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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob convinced Sofia to pretend that they have separated until they can get the upper hand with Dominick
- Eva looked for her own apartment
- Victoria and Trenyce walked in on Daisy and Chris bonding with Andrew
- Robbie asked Brett about Meggan’s disappearance; Brett later freaked out
- Robin & Cory planned their wedding

Scene One -- The Tower’s, Floor One; Kim & Andy’s Home

Andy finishes lighting the last candle in the living room to create a nice, soft romantic glow in the living space. He races back into the kitchen and puts the take-out Chinese food into two bowls and places them on the coffee table in the living room. A bottle of white wine with two glasses also sit on the table. He takes a deep breath as he looks around; everything looks perfect.

He walks over to the large mirror and looks at himself to ensure that he looks good. He is so grateful that Reese agreed to go on a date with him again, a way for them to recapture what they once had. While things have been tense between them lately, he knows that deep down Reese must still love him the way he loves Reese. He pauses when he hears the buzzer of the door go.

Before he knows there is a knock on the door. He opens it and sees Reese. Reese smiles at Andy and comes in.

“Thanks for coming, I can take your jacket for you,” Andy says as he grabs the jacket from Reese’s hand.

“Thanks Andy. You know, I’ve been looking forward to this, actually.”

“Me too. It’s weird, I feel nervous,” Andy says as they enter the living room.

“Wow, you’ve out done yourself,” Reese notes the décor as they sit side by side on the sofa together. “It’s good to see you. I mean, really just see you. Without anything else in our way.”

Andy hands him a glass of the wine and they both take a drink. “That’s a nice wine,” Andy says as he places the glass back down.

“You didn’t?” Reese laughs looking at the Chinese food on the table.

“I did,” Andy grins. “I’m glad you remember!”

“How could I forget?” Reese replies looking over at Andy. “That’s really thoughtful of you, remembering that we ate Chinese food together on our first real date.”

“In Milwaukee. That was probably the best night of my life,” Andy replies back to Reese, as he recalls the first night they really connected as a couple and also made love for the first time.

“Yea, me too,” Reese says as their hands touch briefly. Reese pulls away quickly, but Andy puts his hand back into Reese’s and squeezes it. Their eyes meet.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Andy whispers as he leans in and kisses Reese softly on the lips.

They pause the kiss and Reese looks at Andy. He thinks back to the hell he has been through the last year and he smiles. He has missed Andy too. More than he realized. “I’ve missed you too, so much Andy. I do…”

“What?” Andy asks, still just millimetres from his lips.

“Love you,” Reese admits as he puts his hand on Andy’s face. “I never stopped.”

Andy smiles and kisses Reese again. “I love you too.”

Their kiss continues and Andy moves his hand down to Reese’s groin area and starts rubbing it quickly. Reese sighs as Andy’s lips move down to his neck. “Wait,” Reese finally says pushing Andy away.

“What’s wrong?” Andy asks, clearly aroused by Reese.

“I just think…we can’t just jump back into this Andy. We’ve been through a lot. I don’t want to just have sex and pretend everything is okay. I do love you, but …”

“I get it, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pushed,” Andy says, although he’s clearly disappointed. “Let’s enjoy dinner and our company. Everything else can come when we’re both ready.”

“I’d like that, a lot” Reese smiles back. “For the record though, I can’t wait until it happens again.”

Andy laughs. “Me either!”

Reese takes another drink of his wine, proud of himself for not jumping back into the sack with Andy. After his HIV scare earlier in the year, he knows that he has to guard himself and not just fall into bed with anyone. And he knows that he still has to learn to trust Andy again. When that happens, he realizes, they can move back into a sexual relationship.

Scene Two -- The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Home

Victoria pours herself another glass of red wine and sits by the fireplace on her sofa, her eyes engaged by the flames. While she watches the flames, she can’t help but remember the other day in the day at Chris’ home and how he was interacting with Daisy and baby Andrew. While she can’t be sure, she could have swore that she saw something there was more than just friendly feelings between Chris and Daisy. She is worried that the two ex’s still have feelings for each other, and that they are growing closer because of Andrew’s birth, and the Terrence ordeal at the fundraiser.

“I don’t want to get hurt,” she whispers to herself as she takes another drink of her red wine. She wonders if she should ask Chris about his feelings for Daisy. Would he be honest? He has admitted that he cheated on Daisy, so what would stop him from cheating on her? She shakes her head. “Why are relationships always so confusing?”

Her thoughts are interrupted by her buzzer going. She wonders who it could be as she walks over to the buzzer. To her surprise, it’s Chris.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight,” she smiles as he enters the condo. “I’m just having some wine, would you like some?”

“I’d love too,” he smiles back at her. He enters the living room and sits on the sofa. He accepts the glass of wine from her and smiles at her. He sensed that something was off with her when she left his place earlier and he knew he should come by and try to smooth things over. While he did let himself get swept away with Daisy and the baby, he knows that was his past. He has to start building a future; a future with Victoria. “I’m sorry about the other day.”

“What about it?” Victoria asks, arching her eyebrow., playing coy.

“You walking in on Daisy and Andrew and I. I’m sure it wasn’t easy,” he says as he puts his free arm around her.

“Why would you say that?” she grins. “I saw you with your ex wife and a baby acting like a family. I’m so cool with that.”

Chris laughs. “Look, Daisy is my past. She’ll always be in my life though. Especially with Trenyce living with me. We’re bound to run into each other once in awhile. But let me reassure you, you’re my future. You’re the one I want to be with.”

Victoria smiles back at him and moves closer to him and they shared a kiss. Chris wraps his hand around her head and pulls her in deeper into the kiss. “Let me prove it to you,” he says to her in between kisses. Victoria’s hand moves down to his jeans and begins to unzip them quickly, wanting Chris more than ever.

Scene Three -- The Tower’s, Floor Four

Eva opens the door and enters the empty condo. The moon is shining brightly into the bare window giving the an evening glow. She smiles as she looks around and realizes that this is her place; she was able to buy the condo and move in quickly which is perfect for her situation.

She had started to feel trapped in Dominick’s condo, knowing that he brought her here to help him break up the marriage of Bob and Sofia. Despite having feelings for Bob, she would rather embrace a relationship with her daughter, Natasha. The fact that the two of them have grown closer since she has been in Twin Peaks warms her heart. She realizes that now that she has her own space, she hopes that they will get even closer and she will be able to reveal the truth to Natasha about being her mother. She just has to wait for the right time, because it’s something that can’t be rushed.

She turns around and sees a moving guy enter the apartment with a large sofa. “Put that over there, please,” she says as the two guys walk the sofa over to the corner.

“We should be done everything in about a half hour,” he says to her as they prepare to leave.

A half an hour of moving, then the place will truly be all hers, Eva thinks. She opens her purse and searches for her phone. She wants to call Natasha, and share the good news.

Scene Four -- The Victors House; Vinny & Meggan’s Home

The fireplace in the study has a roaring fire ragging inside of it. Brett stars into the flames, getting lost in the ambers. He has another glass of brandy in his hand, something that has become a bit more common lately since Meggan has disappeared. The brandy keeps him calm and at ease, he quickly realized. Especially after the visit from Robbie the other day in which the cop was questioning him about Meggan’s disappearance. He is some what scared that the truth is slowly going to come out; that he and Dave have been impersonating Vinny for years. What would happen if the truth came out? He asks himself. On the positive side, however, he realizes that should the truth be revealed he would get his life back instead of living the life of his brother.

“You know, drinking heavily at this hour is never really a good sign,” Dave tells his brother as he enters the darken room.

Brett doesn’t take his eyes off the flames, instead he just shuts his brother out. He doesn’t want to deal with Dave today, or ever, really. Dave continues to watch his brother knowing that they have to come up with a plan in order for them to keep their ruse up.

“What’s gotten into you? You called me a few days ago in a panic after the cop was here and now you’re drinking yourself into a coma?”

Brett slowly moves the glass of brandy up to his lips and takes another small sip. “I’m thinking,” he says in a whisper. “Of how we can get out of this mess you created.”

“That I created?” Dave laughs back at his brother. “We’ve been in this together since day one Brett. Never forget that. We just need to get our stories straight. And, we need to have someone hear from Meggan. Maybe we could have her write a note or something.”

“Or something!” Brett yells as he sits up in the chair. “Why the fuck did you have to take her in the first place? She’s never done anything to anyone Dave! She’s … she’s a good person!”

Dave looks at Brett and gets a twinkle in his eye. “Either you’re drunk or you’ve fallen in love with Megpie! She saw us together dumbass, you know what that means! She would have exposed us. She had to be taken care of!”

“And what about Victoria? She knows the truth….” Brett argues in Meggan’s defence.

“Yes, but Victoria knows if she reveals the truth she’ll get busted for stabbing you. We don’t have to worry about her.”

“Madeline knows the truth too. Eventually, someone is going to catch on. We can’t do this forever Dave.”

Dave sighs before he leans down and grabs Brett by the collar of his shirt, “Listen to me, we’ve come too far to let this go now. Get your balls in check because we’re moving forward. I’ll go to Madeline and get her to help us. Then we’ll get Megpie to write a letter saying where she is. Okay?” Dave says throwing Brett into the back of the chair. “In the meantime, sober up and get your act together. You don’t look suspicious at all drinking and moping around all the time!”

Brett watches as Dave leaves the room and sighs. He finishes the last swig of brandy in the glass before he sits up and straightens his shirt. Dave is right, he thinks, I have to get myself together.

Scene Five -- Caper’s

Dominick sits at a table eagerly awaiting the arrival of his guest. He takes a quick glance at his watch again before he looks up and sees Sofia walking into the restaurant. He can not hide the smile that emerges on his face for he knows he is slowly winning the war in the quest to get Sofia back in his life. After making the demand of Sofia leaving Bob, he was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Sofia asking him to meet her for dinner at Capers. His mind is racing with a million different prospects of what it could possibly mean. Before he can think of anything further, however, Sofia arrives at his table.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” she purrs at him as she puts her purse on the top of the chair arm. He walks up and kisses her on each cheek.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for the world,” he reassures her as he pushes in her chair after she sits down.

“Thank you,” she smiles back to him. She keeps replaying what Bob told her in her head, get Dominick to be wrapped around her finger. She knows that this is all apart of her and Bob’s plan to fake a separation until they can get the upper hand with Dominick once again. “I’m so glad you’re able to join me.”

“I took the liberty of ordering champagne,” Dominick grins as the waiter arrives with a bottle of expensive champagne. The cork is popped and Sofia laughs as some of the bubbles pour over the edge of the bottle. “Thank you,” Dominick says after the waiter pours two glasses and leaves the table. “Let me propose a toast.”

“Okay,” Sofia says as she picks up her glass. “To what are we toasting?”

“To the start of a new chapter,” Dominick replies as he gets a twinkle in his eyes.

Sofia arches her eyebrow knowing that her charm is working on Dominick. “I agree, an exciting new chapter!”

The two glasses touch as they cheers before they take a drink. Dominick moves his hand over to Sofia’s and squeezes it subtly. Unbeknownst to Sofia, Natasha has entered the restaurant to pick up her take out. As she waits at the counter, she looks over and sees her mother and Dominick by the fireplace. Her mouth drops as she sees Dominick’s hand caress his mother’s hand. She quickly pays the waitress when she brings her the bag of food. She makes a hasty exit and wonders what her mother is doing holding hands with Dominick.

Scene Six -- The Towers, Floor Eight; Victoria’s Home

Chris and Victoria lay in the afterglow of making passionate love. She rests her head on his bare chest and looks up and him. She gives him a quick kiss before smiling, “That was amazing.”

“I always aim to please,” he winks back at her as he leans in and gives her another kiss.

“You more than succeed Mr. Michaels.”

They’re interrupted by his cell phone ringing from his pants pocket. “Ah, I should get that. It may be the office,” he says as he jumps out of bed and quickly pulls his briefs on. He walks over to his pants and grabs his phone.

“Hello?” he says into his phone. “Oh Daisy, hi,” he says as Victoria rolls her eyes behind his back. Of course his ex wife is calling him as they just finish making love she thinks to herself. “Did I what? … Honestly Daisy, I don’t know if I thought Trenyce was acting weird the other day at the house. That’s how she usually behaves around me,” he says a little chuckle. “Yea, I guess we could sit down with you and Andy and see what’s going on. Just let me know the date and time….yea, okay. Later.”

He puts his phone back into his pants and looks over at Victoria, whom is still laying in bed. “That was Daisy.”

“I figured as much,” she says with a icy reception.

“Ah, come on Vic. She’s worried about Trenyce and thinks something is up. Didn’t I just prove to you that you’re the one I want?”

Victoria smiles as she feels his lips are on her neck again. “I guess you did,” she purrs.

“I could always go for round two of proving it to you, if you need me too,” he says back to her as he continues to kiss her neck area.

“Mmm, I think I need that a lot!”

Scene Seven -- Madeline’s Condo

Madeline looks over some paper work at her desk regarding her PI firm that she’s opening. With the money she received from Preston, she knows that it won’t be long now before everything will be set in place for to officially open the PI firm. It’s something that she’s wanted to do for awhile now, and she’s so happy that everything is falling into place. If for nothing else, she’ll be able to support herself and not have to rely on her parents for financial aid. Plus, she doesn’t want to have to rely on a man for money, especially Will considering she continues to feel like he has been keeping a secret from her. She takes off her reading glasses and places them on the desk with her paper work.

She walks over into the living room and grabs herself a glass of water from the pitcher on her bar. She takes a drink of water and suddenly feels blessed with her current state. Even though things with Will are not perfect, she knows that she has a lot to be grateful for. Her thoughts are interrupted by her front door bell ringing. She looks down at her watch and wonders who is visiting her at this hour as she knows that Will has rounds at the hospital. She walks over to the door and opens it, to her horror she sees Dave standing at the door.

“Oh god, what have I done to deserve this visit?” she cracks as he comes into the living room.

“Listen Patty cakes, I mean … Maddie, sorry. I still forget that you’re Madeline now,” he says with a devilish grin on his face.

“Well get used to it, I’m here to stay. I’m busy, so tell me what you want and get out!”

Dave laughs at Madeline’s feistiness. “Calm down. I need your help.”

This time Madeline laughs at Dave. She walks over to her water and takes another drink. She turns around and realizes that he was being serious. “I told you before Dave, I’m DONE! What part of that do you not understand?”

“What part of the fact that I know you were a hooker in New York do you not understand?” Dave counters with her, knowing that Madeline was going to refuse to help him. “Either you help me or I’m going to Daddy dearest and telling him the truth.”

Madeline gulps but knows in her heart that Dave would never tell Preston the truth. If there’s one thing she’s learned about Dave is that he is all talk and no glory. “Go ahead. I’m tired of keeping secrets from my family. Tell them. I don’t care. I’m not helping you. Not now, not ever. Now get out of my house before I call the police.”

Shocked, Dave looks at Madeline waiting for her to crack. When she doesn’t he walks to the door way. Before he leaves he turns to her and looks at her, “You’ll regret this!” he says slamming the door closed behind him.

Madeline waits until she hears Dave’s car start before she breaks down into tears. “What have I done?” she asks herself as she walks over to her desk. She looks down and sees the paper work for her PI firm. If Dave tells Preston the truth, it could all be over, she realizes. She looks up and wonders if she should tell the truth before someone else does.

Scene Eight -- The Towers, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

“I got it!” Robin yells as she hangs up the phone. Cory turns his head from the computer and looks at Robin’s grin on her face. After being on the phone for more than an hour, Robin finally seemed to accomplish her mission.

“What was it that you were trying to do again?” Cory asks pulling her leg. He knows fully well that she was booking the church for the wedding.

“I got St. Joseph’s!” she says rushing over to him and kissing him. “It was a struggle, I guess there’s a few weddings in November. But whatever, I got our date! I’m so excited Cory. Everything is really coming together!”

Cory looks at Robin, and loves seeing how excited she is by the wedding plans coming together. “Have I told you that you look absolutely radiant these days?”

“No, and for the record, I would never get tired of hearing those words from your mouth,” she smiles to him as she comes closer to him. The two share another kiss, which soon escalates into a more passionate kiss.

“I always want you to feel this way Robin. I love you so much,” he says as he continues to kiss her.

“Why don’t you take me upstairs and prove to me how much you love me,” she says as she starts to unbutton his shirt.

They continue to make out and Cory’s shirt comes off, but then the doorbell rings. Robin pauses for a second as Cory continues to kiss her neck.

“We should get that,” she says trying to push him off her.

“Should we?” he asks disappointed as Robin gets off the bench that they were sitting on.

“It could be something important for the wedding. I’ve ordered a lot of samples,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “I’ll get rid of them and we’ll go upstairs, okay?”

“Hurry,” he orders her as she approaches the door.

Robin turns the door and opens it and her mouth drops open. “Mother! What are you doing here?”

Melissa Young enters the penthouse and turns around and smiles back at her daughter. “You’re getting married. Did you really think I would miss that?”

Next on One Day at a Time
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- Helen holds Cassie’s baby, unaware of their true connection
- Preston reaches out

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