somewhere Tropical

Cory sits on the bed, the balcony window open, with sea air breezing in. Suddenly Natasha walks out, wearing a light pink robe. Natasha slowly takes off the robe, to reveal a sexy nightie. She crawls on her husband, putting her finger on his mouth, to keep him from talking. She kisses him passionately. He responds by pulling up her nightie. He throws it on the floor. He’s left, looking at her naked body.

"You’re so beautiful" he whispers to her, as he kisses her. She puts her hand behind his hand, put presses his mouth into her chest. Soft moans of pleasure erupt from Natasha.

Cory rolls her over and crawls on top of her. She pulls down his boxers, and tosses them on the floor. Cory began; the newly weds breathing intensified; moans of pleasure came from them. The pace quicken; as both neared their climax. Finally, it came to an end. Cory fell on to the bed. Natasha rested her head on his shoulder.

Scene Eight
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

A distraught Leah arrives at the hospital; intent on uncovering the truth. Leah recalls what Sofia told her


Meanwhile, Leah enters Cory’s office, and finds Sofia.

"Sofia, what happened between you and Robin?"

"I think I’ve discovered a secret Leah" Sofia smiles.


"Ms. Navy’s pregnancy. It’s a fake"

Leah is floored. "What!? No way. You must be wrong Sofia"

"I don’t know." Sofia says, looking at her watch. "Oh my, look at the time. Bob and I have to catch our flight"

[End of Flash]

"I have to get the truth" Leah says to herself.

Leah enters the hospital.

Scene Nine
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital, Victoria’s office

A furious Victoria is at her office. She has changed from her pink dress to a blue outfit.

"How dare Vinny cut me off. Who the hell does he think he is" she mumbles to herself.

Shane enters her office. "Victoria? What’s wrong?"

"Nothing! Why are you here?"

"Whoa! What’s wrong? I was concerned about my wife"

"Don’t be, Shane. I’m fine. Go home." Victoria snaps

"Why you pushing me away Victoria? Why?"

"I was shot Shane. I almost died. Maybe I realized what’s important in my life, and that’s not you" Victoria shouts.

Victoria spots a letter opener on her desk. She puts it in her purse.

"I have to go" she says, pushing past Shane.

Scene Ten
Setting: Chris and Daisy’s House

Daisy enters the washroom and turns on the hot water to the shower. Chris enters, wearing a blue shirt.

"Have a good shower honey" Chris says. "I have to run out for a minute"

"Where to?"

"Just the store" Chris says, leaving.

Daisy leaves the washroom, and hears Chris shut the front door. She shuts off the water. "I have to make a quick stop too" she says to herself, getting dressed in a blue outfit.

Scene Eleven
Setting:Wild Night; The Offices

Vinny enters Cory’s office. He walks over to Cory’s bar, and pours himself another drink. He sits on the sofa, in silence.

Scene Twelve
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital; Shane’s Office

Shane arrives at his office. He sits down at his desk, and looks at a wedding picture of him and Victoria. "So much for the vows we took" he says, slipping off the wedding ring.

Suddenly there is a knock on his door. "Come in" he shouts.

Leah enters.

"Leah! What are you doing here so late?" Shane questions her.

"I need the truth Shane. I need the truth"

"Truth? About what?"

"Robin. Is she pregnant or isn’t she?"

"Leah, sit. I can’t give out information about a patient"

"Damn it Shane! My marriage is depending on you! I need to know if the bitch is pregnant"

"I’m sorry Leah. I can’t help you...but if you were to look at Robin’s file, without my knowledge, I can’t be held responsible." Shane says, getting up. "I have to use the rest room. I’ll be right back"

Shane leaves the office. Leah gets up and opens his filing cabinet. She finds Robin’s file, and opens it.

Scene Thirteen
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s house

Robbie arrives at home, frantically searching for Leah. He exits the car, and soon feels a light sprinkle. "Must be a fall rain" he says to himself, unlocking the door.

Robbie enters the house "Leah! Leah!?" he yells.

The house remains silent. "Damn! Where could she be?"

He leaves the house, as the rain comes down harder.

Scene Fourteen
Setting: Wild Night; The Offices

Vinny sits quietly in the office, sipping his drink. Outside the office, a mysterious person walks up the stairs. The person arrives outside the office door, and spots Vinny. Soon a letter opener flashes in the dim light. Vinny gets up and walks in front of Cory’s desk. Suddenly the letter opener plunges into Vinny’s back. Vinny lets out a cry of anguish. He drops the glass, it shatters. He falls on top of Cory’s desk, but his body rolls off. The mysterious person slowly leaves the office, unaware that a piece of glass rips part of their blue shirt.

Scene Fifteen
Setting:Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Parking Lot

Robbie pulls up in the parking lot of the hospital, spotting Leah’s car. "She’s here? Why is Leah at the hospital" he wonders aloud.

Meanwhile, Leah exits the hospital, stunned by what she read in Robin’s hospital file. She walks quickly to her car, as the rain comes down hard. Robbie catches up with her.

"Where you have been? I have been searching for you" Robbie asks, stopping his wife from walking.

"I think a better question is, where were you? Oh, right. With your mistress" Leah says coldly.

"Leah! Please hear me out. I thought she was you"

"Oh that’s priceless. Is that the only thing you could think of on your way here?"

"Leah, it’s the truth. I swear. Please baby, don’t do this"

"Don’t do what? Leave? You wanted me to leave the first time you slept with that slut, and you confirmed it tonight."

The couple is completely soaked now, Leah turns and continues walking toward her car.

"Leah! Leah Please" Robbie begs, falling on knees. "Please hear me. I love you! Only you!"

Leah turns around, and rushes to her husband, she kneels beside him. She kisses him. "I love you too, but you think with your pants. Robin throws on something sexy, and you run back to her. I can’t take it Robbie. I won’t" Leah says, beginning to weep.

"Something must have happened baby. She gave me a drink. Maybe there was something in the drink. But I thought it was you. I swear to God, I thought she was you"

"God help me, but I believe you" Leah says.

Robbie pulls his wife into a passionate kiss. The rain continues to fall, and it begins to turn into snow.

"Let’s go home" Robbie tells his wife.

"No, let’s go to Robin’s"

Scene Sixteen
Setting: Wild Night; The Offices

Meggan returns to Wild Night. She opens the door, and sees the club empty. She turns to leave, when she spots a dim light coming from upstairs. She begins to walk up the stairs, wondering who is in Cory’s office. She enters the office, and sees Cory’s desk a disaster. She looks over, and lets out a blood curling scream. "Vinny!" She yells, rushing to his side. She looks at the letter opener, plunged into her husband’s back. "Oh my God! Vinny! Can you hear me? Vinny!" She cries. "I have to call for help" she grabs her cell phone and dials 9-1-1.

"Help! Please! This is officer Meggan Richardson of TPPD, I am at Wild Night, 1445 Terrace Road. My husband, has been stabbed. Please hurry" Meggan drops the phone. "Vinny, please be alright. Please be alright" Meggan rests her head on his shoulder. "I love you" she whispers. Strangely enough, Meggan’s blue shirt has a rip in the back. Across the room, a piece of glass has piece of blue fabric, ripped from the attacker’s shirt.

Scene Seventeen
Setting: The Towers; Floor Three; Robin’s Apartment

Robin rushes to the door, as someone pounds on her door. She opens and finds Robbie and Leah.

"Robbie, Leah. Come in. What’s going on?"

"I know, I know everything Robin" Leah states.

Robbie goes to the end table, and finds the glass he had his drink in.

"We will get to the truth" Robbie states, looking at the glass.

Robin gets nervous, and even more nervous when she looks across at her desk, and sees the videotape still sitting there.

Scene Eighteen
Setting: Twin Peaks General Hospital

Meggan waits outside the Trauma center as Shane is in with Vinny.

After a few minutes, Shane walks out. "I’m sorry Meggan"

Meggan begins to cry. "Vinny’s gone"

Next On One Day At A Time
-Leah learns the truth!
-Robbie investigates the murder, which leads to a shocking arrest
-Leah exposes all of Robin’s lies
-Natasha gets a surprise when she returnns to the Penthouse

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