Episode 1016
Running from Your Love
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: January 17, 2024

Episode Theme song: "Potion" Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Kim got to go home after almost dying from her shooting
- Andy, Nicholas and Madeline awaited the results of the Clayton's DNA test
- Adam planned to propose to Helen
- Cheresa agreed to keep Trenyce's affair with Andrew. Daisy and Andrew, meanwhile, remained under Antonio's thumb at the casino
- Ethan revealed to Abby that Eva is Dominick's legal wife
- Tyler and Leah mourned the death of Felicia

Adam's Townhouse

The middle of Adam's living room has been transformed into a romantic setting. There is a table with two settings, one for Adam and one for Helen. On the table, there is a bottle of champagne chilling and a bouquet of a dozen red roses. The fireplace has a large fire roaring inside while soft jazz music plays in the space.

Adam looks over at Helen as he sets his fork down. "The lobster is incredible, isn't it?" Adam asks her.

Helen finishes chewing the piece of the lobster before she puts her fork down. "You've outdone yourself, Adam," Helen smiles back to him. "When you asked me for dinner, I had no idea that you were going to go all out."

"I wanted you spoil you tonight the way that you deserve to be spoiled," Adam winks back to her. "After everything we have been through together, almost losing our daughter, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me."

Helen blushes back to him as she is flattered by his compliments. "Adam, this is so sweet. And, I know that you told me you loved me on New Year's…"

"I do love you, Helen," he looks back at her. "That's part of why I did all of this. I want to show you how much you mean to me."

"I know," Helen nods back to him, still feeling apprehensive about how quickly things are seemingly moving. "I…I just want…"

"I want to marry you," Adam says causing her to gasp out loud. Immediately, he bends down on one knee and opens a black box, revealing a large diamond from Rockwell Mining. "Be my wife, again, Helen? And this time, we can make it last forever?"

The Pink Flamingo at the River Rock Casino

"That's the third drink you've had since I've been here, is everything okay?" Dawn observes to her girlfriend as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant while a Dua Lipa song plays on the sound system. Dawn knows that Cheresa isn't a huge drinker, so the fact that she's had three margaritas in fourty-ish minutes is somewhat alarming.

"I guess I'm thirsty tonight," Cheresa replies to her as she thinks about her conversation with her mother earlier in the day. She had wanted Trenyce to come clean to Chris about her affair with Andrew, but Trenyce has maintained that she doesn't want to hurt Chris since her affair with Andrew was a onetime thing. Cheresa, however hates that she is lying to Chris to keep Trenyce's dirty secret.

"You're not going to get off that easily," Dawn looks back at her. "I know when something is bothering you, so just talk to me. I want to help you if I can."

"That's the thing, I don't think there's anything you can do," Cheresa sighs back to her. "There's nothing anyone can do."

"Does this have anything to do with Trenyce? I have noticed some tension between you too."

"It does," Cheresa takes another sip of her drink. "She's wanting me to lie to Chris about something and I…I agreed. The thing is though, I really hate lying to Chris. I don't think it's fair, even though him not knowing this truth will save him from being hurt."

"As someone who has a new outlook on life, I say we should walk through our lives without any blinders on," Dawn tells her. "I think you should tell him the truth; even if it hurts him, he has a right to know what is going on."

Cheresa takes another heavy sip of her drink. "I just don't know what to do; if I tell Chris the truth, I will upset Trenyce. And if I don't tell Chris the truth, I feel like I'm lying and betraying him. So either way, I'm going to upset one of my parents. This sucks," Cheresa looks back at Dawn. "And now, I need another drink."


Meanwhile, upstairs in Daisy's suite, she pours herself and Trenyce a glass of wine as they are catching up with one another. Daisy is glad to have her niece over because she has been feeling like she needed to sell her body again for more money to help pay back Antonio quicker, but she knows that Andrew has been against the idea. While she won't reveal the details to Trenyce, she would love to get her insights on it.

"How are BJ and Tinah doing?" Daisy asks Trenyce as she passes her a glass of wine and sits next to her on the sofa.

"My goodness, they get bigger each day," Trenyce replies to her a sip of her wine. "I have my hands full, that's for sure. You'll have to come by the house soon to see them."

"I'd love that," Daisy tells her quickly. "I am feeling like I need to be around family right now."

Trenyce arches her eyebrow back to her. "What's going on?"

"To be honest, I am having some financial issues," Daisy reveals to Trenyce, who looks back at her in surprise. "Antonio has really helped me in some ways by letting me stay here but I feel like I need to get back on my feet."

"You could get a job again? I am sure that the City Hall would love to have you back," Trenyce suggests to her. "Or, wait, I just thought of something."

Daisy arches her eyebrow back to her. "What is it? What did you just think of?"

"Vinny Victors," Trenyce looks back at her with intent. "He died a few years ago, and his estate is still with the lawyers because it was so convoluted. But you two, you were married for many years and were close before he died. Maybe you have money in his estate that you could use to get yourself back on your feet?"

Daisy slowly takes a sip of her wine wondering if Trenyce could be on to something. If there is money in Vinny's estate, it would be better than her selling her body again. But, opening the door to letting Vinny, even in death, back into her life, is a scary idea for her.

"Please tell me that you will look into this Daisy, because this could be your way out of this trouble you're in," Trenyce says back to her.

Daisy finds herself nodding back to her. "I will, and thanks for this suggestion. It might be my only hope."

The Sugarbowl

Nicholas moves into the coffeehouse looking for a chai tea before he heads home for the night. He has had a very long day at the One Day House and is looking for a nice warm drink before he goes to sleep. While he waits in line, he can hear the latest Weeknd song playing in the coffeehouse. After he grabs the tea, he turns to leave but he sees Clayton sitting at the window bar alone. He knows that Andy recently told him that he was worried Clayton would try to do something while they were awaiting the results of the DNA tests. He hopes that Clayton hasn't tried anything, like tampering with the results, because they all need the truth.

"Are you getting nervous?" Nicholas asks Clayton as he approaches him.

Clayton turns and looks back at Nicholas with a sly grin. "Nervous? About what?"

"The truth coming out," Nicholas replies to him. "We should be getting the DNA results back any time now."

"I am not worried about that at all," Clayton confidently replies to him. "I have nothing to hide, so there's nothing to be worried about."

Nicholas chuckles back to him. "You talk a good game, but the truth is going to expose you."

"I miss when you were my loving husband," Clayton looks back at him. "It's a shame that you never took advantage of me being your husband; we could have had a lot of fun together, Nicholas."

Nicholas rolls his eyes back to him. "You're disgusting."

Clayton chuckles back to him. "You didn't always think that," he reminds him of their past sexual experiences. Before Nicholas can say anything back, Clayton's cell phone rings. He pulls it out of his pocket and answers it. "Hello…oh really? Perfect, I'll be there first thing in the morning."

He hangs up the phone and looks back at Nicholas. "Looks like we won't have to wait much longer; that was the hospital," Clayton reveals to him, as Nicholas back at him in surprise. "The DNA test results are back; we will learn the truth tomorrow morning."

The Tower's; Floor One; Andy's Condo

"Thanks for coming by this evening," Andy tells Madeline as they sit next to one another in the living room of his condo. They know that they should be getting the DNA results back soon to find out if Clayton is really her brother and while they wait, they wanted to be together. "How was your day?"

"There was a three car pile up on the highway, so it was incredibly busy," Madeline replies to him. "But, I did get some good news."

Andy looks back at her in surprise. "What news is that?"

"Kim, she was discharged from the hospital."

"Oh yea," Andy nods back to her. "I was with her and Robbie when she went home. I helped take her home. It was…a really great moment. We had been so scared for so long that she might die."

"I didn't realize that you were with her," Madeline says. "But I guess that makes sense."

"Yea, Robbie and I wanted to be there for her. She was so happy to be leaving."

"So, uh," Madeline uneasily looks back at her. "I am assuming you and Robbie took her back to the Calimo mansion?"

"That's right," Andy nods to her. "That's where Robbie wanted her, considering they are married."

"I still can't believe that he annulled our marriage telling me that he would come back to me," Madeline sighs back to him. "He left me and our marriage for a woman we all thought was going to die!"

"But she didn't die and that is good for everyone."

"And Robbie is still married to Kim," Madeline looks back at him. "He didn't divorce her the way he said he would."

"Look, I know you're upset but this is my sister we are talking about," Andy tells her quickly. "I just want her to be happy; if Robbie makes her happy, then I think they should stay married."

"And to hell with me and my marriage?" she shrieks back to him.

Before Andy can respond, his cell phone rings and he grabs it from the coffee table. "This is Andy," he says into his phone. "Oh, wow, okay. Yea, sure, I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning, thank you."

He looks back at Madeline as he hangs up the phone. "That was the hospital; the DNA test results are back. We will find out the truth about Clayton tomorrow."

The Lawson Estate; Greg & Cheresa's Home

"How are you feeling any better?" Ethan asks Abby, who pours two glasses of wine from the bar in the living room of the lavish Lawson estate. Ethan recalls how earlier he revealed to her that he uncovered that, legally, Eva is still married to Dominick, which means her marriage to Dominick is invalid. Abby was gutted by his news and had a mini breakdown. Now, she is getting them some wine to help her calm down.

Abby moves over to him and passes him a glass of wine. "I really appreciate you looking into this for me, Ethan," she tells him before she takes a sip of her wine. "You're one of the few people that I trust right now."

"I am happy to do it, I just wish I could have given you the news that you wanted," he smiles back to her. "Now, tell me how you're really feeling!"

Abby sighs back to him. "Honestly, I am just worried that I am going to lose everything that I worked towards. Dominick and I, of course we had our problems, but we were there for one another when no one else was. It doesn't seem fair that this is all being stripped away from me."

"I just want you to remember that no matter what, you're strong enough to deal with this, Abby. You're a brave woman and you will survive."

Abby smiles back to him. "I appreciate you saying that, I really, really do," she says. "I just don't know what I'm going to do."

"Well, Eva should know about this," Ethan replies to her quickly. "I mean, I'm sure she, and the rest of the Robertson's, have figured it out, but we should let her know."

Abby uneasily nods back to her. "I…I suppose you're right."

Before Ethan can say anything, the front doorbell rings. Abby arches her eyebrow before she moves past Ethan and moves towards the door.

Outside, Eva waits for someone to open the door. After seeing Dominick earlier, she wanted to come see Abby to give her an update on his status. While she waits, she hears her phone ping inside her purse. She pulls out her phone and sees a text from Will.

"Hey, wanted to give you some space, but been thinking about you. Hoping we can get together soon, xoxo - Will."

"Oh Will," she smiles to herself, knowing that he still cares about her. "I'm flattered but I'm not sure if we will have a future or not."

"Eva, what are you doing here at this hour?" Abby asks as she opens the door and sees Dominick's wife standing there.

"I was at the hospital earlier and saw Dominick," she reveals to Abby as she moves into the mansion.

"Has there been a change with his health?" Abby asks quickly out of concern.

"No, he is still in a coma," Eva tells her. "I guess, I came here because I feel like you're the only other person who really understands what it's like seeing him that way."

"It's horrible," Abby agrees with her.

"Eva, hi," Ethan says moving into the foyer. "This is interesting timing; Abby and I, we were just talking about you."

"You were?" Eva asks in surprise.

"I had Ethan do some investigating," Abby looks back at her with intent. "It turns out that my marriage to Dominick is illegal because your divorce never went through. So, technically, you're still married to Dominick and now you're, you're going to have to figure out what you want to do with that information."

Tyler's Townhouse

Tyler continues to clean the wine glasses that are left in the living room after his visit with Leah, Jeff and Paige earlier in the evening. While he was trying to get Leah and Jeff's mind off the DNA test that they ran with Bryce and Ethan, a lot of the conversation surrounded on Felicia and her passing in the fire at Raven's Meadow. He knows that everyone is having a difficult time believing that Felicia is really gone, especially in the way in which she died.

While he sets some of the wine glasses in the kitchen sink, he stops and looks up, suddenly getting an idea. "This isn't the first time that we've all believed Frederick died," he whispers to himself, as he thinks about how Frederick faked his death after he was shot and then smothered all those years ago by Jemma Davenport. "What if he faked his death again? What if he actually has himself, and Felicia, in hiding?"

He shakes his head at his thought thinking that it is impossible. "It's crazy for me to even think that, isn't it? Frederick and Felicia couldn't be alive, could they?"

Adam's Townhouse

"You're keeping me down here for a while," Adam uneasily chuckles as he continues to kneel on one knee while presenting Helen with a large diamond engagement ring. "Do you have an answer for me? Will you be my wife?"

Helen gulps as she looks back to him. She pulls his hands up so he stands with her. "I am flattered, Adam, I really am. And the ring, it's absolutely stunning."

"I got it custom from Rockwell Mining," Adam smiles back to her. "But telling me the ring is beautiful doesn't give me an answer."

Helen feels her eyes swell with waters. "I … I'm … uh … no, Adam, I'm sorry, I can't marry you. I won't be your wife."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Isabelle tells someone that she is pregnant
- Tyler does some investigating
- Donovan tells Lukas and Meggan what he has learned

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