Episode 102 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: September 22, 2010


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Olivia had guilt pains of giving Cassie Helen’s baby.
- Will & Olivia continued to grow closer, while he was being blackmailed by Ryan
- Madeline remained at odds with her family
- Reese finally learned the truth about Trenyce & Andy and lashed out at them
- Meggan disappeared at the fundraiser after seeing Dave & Brett together

Scene One -- The Michael’s House; Chris & Trenyce’s Home

Daisy lays Andrew in his crib and watches him for a moment as he sleeps. Her heart is warmed by the sight of the child sleeping. Ever since Trenyce became a mother, a part of wishes she had a child. She knows it’s not too late for her since she is young, she still has a hard time believing that Trenyce, her young niece, has had a child before her. She walks slowly out of the bedroom and walks back downstairs holding the baby monitor. She looks around the living room and suddenly she is overcome with some emotion. She spent so many years of her life in the house married to Chris; now they are divorced and she is living in a condo in The Towers. She sits on the sofa and wonders exactly how they got to this place. Her busy work schedule leading Chris to have an affair with Danielle and Trenyce, which ultimately was the reason Terrence killed Danielle. Daisy wipes a tear from her eye and sighs. She can’t think of that now, she has to think of the future and the positives.

Like Trenyce. She was so happy to get a call from her asking her to baby-sit today while Trenyce went to Twin Peaks University to apply for a fashion program. Daisy thinks that fashion would be a perfect career path for Trenyce, but knows that being a single mother and going to school will be very hard on her. Still, she is happy that Trenyce is doing something positive for herself.

The front door opens breaking Daisy’s train of thoughts. Chris enters and drops his briefcase, then he sees Daisy and is startled. “Daisy! I wasn’t expecting you to be here,” he says as he takes off his jacket and hangs it on the coat rack, clearly home from the office.

“Sorry, I should have called. I’m babysitting Andrew. He just went down for his nap though,” Daisy explains standing up. “I can go, if you don’t want me here.”

Chris laughs, “No, stay please. Trenyce doesn’t really let me be around Andrew much. I think our … well you know,” Chris begins to mention his affair with Trenyce but realizes that it’s probably not the best subject with Daisy.

“She’s still hurting, I know. I just wish she’d realize she didn’t have to,” Daisy says thinking that Trenyce really does need to let the past go. “I’ve forgiven her, without really even talking to her about it. Somethings are just …”

“Best left in the past. It’s not that easy for some of us Daisy. We aren’t all like you,” he says taking her hand. “For what it’s worth though, I am sorry.”

“I know. You said that already,” she smiles as she secretly likes him holding her hand again. For so long they have been at odds, Daisy enjoys the fact that she and Chris are able to have a real conversation again, without the fighting and tension between them. And if she lets herself admit it, she still cares for him.

“I’ll go put some water in the tea kettle, we can catch up while we wait for Trenyce to come back?” he asks her before he smiles at her.

“I’d like that a lot,” Daisy returns as he walks into the kitchen to start the tea.

Scene Two -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia slams her file cabinet closed in frustration. She’s had a long day, mostly because she continues to battle her inner demons. She knows all too well that she lied to Helen about her baby dying and gave the infant to Cassie to pass off as hers. The longer the secret is safe, the more her conscious tells her that she’s doing the wrong thing.

“I just have to let it go,” she tells herself as she shuts her eyes and puts her hands over her face. She longs to have Preston next to her supporting her, but they have been distant lately as they struggle to keep their children close after their criminal past has been revealed.

“Bad time?” Will asks as he opens the door to her office and comes in. He quickly closes the door when Olivia looks up and smiles, relieved to see a friendly face in her dire time.

“Not at all, what’s going on?” she asks as she stands up and walks a little closer to him.

Will looks at Olivia and knows that he is there because he likes the comfort feeling he gets with her, and after the mess he is in because of Ryan, he needed to be around her. He doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that he and Olivia have come close to rekindling their affair. “I guess I was just stressed out,” he says looking down, knowing that he couldn’t stay away from her.

“Me too,” she admits, thinking of the entire Cassie and Helen saga. “Why don’t we sit down?”

He moves slowly to the sofa and sits next to Olivia. He slowly looks up and their eyes meet; they both feel the electricity between them. Soon, he’s right up against her and their lips are barely separated.

“We can’t do this,” she says as she shuts her eyes and kisses Will hard and passionately.

“I know,” he replies kisses and as he starts to unbutton her blouse. Soon, her shirt is on the ground and he unclasps her bra, his hand immediately goes to her exposed breast.

“Wait,” she says pulling away from him. She smiles as she looks at Will, lust fills his face. She walks slowly over to her office door and locks it. She turns back to him and watches as he takes off his shirt and unbuttons his jeans. She walks back to the sofa and crawls on top of him. Their lips meeting again before his mouth travels down to her exposed nipple. “Make love to me Will, please make love to me,” she whispers as he continues to worship her body.

Scene Three -- The Wilkins Estate; Preston, Olivia & Reese’s Home

Preston sits in his office reviewing a file as he is working from home today. Some days he feels like he is more productive from home and he doesn’t make the trip into the law office. This seems to happen more and more now that Natasha is back working full time and she is more than capable of running the office in his absence. In reality though, Preston’s mind is working over time with his role in the scheme to tell Adam and Helen that their child died, when in fact Olivia gave their child to Cassie. He realizes that Cassie was blackmailing them into assisting her, but he feels like now that they have completed the baby switch, his family will be safe once again. He knows Cassie is no longer a threat to expose them as bank robbers because she will go down with them. They can rest easy once again, although he knows that Olivia is struggling with her role in the plan. He sighs and realizes that he should reach out to his wife again. They have grown apart again lately, mostly because their children Reese and Madeline are so estranged from them. Reese has made progress recently, but Madeline is still very distant. Which is why, when he looks up and sees Madeline standing his office door way, he is surprised.

“Madeline, this is a surprise,” he says smiling to her as she comes in.

“I was in the area,” she says as she purses her lips and sits in front of him. “Actually, I wanted to see you.”

Preston arches his eye brow not sure of what to make with Madeline’s sudden interest in him again. “I’m listening. What’s going on?”

Madeline pauses not knowing how to begin. She knows why she came to visit her father, but she isn’t sure if it’s the right thing considering they have been so far apart lately. “I know what I’d like to do with my life. I mean, long term, that is. I know we haven’t really discussed anything like this since I’ve been back in Twin Peaks, but I think it’s time that I get a profession. And it’s something that I’m good at and something that I’m very interested in.”

Preston leans back in his chair and folds his arms, intrigued by his daughter’s interest in having a career, which is something he is proud of. “You have my attention Madeline. You know I want the very best for you. If there’s anything I can do to help…”

“Well, actually,” she says getting a small grin on her face. “It would require me to have some more financial assistance. I thought you and Mom could help me, maybe,” she continues putting her head down, bashful that she has to ask for help to launch her career.

“What is this idea of yours? I’d like to know the details before I agree to give you money to pursue it,” Preston states to his daughter. He doesn’t mind giving her money, but he has to ensure that it’s worth while. He’s just going to throw money away on something that will not pan out.

“Promise to hear me out on this?” Madeline requests of her father, which makes Preston think it’s going to be something he’s not too fond of hearing. Preston nods, so Madeline continues, “I’d like to open a PI firm.”


“Private Investor Dad,” Madeline says with firm look on her face. Preston smiles and laughs a little.

“My little girl, a sleuth?” Preston says, sounding a bit sceptical of his daughter’s choice.

“I know what you’re going to say Dad, and …” she starts to say, still looking down.

“No you don’t. I think it’s a great idea,” he smiles to her as she looks up at him.

“Really? I was thinking you’re were going to try to talk me out of it,” she admits to him.

“If this makes you happy, then I am happy Madeline. I just want you to be happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted. I doubt you would have come to me if you didn’t think this would make you very happy. I’m so glad that you’ve finally decided on a career path. I would love to help you with this.”

“Wow, thanks Dad,” Madeline says smiling. “I don’t know what to say really.”

Preston stands up and walks over to Madeline, whom stands up as well. He hugs her and she shuts her eyes as she accepts her father’s embrace. “Do me a favour though?” he says into her ear.

Madeline exit’s the embrace and looks at her father as she wipes a tear from her eye. “What’s that Dad?”

Preston takes a deep breath, “You have to start to forgive your Mother and I. What we did Madeline, it was a long time ago. We were young, stupid and wanting the best for our lives.”

Madeline turns around, she still has a hard time accepting that her parents are criminals. That everything about them is a lie.

“And we both know that you have secrets of your own,” he says, growing more stern with her.

Madeline turns and glares at him. “What does that mean?”

“What happened in New York? After you ran away? Those years are a complete mystery to everyone.”

Madeline turns back around not wanting to talk to her father about her time away. She knows that both her father and her mother would be so ashamed of her if they knew that she turned to prostitution to get by. Only that didn’t last too long, she then got involved with Dave and his wicked plan.

“What is it Madeline? Just tell me, I can tell that it’s troubling you,” Preston says to her as he places his hand on his shoulder. He wants to help his daughter, who clearly still struggles with her demons.

Madeline turns and fakes a smile to her Dad, as her eyes water. “It’s nothing Dad. You’re right though, I need to accept you and Mom for who you are. I mean, you guys always provided Reese and I with a loving home. It won’t be easy, but I will try to forgive you.”

Preston hugs her again, “I do love you Daddy,” she says to him as they embrace.

“I love you too Madeline.”

Scene Four -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

Brett paces around the living room of the large two story house worried about the day in front of him. He hasn’t heard from Dave in a few days and he knows that his brother is up to no good. After everything that went down at the fundraiser a few nights ago, Brett knows that anything is now possible with his brother. He shuts his eyes and remembers talking to Dave in the back corridor only to hear someone listening to him. He opens his eyes and feels his heart skip a beat at what happened next. He walks over to the bar and pours some brandy into the crystal glass. He slams it back and is about to pour another one when he hears the front door bell ring.

“Who the hell could that be?” he asks himself as he walks over to the front door. He opens it and sees Robbie standing there. “Robbie, this is a surprise, come in. What can I do for you?”

“Thanks Vinny,” Robbie says as he enters the house, thinking that Brett is Vinny because Brett has been posing as Vinny for years now. “I’m actually here on official police business. I have a few questions for you.”

Brett feels the colour from his face drain and he gulps hard. “Oh really? What is this about?” he asks as he walks back over to the bar. He finishes pouring another glass of brandy. “Can I get you a drink?”

“It’s a bit early for me, but thank you,” Robbie replies noting the time of day that “Vinny” is drinking. “I won’t take up much of your time. This is about Meggan.”

Brett slams the brandy down and takes another gulp of air. “Meggan? What about her?”

Robbie arches his eyebrow noting Brett’s odd behaviour. “Well, from my understanding, no one has seen or heard from her since the fundraiser. Do you know where she is?”

Brett shuts his eyes before turning around to face Robbie. “She told me she wanted to get away for awhile. I haven’t heard from her though. I’m guessing after the entire ordeal of being in jail she just wanted to get our and live again.”

Robbie makes a few notes in a small note pad before making eye contact with Brett again. He couldn’t place it, but something wasn’t right with “Vinny” this morning. There was something off. Robbie has been a cop far too long not to know when someone was hiding something from him. And “Vinny” was definitely hiding something.

“So you haven’t seen or heard from her?”


“Okay. Well if you do hear from her, let her know that I’m looking for her,” Robbie explains as he puts his note pad away.

“Will do. Is she in some kind of trouble?”

“I hope not. I’m just worried about her, that’s all. It’s not like her to just disappear and not leave her phone on or let anyone, including her husband, where she is. We’ll be in touch Vinny. Have a good day,” Robbie says before he turns around and leaves.

Brett turns around and pours another glass of brandy. He hears the front door slam shut and then he picks up the glass of brandy and drinks about half of it. The third glass hits him a little harder. He throws the glass against the wall, shattering the crystal and watches the rest of the brandy roll down the wall.

“Damn it!” he yells in frustration. He walks over to the phone and dials a number. “Dave? It’s me. I’m freaking out! The cops are now looking for Meggan!”

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Will holds a naked Olivia in his arms on her sofa in her office as they lay together in the aftermath of making, hot, passionate love. He feels her heart beat in her chest slowly return to normal and he looks at her and smiles.

“I had missed you,” he whispers to her.

She rolls her hand over his bare chest and smiles back at him, “I missed you too. You make me feel so alive Will. No man makes me feel like this.”

“Good, I like making you feel good,” he says as he kisses her softly.

She pulls out of the kiss and gets off the sofa and starts to dress herself. “So, what now? We can’t keep doing this Will,” she says as much as it pains her to do so. “Madeline and Preston, they’ll get hurt. I can’t hurt my family.”

“I think we both know we can’t just stop Olivia. This has taken over us. This is more than just a sexual thing, right?” Will says sitting up on the sofa.

Olivia turns around from Will and shudders. Could she really have feelings for her daughter’s boyfriend? She had never really thought of it before but the thought scares her. How can she hurt her family like this? What would Preston say? What would he do? What about Madeline … and Reese for that matter?

“I don’t know Will. I can’t hurt my family,” she replies to him.

He stands up and walks up behind her and holds her. “It’s okay. I’m not saying we have to make any decisions right away. I know it’s a complicated situation. Let’s just go slowly okay,” he says as he holds her. “Whatever you need from me, I’m here for you.”

She turns to him and smiles. “Thank you. I think I just need some time to sort this out.”

Will leans in and kisses her again. His tongue enters her mouth and soon she’s falling into him again. “Take all the time you need. I know you feel what I do,” he whispers to her. “I should go though.”

“Okay. We’ll be in touch?”

“Absolutely,” he winks at her as he proceeds to get dressed.

Scene Six -- The Sugarbowl

Reese takes a drink of his latte and looks down at the paper work that sits on the table he is sitting at. He feels his heart skip a beat as he looks down again; it’s an application form for a scholarship at UCLA. While the idea of going to university has been in his mind since he graduated high school, things got complicated for him in the last year as he and Andy embarked on a relationship and all the drama that followed with it. Now, he is ready to go and get an education and pursue volleyball, which is the scholarship he is applying for. He signs his name on the bottom and places the application form into the self-addressed stamped envelope. He looks up and sees Andy enter the coffeehouse, so he quickly hides the application form in his bag.

Andy notices Reese and approaches him with a smile on his face, “Hey Reese!”

“Andy, hi. How goes?”

“I’m good, can I sit with you?”

“Sure,” Reese replies extending his hand out to the open chair.

“Thanks, I wasn’t sure you’d want to see me. The last time you did, you were pretty upset with me,” Andy notes recalling when Trenyce revealed the entire truth to Reese about her knowing that he is gay and that they knew all along that Andy isn’t Andrew’s father.

“Do you blame me? You put her happiness before mine … before ours. I guess I just thought that we were more than that. I thought we had something special,” Reese says, attempting not to sound too bitter.

Andy grabs Reese’s hand that is laying on the table, “You are special to me,” he says getting some tears in his eyes. “I can’t explain what happened Reese. I guess I didn’t want Trenyce to be hurt and alone. I know it was stupid of me…”

“Yea it was. Very. I don’t think you’ll ever know the hurt you put me through. But you know what Andy? It’s okay. I’ve learned a lot about myself and relationships this past year. I needed to grow up. We both did.”

Andy looks away knowing that what Reese is saying is true. He did have to grow up, and he has. He knows that when he’s in a relationship nothing should come before the relationship and the person he is involved with.

“I wish I could make it up to you,” Andy whispers over to him. He turns and his eyes meet with Reese’s. While Reese tries to hide it, he can still feel a connection with Andy when their eyes meet. Andy catches the glimmer in Reese’s eyes, “Why don’t you come over later? Kim’s working late … we could have dinner. Reconnect and stuff…”

Andy holds his breathe as he waits for Reese to respond to his proposition of a date. Reese sighs heavily knowing that it would easy to tell Andy to go to hell, but a part of him still cares for him, a lot.

“How’s seven?” he grins over at Andy.

Scene Seven -- The Michael’s House; Chris, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Trenyce drives her car into the driveway of her home that she shares with Chris. She shuts off the engine and smiles to herself. She just finished applying for school that she could start in January, something she never thought she would actually do. Since having Andrew, however, she realizes that she needs a steady job to give him the life that he deserves. Going to school, fashion school, is the first step in doing that. She steps out of the car and looks back at the walk way and sees Victoria emerging from her car. Victoria spots Trenyce and waves over to her.

“Victoria, hey, what’s up?” Trenyce says as they meet at the staircase up to the front door.

“I was just in the neighbourhood and was hoping to see Chris,” Victoria replies to Trenyce.

“Oh, okay. I doubt he is home. I think just my Aunt is here. She was babysitting Andrew for me this morning. You can come in and wait for Chris though, if you’d like too,” Trenyce says as she heads up the stairs to the door.

“Thanks, I will,” Victoria replies following Trenyce’s lead.

Trenyce unlocks the door and enters the house. She quickly enters the living room and freezes, with Victoria doing the same. Daisy, Chris and Andrew are together on the floor playing with some baby toys. The threesome looks like the picture perfect family. Trenyce sees Chris hold Andrew’s hand and feels her stomach turn inside. Her worst dream is possibly coming true right now, she realizes. She has never wanted Christ o be close to Andrew, it just gets too close to the truth for her. She still has the fear driven in her that Chris would take Andrew away from her if he knew that he was his father.

Meanwhile, Victoria can’t help but feel awkward, seeing her lover interact with his ex-wife and a small child. Despite Chris reassuring her, she can’t help but feel that maybe there are some lingering feelings there.

Daisy looks over and sees Trenyce and smiles, oblivious to her tension. “Hey! How’d it go at school?”

Trenyce fakes a smile and walks over to Andrew and picks him up quickly. “It was great. I should hear back soon. How’s my baby boy?” she says looking at Andrew and turning her back to Chris. Both Chris and Daisy can feel the tension with Trenyce and wonder what’s gotten into her.

“Is everything okay,” Daisy asks her standing up and coming behind her niece.

“I’m fine. I’m going to take Andrew for a walk. It’s so beautiful outside,” Trenyce replies walking away from Daisy and into the other room to get Andrew ready for his walk. In reality, she just wants to get her son away from Chris.

Daisy smiles in confusion as Trenyce leaves the room. “Well, that was interesting,” she notes aloud. She realizes that Victoria is still standing in the doorway, keeping to herself. “Well I guess I should be going. Thanks for helping me baby-sit Chris.”

“Anytime Daisy. It was nice to see you,” he replies as Daisy gathers her things. He watches her every move as she prepares to leave. While he can deny it, he knows that he still have some feelings for Daisy, he always will. And when he spends the afternoon with her, those feelings are stirred.

As Daisy leaves the house, Victoria enters the living room . “I didn’t mean to interrupt anything,” she says, still feeling jealous. Chris still watches Daisy until she has left the house. Then he refocuses his attention on Victoria, the woman standing in front of him.

“You didn’t interrupt. I came home and Daisy was here. I just helped her with the baby. How are you doing?” he says coming up to her and hugging her, not wanting her to see how he wants to go after Daisy and tell her that she didn’t have to rush away. He takes a deep breath as he embraces Victoria, which she feels him do.

“I’m okay,” she says as she hugs him back. She’s not lying, but something inside of her tells her that Chris and Daisy were doing more than just babysitting. She doesn’t think they were having an affair, but she somehow knows that deep down they both have feelings for each other. Very strong feelings for each other.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Natasha spots her mother out with Dominick
- Reese and Andy reconnect

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