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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin agreed to model for Roboto; Cory pretended to be okay with it even though he has reservations about it
- Dominick told Bob & Sofia he wanted her back or he would tell Natasha the truth about Eva being her mother
- Helen & Adam learned their child died, unaware that Olivia gave their baby to Cassie who has miscarried

Scene One -- Dominick’s Townhouse

Dominick finishes his cup of coffee and places the mug into the kitchen sink. He stops and pauses while he reflects on the latest on goings in his quest to win Sofia back. He recalls how told Bob and Sofia that he wanted Sofia back or he would reveal the truth about Eva being Natasha’s real mother. While he hates that he has to resort to blackmail, he thinks it is his only chance to really get Sofia back in his life. He knows that he has done the right thing in the grand scheme of things.

He walks into the den around to continue his day and is surprised to see Eva sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. She looks intent as she has a red-inked pen and paper in her other hand. He walks over and sees that she’s reading the classifieds.

“What are you looking for?” he asks curious, as he enters the living room.

Eva looks up and takes off her reading glasses for a moment and smiles as Dominick. While she has been so grateful to him for letting her stay with him, she knows that its’ high time that she get her own place; especially since she and Natasha are growing so much closer. She longs for the day to have Natasha come over and spend an afternoon or evening with her in an apartment of her own.

“My own place,” she says with a new air of confidence.

“Really?” he asks surprised. He wasn’t expecting Eva to be searching for her own place, but secretly he’s happy that she’s going to be leaving. Since, if Sofia does leave Bob for him, he knows he will want his own space to be alone with the woman that he loves. “Do you need help looking? We could look online if you’d want.”

Eva arches her eyebrow, not expecting that kind of response from Dominick. She’d thought he’d put up more of a fight. “I’m surprised you’re offering to help, I didn’t think you’d want me to leave.”

Dominick smiles over at her. “We’re so close to getting everything we’ve ever wanted Eva. This is a good thing, trust me!”

“How do you know what I want Dominick? All I really want is to have my daughter back in my life,” Eva says sternly. She has never wanted to be apart of any of his games that he is playing in hopes of trying to get Sofia back and leaving Bob for her. While she’s always had feelings for Bob, she would rather have a relationship with Natasha than Bob. She glances at her watch and then quickly folds the newspaper. “I actually have a viewing of an apartment soon, I should get going. I’ll let you know how it goes, okay?”

“Sounds good,” he says back to her, enjoying the fact that she’s trying to hide her feelings for Bob, even though he knows that Eva is secretly just as thrilled about the prospects of Bob and Sofia splitting as he is.

Scene Two -- The Calimo Mansion

Sofia walks down the slowly the spiral staircase of the large mansion wearing a pink business suit. She has plans to go into the city today and continue to work with the hospital on her charity event. In reality, however, her mind is on a million other things. Like, Eva McCloud and how she’s placing herself back in Natasha’s life, which scares Sofia to the very core. How can they possibly protect Natasha from the woman that gave birth to her? It’s not that Sofia actually thinks that Eva would harm Natasha, the opposite actually, but they’ve kept the secret for so very long the truth would simply shattered Natasha now, and the entire family.

And then there’s Dominick, who knows the truth and has demanded that Sofia leave Bob for him or he will expose the truth. Sofia lets out a heavy sigh as she has no idea what she and Bob are going to do. All she knows is that Bob said he has a game plan, something up his sleeve that will make everything ok, at least for the time being.

“It’s nice to see you this morning,” Bob announces as he walks into the den holding a cup of coffee, smiling at her. He looks at his wife and knows that she will be pleased with the plan he has come up with.

“You too my love. Is the coffee fresh?” Sofia asks as she pours herself a cup.

“Of course,” Bob replies as he sits on the brown leather sofa. “I’ve been thinking about that menace Dominick.”

“As have I. For the life of me, I can not think of a solution to his ludicrous demands. Me leave you? Leave my family? He’s absolutely insane,” she says sternly as she takes a slow sip of the hot liquid.

“Or is he?” Bob says standing up and coming behind her.

Sofia turns and faces her husband, her eye brow arched high. Sofia couldn’t possibly have heard Bob correctly; he couldn’t possibly want her to really leave him.

“What are you saying?”

“Think about it Sofia,” Bob says with a wicked twinkle in his eye. “If we give Dominick what he wants, or at least give him the impression that we have, he’ll keep quiet. At least until we have come up with a permanent solution to the problem. You can leave me, or pretend too, and he’ll be playing right into our hands.”

Sofia laughs out loud, but she quickly stops when she realizes that Bob is not laughing with her. “You’re serious? I can’t leave you! I can’t leave my house! My family …” she says as she begins to protest his plan.

“I know my love, but it would only be temporary. And it wouldn’t be real my love. We would pretend, just to get the upper hand. What is our alternative? We simply can not allow Dominick Robertson to tell Natasha the truth. Listen my love,” he says grabbing her hand. “We have connections and money, we get sneak away for little visits and romantic moments. We can get you a place in the best hotel downtown. We’ll see each other often. Just … think about it?” Bob says, knowing that his plan can work. If Dominick believes that they are separated everything may be kept in tact until they can get the upper hand.

“What about the children,” Sofia gasps, putting her hand over her mouth. “Robbie and Natasha … they would be devastated to think that we are actually separated Bob. We can not do this! Our family is already so … fragile!”

“Nonsense! We are Calimo’s! Nothing and no one will tear us down,” Bob tells her with his strong voice reassuring her. “But if we are to stay strong, we have to do this. The sooner, the better. Just agree to do this, for the families sake.”

Sofia turns around and shuts her eyes for a moment. She knows that what her husband is saying, but still leaving her family and her husband is the thing that scares her deeply. She turns around and takes a deep breathe. “Okay, we’ll pretend to separate Bob. But only for a short while. I won’t be able to play the charade for very long.”

“It won’t take long my love. I already have something else up my sleeve,” Bob says confidently, as he tries to reassure her. “In the meantime, you have to wine and dine Dominick. Make him think that we are really separated. Can you do that?“ He asks as he walks over to his blackberry and picks it up. He searches for a number before pressing the dial button. “Hello! Yes, this is Bob! It’s been so long, how are you? … Good! Thank you. Listen, there’s a reason I’m calling. You should come to Twin Peaks. Soon,” he says as his eyes meet Sofia’s watery eyes. She doesn’t know who Bob is calling, but something tells her the phone call may change things even more.

Scene Three -- The Twin Peaks Police Department; Robbie’s Office

Robbie sits at his desk and reviews some files that have been sitting there for a few days. While he is trying to focus on the files in front of him, his mind is really elsewhere. He knows that he and his wife Leah have not been seeing eye to eye lately, well for over a year now mostly because she has been shutting him out since the death of Noah. Still, he realizes that he has to continue to make an effort where she is concerned. He picks his up blackberry and sends Leah a text message asking to have a nice dinner at home later. He sighs as he sets the phone down on his desk. The only thing he can do is try, and he will, because he loves her so.

His thoughts are interrupted with his office door opening and Victoria standing in the entrance way. “Are you busy right now?” she asks as she purses her lips together.

Robbie doesn’t hesitate and invites her into his office as he always wants to ensure that he can help everyone that comes into his office. “How’ve you been? I don’t really think I’ve seen you since you’ve recovered from D.I.D,” he says as he pours her a cup of coffee.

“I’ve been good, thanks. Thank you for all your help during that time, by the way,” she says to him as she takes a drink of her coffee. She notes his smile back to her. “I’ve come on another matter though.”

Their eyes meet and Robbie can tell that Victoria is serious about the discussion they are about to have. He has always had a good read on people and Victoria is no different. Her eyes are revealing that she is scared of something.

“What’s going on? How can I help?” he asks sitting back down across from her.

Victoria takes another drink of her coffee and she pauses for a moment. She quickly tells herself that she is doing the right thing, getting the police involved. She has known for a long time that the situation with Dave and Brett could be dangerous, but now that Meggan has disappeared she is even more scared that something has happened. Something bad.

“It’s about Meggan,” she says calmly. “Before you say anything, I know she and Leah were having problems because of Noah, but this is serious.”

“If something is wrong Victoria, it’s my job to ensure that it’s corrected,” Robbie reassures her. “Is Meggan in some kind of trouble?”

Victoria sighs, “She’s disappeared,” she gulps hard. “We were supposed to meet at the fundraiser and she never showed up. I’ve tried calling her and there’s no answer. I think something has happened.”

Robbie arches his eyebrow not sure what to make of the story Victoria is telling him. He knows that there’s a lot more for someone to be classified as a missing person other than someone not showing up at the fundraiser. Plus, he knows how crazy the fundraiser was for everyone that attended.

“Hmm, well it could be that she didn’t go to the fundraiser Victoria. Maybe something else has come up?” Robbie replies trying to justify why Meggan could be avoiding Victoria. “Plus, if memory serves me correctly the two of you didn’t get along so well.”

Victoria looks up at him with a desperation in her eye. She knows that she can’t get into the full story with Robbie about Dave and Brett because otherwise the fact that she, or her personality Brandy, stabbed Brett will come out and she doesn’t want that to be revealed. “You’re right. I guess she’s okay. Just promise me that you’ll check in on her, okay?”

Robbie senses that Victoria is really scared. He picks up the phone and dials a number. He soon hangs up and looks back at Victoria. “It went straight to her voice mail.”

“I know. I just think something is off,” Victoria replies to him. “See if you can track her down and let me know, okay?”

“I’ll see what I can do Victoria. Thanks for coming in today,” Robbie says as Victoria stands up and prepares to leave. Victoria slowly leaves the office knowing that she’s done the right thing. If Robbie can’t find Meggan, maybe he’ll realize that something more is going on. She knows that she has to watch her next move, if Dave finds out she went to the police she doesn’t want to think about what he could do next. She takes a deep breath. She did the right thing, especially if Meggan is in trouble.

Scene Four -- The Sugarbowl

Leah enters the coffeehouse and quickly scans the seats. She spots Helen in the far back corner booth and walks over quickly. She called Helen and asked her to meet her for a coffee because she had heard that Helen lost her baby. She knows all too well what it is like to lose a child and thought she could offer some support to her friend. Helen stands up and hugs Leah as she arrives at the booth.

“Thanks for coming,” Leah says into Helen’s ear. “How are you holding up?”

Helen forces herself to smile through watery eyes, “I’m okay.” They sit down and Helen looks at Leah.

“You don’t have to pretend with me Helen. I’ve been here before, remember?” Leah offers her support to her friend. She grabs Helen’s hand. “I know how it feels; like you can’t breathe and how hard it is to wake up in the morning.”

Helen wipes away a tear as it falls from her cheek. “And the nightmares. I keep hearing her cry, even though they told me she never took a breath. I don’t know Leah, how did this happen? Why did this happen? The doctor’s told us everything was fine.”

Leah can’t help but get a tear in her eye listening to Helen’s story as she knows it far too well. “Sometimes there are no answers Helen. I’ve asked myself so many times why God chose to take Noah, and nothing ever comes. All we can do is take it for what it is. We lost a child Helen, but we still have our life to live. For so long I was consumed with this … hurt and anger and it took over my life. You can’t let this control you.”

Helen sighs. “The worst thing is that Adam and I seem so far apart right now. I think he blames me for the death of our daughter. Things have been tense lately.”

“Both of you need time to heal and grieve. You two love each other, just respect the grieving period and lean on each other when you need each other. It can be difficult, but it will get better. Trust me. Always keep the communication open,” Leah replies to her friend knowing all too well of what Helen is feeling. Suddenly, it dawns on Leah. She realizes that what Robbie has been telling her all along makes sense now; she has been shutting out her husband. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath for a moment before refocusing on Helen.

“Thank you for making me feel better,” Helen says with a soft smile on her face. For the first time since the death of her child, she feels like someone gets what she is going through, and she appreciates that Leah took the time to speak to her.

“Anytime you need to talk Helen, let me know. Try to put your energy into something positive too. Dwelling will only make things worse. And call me anytime,” Leah says standing up. The two share another quick hug before Leah departs. Helen sits back down and wipes her face. She realizes that Leah is right, she does have to focus on something positive. She thinks back to last fall when she was having memory flashes of her past and thinks that maybe uncovering her past could be the thing she starts to focus on in her time of need.

Scene Five -- The Park

The leaves in the trees are a bright red, orange and yellows this time of the year in Twin Peaks as the autumn days have arrived. Adam sits on the bench and looks out at the flowing river. His mind is a million miles away from the park in which he is sitting. He is thinking about his beautiful baby girl, the baby he never got the chance to hold or cuddle or tell her how much he loves her. And why? Because Helen went to the cabin instead of going to the fundraiser with Olivia, a woman he has failed to trust for months. Add in the fact that Helen can not remember a single detail of the baby’s birth or death and Adam is extremely frustrated.

“I was told I could find you here,” Jeff says standing above the bench with his hands in his pockets. “Mind if I sit with you?”

“Sure,” Adam returning his concentration to the river.

“I hope you don’t mind, I just thought you could use someone to talk too. You know? I lost my son just over a year ago,” Jeff says as he sits next to Adam on the bench. He notes that Adam doesn’t respond at all. “It’s okay to admit that you’re hurting Adam. The death of a child … God, the pain never really goes away.”

Adam looks over at Jeff. “Hurting? That’s not even the half of it. I feel like I lost my future! I feel like I’ve lost my wife because regardless of what anyone says, I blame her! Do you know what it’s like to blame the woman you love for the death of your child? I’m just … I feel so lost right now.”

Jeff gulps not too sure of what to say to Adam’s claim. It’s one thing to be grieving the loss of his child, it’s another to be blaming Helen, something he did not realize when Leah told him to talk to Adam. “I’m sorry, I hadn’t realized that you think it’s Helen’s fault,” he says in a whisper. “You two love each other Adam, you’ll get through this. First of all however, you have to talk to her. Leah and I, when we lost Noah we really bonded over it again. You and Helen need to do the same.”

Adam throws a rock into the river as he stands up in frustration. “I just don’t know how to talk to her right now. Is it wrong that I want space? That I need my own time to get over things?”

“No, that’s totally cool. That’s understandable, but you have to communicate that with her. She doesn’t know what’s going on in your mind. If you need time, then tell her that you need time. Don’t make her second guess things Adam. Not when she’s feeling just as hurt, confused and lost as you are.”

Adam looks at Jeff and realizes that he’s right. He does need to tell Helen what he’s thinking of instead of shutting her out completely. “You’re right Jeff. That’s not an easy conversation to have though.”

“Be easy with it Adam. She’ll listen to you, if you listen to her.”

“I guess I do have to talk to Helen,” Adam says throwing another rock into the river.

“No one said it as easy Adam. Just remember that. You’re dealing with pain and Helen is dealing with pain. But do what Leah and I did, and grow closer because of it.” Jeff says as he puts his hand on Adam’s shoulder.

Adam fights back some tears knowing that it goes beyond talking to Helen; he blames her for the death of their child. That’s not something that’ll go away quickly, if ever. He takes a deep breath. “Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate it man.”

“Anytime Adam. Seriously,” Jeff says smiling back at his friend.

Scene Six -- The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

Robin flips through another bridal magazine and quickly jolts down a few notes of what she likes and what she does not like. While she doesn’t want the wedding to turn into a huge production, she does want the wedding to be the wedding of her dreams. Ever since Cory proposed, she has been on cloud nine. She feels like she is finally getting everything that she has ever wanted. Add in that her career recently took her down the path of modelling, something she loved to do, she feels like she’s in the best place in the world right now.

Cory walks down the stairs buttoning up his white shirt and smiles as he sees Robin doing some wedding planning. He’s so glad that they’ve reached this stage of their relationship where they can finally express their love for each other and not have to hide behind Natasha or anything else.

“See anything you like in there?” he winks at her as he approaches the bottom of the staircase.

“We are so not doing silver! It seems like every other wedding in here has silver as their colour,” Robin says as she continues to flip through the magazine.

Cory can’t help but chuckle at Robin going through the wedding magazines. He hopes that he hasn’t created a Bridezilla in the making. “Anything you want sweetie. November is coming quickly though, we need to get everything in order!”

“I know! So much to do, so little time,” she smiles as she looks up at him. He walks over and kisses her on the forehead.

“I love how excited you are by this.”

“I only marry the man of my dreams once. Well, I guess technically this is the second time, but whatever,” she laughs at him.

“And this time forever,” he says leaning in and kisses her passionately. He stops when he hears the doorbell ring. “I’ll get it. Keep looking through those magazines.”

He walks over to the door and opens it. He sees a delivery man. “Delivery for Robin Navy,” he says passing Cory a package.

“I’m her finance, I can sign for it,” Cory says taking the pen and handing the guy some cash for a tip. “Thanks a lot.” Cory turns and shuts the door. “Are you expecting something?”

Robin takes the envelope into her hands and opens it. “No, I wonder what it could be!” She pulls out some photographs from her modelling shoot. “Oh, look they’re my prints for the ad campaign!”

Robin gushes over the photos of herself in various sexy poses. “I love this one,” she says holding it up. Cory gulps. He loves them too as they show Robin off in the most sexy way possible. Part of him feels so much pride for having such an amazingly sexy finance, but another part of him feels like he doesn’t want to share it with anyone else. He blushes knowing that he’s being completely selfish.

“Don’t you love them?” Robin asks hugging Cory, taking his mind out of his thoughts.

“Absolutely I do. You look amazing,” he says, not lying to her. She does look amazing, he just doesn’t want a million other men to realize that she looks amazing too.

Scene Seven -- The Sugarbowl

Natasha swirls around from the counter after getting her vanilla latte and almost spills it on Shane, who was stopping to get some coffee for him and Cassie since he just got off work.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry,” Natasha says as she realizes that she almost spilled the hot liquid all over Shane’s shirt.

Shane laughs a little, “It’s okay. No harm done. Are you in a hurry?”

Natasha looks at Shane and wishes she wasn’t in a hurry. She wishes that she could stay with Shane for hours and catch up about the on-goings in their lives, but she knows that she can not stay. She knows that she has to leave because Shane is married with a baby now. She can not put herself in his life, it wouldn’t be fair.

“I am actually, I’m meeting my parents,” Natasha replies, which isn’t exactly a lie but she knows she doesn’t have to be at the mansion for a few hours yet. “What about you? What are you doing here?”

“I got a text from Cassie. I guess the baby has been fussy all day and she wanted a coffee. So here I am, after work getting her a coffee!” Shane explains, although he feels like he should be looking away, still sort of ashamed that he got himself into this situation when he wants to be in a relationship with Natasha.

“I see, I see,” Natasha says, realizing that it’s still raw to hear that Shane is doing things for Cassie. “Well tell Cassie I said hello.”

Just as Natasha turns to leave, the front door opens and Cassie enters pushing the baby stroller with a screaming infant inside. Her eyes immediately meet Natasha’s then Shane’s and she feels her face turn red. What do I have to do to get rid of Natasha? She asks herself as she realizes that she has to stay calm, even though it’s nearly impossible. The baby has been crying all day long and she doesn’t know how or why or what to do to stop Dawn from crying. Natasha excuses herself and leaves the coffee house.

“Hey, I was just grabbing you that coffee and I was headed home,” Shane says as they sit at a table. He picks up Dawn and holds the crying baby. “Hey pumpkin, I’ve heard you’ve been fussing for mom today. What’s going on?” he says as he bounces the baby on his lap.

“I was tired of waiting, although I see why you were taking so long now,” Cassie replies coldly, fed up with Shane’s longing lust for Natasha.

“What does that mean?” Shane asks getting defensive.

“Never mind, let’s go home. Dawn needs to be put down I think.” As Cassie quickly gathers her things, she realizes that she may never be fully able to get rid of Natasha. Unless, she thinks to herself, Natasha was no longer around to be a problem. Then, maybe, Shane would be hers forever.

Scene Eight -- The Calimo House; Robbie & Leah’s Home

Leah opens the front door of her large three story home with Robbie and places her purse down. She walks into the living room and sits on the sofa, and places her hands over her face. Talking to Helen was harder than she anticipated as she realizes that Helen is still in the raw phase of the grieving period. It brings back so many memories of her own time grieving Noah’s death, not so long ago.

“How’d it go with Helen?” Robbie asks coming into the living room and sitting next to his wife, handing her a glass of red wine.

“Thanks,” she says taking the wine. “It was pretty tough, actually. Harder than I thought. I’m glad I did it though.”

“Me too. You probably were more help than you realize,” he says as he pats her on the back. “You look beautiful today.”

Leah smiles as she sets the wine glass down. “Thank you, you’re so kind to me,” she says as she hugs him and gets tears in her eyes. She knows that she doesn’t deserve his kindness after she slept with Jeff at the fundraiser.

“I know things have been tough between us lately Leah,” Robbie explains as they exit their embrace. “But I love you, and I will do whatever it takes for us to get through this. And we will get through this, okay?”

Leah wipes a tear away from her eye and smiles, “Okay.” For the first time in a long time, she believes him too. She knows that she’s been shutting him out and she hasn’t been fair to him. It makes her affair with Jeff at the fundraiser even harder to bear right now. “I’m sorry, Robbie,” she whispers to him as he looks into her eyes.

“For what?”

“Shutting you out. Talking to Helen, I realized that you’ve been right all this time. I haven’t been fair to you at all,” she turns her head as she fights her tears.

“Hey, look at me,” he replies to her as he turns her head to his. “That’s in the past, okay? What matters is that we’re together and we love each other. We can start again and rebuild everything.”

Leah looks at Robbie and wipers her eyes. How did she get so lucky? She asks herself.
Robbie leans in and kisses her. The kiss soon escalates into a passionate kiss. In between kisses, he starts to unbutton her blouse. “Let me show you how much I love you,” he whispers into ear.

“Make love to me Robbie,” Leah says as she takes off his shirt and he crawls on top of her.

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