Episode 09 // Written by: Dallas Walsh

Previously On One Day At A Time
-Leah caught Robbie and Robin in bed; no one knows Robin drugged Robbie, and they didn’t have sex. The truth is on a videotape in Robin’s apartment. Leah learned the truth about Robin’s pregnancy. Leah believed Robbie’s story that he thought Robin was Leah
-Victoria, Daisy, Chris, Meggan all wanted to get revenge on Vinny
-A mysterious person stabbed Vinny; Shane announced to Meggan that Vinny died
-Cory and Natasha made love on their honeymoon

Scene One
Setting: The Towers; Floor Three; Robin’s Apartment

"I know, I know everything Robin" Leah states.

Robbie goes to the end table, and finds the glass he had his drink in.

"We will get to the truth" Robbie states, looking at the glass.

Robin gets nervous, and even more nervous when she looks across at her desk, and sees the videotape still sitting there.

"I want you both to leave NOW!" Robin demands.

"I don’t think so, sister" Leah replies "I know everything!"

"You know nothing! All you know is that I am pregnant with your husband’s baby. The husband that made passionate love to me tonight!"

"Liar!" Leah spits

"What’s going on Leah?" Robbie asks "What is Robin lying about?"

"The baby!" Leah says

Robin and Robbie are stunned.

"The baby?" Robbie gasps.

"Sofia told me everything" Leah begins. A crying Robin walks over to the sofa, and sits down. "She told me she suspected Robin after they talked. She told me to investigate. So I went to the hospital. I went to Shane’s office. He wasn’t there. I looked at Robin’s file. She is not pregnant. She lied about the baby to get you Robbie."

"No! No!" Robin says, standing up.

Robbie walks over to Robin. "How could you. This is the most disgusting thing anyone has ever done" Robbie spits.

Robbie turns to leave, but Robin falls to her knees, and wraps her hands around Robbie’s leg.

"Please don’t leave me Robbie! Please!" she begs.

"Get up. You’re pathetic." he snaps.

Leah walks over to the desk and finds the tape.

"Well, well. What’s this?"

"Nothing!" Robin yells, getting up. Leah places the tape in the VCR and pushes play. All three watch the video.

"My God" Robbie says. "We never had sex! What did you put in my drink?" Robin remains silent. Robbie grabs her "Answer me!"

Robin pulls away "Get out of my house! Now!" Robin grabs a vase and slams it against the wall. It shatters.

"Let’s go Robbie" Leah says. Robbie storms out. Leah stops at the door and turns "Bye sis" Leah smiles.

Leah shuts the door.

Robin crumbles to the floor in tears.

**The next morning**

Scene Two
Setting: Robbie and Leah’s house; the bedroom

Robbie and Leah lay in each other’s arms. Suddenly the phone begins ringing. A groggy Robbie rolls over and picks it up.

"Hello?.... What?.......... Alright, I’ll be right there" Robbie slams the phone. He throws the covers off himself, and gets out of bed.

"What’s up?" Leah asks.

"Vinny Victors. He’s dead."

"My God! What happened?"

"Stabbed. Last night at Wild Night. I have shower and get to the station"

Scene Three
Setting:The Towers; Floor Twelve; Adam’s Apartment

Adam awakes. He rolls over, and slips on a black silk robe. He walks to the washroom. After using the toilet, he turns on the shower. He enters the shower. As the hot water hits his body, he recalls making love to Natasha, years ago. "It‘s in the past," he says to himself "I have to find a way to move on."

Scene Four
Setting:Vinny and Meggan’s House

Meggan awakes on the sofa. She looks around, and her eyes become fixed on the clock. ‘Only a hour later’ she thinks, referring to her almost sleepless night. Meggan sits up, her eyes, damp from tears. She looks back on the sofa, and finds a picture of her and Vinny getting married, she had fallen asleep with it. ‘Oh Vinny. I love you. Despite our problems I love you’ she thinks, beginning to weep.

"No more tears! Come on Meggan, pull yourself together" she says aloud, wiping away her tears. "I should shower and change. I need to get over to the station and help with the investigation."

Scene Five
Setting: Leah and Robbie’s house

Leah steps out of the washroom, showered and changed. She stops, and recalls the previous evenings events. Suddenly it dawns on her. ‘What if she lied about us being sisters too!’ Leah rushes to the phone and dials a number.

"Daddy, hi!....I’m wonderful, how are you?.....I was hoping you could come see me today. It’s important.....Great, see you then"

Scene Six
Setting: Hotel Room; Some where Tropical

Cory and Natasha awake in each other’s arms, curiosity of the ringing phone. Cory reaches over "Hello....yeah, just a minute." he takes the phone away from his ear "Natasha, it’s for you"

Natasha opens her eyes, and takes the phone "Hello...what? Oh my God. Yes. I understand. Thanks Marie" Natasha passes the phone back to Cory, who hangs it up. "Cory we have to go home. Today, now"

"What? I want to have a honeymoon"

"Vinny Victors is dead. He was stabbed at Wild Night"

"What? The club!"

"I’ll shower, you call the airlines"

Scene Seven
Setting: Twin Peaks Police Department

The police station is busy. Phones ringing, faxes coming in; faxes going out; files being read; coffee being drank.

Meggan enters the station, and everything stops. Fellow co-workers look at Meggan as she makes her way to Chief Jones office. Meggan becomes self conscious. She finally enters the office.

"Officer Richardson, what are you doing here?" Jones asks.

"I want to help. I need to know who killed my husband"

"You know you can’t help. You’re personally involved. Meggan, take my advice. Go home. Get some sleep."

"I can’t! My husband is dead! I can’t just go home! Please let me help"

"Meggan..." Jones is cut off by the phone. "Jones...Robbie? Are you at Wild Night?..."

As Jones continues his conversation, Meggan leaves. "So Robbie is at Wild Night investigating. I’ll go help"

Scene Eight
Setting: Roboto; Leah’s Office

Leah sits at her desk, reading a report. Her train of thought is distracted by a knock on the door. "Come in"

A man enters the office. "I don’t even get a hello hug?"

Leah looks up "Daddy!" she says, getting up, and hugging her father, Dominick. "I’ve missed you so much"

"I’ve missed you too. How is everything?"

"Fine Daddy."

"Well, why did you ask me to come Leah? Something is going on, isn’t there?" Dominick asks worried.

"I’ve learned some information Dad. I don’t know if it’s true. I need to know the truth"

"And I can supply you with the truth?"

Leah nods her head. "I’m sorry Leah, I haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about"

"Robin Navy. Is she your daughter? Do I have a half-sister?"

"Robin Navy? I’ve never heard that name before in my life!"

"So it’s a lie?"

"I don’t know honey. What’s her mother’s name?"

"Melissa....Melissa. I can’t remember."

Leah grabs her father’s arm. "Let’s go"


"To see Robin"

They head into an elevator.

"Leah, I’m sorry honey, but why is this important. I thought you and your mother forgave me for the affair"

"I did Daddy; and Mom did too, but this could change my entire life. I still love you, and I am not mad at you"

The father and daughter embrace. The elevator doors open, and Leah takes them to the chemist lab. Leah knocks, and enters.

"Robin? Are you here? It’s Leah"

Robin comes out of her office. "Oh great. What’s this? Another attack?"

"No Robin, although you could probably use another one. This is my father, Dominick. We are going to get to the truth. The truth if we are sisters or not"

Scene Nine
Setting:The Towers; The Penthouse

Natasha arrives at the Penthouse door. George, the doorman helps her with the luggage.

"Thank you for helping me George."

"No problem Mrs. Calvin. I understand that Mr. Calvin wanted to get over to Wild Night"

"He did indeed" Natasha smiles, as she unlocks the door. "Alright, George, I can handle it from here. Thank you again"

Natasha enters the Penthouse, and turns on the light. Adam stands up from the sofa. "Let me help you"

"Good God! Adam! You almost gave me a heart attack"

"Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you"

"What are you doing in here?"

"I need to talk to you" he says, brining the luggage inside. Natasha shuts the door behind him.

"Talk to me? About what?"

"Us." Adam says, turning to Natasha

"There is no us Adam. We are over, remember?"

"How could I forget?"

"Oh, and thank you for trying to ruin my wedding"

"Ah, yes. You know that was me?"

"Meggan told me"

"Meggan? You mean the woman who put me in the closet. Thank her for me. I’m still claustrophobic."

"You seemed to survive just fine"

"Well, enough snide remarks. I just came to tell you that I am over you. I am moving on. I wish nothing but the best for you and Cory"

"Thank you Adam."

"I just have one favor"

"What’s that?" Natasha asks, as Adam comes up to her.

"How about a good-bye kiss?" he smiles, as his lips lock with Natasha’s. The simple kiss soon turns passionate.

Finally, Natasha breaks away. "Good-bye Adam"

Adam leaves. Outside the Penthouse, Adam smiles to himself. "This isn’t over. Not by a long shot"

Scene Ten
Setting: Wild Night; The Offices; Crime Scene

The door has yellow police tape across it. Robbie is wearing latex gloves, as he searches the office. Robbie lifts the cushions of the sofa. Nothing. He bends on his knees, as he sees the glass from the shatter cup. He opens a plastic zip-lock bag, and drops a few pieces of glass inside. ’We’ll see what Vinny was drinking’ Robbie thinks. Robbie looks underneath the sofa, and finds another piece of glass, with torn blue piece of fabric.

"Well, well, well. What’s this?" Robbie says, examining the fabric. Robbie notices some dry blood on the end of the fabric. "Interesting" he says, as he puts the fabric and glass in another bag.

Robbie is interrupted by Meggan.

"Robbie! How’s it going?" she asks, standing behind the yellow tape.

"Meggan! What are you doing here? Didn’t Jones tell you to stay away?" Robbie asks, noticing that Meggan is wearing a blue shirt, matching the color of the blue fabric he just found.

"He did, but Vinny was my husband. I have to help"

Robbie walks up to Meggan. "Meggan, if we catch the killer, and the DA finds out you helped, the entire case can be thrown out. Is that what you want?"

"No. I guess not. Thank you Robbie"

"For what?"

"Helping me. I just can’t believe he’s gone."

"I know it’s hard. Go home and get some sleep"

"I tried last night."

"I’ll call Shane. Maybe he could give you something."

"Thanks Robbie. I’ll stop at his office, on the way home"

"Great. I’ll stop by on my way home, to see how you are"

Meggan leaves. "It can’t be Meggan? Can it?" Robbie asks himself.
Suddenly Cory arrives. "What the hell happened Robbie?" Cory asks.

"Cory! You’re back from the honeymoon!"

"Natasha and I came back early when we learned of Vinny. Now, I ask again, what happened?"

"Vinny was stabbed here last night. Your office is a crime scene. Wild Night won’t be able to open for a while."

"How long is a while?"

"Probably a month"

"Man. How’s Meggan?"

"Coping as well as to be expected."

"Who did this to Vinny?"

"That’s what I’m trying to find out."

"Let me know if I can do anything to help"

"I will. Tell Nat to give me a call" Robbie calls out, as Cory is leaving.

Scene Eleven
Setting:Twin Peaks General Hospital

Robin, Leah and Dominick wait in Shane’s office. They had arrived. Shane had taken blood from Robin and Dominick. They were going to see if it was match. If Robin would get the father she never knew. If Leah would get a sister who slept with her husband. If Dominick would get a daughter he never knew. Suddenly Shane enters with the results.

"You are Dominick’s daughter. 99.9% sure" he reads

Robin bursts into tears. Leah embraces Dominick. Dominick goes to Robin and embraces her. "Daddy" she whispers. Dominick gets a tear in his eye. "I’m so sorry. I wish I knew" he replies to her.

Dominick and Robin exit from the embrace. Leah looks at Robin, the woman who has been trying to break up her marriage. That woman was now family. Leah embraces Robin. Robin is stunned, not knowing what to do. Without thinking, Robin returns the embrace.

Scene Twelve
Setting: Robbie’s Police SUV

Robbie is driving over to Meggan’s to check on her, as he promised. He is about half way there, when his cell phone goes off. "Calimo" he replies into the headset. "Oh great! You got the results back from the letter opener. What did you find?......So it could have been bought anywhere?...Any finger prints?....Meggan’s! What? How can that be?....Hey, do me a favor. Look in Meggan’s desk, and see if her letter opener is there....No? OK. Later"

"Damn Meggan! Was it you?" he asks himself, pulling into Meggan’s driveway. Robbie walks up and rings the doorbell.

"Robbie! You came!"

"I said I would" Robbie said, entering the house, noticing that Meggan is still wearing the blue shirt. This time, something else catches his eye. A rip on the bottom. He flashes back to earlier in the Wild Night offices. It looked like the piece missing from Meggan’s shirt.

"Meggan. Damn it! I hate to do this"

"Do what? What’s going on Robbie?"

"You have the right to remain silent....."

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-Robin makes a decision
-Kim learns Jackson has escaped
-Adam plots to get rid of Cory

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