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Previously on One Day at a Time
- Robin and Cory got married in a simple ceremony. Rebecca and Jason returned for the wedding.
- Madeline decided to open her own PI firm
- After it was revealed that Andrew needed a blood transfusion to live after the car accident, Andy revealed that Chris was really the baby’s father. Daisy was furious and ripped into Andy for his lies while a stunned Chris donated blood to save his son.
- Leah confessed to Dominick that she slept with Jeff and she doesn’t know who her baby’s father is
- Dave realized he had to do something to prevent Vinny and Meggan from trying to escape again

Scene One -- Capers

The upper level of the restaurant has been blocked off for a small gathering for Robin and Cory’s wedding reception. The room is buzzing with friends and family celebrating the couples wedding vows. The wedding went off without a hitch, which is somewhat uncommon for Twin Peaks. Leah takes a drink of her lime water and catches Robin’s attention. Robin comes over to her sister and they hug.

“You look stunning, I’m so happy for you,” Leah tells her sister as they exit their embrace.

“Thank you, it means so much that you’re here to celebrate with Cory and I,” Robin replies to her sister knowing that they’ve had some rough patches in the past including her affair with Robbie years earlier.

“I wouldn’t be any where else. I have to tell you though, I can’t stay too long,” Leah notes to Robin, knowing that she has to go to the clinic that Dominick suggested she have her paternity test done. She was surprised that he was able to get her in on such short notice, but she is grateful as she needs to know the truth.

“That’s okay. I understand, you have a baby to take care of now,” Robin smiles to her sister as she pats her tummy. “I hope one day Cory and I can announce that we are having a baby together.”

“And what are my beautiful girls talking about?” Dominick asks as he approaches his two daughter, holding a glass of champagne.

“I was just about to leave,” Leah tells him looking at him intently, so he’ll pick up that she’s heading to the clinic. She immediately looks at her phone to refresh her memory on the directions to the lab.

“Good idea my love. Call me when you’re home?”

“I will. See you guys later,” Leah waves to them as she departs.

Robin watches her as she leaves and feels uneasy inside. She has gotten to know when Leah is keeping something from her, and right now Leah is acting very bizarre. “Do you think she was acting weird?”

“No sweetheart. I think she’s just tired. You know, she’s carrying a baby around. Her body changes, her moods change,” he tells her. “Have I told you how stunning you look today? I’m so very proud of you!” he says as he changes the subject from Leah to Robin. The last thing Dominick needs is his other daughter getting curious about her sister’s dilemma. The less people that know of Leah’s pending paternity test, the better.

“Thank you Daddy,” Robin says hugging him and fighting some happy tears.


Across the room, Cory grabs another glass of champagne as Natasha approaches him. He smiles and he hugs her gingerly, as he knows she just got out of the hospital from her car accident.

“Are you sure you should be here?” he asks her as they hold hands. Despite the two being divorced, the two have remained close, something neither one would ever change.

“I won’t stay long, but I had to come and offer my best to you and Robin. I know it’s been a long time coming for the two of you,” she smiles, even though a very small part of her is jealous that Cory was able to move on with his love and she has not been able to do the same with Shane because of Cassie and the baby.

“Thank you. Robin and I are happy. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you. How are you holding up? Other than the car accident, of course?”

“I’ve been … okay. When you get back from your honeymoon, we should talk okay? There’s a lot going on right now, and I don’t want to ruin your day,” Natasha says, thinking about how her parents announced that they’re separating and that she spotted Sofia and Dominick holding hands at dinner.

“Yea, I’ll call you as soon as we’re back.”

“Okay, I’m going to take off,” she says hugging him again. “I think I need to rest my back for awhile.”

She moves slowly towards the exit but she is intercepted by Shane and Cassie, who are just coming up the stairs. Shane and Natasha’s eyes immediately lock and he smiles at her. Cassie gets miffed with their on-going connection., but tries to cover it.

“Natasha! How are you feeling from the accident? I can’t tell you how worried we all were when we heard,” Cassie lies as she comes up to Natasha and puts her hand around her back.

“I’m fine, thank you Cassie. I’m just leaving. I want to get home and rest,” Natasha replies with a slight smile on her face. Her eyes wonder back to Shane. She has always loved how he looks in a tuxedo.

“We won’t keep you then,” Cassie replies, trying to hint to Shane to keep going into the party. “Take care of yourself.”

Cassie leaves and walks over to grabs some champagne and doesn’t realize that Shane is staying with Natasha. She quickly turns around and sees the ex’s talking. “What do I have to do?” she asks herself as she thinks back to tampering with Natasha’s car. She knows that Natasha’s car accident was probably largely her fault. The worst part? She thinks to herself, is that Natasha was more seriously injured.

“Are you sure you’re okay Nat?” he asks her concerned about the woman he loves. “I was so worried about you when I heard about the car accident.”

“I’m fine!” Natasha snaps, fed up with the situation. She knows that Shane loves her, but he has a wife and a baby. They can‘t be together. Not now, not ever. “Just … stay away from me Shane. It’s too hard always running into you like this. You’re with Cassie, you have a baby, please just let me move on with my life.”

Shane is dumbfounded at Natasha’s outburst and he lets her walk past him. He watches as she slowly goes down the stairs. He turns back and spots Cassie glaring at him. He gulps knowing that his wife still hates his friendship with Natasha -- not that he can blame Cassie. He knows he would feel jealous if his love was always talking to another man. Still, he can’t shake Natasha from his mind or his heart. He looks up from the ground and Cassie is standing in front of him. She passes him a glass of champagne. “Thanks,” he says to her even though he can feel her chill.

“Look, we got a sitter to be with Dawn, can we at least try to have a good time tonight?” she replies as she takes a drink of her champagne.

“I’d like that very much,” he tells her as he grabs her hand. “I know you’ve been looking forward to this.”

“Shane?” a voice calls out from the other side of the room. Shane looks up and sees Rebecca; he immediately gets a huge smile on his face.

“Rebecca? Oh gosh, I had no idea you were coming!” he says as they hug each other. He had no clue his ex-girlfriend was going to be at the wedding; he can’t help but be excited to see her after all this time.

Cassie once again rolls her eyes but grins when they exit their embrace and Shane turns his attention to her as she knows she has to be civil. Inside her blood boils though, another woman to be worried about?

“It was a last minute decision to come, but I couldn’t miss Robin’s wedding,” Rebecca smiles to her former lover.

“This is Cassie … my wife and mother of my child,” Shane says proudly introducing the two women. Cassie actually smiles genuinely at the warm greeting by her husband.

“Wife, wow. I never thought the day would come that you’d settle down,” Rebecca winks at Shane, knowing that he always seemed to have a woman on his arm. The thought of settling down was surprising to her, even though she was joking with it.

“We love each other,” Cassie snaps back at Rebecca not realizing that she was joking with Shane. “Do you want to see a picture of our daughter?” Cassie asks quickly as she pulls out her wallet and shows some snap shots of Dawn.

“She’s beautiful,” Rebecca replies looking at the photos of the baby girl.

“Is Jason with you?” Shane asks her, which Cassie picks up on. Suddenly, she feels better about Rebecca; of course she’s here with her boyfriend. Why would she be single? Cassie suddenly relaxes around Rebecca.

“He is, he just went to get the car,” Rebecca replies to him.

“What? You guys are leaving?”

“Unfortunately! We just came for the wedding. Jason has to work tomorrow,” Rebecca replies. “But its been so great being back.”

“Well it’s been great seeing you,” Shane says hugging her again. “Keep in touch? I’ll email you photos of our baby!”

“I’d love that,” Rebecca smiles. “If you’ll excuse me, I should go say goodbye to Robin.”

After Rebecca departs, Shane looks at Cassie, who takes another drink of her champagne. “What the hell was that about?”

“What?” Cassie asks innocently not wanting to create a scene or a fight.

“I can’t even talk to an old friend without you getting jealous? You need to get a grip Cassie, who this arrangement will never work,” Shane spits at her stunned by her actions. He’s never been attracted to clingy, jealous women.

“Arrangement? Our marriage is an arrangement to you? Nice Shane, nice.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Shane says realizing his error with his wording.

“Save it. I’m going to get another glass of champagne. I’d actually like to enjoy my evening.”


“Are you sure you have to go?” Robin pleads with her sister and Jason as they stand to prepare to say goodbye.

“We are never very far. You guys should come spend a weekend with us!” Jason says as he hugs Cory and then Robin.

“I hate saying goodbye too,” Rebecca says as she hugs Robin. “But I’m so happy that you guys are finally married and happy!”

“We are too. Thanks for coming all this way guys,” Cory tells his new inlaws. “We really couldn’t have this day without you.”

“Did you see Mom already?” Robin asks Rebecca.

“Yea a little while ago. She’ll come around with this marriage thing, okay? Plus, she’ll probably head back to Boston now that the wedding is over.”

“Okay babe, the car is waiting,” Jason interrupts wanting to get on the road at a decent hour.

The sisters hug goodbye one more time before Rebecca and Jason depart. Robin turns to Cory and hugs him next, a few tears linger in her eyes.

“It was so nice to see them. It makes you realize that family really is important,” Cory says as they exit their hug.

“You’re important to me Mr. Calvin,” Robin smiles up to her new husband.

“And, you’re beautiful Mrs. Calvin. What do you say we check out of here and head to our king size bed,” he winks at her.

“I’d love too.”

Scene Two -- MW Investigations

Madeline looks around her new PI firm offices, which are located downtown on Main Street. When she looks out the front window, she can see the Sugarbowl across the street. She turns back around and is impressed with the office space she was able to get. The location couldn’t be more perfect, and the space is the right size. There’s a small reception area, which means of course she’ll have to find a secretary, which shouldn’t be too hard. There’s room for more than one PI to have a desk, but right now she just has her desk. The last thing she needs are clients, but she knows that’ll come with time; she’s really not even open for business yet; tomorrow is the big day. For a moment, she thinks of Preston and how he helped her with the financing; she’ll have to have him over so he can see the finished product.

She pauses for a brief moment and smiles again. She still has a hard time believing that she has done it; she has her own business! Before she can do anything else, she hears the front door open; she turns and sees Helen enter the office.

“I know you’re not open at this hour,” Helen says as she shuts the front door. “But I was hoping I could see you about something.”

Madeline arches her eyebrow and walks up to Helen. “Sure,” she replies to Helen. “How are you holding up? I heard about your loss, I’m so sorry.”

“Thank you,” Helen tells her as she shuts her eyes for a brief moment as she thinks about losing her baby. “That’s part of the reason I am here. I need something to take my mind of my baby.”

“Okay,” Madeline says still slightly confused. “This is where I come in?”

“I hope so! Before I discovered I was pregnant, I was having memory flashes. You know that I have amnesia about some part of my life right?”, she asks as Madeline nods her head. “I’d like to hire you to uncover my memories,” Helen informs her knowing that if she looks into her past she can focus on something other than her baby. She needs the distraction from the ongoing pain and her separation from Adam.

“Really?” Madeline asks trying not to get too enthusiastic.

“Really!? Will you take my case?”

“Of course!” Madeline grins. “I was just thinking how great it is that I’ve opened my firm, but I needed clients. You’re my first.”

“Oh great!” Helen replies. “So we’ll be in touch? I’m looking forward to working with you on this.”

“Me too Helen. We’ll get to the bottom of it,” Madeline assures her as Helen prepares to depart. “Call me tomorrow!”

Scene Three -- Twin Peaks General Hospital; ICU

Daisy slowly opens the door to Trenyce’s bedroom in the ICU. She looks at Trenyce laying in the hospital bed, still in her coma, even though the doctors say she should be awake very soon. She has oxygen in her nose to help her breathe. The sight of seeing her niece in this condition is almost too much for Daisy to bear; she struggles to contain her tears. She slowly walks up to Trenyce and doesn’t even know how to comprehend the fact that Trenyce has been lying to everyone for months about Andrew’s paternity. Daisy sits next to Trenyce and grabs her hand. Regardless of how angry she is right now, Daisy just wants Trenyce to wake up. She still has so much to live for; she still has to be a mother to baby Andrew.

She looks at Trenyce and is surprised when Trenyce’s eyes start to flutter. “Trenyce?” Daisy gasps as Trenyce finally opens her eyes.

Trenyce looks around trying to understand what’s happened and where she is. She looks in confused and she tries to sit up. “Don’t move, it’s okay. You’re in the hospital. You were in a car accident. You’re okay though. You’ll be just fine,” Daisy tells her as she wipes a tear with her free hand, relieved that Trenyce is finally awake.

Trenyce lays back into her bed and points to the water on the other side of her. Daisy pours her glass of water and Trenyce drinks from the straw in the glass. After she is done, she lays back into the bed and looks at her Aunt. “Am I okay?”

“You’ll be fine,” Daisy tells her. “I promise. The doctor said so.”

“And Andrew? Where’s my baby?” Trenyce asks with her dry, raspy voice. She notes how Daisy looks away for a moment and suddenly panic sets into Trenyce. “Daisy? Where’s Andrew?” she asks again with more urgency this time.

“He’s … in surgery,” Daisy reveals to Trenyce. “He lost a lot of a blood due to a cut on his head. He needed to have a blood transfusion. He should be fine once he’s out of surgery,” Daisy continues to tell Trenyce, who gets tears in her eyes.

“I have to see him! I have to make sure my baby’s okay!” Trenyce cries as tears escape her eyes, worried about her baby. She takes a deep breath and tries to compose herself.

“You can when he’s out of surgery,” Daisy informs her. “There’s something else you should you know.”

Trenyce looks at Daisy and fears the worst. Is something worse going on with Andrew? Or is there something more serious with her condition?

“We know the truth. Andy told us that Chris is really Andrew’s father,” Daisy reveals as she stands up and walks away from Trenyce’s bed.

Trenyce puts her hand over her mouth and shuts her eyes allowing more tears to flow from her eyes. Her deepest secret has finally been revealed after she worked so hard to prevent it from coming out. She quickly realizes that Andy probably had no choice but to tell the truth since Andrew’s condition was so severe. She looks at Daisy who turns back to look at her. She has so many emotions inside of her right now; fear, anger, sadness and relief.

“I refuse to get into it with you right now Trenyce because right now all that matters is that you’re awake and that Andrew is in surgery. But we will have a discussion once he is okay. You’re lies have cost everyone enough pain,” she says in a stern voice, utterly fed up with Trenyce. She slept with her husband and then lied about having his child. Daisy, herself, realizes that she is rocked to her very core and she needs time to process all of this information. Before Daisy can say anything further, the door to Trenyce’s hospital room opens and Chris stands in the doorway. He immediately notes that Trenyce is awake.

“You’re awake,” he says calmly as he enters the room. “I guess you’ve heard the news then? I know that Andrew is my son, no thanks to you. I can’t believe you would lie to me about something like this for so long. What kind of …”

“Stop!” Daisy says looking at her ex-husband. “This is not the time Chris. She just woke up from a coma. Andrew is in surgery. I get that you’re upset about the lies, we all are. But this is not the time to attack Trenyce.”

Chris sighs and looks at Daisy. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” He then turns his attention to Trenyce, “We’ll talk about this after we learn that our son is okay. I’ll go see if there are any updates regarding Andrew.”

Trenyce watches as Chris leaves the room. Her eyes then move over to Daisy. “What have I done?” she asks in a soft whisper, still trying to fully grasp on what has happened.

Daisy wants to have sympathy for her niece, but she has a hard time understanding Trenyce and all the lies she has told. “I have no idea Trenyce. I have no idea.”

Scene Four -- DNYA Labs

Leah opens the door to her sports car and gets in. She closes the door and starts her car, wanting the warmth from the cold winter air. She looks out at the lab front door and quickly recalls going in about 30 minutes earlier and telling the receptionist that Dominick had sent her. She was sent into the doctor’s office and he quickly did some tests on her. She is now leaving, hoping that it won’t take long before Dominick calls her back with the results of who the father of her baby is. They agreed to use Dominick’s name, so no one would ever know that Leah was at the lab. She grabs her cell phone and dials a number.

“Daddy, it’s me,” Leah says into her phone. “I just left the lab. How long do you think before I get the results back? … I know these things take time, I’m just worrying about it non-stop … Yes, I understand. I love you too. Call me as soon as you find out.”

She hangs up the phone and slowly starts to back out of the parking stall as she wants to get home, have a shower and see Robbie. Across the parking lot, in a black SUV, Dominick slowly emerges from the vehicle. He watches to ensure Leah continues to drive off. Dominick knows what he has to do; he has to ensure that his daughter is protected and her happiness is preserved. After Leah’s car is out of sight, he walks to the back door of the lab and enters. He immediately sees a young doctor Liam Fitzpatrick.

“Mr. Robertson, this is a surprise,” the young doctor says. “Your daughter just left. I was about to do the paternity tests.”

“I see,” Dominick replies wanting to see the file. His hand goes into his jacket pocket and he pulls out a thick stack of cash. Liam‘s eyes widen immediately. “Do you see this money?” Dominick asks as Liam nods. “Good. It’s yours … under one condition. No test has to be done. I’ll tell you who the father of this baby is. No one has to know any different, understand?”

Scene Five -- Wild Night

Madeline opens the door to the rather busy bar and looks around; She sees friends and couples having a great time. She looks over to the bar and sees an open seat. She has decided to have one drink before heading home, just to celebrate her first client and getting her office space for her new company. Plus, being surrounded by a lot of people is good for her since Will dumped her. She doesn’t like going home and being alone; it’s still too raw for her.

She reaches the bar stool and sits down. “I’ll have a peach martini please,” she tells the bartender.

“Drinking alone?” a man’s voice next to her says. Madeline looks over and is surprised to see Jeff, whom she recognizes.

“You look familiar,” she replies to him, trying to place his face.

“Jeff Coutts,” he smiles as he puts his beer down to shake her hands. “I’ve seen you around at various parties in town.”

“Madeline Wilkins,” she replies shaking his hand in return. “I thought you looked familiar.”

“You haven’t answered my question.”

Madeline giggles a little and looks at her martini. “I am alone. I just wanted to have a quick drink before I headed home. What’s your excuse?”

“I’m not alone,” he winks at her. “I’m having a drink with you.” While he still loves Leah, she has made it clear that they have no future together. He isn’t about to wait for her when she is married and seemingly happy.

Madeline can’t help but smile as the attractive man across from her flirts with her. “This is very true,” she smiles as she takes a sip of her martini.

Scene Six -- An Undisclosed Location

“Vinny?” Meggan calls into the dark cell as she tries to find him. Her throat is dry as it’s been awhile since Dave has come back and she is thirsty as hell. It’s almost like he’s punishing them for trying to escape the last time he was there.

“Yea?” Vinny finally replies to her, coming up and sitting next to her on the cot.

“Do you have any water? I’m dying of thirst.”

“No babe, we finished it. Lay down, you should rest,” Vinny tells her as Meggan lays on the cot. He knows that her ribs are still sore from when Dave kicked her the last time he came in. They’re probably bruised and she should be resting and having a lot of liquids. “Dave is mad at us. I tried to escape once before; he didn’t come back for a few days. He could be doing it again. We have to try to not think about it, and it becomes less … painful.”

“I don’t know how you’ve managed this for so long,” she whispers as she starts to close her eyes. She quickly jolts up though when she hears the door unlocking. A bright light enters the cell as the door opens. Dave comes through the door holding a paper bag with a big grin on his face.

“Are you two in here?” he says with a wicked grin on his face. “I have a surprise for the married couple!”

“We are over here,” Meggan replies trying to sound strong. “No more games Dave, we just want some water.”

“I have something even better,” Dave taunts her. He walks over to her and throws the bag on the bed. “Open it, it’s a present for you!”

Vinny shakes his head at Meggan, not knowing what game Dave is playing with the two of them; he stands up and is about to try to attack Dave, when Dave grabs him. “You’re not so tough brother! Thank you, you just made my job much easier!”

Dave throws Vinny into the concrete wall; Vinny slowly falls down as he cries out in pain. Meggan sits up in bed and cries out for Dave to stop; her pleads fall on deaf ears. Dave walks over to him and picks Vinny up. With the wind still knocked out of him, Vinny has no defence as Dave looks his wrists in shackles to the wall. “This is your punishment for trying to escape and for attacking me! Maybe now you’ll learn your place!”

Dave looks over at Meggan and points his finger at her. “You try anything, and this is your future,” he glares before he heads to the door as Meggan sobs. After the door shuts, Meggan rushes over to Vinny, while she clutches her stomach.

“Vinny? Are you okay?” she says as she tries to rip his arms out of the shackles to no use. “This is madness! He can’t do this!”

“I’ll be fine. I can’t think of it or it’s more painful, remember?” In reality, he’s in a lot pain. The blow into the concrete has left him feeling weak and queasy. He knows he has to be strong for Meggan though, he can’t have her cracking.

“I think he left us water,” Meggan replies walking back to the cot and grabbing the paper bag. She opens it and is shocked to see a bottle of vodka in the bag. She looks at it and then over to Vinny. How cruel is Dave? She thinks to herself. Chaining his own brother to the wall, and leaving a recovering alcoholic a bottle of vodka.

“Bring me some water,” Vinny asks desperate for some liquid in his mouth as he starts to feel weaker.

“It’s vodka,” Meggan reveals as a tear strolls down her face.

“Smash it Meggan!” Vinny says with as much force as he possibly could. “It’s too dangerous for you. Dave told me about your alcoholism.”

Meggan slowly unscrews the top of the bottle. “You’re chained up! How can I help?” she asks as she looks at the bottle of vodka. She looks over at Vinny and notices that he’s slipping unconscious. She turns back to the bottle; her head spins out of control. Her current life is something out of a horror movie. All she can think about is how thirsty she is and how badly she wants to numb the pain in her ribs. “I’m thirsty and trapped. Let’s just have a sip. I’ll be fine Vinny. I’ll be fine,” she reassures him as she takes a big swig of the vodka.

Next on One Day at a Time
- Leah gets her test results back
- More of Bob’s plan is revealed
- Andy gets a promotion

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