Episode 1024
You're on the Loose
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 08, 2024

Episode Theme song: "Muscle" Years & Years

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Clayton arrived at the Young mansion and demanded to talk to Andy & Nicholas
- During a verbal spat with Cassie, Isabelle fell down the stairs at the Calimo mansion. Natasha and Shane, meanwhile, celebrated with Jacob over the announcement of the baby
- Penny took Cory to the site of the plane crash. Antonio and Robin had a date
- Ethan told Paige to sign the annulment papers before she leaves town
- Tyler looked around the Victors mansion to see if he could find proof that Frederick and Felicia were alive

The Pink Flamingo at the River Rock Casino

"I am still over the moon with your news," a beaming Natasha tells Jacob as they sit across from one another at a table in the restaurant while Shane is next to her. She picks up her glass of champagne and takes a sip of it as she is relishing over the news that Isabelle is pregnant with Jacob's baby; as a result, he has decided to stay with his wife, which means that he won't go back to Cassie. All Natasha ever wanted was to ensure that Cassie was not in a relationship with her son; she knows that she faked her illness last year as a way to try to control that, but this happened all on its. "You and Isabelle; you are such a great couple."

Jacob chuckles back to his mother. "Thanks," he says before he looks over at Shane. "I guess you two will have to brace yourselves for being grandparents, again."

"That's a role that we both love," Shane replies to him. "You've made us so incredibly proud and happy, son."

"It is wild how life will throw these curve balls at you," Jacob tells his parents. "But from the minute that Isabelle told me that she was pregnant, I have felt so excited about being a father again. Carter is going to have a little brother or sister, and I can't wait for that. I feel like I am really building my family."

"You are darling," Natasha smiles back to him. "Like your father said, we are so proud of you."

Before anyone can say anything else, Jacob's cell phone starts to ring. He pulls it out of his pocket and arches his eyebrow when he sees Cassie's name on the screen. "I should get this," he tells his parents before he answers the phone. "Cassie, this really isn't a good time."

"Jacob, thank God," Cassie's lower lip quivers as she stands in the foyer of the Calimo mansion, where Isabelle's unconscious body remains. "Something happened…it's Isabelle."

"What about Isabelle?" Jacob asks her as Natasha and Shane look at him with worry. "What happened?"

"We were talking at the mansion and … she fell, Jacob. She fell down the stairs! I called 9-1-1 and an ambulance is coming … but she's not awake…I don't know what to do," Cassie gasps back to him, trying to give him as much information as possible.

"Meet me at the hospital, I'm heading there now," Jacob says in a rush as he hangs up the phone before he looks back at Natasha and Shane. "We have to get to general hospital; there was an accident."

The River Rock Casino

Andrew opens the door to his suite and moves inside as he sees Daisy about to pour herself a glass of wine at the small bar. He looks over at her and knows that things are, seemingly, looking up for them as they learned that they might be able to inherit some money from Vinny's estate, once it is settled in the courts. They want nothing more than to pay off Antonio so they can get out from being under this thumb, and this could be the way that they do that.

"I'd love to have a glass if you're pouring," he announces to her, as Daisy looks back at him over her shoulder.

"I can do that," Daisy replies to him. "How are things downstairs?"

"Fine," Andrew tells her quickly. "It seems like a quite night for the casino, but that's not our problem. And Antonio isn't here."

Daisy arches her eyebrow as she passes him a glass of the wine. "He's not here? That's odd; normally he's in his office until the wee hours of the morning."

"I know," Andrew nods back to her as he takes a sip of the wine. "I'm…I'm wondering if we should take this opportunity Daisy."

"Opportunity? To do what?" she asks him in confusion.

"We could leave the casino," Andrew suggests to her. "I'm sure we could find a place to hide and get away from Antonio's control."

Daisy looks back at him in surprise. "You really want to do that? I mean, we just found out that we might get money from Vinny's will."

"We might," Andrew gulps back to her. "But how long will that take? We have no idea if or when that money will come to us. With Antonio away, this could be our chance to escape. What do you say, Daisy? Let's leave the casino tonight, and never look back?"

The Tower's; The Penthouse; Robin's Home

"Dinner was delicious, thank you again," Robin says as she comes out of the kitchen of the penthouse and moves back into the living room, where Antonio is pouring her another glass of red wine. They are in the middle of their date, which is a romantic candle light dinner for two. Robin continues to be impressed by how much Antonio is willing to spoil her.

"The pleasure was all mine," Antonio tells her as he passes her the champagne. "How about we make a toast?"

Robin arches her eyebrow back to him as she giggles. "A toast, huh? And what are we toasting, exactly?"

"To a beautiful night, with the most beautiful woman in the world?" Antonio suggests to her as she feels her cheeks flush with embarrassment.

"You're far too sweet," she tells him. "But I suppose, I can drink to that."

Their glasses click together before they take a drink of their champagne. "I mean it," Antonio tells her as he looks into her eyes. "From the first time I saw you, you took my breath away, Robin. You're so stunning."

"You flatter me," she says back to him as he caresses her cheek. "Thank you."

Antonio chuckles. "Of course," he says before he leans in comes closer to her. Robin stops him but they lock eyes. "Stop fighting it, Robin," he whispers to her. "I want to kiss you so badly."

Robin gulps before she nods to him, giving him the signal to move closer to her. Their lips touch and both can feel the sparks between them start to fly.

Holdenville, Oklahoma

Cory uses the large flashlight to look at the large airplane that is still on the ground. Torn stripes of metal surround the site of the crash that happened the year before. As he looks around, he can't help but think that Penny's idea to come to the site was a good one; after he had a memory flash, she thought that being back at the site of the crash might help with his memory coming back.

Penny emerges from the looking by the left wing and looks at Cory. "Have you had any memories?"

Cory sight as he looks back at her quickly. "No, but we just started looking around. I think we should give it a little bit more time and see what happens."

"I can do that," Penny says back to him. "And if it doesn't work, don't be too hard on yourself. This was just an idea."

"Like I said earlier, I appreciate the idea," Cory tells her. "You never know what will set my memory off."

Penny nods back to him. "Wait, I think I see something," she tells him as she shines the light in the middle of the plane crash."

Cory moves up next to her as she flashes the light onto the object in the plane. "See that," Penny points to a small black item. "It…It looks like a cell phone."

"You're right," Cory nods back to her. "I'll go in and see if I can get it. It might help give us a clue as to what happened."

"Be careful," Penny replies to him as Cory starts to move further in the plane wreck.

The Cascade Apartments

"I hope you're not upset that I had the annulment papers drawn up," Ethan tells Paige as they face one another in his apartment. She just revealed to him that she needs to leave town to get her head on straight after everything that has happened; he surprised her by asking her to sign the annulment papers that he had drawn up before she left. She knows that she has to annul their marriage because they are siblings, but she didn't realize that Ethan had taken that step.

"No, of course," Paige replies to him with an uneasy nod of her head. "It … it makes sense that you did this. We…we can't stay married to one another. Not after the DNA test proved that your my brother."

"I know that this is crazy," Ethan shakes his head back to her. "And I know why you want to leave town. This all seems surreal."

"You're telling me," Paige tells him. "Alright, let me sign. I don't want to miss my flight."

"There are two places for you to sign," Ethan tells hers as he points to the locations where she has to sign the papers.

Paige takes a deep breath before she signs her name on the documents. "Let me know when you file them, okay?"

"Of course," Ethan forces a smile on his face. "And Paige, I'm really sorry that this happened. I never meant for any of this to happen."

"I know that," Paige says as a tear falls down her cheek. "But here we are. Alright, I need to get going to the airport. See you later, okay?"

"Take care of yourself," Ethan tells as he moves to the door to open it for her. On the other side of the door, Abby appears about to knock on the door.

"Ethan? Paige?" Abby asks as she puts her hand on her hip, immediately noticing that Ethan is shirtless. "What the hell is going on here?"

The Victors Mansion

Frederick peers through a small peep hole, where he can see Tyler looking around in the living room. His heart is racing over the fact that Tyler is looking for something; he has no idea what Tyler is doing at the mansion, but if anyone finds him, he knows that his plans will be ruined.

"Turn around and leave," Frederick whispers to himself, as he sees Tyler leave the living room.

Once Tyler has left the room, Frederick turns and smiles to himself. "Perfect, he didn't find me," he says. "But I am going to have to be more careful and make sure that no one finds me in these tunnels. I have to make sure that my plans work this time."

He gets a devilish grin on his face as he thinks about someone that could help him. "I think it's time I call my dear Grandson to help me," Frederick tells himself. "I still know that Bryce switched those damn babies, so he will have no choice but to do everything that I tell him too. Because if he doesn't, he will go to jail for a very long time."

The Young Mansion

Andy and Nicholas rush into the living room of the Young mansion following Clayton, who just arrived and demanded that they hear him out. Andy and Nicholas were relishing in the fact that they reunited after the second DNA test proved that Clayton isn't a Wilkins after all. The last thing that they want to do is to have another confrontation with Clayton.

"Clayton, it's late," Andy huffs over to him, as Clayton puts his hands over the flames of the fire. "Whatever you have to say, you can say to us tomorrow."

Clayton chuckles as he turns around to face the two men. "You always do that that, Andy," Clayton replies to him quickly. "You dismiss me at every turn, well not this time! Not anymore!"

"I agree with Andy," Nicholas tells him. "It's late Clayton; we were just going to bed."

"Doesn't that sound cozy," Clayton rolls his eyes back to him. "You two are already back together, I am assuming? You two waste no time at all."

"After everything you've done to keep us apart, we are finally happy together," Andy informs him. "There's nothing you can say or do that will keep us apart again."

Clayton turns back around and looks into the flames of the fire. Suddenly, he grabs a fire poker and turns around, raising it over his head. "I think there's a lot that I can do to keep you two apart, don't you?" he asks as a wicked glimmer catches his eye.

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"Cassie! Where's Isabelle? Where is my wife?" Jacob asks as he rushes into the waiting room of the hospital, where Cassie is pacing back and forth. Natasha and Shane follow him in, as they all travelled together from the Pink Flamingo.

"She's with the doctors now," Cassie replies to him. "Thank God you're here."

"What the hell did you do to Isabelle?" Natasha shrieks at her rival in horror. "What did you do?"

"Nnnothing," Cassie stutters back to her. "We … were just talking and she … fell…"

"Why do I find this hard to believe?" Natasha asks her quickly. "You're a monster, you always have been!"

Before Cassie can respond, Madeline appears in the waiting room. Jacob rushes up to the doctor. "Doctor, how is Isabelle? Will she be okay?"

Madeline gulps back to him. "Isabelle has a minor concussion," she reveals to him. "She will be fine; I'm keeping her here over night just to be safe."

"Thank God," Cassie breathes a sigh of relief.

"Can I see her, please?" Jacob asks Madeline quickly.

"Yes, but I have to tell you something," Madeline looks back at him. "The baby, Jacob, I am so sorry but the baby didn't make it."

Jacob feels the blood drain from his face. "I…I don't understand. What are you saying?"

"I'm saying," Madeline looks back at him. "Isabelle suffered a miscarriage. Your baby didn't survive the fall."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Will Clayton hurt Andy or Nicholas?
- Isabelle has a visitor
- Antonio and Robin make love

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