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Previously on One Day at a Time
- At the fundraiser, Leah slept with Jeff. Realizing that she wants to make her marriage work with Robbie, she “dumped” Jeff and told Robbie she wanted to have a baby. They made love and reconnected after Leah apologized for shutting him out
- Bob & Sofia agreed to act out a separation in order to get the upper hand on Dominick. Sofia went out for dinner with Dominick as a part of their plan, unaware Natasha saw them holding hands.
- Daisy suspected something was off with Trenyce after she was behaving strangely with Chris & Andrew
- Cassie tampered with Natasha’s car in hopes of getting rid of her enemy. Later, Helen held baby Dawn and got her to stop crying, something Cassie had not been able to do
- After resuming his affair with Olivia, Will dumped Madeline.

Scene One – The Calimo Mansion; Bob & Sofia’s Home

Bob assists Sofia in placing the “Happy Birthday” banner over the fireplace mantel. Together, the two have decorated the living room in the Calimo mansion with balloons, party favours and a snack/beverage corner to celebrate Robbie’s birthday. Bob, however, knows that the day brings much more than celebrating the birth of his son with Sofia; he and Sofia are going to announce to their family that they are separating. Only he and Sofia know that their separation is fake and that they are only separating until they can get the upper hand on Dominick, who is going to great lengths to get back together with Sofia. The thought of Dominick and Sofia together, still after all these years, makes Bob sick to his stomach.

“How does it look?” he asks Sofia as she moves back to see if the banner is centered.

“It’s perfect!” she smiles as he comes down off the small step ladder. “Are you alright darling? You seem distant today,” she notes to her husband.

“I’m just thinking about today,” he replies to her looking at her in the eyes. Sofia has seen the look throughout their years together. He is worried but putting on a brave front.

“I know my love. I don’t know how the children, especially Natasha, will react to the news of our separation. At least Robbie has Leah to turn too for support. Natasha has lost so much this year already,” Sofia says as she hugs her husband. “But like you said, we have to be strong. We are doing this to protect them.”

“Do you know how much I love you?” Bob smiles to her before giving her a quick kiss, realizing that she always says the right thing at the right time.

“I do! And I love you just as much,” she winks at him as they both hear the front door open.

Robbie and Leah enter the living room and shake off fresh snow from their jackets. “Happy Birthday my darling!” Sofia says as she rushes up to Robbie to give him a hug.

“Thanks Mom,” he replies. “That snow is really coming down out there.”

“The first snow storm of the season is always the worst,” Bob notes as he hugs Leah.

“The place looks amazing,” Leah observes the decor. “You have outdone yourself Sofia!”

“Nothing is too good for my boy,” Sofia continues to embarrass Robbie.

They hear the door close again and turn to see Natasha enter the mansion. She takes off her long jacket and leaves it in the foyer. She enters the living room carrying a large present. “Hey everyone,” she smiles as she arrives and gets a hug from Sofia.

“Did you drive home in this weather?” Sofia asks concerned about her daughter’s safety in the snow storm, noting that Natasha is still living in the Calimo guest-house.

“No, I took a cab. My car was acting funny after work. I think my brakes are weak,” she replies distantly from her mother. Natasha knows that this is not the time nor the place to bring up drama, but she knows that she has to talk to her mother regarding seeing her at Capers the previous night with Dominick holding hands. She has no idea what Sofia was doing or thinking, but she has to get to the bottom of it. “I’ll have to take a cab back into city afterwards to get my car.”

Suddenly Rosario, Sofia’s long time house keeper, comes into the living room with glasses of champagne. She hands one out to everyone. “I hope no one minds champagne,” Bob smiles as everyone grabs their glasses. “But I thought I would toast Robbie on his birthday day.”

Leah looks at Bob and smiles. “Do you mind if I say something before we toast Bob?”

“Of course not,” Bob replies to his daughter in law.

Leah carefully sets the glass of champagne down on the coffee table that rests in front of her. “I know that things have been tense with me for the last year. Dealing with Noah’s death has not been easy in any way, shape or form. I wanted to take this time to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. You’re support and understanding has meant more to me than I can ever express,” she smiles through some tears. “Especially you Robbie,” she continues as she turns to her husband. “I love you so much and you know how sorry I am for shutting you for so long.”

“It’s okay Leah. You don’t have to apologize anymore,” Robbie tells her softly, allowing her to know that she doesn’t have to publicly apologize.

“I have to do this,” Leah continues as she turns back her attention to the rest of the Calimo’s as Robbie grabs her hand for support. “You guys all know that I have been pretty distant, especially from Robbie. I realize this and I’m really trying to make things right with Robbie and our marriage. We have reconnected lately and we have really made an effort to get our marriage back on track.”

“Leah, thank you so much for all of this. But it’s really unnecessary,” Natasha chimes in. “We all know and understanding that losing Noah was the worst experience of your life.”

Leah smiles, “There’s just one more thing,” she says wiping some tears from her eyes. “Since Robbie and I have reconnected, I have news! We are expecting a baby!”

Robbie’s mouth opens in shock and he turns to Leah as Bob and Sofia embrace each other overjoyed. “You never told me!”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Leah says as Robbie hugs her. “Are you happy?”

“I’m thrilled baby!” he says as he kisses her!

“So this is why I had to interrupt your toast Bob! I can’t drink champagne!” Leah says as Bob embraces her followed by Sofia and Natasha.

“This is just wonderful news,” Sofia says to everyone.

“If you guys will excuse me, I want to go splash some water on my face,” Leah says. “I’m sure my make up is running!” Leah exits the living room and goes into the corner powder room. She shuts the door and locks it. She looks in the mirror and sees herself in the reflection and she can hear the Calimo family still celebrating the pregnancy. She shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath. “I have to hope,” she tells herself as she splashes the water on her face. She knows that timing of the pregnancy is rocky because she slept with Jeff at the fundraiser and then Robbie a few days later. Either one could be the father. “Robbie has to be the father. He just has to be. We’ve worked too hard for this to get in the way,” she whispers as she dries her hands, and prepares to return to the party for her husband.

Scene Two – Madeline’s Condo

“So just ended things, no explanation?” Kim asks Madeline as she drinks some of her Cosmo martini. Next to her, Ryan is sitting drinking a beer. She looks at him and is happy that he agreed to come over to Madeline’s with her after getting the call that Will broke things off with Madeline. She puts her hand on Ryan’s leg and squeezes it a little, as she enjoys the fact that Ryan is there with her.

Madeline takes another big drink of her Cosmo before replying, “He said we weren’t right for each other, can you believe it?” The Cosmo is the fourth of the evening for Madeline as she has decided to drown her sorrows after Will abruptly ended things with her. “I just don’t understand.”

Ryan looks at Madeline and secretly wonders about Will’s motives as well. He knows that he has been blackmailing Will into helping him sell drugs for months now with the fact that Will slept with Madeline’s mother, Olivia. Suddenly now, he feels like his leverage is slipping away from him as Will ended his relationship with his girlfriend. “You want to know what I think?” he finally speaks up.

“What?” Madeline says turning her glossy eyes in his direction.

“You’re far too good for Will Coutts,” he grins back at her. “You’re young, beautiful and talented. You could have any guy you wanted. Don’t let some jerk slow you down!”

Kim looks at Ryan with curiosity. While she too is surprised that Will ended things with Madeline, she is Will’s friend too. She was hesitant to even come over to Madeline’s as she didn’t want to take sides in the break up, but she thought she could stay neutral. However, hearing Ryan talk about Will like this makes her believe Ryan really has it out for Will.

“Maybe you’re right,” Madeline replies as she takes another drink of her cosmo, finishing her last gulp. “I need another. You guys want one?”

“No, we’re okay. I’m driving and in this storm, it could be dangerous,” Kim notes, as she watches as Madeline exits the room to get another drink. She looks over at Ryan and glares at him. “What was that?” she asks pissed off.

“What was what?” he says taken aback by her attitude.

“You just totally slammed Will!”

Ryan grins secretly liking smashing Will to everyone. He knows that he has to calm the storm with Kim though, for reasons he can’t figure out she does have a friendship with him. “That’s what people need to hear when they’re in the midst of a break up. I know that we weren’t going to take sides, but you have to make her feel good right now. She needs to hear what a loser he is, even if we don’t really believe it.”

Kim arches her eyebrow knowing that they could support Madeline without slamming Will, “If you say so,” she says to him as she starts to feel her Blackberry vibrate. She takes it out of her pocket and checks the message. “Oh crap!”

“What’s up?” he asks not even interested in her phone.

“I have to go to work. Looks like some breaking story is happening and I’ll have to cover it. You’ll be able to get home okay?”

“Yea, I’ve already had a couple of beers, I’ll just call a cab,” he says as he watches Madeline re-enter the living room with a fresh martini.

“Where’s the party going?” she asks noticing Kim leaving.

“I have to work, I’m so sorry,” she says as she hugs Madeline. “Call me when you’re feeling down, okay?”

Madeline returns her hug and appreciates her friend’s support. “Thanks Kim. Be safe in the blizzard.”

As Kim exits, Madeline sits on the sofa next to Ryan. “I guess it’s just the two of us, huh?”

“Yup, just the two of us,” he says back to her as they cheers. “I wasn’t lying about earlier, you know. You can do so much better than Will.”

“Thanks Ryan. I know that, it just sucks that I was one that was dumped, you know?” she grins as she takes another drink.

As Ryan watches her drink he takes notice of her beauty. Since he knows he can’t really blackmail Will anymore with the information that he was sleeping with Olivia, he knows he has to be able to hurt Will in another way. He looks again as Madeline takes another drink of her martini and grins.

“Careful,” he says as he pulls her bangs out of her face. “You’re going to get your hair wet!”

Madeline breaks into laughter as she realized that she’s drank so much that she’s getting her hair in her martini. “Thank you,” she manages to say as she leans back into the plush sofa.

“No worries, I would hate for your hair to get ruined,” he says as he continues to play with it. He looks into her eyes before she looks into his. Before they know it they are kissing passionately. Madeline pulls Ryan into a deeper kiss as her tongue slides into his mouth. They suddenly pull back realizing what they are about to do. He smiles at her, “Are you sure?”

“So sure,” she says as she pulls him into another passionate kiss.

Scene Three -- The Michael’s House; Chris, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

Daisy looks out the large front window as the snow flakes fall fast and furiously. She turns around and takes a drink of her hot chocolate before looking over at Chris who is sitting on the sofa. With the fire blazing, it almost seems like old times for Daisy; at home with Chris as the first snow fall of the season hits. She realizes that they are divorced and so much has happened since their marriage really fell apart. He has now seemingly moved on with Victoria, and they still struggle to get along with Trencye.

Which is why she asked Chris and Andy to meet her. She can’t get over the feeling that Trenyce is still hiding something. She can’t place her finger on it but she knows that her niece has been acting very oddly every time Andrew and Chris are in the room together. After the Terrence ordeal, she would have thought that Trencye would come around and let everyone in again. For the most part she has, except with Chris. Daisy is determined to get to the bottom of it.

“I hope Andy is alright in this weather,” she finally speaks up to Chris as he sits reading some files from work.

“The first storm is always so difficult to handle,” he replies to her looking up. “I’m worried about Trenyce too. Didn’t she take Andrew out?”

“Yea, but her car is here, so I’m guessing she’ll take a cab home. Andrew just had a check up,” Daisy replies as she hears a car pull into the driveway. “That must be Andy.”

Before they know it, Andy is inside shivering from the cold. After hanging his coat and giving him a hot mug of hot chocolate, he sits next to Chris.

“So what’s up? Why’d you ask us to meet with you?” Andy asks Daisy, who is still standing in the middle of the room.

She arches her eyebrow and takes another drink before she speaks. “I wanted to ask you guys about Trenyce and about her behaviour lately.”

“What about it?” Chris asks wondering where Daisy is going with this. In his mind, Trenyce hasn’t changed her behaviour since they slept together over a year ago. Since that night in Milwaukee, Trenyce has treated him the same way as she always has: like he doesn’t exist.

“It just seems like something is off,” Daisy continues. “She’s really come around with me since Terrence’s death.”

“Why do I feel like there’s a but about to come here,” Chris jokes with Daisy.

“Because there is,” she grins back at him. “She just seems so…up tight with Andrew and who is allowed to be around him and who isn’t. Like, that day you and I were babysitting him; she came home and freaked out. I asked her about it and she shuts down like she always has.”

Andy takes another drink of his hot chocolate wanting to stay out of the conversation as he knows the truth: that Chris is Andrew’s father. Even though Trenyce has come around a lot with doing the right thing since Terrence’s death, he knows her fears about Chris learning the truth and he doesn’t think it’s his place to tell the truth.

“That’s just how she is with me Daisy, you know that,” Chris continues to say. “I mean, ever since we, well you know,” he begins to bring up their affair before realizing that it’s probably still a sticky subject with Daisy. “She’s pretty much hated me and wanted me out of her life since that night.”

Daisy turns around and takes another drink of her hot chocolate. She doesn’t want Chris and Andy to see the pain on her face, which she knows she is unable to hide when the conversation turns to the part where Chris and Trenyce made love. It still rocks her to the very core to think that her husband and niece slept together behind her back. And while she has never really thought of it, she has to realize that it must have affected Trenyce and Chris as well. She would like to believe that no one would purposely hurt a loved one in that sense.

“Andy,” she says regaining her composure. “What do you think? As Trenyce’s best friend, do you have insight?”

Andy gulps and puts his hot chocolate down from his mouth. He looks at Daisy then over at Chris. “I wish I knew more, but Trenyce hasn’t really said anything to me. I know she’s never really trusted Chris, but other than that, I don’t think I can be much help.”

Daisy sighs and continues to look out the window. “I just wish I knew a way to get her to open up to us.”

“Let’s just ask her,” Chris says standing up and walking over to Daisy. He places his hand on her shoulder causing her to look into his eyes, something that has always brought her great comfort. “The three of us are here, she should be home soon. We can all ask her on a united front.”

Andy looks away knowing that Trencye will probably flip out when she comes home and has to face these questions.

“We won’t have to wait long, her cab just pulled up,” Daisy notes looking outside. “You guys ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Andy replies still worried about Trenyce’s reaction.

Scene Four -- The Tower’s, Floor Twelve; Adam & Helen’s Condo

A white cloud surrounds Helen as she lays in the large king size bed, tossing and turning as she sleeps. She suddenly lifts her head and her white night gown is covered in blood. She puts her hand on her stomach where the blood is seemingly coming from and she screams.

Suddenly, she is walking around the Calimo Cabin, the blood is still on her white night gown. She looks around and sees a fire roaring in the large fire place. She turns around and sees a woman laying on the large sofa. She isn’t moving and her face is covered by her long, blonde hair. Helen bends down beside the woman and starts to pull her hair off her face.

“Are you okay?” she asks as she pulls the hair strains off her face. More and more hair moves off her face until she can see the woman laying on the sofa: it’s her! Helen backs up quickly. “What’s going on here?” she calls. “How can I be laying there and standing here? I don’t understand!”

Suddenly she hears something. It takes her a moment to realize what the noise is, but it’s a baby crying. A baby girl is crying.

Helen turns her head quickly to try to see where the baby is. “Where are you? Where’s the baby?” she screams in frustration, as she looks around but sees nothing an no one.

Suddenly, the room spirals and it appears that she’s in a hospital room at Twin Peaks General Hospital. She sees herself lying in a hospital room with Adam by her side. She and Adam are holding each other hands and crying as they were just told that their baby is dead. But Helen can still hear the baby crying.

“Why is this happening? Where is my baby?” she cries as looks at her self. “Where is she!??”

Suddenly, Helen jolts up in bed and looks around. She’s back in her bedroom in her condo. She looks down and her night gown is white and clean. She feels the sweat on her forehand from her nightmare.

“I heard my baby cry! I know I heard my baby cry,” she says quickly. “Why did Olivia tell me my baby was dead? I heard her cry!”

Helen asks herself, even though she starts to wonder why doesn’t ask Olivia these questions. She stands up in the bedroom and rushes over to the window and sees how heavy the snow is coming down. Going out in the storm would not be the best decision, she realizes, she notes that she will have to go see Olivia in the morning.

Scene Five -- The Calimo Mansion; Bob & Sofia’s Home

The birthday for Robbie continues in the living room of the family home of the Calimo’s. The birthday cake has been cut and Robbie has opened his presents, so the party is starting to wind down slowly especially with the snow falling heavily. No one wants to stay and have to drive home in horrible conditions.

“We should probably get going soon,” Leah says looking up at Robbie with a smile on her face.

“Oh, well Bob and I have something we’d like to talk to you guys about before you depart,” Sofia announces noticing that the children are wanting to leave. She walks over to Bob, who is pouring himself a brandy. “It’s time.” she says into his ear.

Bob turns and looks at his children who are looking at him with curious eyes. “This will not come easy for you, but we hope you respect our decision and our privacy on the matter,” he says in a stern voice. Both Robbie and Natasha glance over at each other wondering what Bob is talking about. They have both heard that tone often in their lives; their father means business.

“What is going on?” Natasha presses for more information.

“You’re mother and I have decided that for the time being it would be best if we separate,” he says calmly before taking a drink of his brandy. The alcohol hits Bob and he immediately feels a little better. He needs to be numb to deal with the fall out.

“What?” Robbie says standing up. “You can’t be serious!”

Natasha follows her brother’s suit, “What is going on!?”

“You’re mother and I just realize that maybe some time apart will help … rekindle the spark that is missing right now,” Bob says. “We still love each other and most importantly we still love our children.”

“Robbie, please look at me,” Sofia pleads to her son, who is looking out the window. Robbie turns and hugs his mother. “It won’t be forever, I promise.”

“This is your fault!” Natasha yells at Sofia rushing over to her.

“Natasha, calm down,” Bob orders her.

“No Daddy! You don’t understand!” Natasha continues to say with an urgency in her voice. “I saw her with Dominick! She was at Capers the other night … and they were holding hands! You’re cheating on Dad, aren’t you?” Natasha yells at Sofia.

Sofia immediately looks over at Bob with tears in her eyes. “No, Natasha I am not. Your father and I just want some time apart right now. I was having dinner with an old friend.”

“You’re a liar!” Natasha yells. “How dare you break up our family!”

“Hey, calm down Nat, this isn’t helping any one, okay?” Robbie says hugging her sister. “I can’t believe it either,” he whispers into her ear.

“I’m just…crushed Robbie,” she says back to him as tears escape her eyes.

“You’re mother and I will still communicate and see each other often. We fully expect to reunite, but for right now, this is best.” Bob says again to his children.

Natasha glares at her mother knowing that she is the real reason that her family is breaking up. Natasha can’t help but feel like something else has been ripped away from her. First her marriage to Cory ended, then her relationship with Shane ended suddenly because of Cassie, and now her parents are separating. She doesn’t know how much more she can take. She walks over to her purse and grabs her phone.

“Who are you calling?” Leah asks, while she sits on the sofa trying to adjust what’s going on.

“A cab, I’m not going to the guest house. I’m going back into the city.”

“We can drive you, we are headed home,” Robbie tells her.

“Thanks,” Natasha says hanging up and instead starts sending a text message. She finds Eva’s name and sends her a message that reads “Are you awake? I have to see you.”

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