Episode 100 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: September 01, 2010


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Cassie cramped badly in Olivia’s office, then she left town to visit her ill mother. She returned to town having given birth to her daughter
- Olivia and Helen went to the Calimo cabin. During a rain storm, Olivia drugged Helen and Helen went into labour. Helen learned that her daughter was still born

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia’s hands are buried over her face as she’s trying to get over the fact that she and her daughter’s boyfriend, Will, just had another close encounter. She knows that it is wrong, but for whatever reason she is unable to stop thinking about Will. Her marriage to Preston continues to be shaky, mostly now because of her role in their latest plan. She hasn’t been able to shake this bad, guilt feeling, but she knows that she has to be strong for her families sake. Everything has to go according to plan.

She doesn’t have much time to get her head on straight, when her office door opens. Cassie enters the office, pushing her baby stroller. Olivia is floored to see Cassie in her office. Cassie locks the office door and turns to face Olivia. “We need to talk,” Cassie says slowly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Olivia asks standing up. “We agreed we wouldn’t see each other!”

“I know, I know,” Cassie says softly, not wanting anyone out in the hall way to hear. “I had to see you though. Just to ensure that everything is okay on your end.”

“Everything is fine,” Olivia reassures her, calming down from her initial frustration. “How are you feeling? You’re healed okay?”

Cassie walks over to the sofa in Olivia’s office and shuts her eyes. She opens them and looks at Olivia as a tear escapes her eye. The spot where it all began.

“Don’t think about it,” Olivia tells her as she walks over to Cassie and puts her hand on her shoulder. “It’s in the past now.”

“I know,” Cassie says, wiping her face. “It’s just hard, you know? Being back here… where it happened.”

She shuts her eyes again and remembers a night, not too long ago in Olivia’s office.


“It’s bad Olivia, it’s really, really bad,” Cassie whimpers as she shuts the door to the office and makes her way to the sofa.

An alarmed Olivia gets up and helps Cassie lay down. “What’s wrong Cassie?”
“The cramping! It’s…ahhhhhh!” Cassie yells as a sharp pain attacks her abdominal again. “I… I don’t know what’s happening. Please, please help me,” she says as tears stroll down her face.

“I will see what I can do,” Olivia says looking down and noticing blood on Cassie’s white skirt. “What happened? Did you hurt yourself?”

Cassie looks at the blood on her skirt and feels her face go pale. “No, I don’t think so. Oh god, another pain is coming … I can feel it … ahhhh!”

Olivia spreads Cassie’s legs and looks up her skirt for a moment. She looks back at Cassie for moment, her face full of concern. “You’re bleeding. Just spotting. It can be very normal for pregnant women still. But this cramping…”

“Ahhhhh!” Cassie screams interrupting. “Please help me! What’s wrong! What’s wrong with my baby?”

Olivia looks at Cassie, who is now sweating and tearing all at the same time. As much as Olivia wishes she did, she isn’t an OBGYN. “Everything will be okay. I promise. You’ll be fine,” Olivia claims, trying to reassure her, even though she has no idea what is about to happen to Cassie or the baby.


Cassie walks over to the sofa and puts her hands on it. Another tear escapes her eye. “I never thought it would hit me this hard, being back here. The place where I …”

Olivia comes up behind her. “We can’t think about this Cassie. What’s done is done. You have a beautiful baby girl now. That’s what you need to focus on.” For once, Olivia is actually believing what she is saying. She’s not ready for the plan to come undone. Not now, not after everything she’s been through to get to this point., even though it tears her up inside.

Cassie looks at her again, then looks over at the stroller where the baby is sleeping. She shuts her eyes, and her mind goes back to the night at the office.


“AHHHH! Olivia, what’s happening?” Cassie screams in pain as she feels another sharp cramp in her abdominal.

Olivia looks again at Cassie and gasps. “I think you’re in labour Cassie! Just breathe, okay. Remember the techniques they taught you in LaMaze class,” Olivia instructs her. “Here, let’s do it together,” Olivia says as she starts doing the breathing techniques with Cassie. They breath together until another sharp pain hits Cassie, and she screams out in pain again.

Olivia looks in horror as she can fully see a child emerging from Cassie. “Keep pushing,” Olivia instructs Cassie, even though Olivia knows that it’s far too early for Cassie to be having her child. She knows the end result already: the baby will not take a breathe.


“I know I thanked you before,” Cassie says holding her stomach. “But you really did make everything bearable. After I lost my baby that night, I thought it was all over. This is far more than I could have expected.”

Olivia gives half a grin. Everything happened so fast, she thinks to herself. She shuts her eyes quickly. When she opens them, she knows that the reality is still the same. That night changed everything for her; for Cassie; for everyone. This time, she looks off into the corner and remembers that night in her office.


It’s over. The baby was born, dead before it came out. It never took a breath of air. It never stood a chance. Cassie lays on the sofa in Olivia’s office weeping, not able to control herself from the pain she feels. Not only from losing the baby she was carrying and that she loved, but also because she realizes that without the baby she has no hold on Shane and he would probably leave her for Natasha as soon as he found out.

Olivia holds a white towel from her washroom, now red from the blood, which holds the dead fetus. She looks over at Cassie, who is still weeping.

“I’m so sorry Cassie, can I get you anything? Anything at all?” Olivia asks as her heart goes out to Cassie. Olivia would never wish a woman losing her child, even a woman that has been blackmailing her for months.

Cassie looks at Olivia and doesn’t know what to say. She is in pain, literally and figuratively. She almost feels like her world is caving on in on her. She feels like she can’t breathe. Olivia quickly notices her breathes quicken and she rushes over to her side.

“Take deep breathes Cassie, you’re okay, keep breathing, okay?” Olivia instructs her as she bends down next to her, not wanting her to hyperventilate. Cassie’s breathing soon become regular again. She wipes her face, ashamed that her taking fertility drugs was the ultimate cause of her losing her baby with Shane.

“I…I can’t tell Shane,” she says softly, trying to composure herself. “I will lose him Olivia! I can’t lose Shane! I…I need him,” she says as more tears form in her eyes.

Olivia sighs, not sure how she could possibly help Cassie right now, other than offer support. What’s done is done, there is no child and never will be. She just isn’t sure how to tell Cassie this much.

Cassie looks at Olivia again, and grabs her hand. In a quick panic, she blurts out, “You have to get me a baby! If Shane doesn’t know that I miscarried, I can…we can still be a family!” Cassie is desperately trying to believe what she is saying right now. She has more tears streaming down her face, almost knowing that she can’t have another woman’s child. Still, how can she possibly tell Shane the truth? How can she bare losing the man she loves so much?

Olivia stands up and walks over to her window. She looks out on top of the hospital, which her window view is of. She knows that Cassie is in a state of shock and not really believing anything she is saying. Still, could she really get another child for Cassie?

“I know what you can do!” Cassie says sitting up on the sofa. “Listen to me Olivia!” she demands, noting that Olivia is still looking out the window, drifting in her own world. Olivia slowly turns around faces Cassie. Their eyes meet and Olivia, for a brief moment, is scared to look into Cassie’s eyes. She can tell that there’s a wicked idea brewing in her head.

“You need to keep Helen from remembering right?” Cassie says softly, as she wipes her face. “Helen can’t remember that she was helping with rob banks, or everything would be out in the open.”

“So?” Olivia snaps back at her, not wanting to go over the bank robbing history again and scared of what Cassie is insinuating.

“So, give me Helen’s baby!” Cassie says as a wicked grin appears on her face. “If Helen loses her baby, she’ll so focused on that she won’t have time to dwell on the fact that she was robbing banks with you and Preston. It’s perfect Olivia!”

Olivia turns around and shuts her eyes. How could she possibly tell a woman that her baby is dead? How could she possibly give another woman’s baby to Cassie? She doesn’t have all the answers, but she does know that Cassie does have a point. And that scares her to her very core.


Olivia looks back at Cassie and smiles. “No need to thank me Cassie. It was a win-win for both of us.”

Cassie nods and then hears the baby make a fuss for a moment. She walks over to the stroller and gives Dawn her pacifier, before looking back at Olivia. She thinks back quickly to night she lost the baby. She was so lost, she felt so alone. She had no one to turn too. She couldn’t even tell Shane. She closes her eyes and thinks back to that night and how she handled Shane.


The rain slams down on the roof of the Glubbs house. There is a early summer rain storm, not uncommon for Twin Peaks this time of the year. The thunder booms loudly as Cassie sits in the white rocking chair in the nursery of her baby, which is due in the upcoming months. The lights are off and she is holding a white blanket with grey elephants on it slowly rocking back and forth. She has a few tears in her eyes as she holds the blanket tightly. Her mind is distant and far from the physical space in which she enables.

She doesn’t shutter as a large lightening bolt crashes and illuminates the nursery. The crib in the corner lights up the and the yellow paint on the wall is visible. Cassie allows another tear to stroll down her cheek, the only movement from her other. She stops rocking the chair as she hears footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly, the hallway light comes on.

“Cassie?” Shane’s voice is heard calling out. He slowly walks down to the nursery, and stops when he sees Cassie sitting silently in the rocking chair. “Hey, there you are. Why are you in here sitting in the dark?”

Cassie doesn’t respond to Shane’s question. She continues to sit in the chair and looks forward, not even acknowledging his presence. Shane walks up to her and kneels down beside her. He’s never seen this side of Cassie before; depressed, crying and unresponsive.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? I’m worried about you,” Shane says as he grabs her hand. “Talk to me Cassie.”

Cassie finally turns her head as two more tears escape her eyes. Seeing her new husband, the father of her child is almost too much for her to bear. She feels some what empty inside. She tells herself to stay composed.

“I’m…I’m just thinking,” she says in a whisper before turning back to face the wall. “I think the best when I’m in the nursery. It makes me feel close to my…our baby.”

Shane isn’t sure of what to make of her words. “You’re always close to the baby. You’re carrying it,” he says with half a smile on his face. He goes to move his hand to her belly, but she intercepts. “What’s wrong?” he asks as she pushes his hand away from her belly.

“I’m just feeling sensitive, I don’t want to be touched right now.”

Shane’s worry grows as usually Cassie loves sharing moments with the baby with him. He knows something more is going on with her now. “Please tell me what’s wrong. I am worried about you,” he repeats to her.

Cassie feels her eyes swell with water. “It’s my Mom. She’s ill. She called me earlier tonight and told me. I’m thinking maybe I should go visit her.”

Shane sighs. “I’m sorry Cassie. I guess that’s why you’re in the nursery. As someone that’s about to be a mother, you wanted to be close to the baby. Do you want me to pack your bag for you? You should go visit her if you’re this worried.”

Cassie turns to Shane and smiles. This is why she loves him so much. She knows that he is always going to look out for her best interest. “Thank you, but I’ll be okay. Plus, I thought you had a late shift at the hospital tonight?”

“I do. I actually should get going. I’ll see you later, though, right?”

Cassie nods at him. “Okay. Call me if you need anything, okay?” he says as he leans in and kisses her forehead. He gets up and leaves the room. Soon, Cassie hears the front door close. She is alone…again. She hears her blackberry go off indicating a new text message. Slowly she gets up out of the rocking chair and as another lightening bolt flashes across the sky, she reads her new message. She looks up knowing what she has to do next. She walks slowly into the master bedroom, grabs her duffle bag and places it on the bed.


Cassie knows all too well that the text message that she received that night was from Olivia telling her that everything was set into plan and Cassie had to get out of town. Her mother was never sick. Her mother has been dead for years; still it was the perfect excuse to get her out of town while Olivia and Helen went to the cabin.

“Shane was never curious about your mother?” Olivia asks her, breaking her train of thought.

“No, never. He believed me. He has no reason to think otherwise,” Cassie replies to her, knowing that they’ve covered their tracks well. “I take it everything went well at the cabin, when Helen gave birth?” Cassie responds, even though she knows she should leave well enough alone. Still, she has know.

“Everything went as well as to be expected,” Olivia replies, remembering the night of the storm at the cabin with Helen, after she drugged the Mom-to-be twice.


“Oh my god! I’m in labour!” Helen says looking frantically at Olivia. “What are we going to do? I can’t have my baby here!”

Olivia looks at Helen, “Lay back. We don’t have cell phone reception here, remember?” Olivia lies to her. “I’m a doctor, I’ll be able to help you with this. You’ll be fine. I promise.”

Helen lays back as another contraction hits her hard. The pain is like nothing she has ever felt in her life. She feels her stomach turn hard as a rock and her legs tense up. Her instinct is to push. She feels some sweat start to form on her forehead. “Ahhh! It hurts so much Olivia!”

Olivia looks at Helen. She hadn’t expected the inducing pills to work so quickly. Still, she knows what she has to do. This is all going so well so far, she thinks to herself. She looks at Helen. “I have some pain killers in my bag. I’ll give you some, okay?”

“Are you sure they won’t hurt the baby?” Helen asks concerned that something will harm her unborn child.

“I’m positive!” Olivia says as she grabs another bottle of medication from her purse. She rushes back over to Helen and gives her a couple of pills. Helen quickly swallows the medication with some water.

“How are you feeling? The contractions are still pretty far apart,” Olivia notes looking at her watch.

“I’m okay right now. I’m actually feeling sleepy,” Helen says taking a yawn. Suddenly another strong contraction hits and she screams in pain. It passes, and Helen falls back on the sofa. “What’s happening to me?” Helen asks before she feels her eyes get heavy again. Soon, she shuts her eyes and passes out. Olivia slaps Helen’s cheek to see if she really is out cold. Helen doesn’t’t wake up so Olivia smiles as she looks at the medication, which is a pill that can knock people out cold. She places it back in her purse as Helen sleeps on the sofa. Another loud thunder bolt crackles in the sky as Olivia picks up her phone. She dials a number and waits for the person to pick up.

“It’s happening now,” she says into the phone as her eyes meet Helen, who is still on the sofa, who is still out cold.

Olivia quickly turns her attention back to the telephone. She hears Cassie on the other end of the telephone, excited. “Calm down. The baby isn’t here yet. Where are you? You need to be here in about fifteen minutes. I’m guessing that’s when the baby will come. You have a copy of Helen’s signature right? I have to sign the document agreeing to cremate her child. That way Adam and Helen can get your babies ashes from the hospital…yes, good! Hurry up!”

Olivia slams her phone down and walks over to Helen, “Okay, let’s deliver this baby.”


Olivia looks at the baby in the stroller, who is sound asleep. She notes that the same child she delivered that night at the cabin is laying in front of her. She shuts her eyes and tries to keep her composure. With Cassie being here, she doesn’t want to let on that she’s feeling badly for stealing Helen’s baby and giving it to her. She takes a deep breath.

“You’re right, we didn’t have much time to talk the night of the storm. I just gave you the child and you had to go. I couldn’t risk anyone seeing you.”

Cassie looks at her baby and runs her hand along her face. She then turns to Olivia. “No one questioned anything? No one noticed that the fetus had been frozen? No one questioned that the fetus that was cremated wasn’t Helen’s baby?”

Olivia turns away, still mortified at her actions. She froze Cassie’s dead fetus in the hospital freezer and told the EMS that arrived at the cabin that the fetus was Helen’s. Because it was frozen, the body hadn’t started to disintegrate yet. Still, she cringes to think of what a horrible act she has done, something she had to do, yet she still feels like it was such a drastic thing to do.

“No one questioned anything, Cassie. Everything has gone perfectly according to plan,” Olivia says, not able to look Cassie in the face.

“Good, because Shane saw our daughter and he’s more in love with her than anything in the world. Nothing can ruin this plan now, nothing,” Cassie says full of pride that she’s accomplished all of this. She turns back and looks at the sleeping infant in front of her. “This is my beautiful daughter Olivia. I have everything I’ve ever wanted.”

Olivia shuts her eyes again and recalls Helen and Adam learning that their daughter had died. The pain in their faces, the pain in their eyes. She shakes her head quickly as she goes back to telling them in the hospital.


Olivia lets a tear fall from her eye, “I had no choice. I had to get help. I couldn’t risk letting Helen and the baby die.”

“Too late for that,” Adam spits back at her.

“Adam! Please, let her finish,” Helen snaps at her husband, wanting to know what happened.

“I finally got a signal on my cell phone and I called for help. By the time I got back to the cabin, Helen was virtually laying in a pool of blood. The baby was still coming, she was almost fully dilated. The baby never took a breath though,” she says as she puts her head down. “She was still born.”

“She?” Helen says as more tears escape her eyes. “We had a baby girl?” Olivia doesn’t say anything, she just nods.

“That’s what happened. I’m so sorry for your loss,” she says turning her back and preparing to leave.

“Olivia,” Helen calls out. Olivia turns back and looks at Helen and Adam; both of them are white as ghosts as they just heard the story of how their child died. “Thank you for telling me what happened.” Olivia gives another quick nod and exit’s the room. “Oh Adam!” Helen cries as soon as the door is closed. Adam holds Helen tightly again as they both continue to grieve the loss of their child. Outside the hospital door, Olivia wipes her eyes. She did what she had to do. She walks away confidently that her story will be enough to keep Adam and Helen at arms length.


Olivia opens her eyes again and looks at Cassie. Cassie stops looking at the baby and notices Olivia looking at her with intent in her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Cassie asks her, not sure of what to make with Olivia’s look.

“No, I’m not okay!,” Olivia snaps. “I told a woman that her child was dead and gave her another woman’s dead baby. Meanwhile you have her child! Do you have any idea what kind of guilt I’m feeling right now?”

Cassie gulps. She has thought about the pain Helen would go through, but she knows that Shane would leave her if he knew the truth. She has been so focused on keeping Shane and her family together she’s never really given much thought to the fact that Helen would be suffering from this plan that they have conducted.

“We have to stay together on this,” Cassie says firmly back to her. “Now is not the time to be getting guilt pains or cold feet Olivia.”

“Shut up Cassie. I don’t need you lecturing me. I know there’s no going back, I’m just saying it hasn’t been easy for me.” Olivia turns around and takes a deep breath. She can’t take much more of having Cassie next to her. “If this is going to work Cassie, you need to start following some rules that I’m about to give you.”

Cassie arches her eyebrow, knowing that she’s the one holding the cards. If Olivia, and Preston for that matter, don’t do what she says, she can expose them as the bank robbers that they are. “I’m listening,” she spits back to Olivia.

“We can’t have anymore contact. Stay away from me and Preston. If anyone sees us together they will get suspicious. And frankly, being around you and the baby is harder than I thought. I can’t do it,” Olivia admits to her, fighting back tears from her guilt pains that she has inside.

“Fine, I can live with that. Just remember that I still know the truth,” Cassie says as she starts to gather her things in preparation to leave.

“And just remember that if you expose Preston and I now, the entire truth will come out and kidnapping another woman’s baby is also illegal. We’re officially on even terms Cassie. Now get out and don’t contact my family again,” Olivia demands returning to her desk and sitting down. She wants the nightmare to be over.

She watches as Cassie exit’s the office and shuts the door. Outside the office, Cassie stops for a moment and looks at the door way. Olivia is right, she tells herself. They can’t risk having anyone know their connection. She slowly walks away, unaware that Sofia has spotted her leaving Olivia’s office. Sofia arches her eye brow and continues to walk down the hallway, not thinking anything of the departure.

Back inside Olivia’s office, she weeps into her hands knowing that she’s started something that can not be easily undone. How will she get through it? How will she be able to see Helen or Adam again without wanting to tell them the truth? She feels torn inside. Can she really do something his evil to two good people? If she doesn’t, she knows that her family’s future is at risk and Preston would not be very happy. She sighs and stops crying for a moment, she can no longer be broken up inside. She has to stay strong. Everyone is depending on her.

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