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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Bob & Sofia announced to Robbie and Natasha they are “separating”. Natasha was devastated and accused Sofia of cheating with Dominick
- Leah announced that she’s pregnant; Robbie was thrilled, but secretly she worried if he or Jeff was the father
- Daisy gathered Chris and Andy to discuss Trenyce’s attitude with Chris and Andrew. Andy kept mum about the truth. Trenyce arrived home to the three of them waiting.
- Melissa returned for Robin’s wedding and made it clear that she doesn’t trust or approve of Cory
- Victoria told Robbie that Meggan has disappeared
- Cassie tampered with Natasha’s car

Scene One – Robbie’s SUV

“Are you sure you’re okay at home alone?” Robbie asks into his blackberry as he is pulled over on the side of the road his SUV. After his birthday party at the Calimo mansion, he took Leah home only to get a call from Victoria about Meggan and her disappearance. He agreed to go with her on a mysterious trip, despite the fact that there is a heavy snow storm in Twin Peaks. He pulled over to call Leah to ensure that she’s okay home alone as she just announced that she was pregnant earlier in the evening. “Okay, I promise I won’t be too long. I love you too,” he says as he hangs up the phone.

Victoria looks over at him and arches her eyebrow. “We can go back if you’d like. I realize these circumstances aren’t exactly ideal for driving in,” she tells him noting the weather.

“It’s okay. This bad boy is made for weather like this!” Robbie says patting his steering wheel. “Plus Leah said she was going to go to bed soon, so we can go to the Victors estate like you asked. I do have a question though, what makes you think that Meggan is at the Estate?” Robbie asks Victoria as he pulls out back on the road. He keeps his eyes glued to the road in front of him as the big snow flakes falling make it hard to drive.

“I have no idea, honestly. It’s a gut feeling,” Victoria admits to Robbie. “The entire place was really creepy when I was there last time.”

“You’ve been before?” he asks surprised.

“Yea, I went on a hunch too. I thought if I went there maybe it would be a clue or something,” Victoria admits, even though she’s scared about revealing too much information.

“I’ve solved cases on hunches, so I get it,“ Robbie replies. He senses that there’s more to this story than Victoria has told him thus far, and he knows as a cop that he needs to know the entire story before he can really do anything to help her. “Okay, you have to be straight with me about this story Victoria. There’s clearly a lot that I don’t know about. I can only help you and Meggan unless I know the entire story,” he says as he looks over at her with intent before focusing back on the road.

Victoria gulps and realizes that he’s right; she can’t keep on only giving him half the story. Plus, she tells herself, if she tells Robbie the truth maybe he can protect her from Dave and Brett. She takes a deep breath, “Brace yourself, I’ll tell you everything on the ride up to the Estate.”

Scene Two – The Tower’s, Floor Eight; Eva’s Condo

Eva looks over at Natasha who is drinking a hot toddy and is snuggling under a blanket as the fire place goes. As the storm continues to rage on, Eva recalls getting a text message earlier from Natasha asking her if she could come visit her for awhile; Eva could sense that her daughter was upset and was more than happy to allow Natasha to come over and spend the evening with her.

“Have I told you how much I love what you’re done with this place?” Natasha grins over at Eva as she takes another drink of her beverage, noting the new digs.

“Thank you! I’m just so happy to finally have gotten my own place. It feels like it’s the start of a new beginning,” Eva replies to her friend. “So tell me, what made you so upset that you wanted to come over tonight? Not that I mind having you.”

Natasha smiles over at the woman that has become one of her best friends. From the moment she met Eva, she felt a connection with her, even though she can’t really explain what the connection is or why they have it. After Robbie’s birthday party though, she knew she needed a friend. She still can’t fathom that her parents are separating, even if they do claim it is for a little while. She has no idea what to think, especially since she saw Sofia and Dominick holding hands at Capers a few nights earlier.

“It’s just family drama, I’m sure you don’t want to hear about it,” Natasha replies, not wanting to ruin the evening by dwelling on her drama.

“That’s what friends are for Natasha, to be there for each other and to listen to each other when it’s necessary. Tell me what’s going on.”

“Okay,” Natasha begins with a little sigh. “It’s my brother’s birthday and at his party my parents announced that they’re separating! I just … I can’t believe it.”

“Oh my, I had no idea,” Eva explains, just as surprised as Natasha is saying the words out loud. Eva quickly remembers how Dominick recently told her that they were close to getting everything they wanted; he must have meant Bob & Sofia breaking up. She wonders what Dominick has done to get Bob and Sofia to this point. “This has nothing to do with you though Natasha. You’re parents love you, and just because they may want some time apart it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you any less.”

“I know, that’s what they said,” Natasha continues. “It’s just … you know, all my life the one constant has always been my family. My Mom and Dad being together and in love. It was never supposed to change. I feel like I’ve lost so much this year already…I don’t want to lose my family too,” Natasha continues as she gets water in her eyes.

Eva moves over from her chair and sits next to Natasha. “You’ve lost a lot, but you have so much to be grateful for. You are young, beautiful, smart, funny, educated … you’re the perfect daughter and the perfect woman Natasha. Don’t let the actions of other’s bring you down. You can’t control your parents, you can only control yourself.”

Natasha hugs Eva. “Thank you. How did you know just the right thing to say?”

“I’m old! So I’m wise,” Eva laughs as they separate from their hug.

Natasha wipes her eyes from the tears and smiles. “I should get going. It’s been a long day. I feel like I should go home, have a bubble bath, cry some more then go to sleep before work tomorrow.”

Eva giggles, “Okay, but call me when you get home. The snow is really coming down out there!”

“I will. My car is around the block. I’ll be fine,” Natasha says as she prepares to leave.

Scene Three – The Michaels House; Chris, Trenyce & Andrew’s Home

“Let’s just ask her,” Chris says standing up and walking over to Daisy. He places his hand on her shoulder causing her to look into his eyes, something that has always brought her great comfort. “The three of us are here, she should be home soon. We can all ask her on a united front.”

Andy looks away knowing that Trencye will probably flip out when she comes home and has to face these questions.

“We won’t have to wait long, her cab just pulled up,” Daisy notes looking outside. “You guys ready?”

“As I’ll ever be,” Andy replies, as he gulps not looking forward to Trenyce’s reaction that Daisy has summoned him and Chris over to uncover why Trenyce continues to act so oddly with Andrew and Chris.

The front door opens and Trenyce comes in and shakes some of the snow off her jacket. She quickly dusts Andrew’s baby stroller off as well as it is covered in the large snow flakes.

“Are you ready for some play time?” she asks Andrew as she takes him out of the stroller. She turns the front corner and sees Daisy, Chris and Andy waiting for her in the living room. “What’s going on here?” she asks immediately feeling pressure and guarded.

“I asked Chris and Andy over,” Daisy tells her niece. “I’ve been trying to figure something out and I wanted their help with it. How was Andrew‘s check up?”

“It was fine; he is perfect! And what is that you wanted to figure out?” Trenyce asks trying to keep her cool as she puts Andrew in his play pen, still feeling like something is going on.

“We aren’t trying to gang up on you Trenyce, just hear us out,” Chris chimes in, noting her apprehension.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Trenyce coldly replies to him as she looks at Daisy waiting for her to answer her question.

“This, right here, right now! This is what we were discussing, this attitude that you seem to have with Chris and your baby. I guess it just doesn’t involve Andrew though, does it?” Daisy replies to her niece with a more stern voice. “Look at me Trencye!”

Trenyce finally turns around from the playpen and looks at Daisy, her eyes slowly filling with water. “I don’t know what you want from me.”

“I want the truth Trenyce,” Daisy says approaching her and hugging her. “That’s all I want. You and I, we’ve been through so much. I just want to know what’s going on with you.”

Daisy pulls out of the hug as Trenyce has a tear drop down the side of her cheek. She shakes her head and looks over at Chris and then Andy. She looks back at Daisy, who nods her head as though trying to will Trenyce into telling her what’s on her mind.

Trenyce quickly turns around and puts her hand over her mouth as more tears flow out of her eyes. How can she possibly tell the truth now? She looks down at Andrew playing in his crib and she can’t bear the thought of losing him. She knows that she has come so far since Terrence’s death, but she still has this fear that Chris will not only try to take Andrew away from her, but he will succeed. Plus, how will her relationship with Daisy change after she learns that Chris, her ex husband, fathered her niece’s child?

“There’s nothing to tell,” she manages to say to everyone. “I think I should go,” she says again picking up Andrew from the crib. “I just need some time and space to think about things.”

Andy looks at Daisy, who clearly wants him to say something. “Trenyce, is that a good idea? The snow is coming down so fast, the roads aren’t in great condition.”

“I don’t care!” she snaps at him and then glares at Chris and Daisy. “I hate that you three cornered me! I have nothing to hide! NOTHING!”

“Okay, okay,” Daisy says trying to calm her down. “Maybe I’m reading too much into this. Please don’t leave, don’t go out in the storm Trenyce. Especially not with Andrew.”

“I just need to get away for awhile,” Trenyce says as she places Andrew in his winter jacket. “I promise I won’t be long. Just please respect my decision to need some space.”

Before Daisy can reply, Trenyce is opening the front door and they hear it close behind her. They soon hear her car starting outside. Daisy turns to Chris and Andy and puts her hand on her hips, trying not cry.

“I haven’t seen her that upset in a long time. And now she’s out in the storm. I’m so scared something will happen to her,” Daisy says biting her lip as Chris hugs her. “If something happens to her, it will be my fault.”

“Don’t worry Daisy. They’ll be fine, I’m sure of it.” he says as he looks over to Andy, not sure he can really say that with all the faith in the world.

Scene Four -- The Calimo House; Robbie & Leah’s Home

Leah drinks some of her herbal tea as she reads a book by the fire in the study. She hated to see Robbie leave with Victoria in the storm, but she understood when he said it was police business, plus the time alone will help her try to get her head around being pregnant. She can’t help but recall the look on Robbie’s face earlier in the evening at the Calimo mansion at his birthday party. He was surprised, which is something that she had wanted to do, but he was also overjoyed. She is so grateful that he was pleased with the pregnancy, as she knows that things haven’t exactly been stellar between the two lately. Still, she hopes that this is the start of them rebuilding their relationship.

Unless, she thinks to herself. She shakes her head and scolds herself quickly for even going down that path. Jeff can not be the father of my baby, she tells herself as she takes another drink of her tea. She remembers having a fight with Robbie the night of the fundraiser at Caldwell Mountain Ski Resorts and then finding Jeff in his room; the two made love that night, something she regretted the moment it was over. She hasn’t seen Jeff since that night when she told him that they couldn’t see each other anymore. She knew that she couldn’t jeopardize her marriage anymore than she already did that night.

“I have to believe that Robbie is the father,” she tells herself as she stands up and puts her book on the end table. “Maybe I should talk to Dad though. He may be able to help me out.”

Her thoughts are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. “Who on earth could that be? Who would want to travel in this weather?” she asks herself as she ties her robe around her waist and walks to the front door. She opens the door and is stunned to see Jeff standing outside.

“Come in, you must be freezing!” she says as he enters the house.

“It is cold out there. I didn’t think you’d want to see me after the last time we saw each other,” he says as he takes off his jacket and places it on the coat rack.

“Well I’m not about to let you freeze, and you must have come for a reason if you’re here at this hour.”

“Where’s Robbie?” he quickly asks as they look into each other’s eyes.

“He’s at work,” she says softly, even though she wonders if she should be letting him in when Robbie isn’t at home. It’s not that she doesn’t trust herself, its that she doesn’t know if she should trust Jeff. “What’s going on?”

“I heard,” he says walking into the living room.

“Heard? Heard what?” Leah asks him following him.

“About the baby. I know that you’re pregnant.”

Leah’s mouth opens a little wondering how he could possibly have found out, but still she knows that she has to stay strong and do what is right for her, what is right for her marriage. “Did you? Well, Robbie and I are absolutely thrilled.”

Jeff pauses before responding and he looks at Leah. He tries to get a read of her, but he’s unable as she remains stone cold. Either she’s telling the truth, or she’s a very, very good liar he determines.

“You have to know what I am thinking,” he tells her moving closer to her. “We made love Leah. It was the best night of my life. And now you’re pregnant…”

“Don’t go there,” she tells him turning away from him. “I told you at the ski resort that it was a mistake.”

“You feel that way now, but what if we made another baby together?” he asks reaching out and touching her shoulder.

“We didn’t,” she says coldly as she turns and faces him. “We don’t have another baby. We aren’t having another baby.”

“How can you be so sure? We didn’t use protection,” he says, almost pleading with her to give him some kind of hope that they still have a chance together. After the year they’ve had together, mourning the loss of Noah, he is so desperate to get another chance with Leah.

Leah sighs and moves past Jeff, not wanting to look at him in the eyes. “I had a test done Jeff. The test proved that Robbie was the father. You’re not the father. I told you at the resort that what we had was over. You should go.”

Jeff walks up to her and puts hands on her shoulders. “Don’t do this Leah. You know that this past year we experienced something that not everyone gets to experience that kind of … connection every day.”

“No, and not half of that connection is married Jeff. Look,” she tells him as she finally faces him. “This past year, you’ve been my rock through the hardest time of my life. But, I’m married. And I love Robbie more than anything.” she continues as he turns away this time, trying not go to get emotional. “I’m so sorry that I hurt you Jeff. I’m sorry that we slept together, but … I’m with Robbie.”

Jeff is about to turn around and try to protest, but he realizes that it’s a lost cause. He knows that once Leah has made up her mind it’s hard for her to change it. He also knows that she does love Robbie, despite having sex with him.

“Okay. I’ll go. And I’ll leave you alone. If you ever need to talk, or anything, you know where to find me.”

Leah watches as he walks over and grabs his jacket and puts it on.

“Drive safe in the weather,” she tells him as she puts his boots back on as well.

“Thanks.” he says as he leaves the house. He turns one more time to look at Leah before exiting. As soon as the door is closed, Leah walks up and locks the door. She turns around and sighs as she feels water building in her eyes.

“I have to talk to Daddy tomorrow. I need to know the truth,” she says as she holds her stomach.

Scene Five -- The Tower’s, The Penthouse; Cory & Robin’s Home

Cory finishes opening the bottle of red wine and then he pours two glasses. He walks one over to Robin, who is lounging on the sofa by the fire place. He sits next to her and smiles as he loves looking at her in the glow of the fire. He takes a drink of the wine and suddenly hears the water running upstairs. Melissa is taking a bubble bath, he realizes. While he and Robin are trying to enjoy the storm with a bottle of wine and the fire, her mother is upstairs ruining any chance of them getting intimate later. Not only that, but Cory is worried that Melissa is going to do something to try to discredit him in Robin’s eyes. He recalls the conversation the other morning when Melissa told Robin that she doesn’t think Cory is the man for her.

“Your mom is taking a bath,” he says softly as he slides next to her on the sofa.

“We will finally get some alone time then,” she smiles looking at him and kissing him softly. “I’m so sorry about her. She had no right to say those things to you.”

Cory sighs but puts a smile on his face. ‘It’s okay Robin, really. The last couple of years have been hard on everyone. I guess I deserve some hard ship for going back and forth between you and Natasha for so long.”

“But you’ve made your decision and we’ve been so happy for months now.”

“She’s just trying to look after you. And besides, there’s absolutely nothing that she can say or do that will discredit me to you. I love you and am totally devoted to you,” Cory smiles again, kissing her more passionately.

“I love you too,” she says in between kisses. Robin hears the wind blow causing her to sit up and look out the window. “Wow, that snow is really coming down out there.” She gets up and walks over to the large window on the other side of the living room. “You know what? I just had a wicked idea!”

“What’s that?” Cory asks turning around while sitting on the sofa still.

“What if the next ad campaign was a winter themed ad? You know, I could wear a fur hat and … something else and the new bottle of perfume could look like a piece of ice or something!” Robin replies, giddy with excitement over her latest idea for Roboto.

Cory turns around and slightly rolls his eyes, not wanting to hear about Robin’s modelling ideas. He still has reservations of thousands of men looking and Robin, and wanting her. If she could just stick to making the perfumes and designing the bottles, Cory would be a much happier man. He stands up and walks over to the window to beside her. “I guess you should talk to Bob about it,” he says trying to stay positive for her, not wanting her to be upset about his concerns about modelling, especially with Melissa staying with them until after the wedding.

They are interrupted by hearing a knock on their front door. She turns to him and arches her eyebrow. “Who on earth is here at this hour?”

“And in this weather?” he asks as he walks over to the door to answer the knock. He opens the door and is floored to see two familiar faces: Rebecca DeWitt, Robin’s half sister and Jason Sanders, Rebecca’s boyfriend! “Rebecca, Jason? What you are you guys doing here?”

Rebecca rushes in and embraces Robin immediately. “We are here for the wedding! I would never miss my sisters wedding, especially knowing how hard you guys fought to be here!” Rebecca says as she continues to hug Robin.

Robin exit’s the embrace and wipes some tears away, “Your being here means so much to me! I’ve missed you!”

“It’s good to see you again Jason,” Cory says allowing Jason to enter the Penthouse as well. “You guys want a glass of the red?”

“Yea, that would be awesome! It was a long drive,” Jason says as he drops the bags. “You guys have quiet the place here!”

“So tell me about the wedding,” Rebecca says as she and Robin sit side by side on the sofa.

“Oh gosh, I don’t know where to begin. I do have a question for you though,” Robin tells her sister.

“Okay,” Rebecca replies.

“I didn’t know if you were coming or not, but I would love if you were my maid of honour!”

“It would be my pleasure,” Rebecca says hugging Robin again.

“There’s one more thing I have to tell you,” Robin begins to say as Cory comes over and hands Rebecca and Jason a glass of the red wine.

“Tell me!” Rebecca smiles, excited to hear all of the news.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? My other long lost daughter,” Melissa says standing on the top of the staircase, fresh from the bubble bath. “Rebecca, it’s been far too long since I’ve seen you.”

Rebecca looks over at Robin, stunned that their mother is at the Penthouse. “This is what I was going to tell you,” Robin says quietly.

“Mother, this certainly is a surprise,” Rebecca replies getting up and hugging Melissa, who was walked down the stairs to join the party. “It’s good to see you. How is Phil?”

“He’s fine, he had to stay in Boston for work. I love this, my entire family is coming together,” Melissa smiles as she looks at her daughters. She does manage to glance over at Cory and give him a wicked glare. With the wedding come up quickly, Melissa knows that she doesn’t have much time to prevent Robin from making the biggest mistake of her life. Cory, meanwhile, gulps and looks away quickly as he takes another drink of his red wine. He knows Melissa is out to get him, and no matter what he does he thinks it will be very hard to change her mind of him.

Scene Six -- The Black House; Adam & Helen’s Home

Adam sits at his desk in the study of home marking some of his students essays that he assigned recently. His mind, though, is not really focused on the student’s assignments; he can’t help but think of Helen and how she is doing in the storm and being alone. He remembers asking her for some time alone and she agreed to move out and back into their condo at the Towers. Part of him feels bad for asking her to move out when they really should be leaning on each other right now. The death of a child is the hardest thing to get over, especially when you’re alone.

Still, the more he thinks about the death of his daughter, he can’t help but blame Helen for her death. She did, after all, continue to be friends with Olivia, whom Adam has never trusted. He still thinks that her connection to Helen is odd and still very questionable. Plus Helen’s memory loss has been driving him crazy. He continues to ask her how and why she keeps forgetting things, but she has no idea; and she never wanted to seek medical attention during the pregnancy. To sum it up, Adam is frustrated with his wife and the various situations within their relationship.

“Damn, I should just call over there and make sure she’s okay,” he says to himself under his breath. He walks over to the phone and picks it up. He dials the condo number, but it ends up going to voicemail. He looks at the clock and realizes that at this hour, Helen might be in bed already. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

He suddenly realizes that the last night that there was a storm in Twin Peaks, it was a rain storm and it was the night that his daughter died. He slams his fist down on his desk in anger. “This shouldn’t have happened!” he yells out in anger.

He quickly recalls how rattled Olivia was the day he went to her office and confronted her about not being in Helen’s year book. She, of course, had a cover up storyline, but something about her behaviour made Adam question if she was telling the truth. “There’s more to this story. I have to find out what happened to my baby,” he says. “And starting by looking into Olivia and Preston’s past is exactly where I am going to start.”

Scene Seven -- Natasha’s Car

Natasha sits in her car, driving back to the guest house on the Calimo grounds. The roads are slippery and covered in snow, and still large snow flakes are coming down. She has her window wipers on fast so she can still see what’s in front of her. Thankfully, there’s not too many other cars on the road with her.

She feels her eyes starting to swell with water. She still can’t believe that her parents are separating. She somehow feels that maybe it’s her fault, maybe if she and Cory had made their marriage work her parents would still be together, or if she and Shane had made their relationship work and Cassie had no got pregnant.; maybe somehow her relationships lasting would have set an example for her parents. She shakes her head as more tears flow from her eyes. Suddenly, there is a car in front of her; the headlights are bright; Natasha tries to slow down, but she’s not able to control her brakes. She briefly remembers earlier in the day complaining that her breaks were weak, and now when she needs them she is not able to use them at! She pushes harder, but there is no use … her car starts to skid!

“Oh my god!” she screams loudly.


Trenyce drives her car as baby Andrew falls asleep in the backseat of the car. Trenyce watches the snow-covered road intently, not really knowing where she’s going as she just needed to escape the house of questions by Daisy, Chris and Andy. She can’t believe that they bombarded her with questions and that they are seemingly getting closer to learning the truth that Chris is Andrew’s father, not Andy. Thankfully, she tells herself, Andy didn’t spill the beans. The thought of Chris trying to take her baby away scares her to her very core.

She continues to press the gas pedal, not realizing that she’s going over the speed limit now. Suddenly, she hears baby Andrew make a fuss. Keeping one hand on the wheel, she turns around uses her free hand to give Andrew his pacifier. When she turns back around, she sees another car in front of her! She screams as she tries to slam on the breaks. When she slams on her breaks, her tires skid on the fresh ice …


The two cars crash into each other and immediately come to a halt! Natasha lays unconscious in her car as does Trenyce, who also has a large cut across her forehead. The once crying Andrew is now silent as well. The only noise is the beeping air bag in use button coming from Natasha’s car. The heavy snow flakes continue to fall quickly, both sets of window wipers continue remove the snow from the cracked windows.

Next on One Day at a Time
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