Episode 1013
It's a Maze of Mirrors
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released:

Episode Theme song: "Age of Anxiety" Arcade Fire

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim started to recover from her gunshot wounds
- Jacob saw Isabelle packing her bags to leave the mansion but he asked her to stay
- Trenyce covered with Chris, who overheard Cheresa plead with her mother to tell him the truth about her affair with Andrew
- Gordy remained unenthusiastic about Cory being on Penny's farm
- Sophie continued to mourn Cory while Robin grew closer to Antonio
- Meggan, Lukas and Donovan arrived in Puerto Vallarta in hopes of finding Jasper and Olly
- Abby asked Ethan to find out if she is still legally married to Dominick now that Eva is back

The Lawson Estate; Greg & Cheresa's Home

Abby stands in the living room of the home that she grew up in looking out of the window as she watches the snow fall. The last thing the city of Twin Peaks needs is more snow, but mother nature had other plans and the large snowflakes are coming down quickly and furiously. As Abby watches the snow fall, her mind is racing over the fact that Eva has come back from the dead. She recalls how she asked Ethan to see if her marriage to Dominick is still valid because Eva and Dominick's divorce wasn't finalized when everyone believed that Eva was dead; she just hopes that her marriage is still valid because, otherwise, she will lose everything.

"The door was open, so I came in, I hope that's okay," a voice calls out from behind her, causing her to snap back into reality. Abby turns and sees Ethan standing in the living room.

"Ethan, hi," Abby nods back to him. "I am glad that you're here. I was just thinking about you."

"You were, huh?" Ethan chuckles to her. "Good thoughts I hope."

"Of course," she responds to him. "By the way, I am sorry about bickering with Paige yesterday. I didn't mean to cause friction, I really did just want to offer my sympathy to Felicia passing away."

Ethan recalls how the previous day he was with Paige when Abby approached them and offered her condolences to Felicia's death, but Paige believed that she had ulterior motives and they bickered back and forth.

"It is fine," Ethan tells her. "Paige is going through a lot, I think she took it out on you, which isn't always fair."

"It is what it is, we have a long history," Abby responds to him. "Anyways, I am hoping that you have some updates for me on my marriage to Dominick. Have you uncovered anything about if my marriage is legal now that Eva is back?"

"That's exactly why I am here," Ethan locks eyes with her. "I got some information today and I came right over."

"Well don't keep me waiting," Abby looks back at him with intent. "What did you find out? Please tell me that I'm still married to Dominick."

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The Calimo Mansion

"Hey are you settled?" Jacob asks as he opens a door to one of the guest rooms in the Calimo mansion and sees Isabelle inside putting some of her clothing into a closet. Earlier, he had seen her packing her bags and she revealed that she was going to move out of the mansion to give him space as he decides what he wanted with his future, but he was able to convince her to stay, however, she said she would move into a guest room.

Isabelle looks back at him with a smile on her face. "I am getting there," she responds to him. "I mean, I am just down the hall from your room, so I will be fine."

"I just wanted to thank you again for agreeing to not move out," Jacob says to her. "I know that I am still trying to figure out what our future is going to look like because, as you know, my mother really put a wrench in everyone's lives."

"I know," Isabelle purses her lips together. "I can't imagine what you're going through, but I think you made a good point earlier and that is that the baby has to be on the top of our mind."

"That's right," Jacob tells her as he puts his hand on her stomach. "We are going to be parents; and our baby, he or she has to come first, nothing else matters."

Penny's Farmhouse; Holdenville, Oklahoma

"See, I told ya that having Cory around would come in handy," Penny chuckles as she moves to the table and places some pancakes onto Gordy's breakfast plate. She knows that her fiancé hasn't been pleased with the fact that Cory has stayed on the farm after she saved him from the wreck of the plane crash, but she thinks that Cory being here is a breath of fresh air. "He's out with the pigs now giving them their morning feed."

Gordy rolls his eyes back to her, knowing that he has insecurities about the fact that Cory is staying with her. The last thing he wants is for a tall, dark, handsome man to be around his fiancé day after day. He just wishes that Penny would see things his way.

"At least he's doing somethin'," Gordy snips back to her. "He should be earning his keep since you're letting him stay here free of charge."

"Don't be that way," Penny says as she sets her pan down on the stove. "He was in a plane crash, Gordy. He's lucky to be alive and he has no memory of his past life! You could have some compassion."

At the door, Cory freezes when he hears the tense discussion going on between Penny and Gory. He finds himself waiting outside, but within ear shot of what they are saying.

"Do you want me to really come around to your friend staying here?" Gordy asks her before he takes a bite of his syrup covered pancakes as Penny pours herself a cup of coffee.

"Of course, I do," Penny replies to him as she moves to the table and sits next to him. "I wouldn't keep pressin' if I didn't."

"Then let's set a wedding date," Gordy looks back at her as they lock eyes with one another. "I'd feel a hell of lot more comfortable if we were moving ahead with our wedding, Pen. So, what do you say? Let's set a date?" he asks her as Penny nervously takes a sip of her coffee, and Cory arches his eyebrow outside of the door.

The Tower's, The Penthouse; Robin's Home

Robin walks down the stairs of the penthouse as she just put Dominique and Oscar down for their naps. She hopes that they sleep for a while because Oscar was rather fussy, so she is hoping to use the time to rest and relax before they wake up again.

"Look at all these toys," she says as she moves into the living room. "I don't know how they have so many," she chuckles to herself as she starts to pick up the toys and puts them into the toy box.

She moves towards the front door when she hears the doorbell ring. She hopes that her guest doesn't ring the bell again because the last thing she wants is for them to wake the kids. She opens the door and is surprised to see Antonio standing there.

"Antonio, hi," she says as she purses her lips together. "This is a surprise."

Antonio smiles back at the woman that has captured his heart. "A pleasant one, I hope."

"Of course," Robin smiles to him. "Do you want to come in?"

"I am afraid I can't," he replies to her. "I have to get to the casino, but I wanted to come and see if you wanted to have dinner with me soon."

Meanwhile, the elevator doors open and Sophie steps into the hallway as she came to see how Robin is doing; she knows that they are both still grieving Cory, and so she wanted to come and see how she was holding up. She knows that she is also having a difficult time with Natasha right now, so Sophie needs to lean on Robin a little bit more. She freezes, however, when she sees Antonio and Robin talking to one another at the door.

Robin looks back at Antonio. "A dinner date, huh?" she chuckles back to him. "I suppose that could be arranged. I'll just have to find a baby sitter."

"I will be free any day you are," Antonio winks back to her. "So you find a day that works with your sitter and I'll make all the other arrangements."

"That sounds lovely, thank you for the invite."

"It's my pleasure," Antonio tells her as he grabs her hand and kisses it.

Seeing another man kiss Robin's hand sends shivers down Sophie's spine as she wonders if Robin has, officially, moved on from Cory and what they had before his death.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The zona romantica is the oldest part of Puerto Vallarta. The streets are made with cobble stones and the builders are older, filled with lots of character. Meggan and Lukas walk through the streets in hopes of finding, or seeing, Jasper with Olly. They know it is a long shot, but they both felt like they were going stir crazy sitting at the AirBnB.

"Do you really think that we will just randomly run into Jasper?" Meggan asks her brother before she takes a sip of her water from the water bottle that she has.

"I have no idea," Lukas replies to her. "But I just felt like I had to do something; the waiting around was killing me."

"Here, have some water," Meggan tells him as she passes him the water bottle. "In this heat, you have to stay hydrated."

"Thanks," Lukas says back to her. "You and I, we can look around and hopefully Donovan can have some luck with the local police."

"Do you think it was a good idea for him to go alone?"

"I do," Lukas nods back to her. "He can explain the situation and hopefully give us an update later on. Besides, I really need the break from him; the tension between us feels like it's at an all-time high."

Meggan uneasily chuckles back to him. "I picked up on that," she admits to him. "I just hope that you both know what you're doing because if you do go through with the divorce, there's no going back."

"I just don't see how we can ever repair our marriage after everything that has happened," Lukas sighs back to her. "But right now, my only focus is on finding Olly."


Meanwhile, at the local police station, Donovan sits in an office across from a police officer. Donovan looks at the man, who is quite attractive, and hopes that he will be able to help him find Jasper and Olly. Donovan knows that it has been weeks, even months, since Jasper took off with his son, and the longer he goes without finding his son, the more he begins to think that he might never see him again.

"So, this is the man that you believe kidnapped your child?" detective Sergio Lopez asks Donovan as he holds up a picture of Jasper and studies it closely.

"That's correct," Donovan replies to him quickly. "His name is Jasper Lim; he was my son's nanny."

"I see," Sergio says back to him. "And, why do you think your son's nanny would kidnap Olly?"

"It is a very long story," Donovan sighs back to the police officer. "Needless to say, Jasper had an affair with my husband and things escalated from there."

"I am sorry that you had to go through that," Sergio looks back at Donovan. "And you know, the more I look at this picture, the more I think I have seen Jasper around town. I think Jasper is in Puerto Vallarta."

"Really?" Donovan asks him trying not to get too excited. "Then you can help me find him! You can help me get my son back!"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I almost can't believe that this day is here," Andy tells Robbie and Kim as he stands in her hospital room. After weeks of wondering Kim would survive her shooting, she is getting to leave the hospital today. Andy and Robbie, after seeing her near death, are feeling amazed that she is well enough to leave because that wasn't always the case.

"You and me both," Robbie chuckles back to him as he looks over at Kim. "How are you feeling, Kim?"

"Never better," Kim smiles to her husband and brother. "I don't know how or why I was able to pull through but I feel like I have lease on life and I don't want to waste a minute of it."

"Well you did just survive a shooting, so try to take it easy, okay?" Andy replies to her. "I don't want you to overdo it."

"Don't worry, between you and Robbie, I won't have a choice," Kim chuckles back to him. "But honestly, thank you to both of you. I … I know I wouldn't be here today if you two had supported me every step of the way."

"You never have to worry about that," Robbie looks back at his wife. "We are always going to be next to you, whether you want us there or not."

The Sugarbowl

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Cheresa asks her mother as Trenyce storms up to her daughter, whgo is sitting in the back booth of the coffeehouse with a latte in front of her. Cheresa knows that the last time she saw Trenyce was on New Year's Eve, when she pleaded with her mother to be honest with Chris about her affair with Andrew. Chris happened to hear them talking and confronted them, but Trenyce covered and her father still doesn't know the truth.

"You haven't responded to any of my messages," Trenyce puts her hand on her hip. "We have to talk about what happened on New Year's Eve."

"Ugh," Cheresa groans back to her. "You mean, the fact that you're still lying to Chris about your affair? What else do you want me to say, Mom?"

"Look," Trenyce sternly tells her. "I know that my affair with Andrew was wrong, I get it. Andrew and I, we made a mistake and we haven't continued to sleep with one another. What is the point of telling Chris the truth now?"

"Because he has a right to know that you've been unfaithful!" Cheresa cries back to her. "Don't you think that your marriage should be based on honesty?"

"Of course, I do," Trenyce waves her hand back. "I just don't want to cause him any more pain that isn't necessary. Please, Cheresa, I am begging you, don't tell Chris anything. Tell me that you'll keep this secret."

Cheresa sighs back to her. "Fine," she looks back at her mother. "I won't say anything but I hate this, Mom. I really fucking hate this!"

Twin Peaks General Hospital

Eva slowly opens the door to Dominick's hospital room and looks at her husband, who is laying in his bed fast asleep as he is still in his coma. She can't believe that he has been in a coma for weeks; she just hopes that somehow, he is able to come back to her because now that she is back, she wants to put her life back together.

"Dominick," Eva whispers to him as she moves up to his bed and sits next to him. "It's me, Eva. I know, this is probably a surprise to you, but I am alive. I didn't die all those years ago. Believe it or not, Frederick saved my life."

Eva looks at her husband, as he doesn't flitch from anything she has said to him. "And now that I am back, I want my life back, and that means that you have to come back to me, Dominick. So, please, I'm begging you, open your eyes. Please come back to me, come back to all of us."

The Lawson Estate; Greg & Cheresa's Home

"Come on, Ethan," Abby presses her friend as they continue to stand facing one another in the living room of the Lawson mansion. "What did you discover? Am I still married to Dominick?"

Ethan sighs back to her heavily. "This is a complicated situation," he tells her. "Because when we all thought that Eva died, her marriage to Dominick hadn't ended. They had signed the divorce papers, but they were never filed."

"So, what does that mean? Technically they are still married?"

Ethan nods back to her. "In the eyes of the law, Dominick's wife is Eva, not you. Your marriage to Dominick is illegal."

Abby feels the blood drain from her face. "No," she shakes her head quickly. "No, this can't be happening! It can't be!"

"I'm sorry, I wish I had better news for you," Ethan says as he moves up to her and pulls her into a hug. "You will get through this, Abby. You just have to stay strong."

"I…I can't lose Dominick! I can't! I won't!" she says as he holds her and she fights the tears swelling in her eyes.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Adam asks Helen out on a date
- Cory grills Penny
- Donovan gets more details

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