Episode 108 // Written by: Dallas Walsh // Released: November 17, 2010


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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Trenyce and Natasha’s car’s crashed into each other. Natasha injured her back, while Trenyce was left in a coma. Baby Andrew required a blood transfusion to survive; Daisy asked Andy to donate, so he finally admitted that he wasn’t Andrew’s father: Chris is!
- Reese applied for a volleyball scholarship at ULA
- Leah announced her pregnancy but secretly worried if Robbie or Jeff is the father of the baby
- Adam decided to investigate his baby’s death
- Robin and Cory planned their wedding. Rebecca and Jason returned for the ceremony

Scene One -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

In a corner waiting room, Dominick and Leah stand face to face as she just revealed to her father that she is pregnant and that she is also scared of losing Robbie, her husband. Dominick is slightly confused as he knows that Robbie has wanted to have a child with Leah for as long as he can remember. He also realizes that the last year has been extremely difficult for the couple, so he assumed that a baby would only be bringing the two together. He looks at Leah again and he can see the fear in her eyes. Something more, something much bigger is going on, he quickly realizes.

“Why are you scared of losing Robbie?” he asks her, wanting to help his daughter.

Leah wipes her eye from a tear. Can she really do this? Can she really confess that she had an affair with Jeff? She takes a deep breath and knows that she has to tell someone, and if she can trust anyone it is her father. After all, he may be able to help her remove some of her fears that she has about the baby’s paternity.

“This has to stay between us Daddy,” she says trying not to cry. She needs to be strong, she thinks to herself as Dominick nods his head. “I … I slept with Jeff.”

Dominick moves his hand over his eyes and lets out a sigh before looking back at Leah. “When?”

“The night of the fundraiser at Caldwell’s Mountain Resort,” she replies quietly ashamed. “If Robbie finds out, I don’t know what he’ll do.”

“Do you love Jeff?”

“Of course not,” she replies without hesitation. “Robbie and I … we had been fighting, and Jeff was just there. We grew so close this past year during Noah’s death. But I love Robbie, I’m committed to my marriage.”

“That’s your answer then. Try to move forward with your life with Robbie,” Dominick instructs his daughter trying to give her the best advice that he possibly can.

Leah sighs. “It’s not that simple Daddy. I’m pregnant…”

Dominick suddenly gets the full picture. Leah doesn’t know who the father is. “My god,” he whispers fully realizing the extent of this mistake that his daughter has made.

“I have to know who the father is,” she pleads with him. “Can you help me, Daddy? Please.”

Dominick sighs again and looks at his watch quickly. “Look at the time, we have to get to the church for Robin’s wedding. Afterwards though, I know someone that can do a test for you. He’ll call me with the results and I’ll let you know, okay? In the meantime, you have to stay strong and not let on that you’re worried,” he advises her as the wheels in his head already start to turn.

Leah smiles through her damp eyes and hugs her father. “Thank you Daddy.”

Scene Two -- St. Joseph’s Church; The Groom’s Room

“Are you sure Natasha is alright?” Cory asks Robbie as he finishes tying his bowtie around his neck. Cory realizes that Robbie probably still wants to be at the hospital with Natasha instead of being at his wedding as his best man.

“I’m sure,” Robbie smiles over at Cory as he puts on his suit jacket. “She just hurt her back mildly. She got off lucky. I guess Trenyce isn’t doing as good though.”

“I heard that she’s in a coma. I hope she pulls through,” Cory says as he finishes adjusting his bowtie.

“Enough of that, how are you holding up? Are you nervous?”

Cory grins and looks over at Robbie. He probably should be nervous as he is about to marry Robin, but in reality he isn’t the least bit nervous. After everything he and Robin have been through, this is the easy part. If anything, he is worried about Melissa and what she may do to stop the wedding.

“Nah, I’m actually cool. Robin and I love each other, this is how is should be, you know?” Cory replies to Robbie.

“I get it. It’s how I feel about Leah,” Robbie responds, thinking fondly of his wife.

“By the way, I hear congratulations is order,” Cory says with a smile. “A baby, huh?”

“Yea we are excited, more than we can express,” Robbie says unable to hide his excitement about being a father.

Before Cory can say anything else, there is a slight knock on the door and it quickly opens. Melissa enters and looks over at Robbie and Cory. “Do you mind if I have a word with Cory before the ceremony?” she asks looking at Robbie.

Robbie turns to Cory, who nods in approval, before looking back at Melissa. “Absolutely. I’ll go make sure Father Murphy is ready,” Robbie explains as he walks out of the room and closes the door behind himself.

“You look very nice today,” Cory says his soon to be mother in law about her burgundy skirt and jacket outfit as he tries to be nice to her even though he knows that she’s probably here to try to stop the wedding.

Melissa smiles and looks at Cory. “You and I, we haven’t exactly been on the right foot since I arrived back in Twin Peaks,” she says slowly to him.

“No, we haven’t. In all fairness, I don’t think you’ve given me a chance.”

Melissa walks closer to Cory and extends her hand out. “Truce? You’re marrying my daughter Cory. All I want is for her to be happy, you obviously make her happy…” she says to Cory’s surprise. He shakes her hand but they immediately pull into a hug. “But just so you know, I will be watching to make sure she doesn’t get hurt again.”

“That’s fair. But just know, I have no intentions of hurting her Melissa, I love Robin more than anything else,” Cory replies as they exit their embrace.

“Good, let’s go have a wedding!” Melissa smiles back to her soon to be son in law, even though she hates the idea of him marrying Robin. She knows, however, that she will have to let the wedding happen so that she can bide her time to prove that Cory is the wrong man for Robin. Time is her friend, she thinks to herself.

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; Craig Benton’s Office

Craig Benton grabs his white doctor’s coat and puts it on. After having a few hours away from patients, he is back on call and he has a lot to do. The first snow storm of the season has caused a lot of havoc, especially for Trenyce and baby Andrew. Andrew needs to have his blood transfusion soon or he risks not surviving. As he is about to depart, he hears a knock on his door.

“Come in,” he calls as he grabs some more of his belongings that he always carries with him, like a pen and his stethoscope.

Adam enters the office and shuts the door. “Do you have a moment doctor?”

“Just a moment, I’m about to go back on call. What’s going on Adam?”

Adam pauses for the slightest of moments. He knows that if he is going to really investigate his baby’s death, he has to get all of his facts straight, starting with the doctor that Helen was seeing when she was pregnant.

“I was hoping I could talk to you about my wife’s pregnancy,” he reveals slowly, still knowing that it is hard to talk about the baby’s death openly.

Craig extends his arm out to Adam indicating for him to sit by his desk. “I can tell you anything you’d like to know.”

Adam smiles and thanks him as he sits down. “The last time Helen and I had a check up with you, you said the pregnancy was fine and everything was normal…”

Craig nods as Adam speaks. “Yes, your wife was perfectly healthy. The baby was as well. Where is this coming from Adam?”

Adam puts his head down as he feels himself starting to choke up. “I’m just trying to understand how a perfectly healthy baby, as you put it, died at birth. Something doesn’t sit right with me Doc.”

Craig leans forward and gets Adam’s attention. “It’s perfectly understandable. There are many logical explanations that could have occurred. The process of giving birth, especially out at the remote location like the Calimo cabin is very risky. Without being there, I can’t really say what went wrong. I can always give you and your wife any information from your file whenever you need it Adam. In the meantime, you should see how Helen is doing. She probably needs you as well. If you don’t have any other questions, I really do need to get to my patients.”

“Sure, sure, yea. Thanks for your help,” Adam replies as Craig leaves the office. Adam stands up and puts his hands over his eyes. He knows that he has to see Helen, but until he has more information he still blames her for the death of their baby. He just wonders where he should go from here. If the baby was healthy, as Craig suggests, how did she die at birth? So many more questions are left unanswered, and Adam is determined to get to the answers.

Scene Four -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The Waiting Room

The waiting room is quiet, almost too quiet for Victoria as she sits and waits to hear something from Chris, Daisy, Andy or the doctor regarding Trenyce and baby Andrew. While Trenyce has certainly never been her favorite person, she is at the hospital to support Chris in his time of need. Trenyce will always be family to him and that means Victoria will have to tolerate her. She does though feel awful about the situation; Trenyce is in a coma and she is still waiting to hear how baby Andrew is.

She looks up from her chair as Reese enters the waiting room. He quickly spots her and walks over to her and sits next to her. “Any news yet?” he says in a whisper.

She shakes her head and puts her hand on his leg and taps it. “Andy will be happy that you’re here,” she smiles over to him.

Before he can say anything else, Andy rushes into the waiting room, his eyes red from tears. Daisy follows him and is livid. “I can’t believe you would and Trenyce would lie about this for so long!” she yells at him, furious that he and Trenyce have lied about Andrew’s paternity for so long.

Andy turns around and looks and Daisy. “Please, now is not the time!” Andy says not wanting to raise his voice, nor have the fight in the hospital waiting room.

“No, of course it’s not! There’s never a good time for the truth to come! Do you realize that Andrew could die? That little boy is near death and that’s when you decide to tell the truth? You’re just as bad as Trenyce is!” Daisy yells before putting her hands on her head. “If anything happens to Andrew, it is your fault!”

“Whoa, what’s going on?” Reese asks interrupting, with Victoria standing next to him. Reese wonders what Daisy could possibly be talking about; has Andy really told another lie?

Daisy walks off not wanting to deal with anything else right now. She just prays that it’s not too late to save Chris. She quickly remembers how after Andy revealed the truth that Chris is really Andrew’s father that Chris, in shock, agreed to donate blood so Andrew could have the blood transfusion.

“It’s a long story,” Andy says turning away from Reese. The last thing Andy wants to do right now is explain to Reese this last part of the lie, especially since they’ve grown so much closer lately. He fear that this would be a huge set back for their relationship.

“Stop hiding from it Andy,” Daisy says from afar. “The truth will come out.”

“The truth about what?” Victoria says getting annoyed by all the code talk going on in the waiting room.

Andy sighs and looks at Reese; Reese can by the look in Andy’s eyes that he’s about to crack. “It’s okay Andy, just say it,” he says as he grabs Andy’s hand, wanting to believe in Andy. He refuses to believe that it is as bad as it sounds.

“Okay,” Andy says trying not to cry. “I’m not Andrew’s father … Chris is.”

Victoria’s mouth drops open and she covers it with her mouth. Tears fill her eyes. She knows that Chris has always been honest with her about his affairs while he was married to Daisy, but she never expected that he would be a father. This is another issue that she will now always have insecurities over.

Reese meanwhile, immediately lets go of Andy’s hand and rushes out of the waiting room, devastated that Andy would lie to Chris about something this important, for this long. “Reese!” Andy calls to him, as he watches him walk away.

“I’ll go see if he’s okay,” Victoria tells him, not wanting Andy to make matters worse. “He’s hurting right now Andy.” Victoria rushes out of the waiting room and catches up to Reese, who is at the exit doors. “Reese!”

Reese turns to Victoria as water fills in his eyes. “What?” he asks as he takes a moment to try to collect himself and catch his breath.

“Are you okay?” Victoria asks stopping him from walking and hugging him.

“I…I don’t know. Another secret, another lie…I can’t trust Andy, Victoria. He just proved that to me again. What kind of relationship can we have if I can’t trust him?” Reese asks as a tear flows from his eye.

“Just don’t do anything harsh, okay?” Victoria instructs him. “Give yourself some time and then call me later, okay? I’m going to go see how Chris is holding up.”

“Okay,” Reese says as he wipes his tears away. He calls back to Victoria, who is walking back inside. “Hey, Vic,” he calls as Victoria stops and turns around. “Thank you.” She smiles and continues to walk inside. Reese continues to walk slowly to his car, looking forward to heading home already. What he wants more than anything is some time alone; he needs to think about things. He still can’t get over Andy. How many lies can one guy tell, and for what? His best friend Trencye? He really doesn’t care about anything or anyone else, Reese realizes.

Before starting his car, Reese grabs his cell phone and sees that he has one missed call and a voicemail. He quickly punches in his pass code to retrieve his message. He listens intently and then puts the phone down. “Interesting,” Reese says to himself as he starts his car. The scholarship that he applied for; he was accepted! Reese wonders how his parents will react to the news that he got into ULA; if he accepts it would mean that he has to move to. But maybe, after this latest stunt from Andy, this move is exactly what Reese needs.

Scene Five -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; The ER

Chris sits on a cot with an IV connected to him. As he looks into the plastic tube with his blood flowing into a large bag, he can’t help but get some tears in his eyes. For months, Trenyce has been lying to him about being Andrew’s father. He still can’t believe it. He thinks back to when Trenyce first revealed that she was pregnant. She was so sure to make everyone believe that Chris wasn’t the father - that should have been his first clue that something was amiss with her. She’s so desperate to get her way and keep things to herself; he should have demanded a paternity test. Instead, he took her word for it and now he has to live with the fact that he’s missed the first 6 months of his son’s life. He only hopes that he’s not too late to save Andrew. He hopes that his blood will help with the blood transfusion and he’ll be able to experience life being a father. He takes a deep breath, trying to remain composed.

“Hey,” Victoria says as she looks into his cubical. “want some company?”

Chris smiles over at her and nods as she comes into the cubical. She sits next to him and takes his free hand. “I take it you’ve heard the news?”

Victoria nods, “I can’t believe that Andy and Trenyce would lie to you about something like this for so long. I’m just … shocked. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling.”

They are interrupted by a nurse coming in and disconnecting Chris from the blood flow. “Stay here for about 20 minutes. Just rest, you gave a lot of blood Mr. Michaels,” she advises. “Do you feel faint?”

Chris shakes his head no. She advises him to just rest as he suddenly movements may cause him to pass out. “I will, thank you. Please tell Dr. Benton, I’d like any updates on Andrew…I mean, my son,” he says as he looks over at Victoria. The nurse smiles and exit’s the room. “It still feels weird to say that. My son, I can’t lose him Vic, not when I just found him.”

“You won’t lose him,” Victoria tells him as she grabs his hand. “Your blood is going to save his life. Then you’ll get to raise him into the best man that he can possibly be.”

Chris smiles over at Victoria and leans in and kisses her. “Thank you. You’re just what I needed right now.” As they continue to hold hands, Victoria can’t help but wonder, however, what this revelation will truly do to her relationship with Chris.

Scene Six -- St. Joseph’s Church

Guests are seated in the pews of the church as the wedding is about to begin. The wedding service is small as Cory and Robin wanted to keep it to close friends and family. Cory and Robbie stand up at the alter as Rebecca slowly makes her way down the aisle. She takes her place and everyone turns to the back of the church as Robin and Dominick slowly come down the aisle. Cory smiles at his bride to be. Dominick, meanwhile spots Melissa in the middle pew and is shocked; he hadn’t realized she had returned to Twin Peaks. He is more surprised that she cared enough to come to the wedding.

Robbie takes a quick glance at Leah in the pew. She smiles back to him. Inside, her stomach turns. She is so glad that Dominick suggested getting a paternity test done; she can know once and for all who the baby’s father is and then move on with her life. She just hopes and prays that the baby’s father is Robbie. She doesn’t know how she’ll explain anything to Robbie if Jeff comes back to be the father. She is eager to get the paternity test later this evening that her father has arranged. She turns her attention to the front of the church knowing that she has to focus on her sister getting married right now.

“Who gives this woman to this man?” Father Murphy asks as Robin and Dominick arrive at the alter.

“I do,” Dominick smiles as he kisses Robin on each cheek before she takes her place next to Cory.

“You look so beautiful,” Cory whispers to her as they grab hands and looking into her eyes.

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the coming together of this man, Cory Calvin, and this woman, Robin Navy, in holy matrimony. If anyone here has reason for them not to be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Cory turns his head and looks at Melissa in the audience. She smiles to him and he smiles back to her. For a brief moment, Melissa does consider speaking up but she knows she has to bide her time. She made nice with Cory earlier giving herself the time to come up with some concrete to prove to Robin that he’s not the man for her. Once that happens, she’ll help Robin get the marriage annulled. Simple, she thinks, as she smiles back to Cory.

“Let us continue then,” Father Murphy continues as he looks at Robin and Cory. “Do you Cory take this woman to be your wedded wife?”

Cory looks up at Father Murphy then back to Robin. He looks into her big brown eyes and knows that he is meant to be with her. He can’t honestly put into words how much he loves her right now. “I do!” he says with excitement in his voice.

“And do you Robin take this man to be your wedded husband?”

“I do!” she smiles through some tears.

After exchanging rings, Father Murphy looks at both of them and smiles. “By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife! Cory, you may kiss your bride!”

Cory lifts Robin’s veil and wipes her tear. “No more tears baby, we’ve made it!” he says as he leans in and kisses her. From the crowd, Melissa looks at the couple kissing and she knows that she has to work quickly to ensure that this marriage doesn’t long very long. She knows that her daughter can do better than Cory.

Next on One Day at a Time
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