Episode 1026
Spinning Out of Control from the Fall
Written by: Dallas Walsh | Originally Released: February 10, 2024

Episode Theme song: "Oh My God" Adele

Previously on One Day at a Time
- Clayton attacked Nicholas with a fire poker. Andy dropped a vase of Clayton's head, and while his body was crumbling to ground, he was stabbed by the fire poker! Andy realized that Clayton died
- Isabelle miscarried after falling down the stairs during a verbal spat with Cassie
- Andrew and Daisy tried to leave the casino but were stopped by two of Antonio's goons
- Sergio and Donovan planned to go to the Palm in hopes of finding Jasper
- Leah and Jeff were put off when Ethan and Bryce were distant with them
- Madeline and Greg remained on the outside of Robbie and Kim's reunion

The Young Mansion

"I can't believe this is happening," Andy says to Nicholas as he paces back and forth in the living room of the Young mansion. He looks over and sees a white sheet that is covering Clayton's body; Clayton's dead body. Andy looks at Nicholas, who just placed the sheet over the body and recalls how earlier in the evening, Clayton arrived to talk to them. They both asked him to leave, which set Clayton off. He grabbed a fire poker and tried to attack Nicholas; Andy, thinking quickly, smashed a vase over Clayton's head. As Clayton's body was falling to the ground, he ended up stabbing himself with the fire poker. In the wake, Andy checked his pulse and confirmed that Clayton died. "I killed a man!"

"No, you didn't," Nicholas moves up to his lover. "You saved me! Clayton, he was trying to kill me, Andy."

"That doesn't change the fact that there's a dead man right now," Andy's lower lip quivers as he tries to remain calm. "Oh my God, this is a nightmare."

"You have to take some deep breaths," Nicholas instructs him. "This isn't your fault."

"I…I don't think the police will see it that way," Andy replies to him quickly. "Everyone knows that you and I, we have been fighting with Clayton for months. All of the back and forth we have had; they aren't going to believe that this was self-defense."

"What are you saying right now, Andy? What are you suggesting that we do?" a concerned Nicholas asks him quickly.

"I'm saying we have to hide Clayton's body," Andy looks back at him with intent. "And tell no one what happened here tonight. This has to stay between us, forever."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"My baby is dead," Isabelle, who is still laying in her hospital bed, glares over at Cassie, who just appeared in her room asking her how she is. Isabelle can't believe that Cassie has the nerve to arrive at her hospital room after everything that has happened. Earlier in the evening, Cassie had arrived at the Calimo mansion to confront Isabelle over her pregnancy; a heated conversation resulted in Isabelle falling down the stairs, which caused her to miscarry. "How the hell do you think I'm doing?"

Cassie moves closer to the bed. "I heard about the baby," she admits to her. "I'm…I'm so sorry, Isabelle. I didn't want this to happen to you."

"Are you sure about that?" Isabelle asks her quickly. "Because when you showed up at the mansion, you were dead set on telling me how I trapped Jacob into this pregnancy. I think you got, exactly, what you wanted."

"That's not true," Cassie shakes her head as she feels her eyes swell with water. "I never wanted the baby to die, Isabelle. You have to believe me!"

"I don't have to do a fucking thing," Isabelle sneers at her. "And you know what Cassie? I'm going to make you pay for this."

Cassie looks back at her with intent. "What does that mean? I didn't do anything wrong, Isabelle! This was an accident!"

Isabelle chuckles back to her. "No one will believe that," Isabelle tells her. "So, you're going to exactly what I say, or I'm going to tell everyone that you pushed me down the stairs and killed my baby."

The River Rock Casino

Andrew barges into his suite on the second level of the casino and makes a beeline to the bar as Daisy follows him and closes the door once she is inside. Andrew had been downstairs earlier and realized that Antonio wasn't at the casino; he thought that he could use the opportunity to leave the casino and get out from Antonio's control. However, when he and Daisy got to the door, they were stopped by two of Antonio's goons, who directly them back to their suite.

"I can't tell you how annoyed I am," Andrew admits to Daisy as he pours himself a scotch. "Antonio is out of control! He has his people watching our every move? He's obsessed!"

Daisy sighs back to him as she moves closer to him. "He clearly likes to be in control and dictate if and when we can leave this place."

"It's not right, Daisy! He can't play God with our lives!"

"I know, but I don't know what else we can do," she admits to him. "Other than killing Antonio, what options do we have?"

Andrew takes a long sip of his scotch before he looks back at Daisy. "We…we have to get the money from Vinny's estate. If we can get our money, we will be able to pay that son of a bitch off and we can leave this place forever. We need that, Daisy. And we need it today."


Meanwhile, in the Pink Flamingo, Madeline sits at the bar having a nightcap before she heads home. It has been a long day for her as earlier she learned that Clayton isn't a Wilkins after all. She confront him, which resulted in her slapping him. She was already at home at this time, but she got called back to the hospital after Isabelle fell down the stairs. She had to tell her, and the family, that she miscarried. Having those conversations is never easy, which is why decided to have a drink before she headed home.

"Looks like we had the same idea," a voice says behind Madeline, who turns and sees Greg standing behind her. "Mind if I join you?"

"Sure," Madeline welcomes him to the seat next to her. "I just had a rough shift at the hospital."

"Oh? Bad news?" he asks as he orders a drink from the bartender.

"A miscarriage," Madeline reveals to him. "I hate giving the mother, especially, that type of news."

"Yea, that's rough, I can see why you needed the drink," Greg tells her. "It is the downside of our profession."

"You can say that again," she chuckles back to him. "By the way, have you seen or heard from Robbie and Kim lately?"

Greg sighs back to her heavily as he knows that he hasn't heard from his former fiancé in a few days; he had hoped that now that Kim had recovered from her gun shots, she would leave Robbie and return to him, but that hasn't happened as of yet.

"Nope," he admits to her. "The longer she is married to Robbie, the more I fear that they are going to stay married."

Madeline picks up her martini and takes a healthy sip of it. "I honestly don't know how much more of this I can take," she replies to him. "I just want to know where I, where we, stand in this mess. It's time that Robbie and Kim are honest with us, once and for all."


Ethan moves into the restaurant and sees an empty table near the back. After seeing Paige earlier in the evening, in which she not only signed the annulment papers, but she revealed that she was leaving town to clear her head, he felt like he needed a drink. He, like Paige, still can't believe that they got married when they are, in fact, brother and sister. The truth has left him feeling reeling.

As he moves up to empty table, he can't help but notice Bryce sitting alone at another table tucked around the corner. Ethan finds himself moving towards his new-found brother. "Bryce, hey," Ethan says as he approaches the table and sits across from him. "Having a nightcap?"

Bryce nods back to him. "Yea, I couldn't sleep and I thought a drink might help with that."

"You and I had similar thoughts," Ethan admits to him as he places a drink order with the waitress. "I saw Paige earlier, by the way."

"Oh yea? How'd that go?" Bryce asks him as he takes a sip of his whiskey sour.

"She signed the annulment papers," Ethan reveals to him. "Our marriage will act like it never existed, which is a good thing. I…I still can't believe that I married my sister."

"Don't beat yourself up about that," Bryce replies to him. "You had no idea that Paige was your sister; I mean, how could you have known?"

"I keep asking myself that," Ethan admits to him. "What about you? How yare you coping with all of this?"

"About the same as you man," Bryce uneasily chuckles to him. "I have this brand-new identity that Leah and Jeff expect me to be, and I don't know how to do be this Noah … I only know how to be me."

"Look, Bryce, don't try to be anyone else expect yourself," Ethan tells his brother. "If Leah and Jeff want to be in our lives, they have to accept us for who we are, not who they expect us to be."

Bryce chuckles to him. "I hope you're right."

Meanwhile, at the entry way of the office, Leah and Jeff arrive as they also decided on having a nightcap before bed. They are seated at a table by the front door and order some drinks.

"I can't believe that Ethan and Noah left earlier," Leah recalls how her children left the house earlier without having any coffee that she prepared. "How the hell are we are supposed to get to know them if they push us away?"

"It's like I said earlier," Jeff replies to her quickly. "We have to give them time and space. This is just as overwhelming for them as it is us."

"I am just not a patient person," Leah tells him as she picks up her white wine and takes a sip of it. "We missed years with our boys; I want them back in our lives sooner than later."

"You know what I think?" Jeff asks her in concern. "I think the grief you have over Felicia is playing into this; you have to grief the loss of Felicia and not let that influence how you are engaging with Ethan and Bryce."

Leah sighs back to him. "I…I guess your right," she admits to him. "This has been a very difficult time."

Jeff happens to turn his head and sees his sons chatting with one another. "Hey, look, our boys are talking," Jeff gets a grin on his face. "Maybe they are getting closer?"

"Do you think we should go say hi?" Leah asks him.

"I'll go," Jeff tells her. "I'll see if I can break the ice, man to man."

"Okay, good luck."

Jeff slowly stands up and moves over to the table. "Well, fancy meeting you two here," he announces as Ethan and Bryce look at one another with slight eye rolls before they look back at Jeff. "How's the night going?"

"We are fine," Bryce replies to him quickly. "But if you don't mind, we were in the middle of a private conversation. Do you mind if we connect again at another time?"

"Uh, sure," Jeff uneasily nods to him. "You feel the same way, Ethan?"

"I do," Ethan agrees with Bryce. "Please, just know, that this is an incredible confusing time for all of us. We would like some time to adjust."

Jeff nods back to him as he puts his hands in the air. "Fair enough, but always remember that your mother and I are here, and we want nothing more than to be a part of our lives. We've lost so much time with you, we don't want to lose the future too."

The Palm, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sergio, Donovan, Lukas and Meggan all stand in the back alley behind The Palm night club, which is in old town Puerto Vallarta. They are there to see if Jasper has returned to the night club, as Sergio, the police detective assigned to the case, thought he saw Jasper there a few nights earlier. If this is the case, Donovan and Lukas are hopeful that they are might be able to get their son back.

"Okay, what is the plan?" Lukas asks him as he paces back and forth.

"Donovan and I will go inside," Sergio explains to them. "We will pretend we are a couple and are there to see a show. The club owner knows me and has agreed to this."

"And Lukas and I will what? Wait out here for an update?" Meggan asks him quickly.

"Yes," Sergio nods back to her. "The fewer people inside the better. I will give the club owner a sign, if we see Jasper, we will signal to him, which he will alert you guys."

"Okay, good luck and be careful," Lukas uneasily tells them.

Sergio looks at Donovan. "Are you ready?"

"I was born ready," Donovan smiles back to him before he looks over at Lukas. "Don't worry; If Jasper is here, we will catch him. You have my word."

Donovan and Sergio, then, move into the club through the back door, leaving Meggan and Lukas together.

"How are you holding up?" Meggan asks her brother quickly.

Lukas stops pacing and runs his hand through his hair. "I'm worried and it kills me that I can't be the one in that damn club! I want my son back! I want Olly to be safe and sound."

"We are getting there, just believe that," Meggan tries to encourage him.

Meanwhile, inside, Donovan and Sergio move to the back of the club. The lights are low as the cabaret show is about to begin. Patrons fill the seats in anticipation with the show to start. Donovan and Sergio scan the audience until Donovan freezes. He pats Sergio's arm and points.

"That's him," Donovan whispers into his ear. "That's Jasper," Donovan says as he looks back and sees the man that they believed kidnapped Olly.

The Young Mansion

"I…I don't understand," Nicholas looks back at Andy in shock and horror. "You don't want to go to the police? You don't want to report Clayton's death?"

Andy moves to the bar and pours himself a glass of water. "No," he replies to Nicholas. "The police, I believe they will think we killed Clayton because of all the hell he has put us through. They will make case against us."

"So, what do you want to do?"

"I want to hide his body, Nicholas," Andy stuns him. "I want to make Clayton's body disappear. Please, please tell me that you will help me with this?"

Nicholas gulps back to him, his head reeling from Andy's suggestion, but he finds himself nodding back to him. "Of course, I'll help you. You have my word that I will help you see this through."

Twin Peaks General Hospital

"I don't believe this," Cassie moves closer to Isabelle's hospital bed. "I came here to make sure you were alright, and now, you're blackmailing me? You're going to tell everyone that I pushed you down the stairs unless I do exactly what you want? You're a bitch, you know that?"

Isabelle chuckles back to her quickly. "The best part about this, Cassie, is that everyone will believe me if I say that you pushed because of your history," Isabelle retorts to her. "So, yes, I am calling all the shots."

"What do you want from me?" Cassie asks her quickly.

"I want you to leave town," Isabelle looks at her with intent. "I want you to leave Twin Peaks and never, ever, come back."

Next on One Day at a Time
- Nicholas and Andy work to get rid of Clayton
- Antonio arrives to support Isabelle
- Kim makes an admission to Robbie

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