Episode 1012
Suffering from a Shattered Soul
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: January 03, 2024

Episode Theme song: "Starry Nights" The Weeknd

Previously on One Day at a Time
- On New Year's Eve, Chris overheard Trenyce and Cheresa talking about their lie
- Madeline, Andy and Nicholas waited for the DNA results to prove if Clayton is really a Wilkins or not
- Meggan, Donovan & Lukas went to Puerto Vallerta in hopes of finding Jasper and Olly
- Leah and Jeff were stunned to learn that Bryce was really an alive Noah and Ethan was their other long-lost son
- Leah and Tyler learned that Felicia and Frederick were presumed dead in the fire at Raven's Meadow
- Sophie and Jacob remained upset with Natasha for faking her illness

Robertson Enterprises

Tyler paces back and forth in the office at Robertson Enterprises as his mind is racing over the fact that Felicia and Frederick were pronounced dead following a fire at Raven's Meadow. He can't believe that this is the end for his mother; he hates that his mother was in a mental hospital when she died. He just wishes that he could have saved her, not only from the fire, but from her mental illness.

"Uncle Tyler," Paige says as she opens the door to the office and sees Tyler pacing back and forth. "You look like you're going to burn a hole in the floor."

"Thanks for coming, Paige," Tyler replies as he moves up and pulls her into a hug. "I have some news, but I will wait until the others arrive."

"Others?" Paige asks him quickly. "Who else is coming?"

"I am here," Eva announces as she moves into the office as Paige and Tyler look back at her.

"My God, it's true," Tyler shakes his head in shock. This is the first time he is seeing Eva since she returned; he almost can't believe that she is standing in front of him, but the proof is that she is there. "I heard that you were alive but seeing you…I can't believe it."

Eva uneasily chuckles back to him. "I get that a lot, but yes, I am alive. It's a long story, but I am just glad to be back. It seems like everything is good at Robertson Enterprises, despite Dominick not being CEO and being in a coma?"

"We are trying out best," Paige tells her. "We are praying that Grandfather wakes up though, and soon."

"Yes, I have been praying as well," Eva replies.

"Okay," Paige looks back at Tyler. "We are here, what news do you have?"

"Sorry I'm late," Abby says as she opens the door to the office. "Traffic was a nightmare."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Paige grits her teeth back to her rival. "This is a family concern, you shouldn't be here."

"No, I asked her to be here," Tyler puts his hand up to Paige. "The news that I have to share, I wanted Abby to hear too," he explains to his niece, who looks back at him in surprise.

"Well, don't keep us waiting," Eva purses her lips together. "What news do you have? What is going on that you needed to see all of us?"


Natasha opens the door to the main office at Roboto and freezes in her tracks when she sees Sophie sitting on one of the sofa's looking over some proposals. She knows that she and her daughter haven't been seeing eye to eye lately because Sophie is still upset with her because she faked her illness last year to keep Jacob away from Cassie. She hopes that she can make peace with Sophie because she hates fighting with her daughter; they should be supporting each other, especially right now because they are both still grieving Cory.

"Good morning sweetheart," Natasha finally says, causing Sophie to look up from the file. "Is that the latest proposal from Rockwell Mining?"

"It is," Sophie replies to her quickly. "I am excited about this idea. The pink diamonds are going to be stunning."

"Yes, I couldn't agree more," Natasha says back to her. "I am thinking that this project is something that your grandfather would be proud of. You know, when I took over as CEO, I really wanted to make him proud."

Sophie chuckles back to her. "Do you think he would have been proud of your actions lately, Mom? Do you think Grandpa Bob would have liked you faking your illness and letting your family think you were dying?"

At the doorway, Max freezes when he hears voices inside. He finds himself listening to the conversation between Natasha and Sophie. He knows that he shouldn't eavesdrop but he can't help but stand there, frozen in time.

"Sophie, please," Natasha tries to be firm with her daughter. "I don't want to go down that path with you, not today."

"Well, that's too damn bad," Sophie spits back to her. "You can't pretend to be dying and then act like nothing happened!"

"What do I have to do to make you realize that I made a mistake and that I'm sorry?"

"I think you're only sorry because you got caught," Sophie glares back at her, as Max arches his eyebrow at the doorway. "If you hadn't been caught, we would all think that you're still dying! So, save your fake ass apologies for someone else, because I am not buying it!"

The Pink Flamingo at the River Rock Casino

Clayton sits at the bar with a vodka martini in front of him. His mind is racing over the fact that Nicholas, Andy and Madeline are running another DNA test on him confirm if he really is a member of the Wilkins family. He knows that this has gone back and forth, mostly because of Melissa's interference, but he can't help but wonder what will happen when the results are revealed.

"I've worked too hard for this to end now," he whispers to himself. "But how can I stop the truth from coming out?"

He slowly takes another long sip of his martini as he tries to rack his brain about what to do. He arches his eyebrow as he pulls his cell phone out from his pants pocket. He unlocks it and looks at his contact list. He scrolls until he sees Melissa's name and considers opening a new text box.

"Do I dare get Melissa involved? She might be my only hope…"

Twin Peaks Sun

Andy sits behind his desk in his office at the newspaper typing furiously into his laptop as he is busy working on his piece for the next edition of the Sun. He is so lost in his words that he doesn't hear a faint knock on his door, followed by Nicholas moving inside holding a coffee from the Sugarbowl for him.

"You look busy, I shouldn't have stopped by," Nicholas says with a smirk as he moves up to the desk and sets the coffee down for Andy.

"If you bring me coffee, you can always interrupt me," Andy chuckles back to him. "How did you know that I needed this today?"

Nicholas shrugs back to him. "Lucky guess, I suppose. I know the last few days have been stressful as we are waiting for the results of the DNA test."

"You can say that again," Andy replies to him as he takes a sip of his coffee. "By the way, is there any word yet on the results?"

"No, but I was going to call the hospital later to see if they have an update," Nicholas admits to him. "I know you, and Madeline, are eager to hear what they say."

"We are," Andy sighs back to him. "I guess in the back of my mind, I am also worried about Clayton."

"You're worried about him? Why are you worried about Clayton, after everything he has done?"

"That's exactly why I am worried," Andy looks back at him with intent. "What if Clayton pulls another stunt?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know," Andy admits to him. "I am just worried that we are dealing with a psycho and that makes him dangerous."

"For what it's worth, I don't think he will do anything," Nicholas tries to reassure Andy. "I think he knows that we are about to learn the truth, and then we can all try to move forward, with whatever the truth is."

La Casa Loca; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Meggan stands with a cup coffee on the large patio of the AirBnB that she, Lukas and Donovan are renting while in in Puerto Vallarta. They went to Mexico because they got a lead that Jasper might be there with Olly, who he kidnapped recently. Meggan takes a sip of her coffee as she watches the waves of the ocean slowly crash into the beach; she hopes that they can find her nephew and that Lukas and Donovan can put their differences aside long enough to work together. She knows that Lukas told her that he filed for divorce from Donovan as he feels like their marriage can't be replaced.

"Hey, morning," Lukas says to his sister as he steps on the patio. "How did you sleep?"

"I was exhausted from the travel so pretty good. How about you?"

"Meh," Lukas admits back to her. "My mind just kept racing about how we are going to track down Jasper and Olly; I just hope that Olly is okay."

"I can't imagine that Jasper would hurt Olly," Meggan tells him. "He was always so good with him."

"I didn't think he would kidnap Olly and yet here we are," Lukas sighs back to her. "And to think, this is all because of Donovan."

At the doorway, Donovan freezes when he hears Lukas, once again, blaming him for Olly's kidnapping. In Donovan's mind, it's not fair that Lukas is blaming him because this all started when Lukas had the affair with their former nanny.

"I think you and Donovan need to put that aside and focus on getting Olly back," Meggan tells her brother. "Everything else can be resolved once you have your son back."

"I agree with that," Lukas nods back to her. "But if Donovan thinks that I'm going to change my mind about this being his fault, he is wrong, dead wrong."

The Davenport House; Chris & Trenyce's Home

"I am running late," Trenyce tells Chris as she scrambles around the living room of the house that she lives in with her husband and two children. It is her first day going back to work after the Christmas and New Year's break, but with all the baby toys surrounding her, she is finding it difficult to get everything organized. "Are you sure you're okay to stay home today and watch BJ and Tinah?"

"Yea, I'm good," Chris tells her. "Being a free-lancer, I can sort of make my own hours. But this is making me realize that we might need help with the kids at some point."

"We can talk about that tonight," Trenyce smiles back to him as she places her laptop into her briefcase. "Alright, have a good day, I need to get going."

"Wait, Trey," Chris stops his wife from leaving. "We need to talk about what I heard on New Year's Eve between you and Cheresa. She said that I need to know the truth; what was she talking about? What haven't you told me?"

Trenyce gulps heavily as she recalls how Cheresa was telling her that she wanted Chris to know about her affair with Andrew; the last thing that Trenyce wants to do, however, is break his heart because they have been through so much together. They are finally in a good place, and she knows that the truth would rock their foundation to its very core.

"It was nothing," Trenyce waves her hand back to him. "I was saying that I hadn't told you the truth about how much champagne I had consumed on New Year's and Cheresa was worried that I was going to be hungover, and I should tell you the truth. It was really innocent."

"Ah, you did have a headache on New Year's Day," he chuckles back to her before he leans up and kisses her on lips. "I'm glad that's all it was babe."

"I would never keep anything from you," Trenyce uneasily smiles back to him. "Now, I really have to get going. We'll talk later."

"Love you baby," Chris winks back to her as she scurries away, relieved that she was able to cover her tracks.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Alright, the results shouldn't take too long," Shane announces to Jeff, Leah, Bryce and Ethan as they stand in a room of the hospital. Shane just took mouth swabs of everyone present in the room so they can find out if Bryce is really Noah and Ethan is Jeff and Leah's long-lost son. They are all still rattled by what they discovered in Frederick's secret files, but they need to know the truth, one way or another. "I'll give you guys a call once I have the results."

"Thanks Shane," Leah smiles back to him as the doctor leaves the room. "I…I just want to say that I know this hasn't been easy to process, but thanks to both of you for agreeing to do this."

Bryce and Ethan look at one another before they look back at Leah and Jeff. "Of course, I mean, we want to know the truth just as much as you do," Ethan says to them. "It's just head spinning to think that we are all family."

"Once we know the truth, we can figure out where to go from here," Jeff tells them. "This is the first step to figuring this all out."

"I can't imagine what you're all dealing with," Bryce admits as he looks over at Leah. "I heard about the fire at Raven's Meadow…Felicia, she was your mother, right?"

Leah feels her eyes swell with water, still reeling from Tyler's revelation that both Felicia and Frederick were pronounced dead in the fire at the hospital. She can barely handle the fact that the two men in the room might be her children, yet alone deal with the grief of losing her parents. "It's surreal to think that she's gone."

"For what it's worth, I am sorry," Bryce tells her. "If this is all true it means that Ethan and I, we lost our grandmother, a woman that we never will get to know in that capacity."

"That's kind of you to say," Jeff looks back at him. "We are all just sort of in a state of shock right now; first with the revelations about you two being our children and then with the news of Frederick and Felicia's death in the fire. It's…a lot to handle."

"Let's just hope that these DNA tests start to make things a little easier, for all of us," Ethan chimes in as a tear falls down Leah's cheek.

Robertson Enterprises

"I guess there's no easy way to say this," Tyler says as he continues to stand in the main office at Robertson Enterprises facing Paige, Eva and Abby, who he summoned to his office. "But I did want you all to hear this from me before it gets to be public knowledge."

"You're scaring me," Paige tells her uncle quickly. "Is it Grandfather? Did something happen to Dominick?"

"No, he's fine," Tyler replies to her quickly. "But there was a fire at Raven's Meadow over the holidays. The fire, it was intensive; the hospital doesn't even exist anymore."

"My goodness," Eva gasps back to him. "That is surprising; I know many people have been there over the years."

"But wait, Felicia was there?" Abby asks him in surprise. "Is she okay?"

Tyler shakes his head as he puts his head down. "There were no survivors accordingly to the rescue team. They have declared both Frederick and Felicia as dead."

Paige gasps in horror as she thinks that her grandmother is dead while Eva and Abby look at one another in shock. "Felicia? She's gone?" Paige asks as she rushes into Tyler's arms. "My God, no! This can't be happening! It can't be!"

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam makes a purchase
- Victoria makes an admission to Eva
- Jacob pleads with Isabelle

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