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Previously on One Day at a Time
- After sleeping with Olivia, Will dumped Madeline. Madeline got drunk and ended up having sex with Ryan, who was using her to get new leverage on Will
- Meggan was reunited with the real Vinny after realizing that Dave & Brett are holding her hostage
- Bob and Sofia announced their separation to their family. A distraught Natasha cried to Eva. Meanwhile, Daisy questioned Trenyce about her odd behaviour with Andrew regarding Chris. Trenyce left in a huff. Natasha and Trenyce’s cars crashed in a snow storm
- Leah announced her pregnancy and secretly worried who the father was: Robbie or Jeff

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; ICU

Bob and Sofia race into the hospital ICU area and look around. The ER is rather chaotic as the first snow storm has created a lot of accidents on the roads. Doctor’s and nurses scramble to get to their patients and prevent further injuries from happening. Bob searches for someone that is working at the front desk so they can find out what is happening to Natasha; as they got a call informing them that she was involved in a car accident. Sofia finally points to a woman behind one of the counters.

“Over there Bob, let’s ask her,” Sofia says rushing over with Bob by her side.

“Excuse me,” Bob says quickly to the nurse. “I’m looking for my daughter Natasha Calimo. She was brought in after being in a car accident.”

“Cubical seven,” the nurse says, in a rush as she is busy with the chaos. “She’s awake, so you can go in.”

Bob and Sofia turn and rush quickly over to the cubicles, however Sofia turns before entering as she sees Eva enter the ER looking for something. Sofia fumes realizing that Eva has probably heard about Natasha’s accident and she is here. “Look who has the nerve to show up,” she tells Bob before turning away. The thought of Eva getting closer to Natasha makes Sofia ill; mostly because of the fact that she is scared the truth will come out.

“I can’t believe it,” Bob says under his breath. “I haven’t seen her since she’s been back. I’ll take of this, you go and see our daughter.”

“Are you sure?” Sofia sighs nothing that Bob wants to see Natasha as much as she does.

“Positive. Tell her I’m right behind you.”

Sofia hugs Bob quickly before turning around and entering Natasha’s cubical. Natasha lays in the cot and immediately turns her head when Sofia enters. Sofia pulls the curtain closed and looks over at Natasha, water immediately fills her eyes. “My darling, how are you? Are you okay?”

Natasha embraces Sofia’s hand as she sits next to her. “I’m okay Mom. Thanks for coming,” Natasha says quietly although she is clearly in pain.

“Your father is just outside getting some more information from the doctors. We are just so glad that you’re okay,” Sofia replies to her. “What happened?”

Natasha shuts her eyes for a moment before opening them. “The roads were really bad and I just couldn’t stop. It was like I had no breaks,” Natasha continues to inform her mother as she recalls her breaks not working right before her car crashed. “Ahh!” she suddenly says in pain as she grabs her lower back.

“Natasha, what is it?” Sofia quickly asks her, concerned for her daughter’s health. “Do you need a doctor?”

“No, I’m fine. I hurt my back. He’s already given me some pain killers. Suddenly movements really hurt though.”

“Just take it easy,” Sofia encourages her daughter.

“The doctor said I should be able to go home tomorrow. I’ll probably need a chiropractor though. I do have a question for you.”

“What is it?” Sofia asks, still by her daughter’s side.

“What happened to the other car? Was anyone injured?” Natasha asks Sofia, wanting to know about who she crashed into.

“Oh darling, don’t you worry about that right now,” Sofia begins to tell her daughter. “We need to focus on you right now. Everything will fall into place, okay?”

“Okay,” Natasha replies with half a smile. “I’m just glad you and Dad are here. Where is he, anyways?”


Bob approaches Eva, who is still looking around the ER for a sign of Natasha and that she is alright.

“Looking for something?” he asks her as he approaches her.

Eva looks up and sees Bob and stops. She, like Bob, hadn’t seen him since she has been back to Twin Peaks. He still has the very powerful presence; his dark eyes still make her feel weak in the knees. “Bob, this is a surprise.”

“Is it? I should be the one saying that to you. I’ve lived here for years. What the hell are you doing back here?” he asks her sternly, as he pulls her off to the side so no one else will hear their conversation.

“You know I’ve been back for some time now. I’m concerned about Natasha. I heard about the accident. How is she?” Eva asks him, desperate to know how her daughter is.

“She’s fine. You shouldn’t be here,” Bob tells her. “Go, please. Don’t create a scene. Not at the hospital Eva.”

Bob turns and walks away from her, hoping that she will listen to him. She watches as Bob enters Natasha’s cubical. She walks slowly over to the cubical and looks through a tiny opening of the curtain. She sees Natasha and Sofia hugging.

“Thanks so much for coming Mom and Dad,” Natasha says as she hugs Sofia.

“We wouldn’t be any where else,” Bob replies to his daughter.

Eva backs away and suddenly feels extremely emotional; Bob is wrong, she thinks to herself. I should be here! Everyone should know that I am Natasha’s mother, she thinks.


Robbie and Victoria enter the hospital front doors, fresh back from attempting to drive to the Victors estate. Robbie looks at Victoria as they rush inside. He knows that she really wanted to go to the Estate to see if Meggan was there, but once he got the call from Bob telling him that Natasha had been in a car accident, he knew that they had to go home. His family has always come first and he was desperate to ensure his sister was okay.

“I’m sorry again,” he says as they reach the ER. “I know how much you wanted to get to the Victors Estate.”

“Don’t apologize Robbie. I just hope Natasha is okay,” she replies as she points over to Bob. “There’s your Dad. Go.”

“Thanks, we’ll be in touch,” Robbie says before he jogs over to see Bob.

Victoria sighs and puts her hand on her head. She can’t believe that just as they may have been getting closer to the truth regarding Dave & Brett that there would have been a car accident that prevents them from learning the entire story. She looks up and is stunned to see Chris, Daisy and Andy entering the ER.

“Chris? What’s going on? What are you doing here?” she asks as she approaches him, surprised that they are at the hospital as well.

Daisy, who has tears strolling down her face, looks at Victoria, “It’s Trenyce. She’s been in a car accident.”

Scene Two -- An Undisclosed Location

Meggan lays on the cot fast asleep in the locked room. Vinny is in the far back corner, sitting on the floor in the darkness. He wonders how long, how many years it really has been that he’s been locked in this room. He remembers the day that Dave came to visit him in his office in Twin Peaks. He never saw it coming; the quick blow to the head, knocking him out. The next thing he remembers was waking up in the cell, and he’s been there ever since. His blood boils when he thinks how his brothers have taken over his life. They’ve robbed him of years of what should have been the best years of his life. And now, his beloved Meggan is trapped with him. At least, he thinks, I have some company now.

Vinny knows that soon Dave will be opening the door to the cell to leave him and Meggan some food and water. It’s at this moment that he will be executing his plan with Meggan. While he has tried and thought of escaping before, when you’re alone it is always harder to do. He knows that they have to take their chances now, before it’s too late.

He hears a noise from outside and realizes that Dave is about to open the door any moment. Sure enough, the door slowly opens and Dave enters with some food and water. He places the it on the ground as he looks over and sees Meggan sleeping on the cot. Dave looks around but is unable to see Vinny in the darkness. Suddenly, Vinny grabs Dave from behind and yells, “Meg! Now!”

Meggan gets up from the cot, as she is not really sleeping at all. Dave glares at her. “What the fuck is this?” he says with a grin on his face. He kicks Meggan and she falls backwards as the wind is knocked out of her. He then elbows Vinny in the ribs. A weak feeling Vinny stumbles backwards. Dave looks at them both and laughs. “This was your attempt to escape? Please. Eat your food and never try this again, or next time I won’t leave on such good terms.”

Dave leaves and shuts the door and locks it. He soothes his neck, where Vinny had him in the neck hold. He realizes that together, however, the two could pose a new threat. “I have to do something to keep them from trying to escape again,” he tells himself. Suddenly it dawns on him; he just thought of the perfect way to keep them from trying to escape again.

Scene Three -- Madeline’s Condo

Madeline and Ryan lay in her bed, both a little sweaty after the hot, passionate sex that they just had together. Madeline rolls over and faces Ryan as she recalls him and Kim coming over to her condo to help her feel better about her break up with Will. While she had her fair to drink, she never expected to end up in bed with Ryan, especially when he is seemingly together with Kim. The sex, however, has quickly sobered her up.

Ryan looks over at Madeline at the same time and smiles back at her. He is happy that he got to have sex with her; he knows that since Will dumped her, his hold over Will was going to slip away and he needs Will to sell drugs for him. By sleeping with Madeline, he thinks he will still be able to have some kind of power over Will. And he can’t complain about banging a hot chick.

“That was … great,” he finally says to her softly as his hand plays with a piece of her hair.

“I can’t believe we did that,” she replies back to him. “You’re with Kim, who is one of my friends.” The realization of what just happen finally hits Madeline and she sits up and quickly gets out of the bed. She finds her robe and quickly ties it around her naked body.

“You don’t have to cover that hot, sexy body,” Ryan grins at her, still laying in the bed. “Kim and I are together, but you’re hot. I didn’t mind that one bit and you obviously enjoyed it.”

Madeline turns around so she doesn’t have to face him. Suddenly, memories of her lifestyle in New York come flooding back to her. So many different men, most of them married or in a relationship all paid her for sexual favours. She suddenly feels extremely dirty and cheap.

“You should get dressed and go,” she says calmly. “The snow has stopped falling. You should be okay to drive now.”

“Are you okay?” he asks getting out of the bed and putting his briefs on. He walks over to her and puts his hands on her shoulders.

“Don’t, please Ryan. This was a mistake. We shouldn’t have,” she says finally looking him in the eyes again. “Kim can never know. I don’t want to hurt her in that way.”

“Fair enough. It’ll be our secret. I promise,” he tells her. “I’ll go. Just relax though, okay? No one will ever know about us.”

Madeline gives Ryan half a smile knowing that she now has to trust Ryan, even though she can definitely now see something about him that she doesn’t trust. He’s too smug, he’s too cocky about himself. What have I done? She asks herself. As she watches him get dressed, the urge to cry becomes strong. She tells herself to wait a few more minutes; after he’s gone she can let the water flow but not a moment before.

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Olivia’s Office

Olivia looks out her large window in her office trying to clear her mind. She feels like she has a million things racing through her mind again this evening. The idea that Helen is out there some where still grieving the loss of her baby, when in fact the baby is very much alive and well and living with Cassie haunts Olivia. She can’t help but think that she should tell the truth. She would be doing the right thing for everyone, other than maybe Cassie and Preston. She wishes she understood why Preston was so hell bent on keeping this plot a secret. Yes, Cassie knows the truth about their bank robbing past, but they would able to combat that in other ways. She shakes her head and walks over to her desk and sits down. She sees a family picture of her, Preston, Reese and Madeline. She picks it up and runs her hand over Madeline’s face. She starts to think about her daughter and how she has been sleeping with Will, her daughter’s boyfriend. She puts the photo down and knows that she has to end it with Will. She can’t go on sleeping with him, it’s just not right; she can’t go on hurting her daughter.

Will suddenly opens her office door and looks at Olivia behind the desk. He can’t help but be attracted to her when he sees her. He smiles knowing that she’s alone so he comes in and shuts the door. He looks back at her, “Hey, I thought I’d find you here.”

“What are you doing here?” she asks trying to be cool with him. The sight of him though makes her feel weak. She still wants him, badly.

“I had to see you,” he taking his jacket off. “I ended things with Madeline. I’m not seeing her anymore.”

Olivia quickly looks up at him and arches her eyebrow. “Why did you do that?” she asks him.

“I told you last time we were together, I feel something with you. With us. I couldn’t go on with Madeline knowing that I have these feelings Olivia.”

Olivia stands up and walks over to Will. “You shouldn’t have done that. I’m a married woman.”

“You’re not happy. You know that Olivia. Preston hasn’t made you happy in years. I make you happy. I make you feel alive,” he says coming closer to her and taking her in his arms. “You want me as much as I want you.”

Olivia looks him in the eyes before she moves in and kisses him passionately. He lifts her on top of her desk before he throws everything off the desk. He lays her down and starts kissing her passionately again. “I do want you,” she whispers in his ear as he quickly undresses her. Whether it was right or wrong, Olivia can’t deny that she has needs and Will fulfills those needs so very well.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

Leah rushes into the ER and searches for Robbie. He called her after he saw Natasha, but he wanted her to come down for support. She didn’t hesitate after getting the call as she knows how close the Calimo’s are, and especially after they were all so understanding to her when she was apologizing for shutting Robbie out for so long during the past year while she’s been grieving Noah’s death.

She turns a corner in the busy ER and sees Dominick standing there. “Daddy, what are you doing here?” she asks surprised to see him at the hospital.

Dominick smiles at his daughter, not expecting to see her at the hospital either. “What a nice surprise,” he says hugging her. “I heard about Natasha’s accident and wanted to ensure she is okay.”

“Robbie called me too, I came as soon as I heard. How is she?” Leah quizzes him on the status update.

“Other than a sore back, she’s fine. I suppose she was lucky that it wasn’t more serious. How are you doing?”

“Do you have a minute? Can we go talk?” Leah asks him arching her eyebrow, remembering that she does want to talk to her father about something of great importance and now that they are alone is as good as time as any.

“Of course. Let’s go over here,” he says letting her lead the way into a quiet spot of the hospital corridor. Once they are alone, he turns to her and asks, “What’s going on Leah?”

“I’m pregnant Daddy,” she says as he gets a huge grin on his face.

“Oh Leah! That’s fantastic news,” he says as he hugs her and holds her tight a for a minute. “You and Robbie are must be thrilled.”

“Robbie is. I am too,” Leah continues as she gets some tears in her eyes as she knows that Jeff very well could the be the father as well.

“What’s wrong Leah? I can tell that you’re not telling me something,” he says as he looks into her eyes. “Tell me what’s going on.”

Leah pauses and takes a deep breath, trying to keep her cool. Finally, she lets him know how she is feeling, “I’m scared Daddy. I’m so scared that I’m going to lose Robbie.”

Scene Six -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

Dr. Craig Benton comes out of Trenyce’s cubical holding a clip board. Daisy, Chris, Victoria and Andy all immediately gather around to hear the news of how serious Trenyce’s condition is.

“How is she?” Daisy finally asks the doctor. Chris grabs her hand knowing that she may need some kind of support in this rough time.

“She hit her head badly when the cars collided,” Craig begins to say. “The head injury is pretty serious. She’s in a coma.”

Daisy gasps and puts her hand over her mouth. Andy hugs her as he tries to stay strong. He is scared that he may lose his best friend.

“What’s the next step?” Chris questions the doctor.

“We have to wait for the swelling to go down. At that point we can determine whether or not she has brain damage. All the signs that we have thus far are good signs. Keep that in mind, okay?” Craig continues, trying to put a positive spin on the situation.

“How long will the coma last?” Victoria asks wanting to get as much information as possible.

“That depends on how long it takes for the swelling to go down. She’s only in a coma right now because of the trauma to her head. Once the swelling goes down, Trenyce will wake up again. Keep reminding yourself of that. We’re doing everything we can to ensure the swelling goes down quickly,” he tells them.

“And Andrew? Where’s Andrew?” Andy asks looking at Craig. All of the talk of Trenyce and everyone had seemingly forgotten that Andrew was in the car with Trencye when it collided with Natasha’s car. He may not be Andrew’s father, but Andy has grown to love the little boy.

Craig hesitates to respond and he lets out a soft sigh and looks at the family for a moment, allowing them to realize that Andrew is in critical condition.

“What’s wrong with him?” Daisy asks as tears rush out of her eyes. “We can’t lose him Dr. Benton!”

“He’s so little, and he lost a lot of blood. He was cut by some glass, which has led to an infection. He needs a blood transfusion quickly, or he won’t make it. We need the father to donate blood to save him,” Craig reveals as the room gets so silent that you could hear a pin drop. No one can believe that Andrew could die.

Daisy turns to Andy and looks at him with her damp eyes. She grabs his hand. “You have to donate,” she tells him. “You’re Andrew’s father. You have donate to save him! We can’t lose him.”

Andy gulps and turns around, his head spinning. He feels like the walls are about to close in on him. First he’s told Trenyce is in a coma and they have to wait to see if she will come out of it; then he’s told that Andrew needs a blood transfusion to survive, knowing that he isn’t the father so he can’t really save Andrew.

“I need some water, I feel like this is information over load,” he says in a whisper, trying to determine what to do. He can’t let Andrew die, but Trenyce would possibly kill him if she knew he revealed the truth to everyone.

“I get you some water,” Craig tells Andy. “But time really is of the essence here. The sooner we can get Andrew that blood transfusion, the better his chances are.”

Daisy puts her hand on Andy’s shoulder and he turns around to face her. Their eyes meet and she can immediately tell that he doesn’t want to donate blood to save Andrew. “What’s wrong?” she asks him. “Andrew could die! You have to donate now! Why are you hesitating?”

Andy gulps again. He looks at Daisy, then back at Victoria and Chris who are standing behind Daisy. He knows that they all want him to donate as Andrew’s father.

“I can’t donate,” he finally says softly, ashamed that the lie has got to this point.

“Why not?” Chris asks frustrated. “Your son needs you now! Step up man!”

“I’m not Andrew’s father!” Andy yells out in frustration. “You are Chris! You’re Andrew’s father!”

Next on One Day at a Time
- Daisy rips into Andy for his lies
- Reese makes an admission to Victoria
- Leah confesses to Dominick

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